Street Outlaws

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Oklahoma City's street racers participate in a contest to showcase their driving skills and compete against each other to win the title.

Season 19

10 Episodes

It's every racer for himself in the final rounds of "Street Wars," where the fastest races of the season bring some surprise wins; in the finals, the $16,000 prize money comes down to the closest finish line in Street Outlaws history.
Mar 06 2023
Nova launches the first-ever Street Wars, where the fastest drivers from each race this season come back for a winner-takes-all, big-money challenge; the race begins 405 vs. everyone else, but after round one, it's every racer for themselves.
Feb 27 2023
With one week to go before Street Wars, the 405 takes on a fast small-tire crew, led by Rusty Beaver, their turnpike rival from Tulsa. But, when they gamble on running in the same lane all night, it could cost them.
Feb 20 2023
Tensions flare as the 405 faces Manny and Ozzie from Texas' HPP racing; when the HPP boys use tricky tactics and intel from earlier Texas/OKC races, the deciding win comes down to the final race.
Feb 13 2023
Race night against J-Rod wraps up in a hard-fought battle, but not without some disappointing performances; when Lutz invites his old Pennsylvania crew to town, the 405 must throw everything they have into their cars to win.
Feb 06 2023
After a big-money matchup against Big Marc, the 405 try to regain momentum against J-Rod and his OKC crew of all-imports; even with a strong start, OKC soon realizes this race night is far from in the bag.
Jan 30 2023
On a new road, Nova and the team face their toughest showdown yet for $4,500, against a super-fast group of local racers led by Big Marc.
Jan 23 2023
The second big Texas matchup explodes; Wormboy from LMR in Houston returns to OKC to prove that his losses years ago were flukes; the money all comes down to a high-stakes race for double-or-nothing.
Jan 16 2023
After a strong start against the McKees, the 405 gets a callout from Team Woo from Texas; with big money on the line, the races get intense as the Oklahoma and Texas rivalry runs deep.
Jan 09 2023
The 405 returns to their roots as they build and race monster small-tire cars; when local racers, the McKees, challenge them to their first showdown, the crew must quickly get their new cars dialed in to prove they can dominate on any tire.
Jan 02 2023

Season 18

10 Episodes

It's a battle filled with upsets as the 405 spend one last night on the Chicago streets for the final rounds to determine which Top 5 will go to America's List.
Mar 14 2022
Bad Blood 18x09
An epic Chicago showdown comes to a first-ever dramatic daytime conclusion as the 405 attempt to prove their dominance and bitter rivals face off.
Mar 07 2022
The out-of-town drama escalates with fast racing, starting line disputes and fighting. And rivalries from the track are renewed on the street as the 405 faces off against heavy hitters Larry Larson and Robin Roberts.
Feb 28 2022
The 405 put their camaraderie to the test with an explosive out of town race in Chicago. But it's not just the tricky Chicago crew they're worried about ... they also go head-to-head with the fastest racers from Kansas City.
Feb 21 2022
Ryan's quest to finish the season undefeated is put to the ultimate test when he races his three biggest competitors on the same night. And later, Chief surprises the crew with a new twist to the season.
Feb 14 2022
Jeff Lutz returns to the streets in his GTO but the battle for the top 5 is tougher than ever and racers are winning by only small margins.
Feb 07 2022
Still shaken up by the crash, the 405 recommits to pushing each other to win. But when a drama-filled finish between heavy hitters is too close to call, it sets up a major battle for the top spot.
Jan 31 2022
Murder Nova pivots his strategy after a rough start to the season. But then a member of the 405 suffers a horrific crash that makes everyone rethink their choices.
Jan 24 2022
The 405 makes some of their fastest passes at Okemah ever. But when an incoming rainstorm threatens race night, the guys push their cars and each other to the limit.
Jan 17 2022
Chief prepares the 405 for another America's List qualifier season.
Jan 10 2022

Season 17

13 Episodes

The five OKC slots for America's List are almost set. Chief, Dave and Ryan have all solidified their spots. Murder Nova must conquer his toughest matchups to clinch one of the remaining spots.
Apr 05 2021
A new challenge emerges as the 405 must race back the opposite direction down the road. Drivers rise and fall as they fight for the remaining slots of America's List.
Mar 29 2021
The stakes ratchet up as several drivers draw back-to-back races. Daddy Dave is undefeated but Big Chief is determined to ruin his night. Dominator makes a fix on the fly while Murder Nova desperately tries to improve his record.
Mar 22 2021
An OG member of the 405 pushes too far to qualify for America's List.
Mar 15 2021
OKC drivers compete in a qualifier for five spots on America's List.
Mar 08 2021
The Daily Driver field is down to 18. With a new set of rules and a new road to race on, competition gets crazy. But only one driver will take home the cash prize.
Mar 01 2021
Farmtruck and AZN bring back an epic third annual Daily Driver contest where racers show up with everything from a golf cart to a Corvette to compete for big stacks of cash.
Feb 22 2021
Kamikaze returns to race against a new driver hoping to earn a spot.
Feb 15 2021
Monza challenges Ryan Martin for the number one spot on the top ten list.
Feb 08 2021
A familiar face returns to the 405, bringing a new ride with big potential.
Feb 01 2021
A crash causes a racer to fear that his racing days might be over.
Jan 25 2021
Chief, Dave, Ryan, Monza and Dominator battle for the number one spot as the list shakeup continues. Chief hopes to prove that his split with Shawn hasn't slowed him down. Ryan gets some advice from an unlikely source.
Jan 18 2021
After dominating the track, the once-mighty kings of the street return to reclaim their roots. Feeling like drivers have gotten soft, Chief puts the 405 to test with the most important list shakeup ever. Chief and Murder Nova part ways.
Jan 11 2021

Season 16

10 Episodes

New drivers from Cali, Detroit and more gear up to join No Prep Kings.
Oct 05 2020
The racers prepare for the final event of the season at Texas Motorplex.
Oct 05 2020
The season's end is approaching and the 405 has a target on their back.
Sep 29 2020
The 405 continues their grudge strategy and NOLA licks their wounds.
Sep 29 2020
The racers take on the tricky Rocky Mountain altitude in Colorado.
Sep 21 2020
The 405 doubles down on their strategy and outcasts come together.
Sep 14 2020
High altitudes wreak havoc on tunes and motors in Idaho; as NOLA surges ahead in the standings, the 405 must change their strategy to keep in the game, and solo racers bond together to form a new team.
Sep 07 2020
With Team NOLA looking stronger than ever, Big Chief has a new plan for the 405 involving racers without teams; Texas brings out a big-tire car in an attempt to stay in the fight.
Aug 31 2020
NOLA makes moves on the 405, and Lizzy Musi joins Grudge Night for the first time; after getting rained out, Ryan and Giuseppe prepare to race in the finals.
Aug 24 2020
Grudge Night begins as racers prepare to do battle while learning everything they can about a new track; the 405 and Texas plan to keep their data to themselves, leaving racers without teams struggling to keep up.
Aug 16 2020

Season 15

16 Episodes

Memphis vs. NOLA: After an MSO runs off the road, the teams head into Round 2 knowing any mistake can be deadly. JJ and Kye Kelley fight to win the ultimate prize -- $100,000 and the title of Fastest in America.
Mar 09 2020
Memphis vs. NOLA: The final matchup is set, with $100,000 at stake. Kye Kelley's NOLA team is riding high after defeating Detroit, but JJ and the MSO think their team is unstoppable. A sketchy road tests both teams.
Mar 09 2020
Teams NOLA and Detroit move into the second round of the final battle to see who will race Memphis for $100,000. Chucky Davis tries to dominate the night, while Kye Kelley makes a risky decision that could send his team home.
Mar 02 2020
After weeks of racing, only Detroit and NOLA remain fighting for a chance to race Memphis for $100,000. Chucky plans to keep Kye in the rearview with a new strategy to take the lead, while Kye is confident his heavy hitters can take out team Detroit.
Mar 02 2020
The fast-paced feud between Detroit and South Carolina continues and Motor City brings more power than their cars can handle. Block's team tries to take advantage of Detroit's mistake, and the race comes down to the wire.
Feb 24 2020
The second match of round two pits Chucky and his team from Detroit against Chris Block and his South Carolina racers. Tensions have been mounting since the duo's scuffle at the last chip draw, and the $100,000 pot is fanning the flames.
Feb 24 2020
Rankin's Northeast crew refuses to be counted out as they attempt to outrun and outgun Kye and the NOLA crew.
Feb 17 2020
Chris Rankin's street-smart crew from the Northeast takes on the upstart Kye Kelley and his team from New Orleans in the second round of history's biggest street race.
Feb 17 2020
The final match rages on between the racers from Mississippi and the big-mouth, bigger-horsepower racers from Detroit.
Feb 10 2020
Chucky brings his infamous team from Detroit to take on Richard McCarver and his team of relatively unknown racers from Mississippi.
Feb 10 2020
A storm brews between the Kentucky racers and the drivers from the Northeast. Quinn begins to unravel and JJ intervenes before things get violent.
Feb 03 2020
Civil War 15x05
Quinn and his family of Kentucky racers take on the ragtag team from the Northeast led by Chris Rankin. Rankin's team has never raced together before but Quinn's temper may get the best of him.
Feb 03 2020
The war continues between Team NOLA and Texas in a matchup that comes down to who can race best under pressure. In the end, the win will ultimately go to the team who can focus on the street instead of their fists.
Jan 27 2020
The second matchup gets heated fast as Kye Kelley and his NOLA racers take on Birdman and his team from Texas. The rivals' history of bad blood comes to a head when NOLA has car trouble, and Texas refuses to play nice.
Jan 27 2020
The heat is on as the South Carolina underdogs bring the fight to the St. Louis crew. It's all on display as mouthy leadership, fired-up tempers, and high pressure situations dominate a tension-filled night.
Jan 20 2020
JJ Da Boss has invited 8-street racing teams from around the country to Memphis for a chance to win $100,000. A win won't come without a fight, though, as South Carolina's small-tire racers and St. Louis high-dollar drivers are ready for war.
Jan 20 2020

Season 14

9 Episodes

Ryan rolls into the final event at the top of the leaderboard and with each round worth double points, the pressure is on to not let the elusive NPK trophy slip away for a third time. Kye, Lizzy and Scott do everything in their power to derail him.
Dec 02 2019
With two races left in the season, drivers are hustling to rack up points. On the brink of another championship, Ryan feels the pressure. Team NOLA forms an unexpected alliance in an attempt to increase their chances of winning an NPK trophy.
Nov 25 2019
Heading into the seventh race at Summit Motorsports Park in Ohio, Ryan Martin, Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi are all in contention for the No Prep Kings championship and $100,000 prize. Meanwhile, Team Texas is on the verge of a major collapse.
Nov 18 2019
A hostile points battle becomes even more intense as drivers struggle to adjust to the altitude at Colorado's Bandimere Speedway. With turbos and pro-chargers gasping for air, the season's most combative staging war has everyone scrambling.
Nov 11 2019
With the season half over and racers jockeying for points, the horseplay gets crazier than ever at Route 66 Raceway in Illinois. Lizzy and Team NOLA have been an unstoppable force so the competition is prepared to do anything to get ahead.
Nov 04 2019
Racers arrive in Idaho for the season's fourth race, everyone is focused on chasing down Lizzy. Ryan Martin tries a tricky new setup that could make or break his chances. As OKC, Texas, and NOLA band together, a new faction of misfits forms.
Oct 28 2019
Big Chief is ready to make his No Prep debut as the racers roll into St. Louis for the third race of the season. NOLA is determined to deliver back-to-back upsets after the last race but the OKC and Texas aren't going down without a fight.
Oct 21 2019
Team OKC arrives in New Hampshire fired up after an explosive start at Maryland International Raceway the week prior. With Texas keen to strike back, Kye realizes the only way NOLA can compete is if they also band together.
Oct 14 2019
The top No Prep racers gather at Maryland International Raceway for the first event of the season. Alliances form amongst veterans and newcomers alike, and tensions rise as each new faction plots its course to the top of the standings.
Oct 07 2019

Season 13

13 Episodes

On the second night of Cash Days, 405 racers must match up and race, while still fighting to knock out the only remaining Texas driver; the sketchy road is still in play, and it becomes a tuner's game to see who can get down the street in one piece.
Jun 24 2019
OKC and Texas compete in an old school Cash Days race. Eight drivers from each state race for over $30,000 and the chance to prove that their state has the fastest racers in the country, but a sketchy road throws a wrench into the works for both sides.
Jun 17 2019
It's finally time for the last list race of the season, and the racers get their cars ready for the big race; Farmtruck and AZN fish out some fancy cars at cruise night; on race night, a costly mistake threatens to derail Chief.
Jun 03 2019
It's nearing the end of the list racing season, and the racers make big changes in a last-ditch effort to move up the list; on race night, untested cars lead to big problems.
May 20 2019
Ryan Martin looks over his car while Chief and Dave push each other in a competitive testing session, as they all get ready for another chance at #1. Then, when it's time to race, the racers fight to move up the list until broken cars slow everyone down.
May 13 2019
Farmtruck and AZN invite the 405 racers out to Willow Springs International Raceway for a road race competition; the racers pair up to compete in a time-attack competition in which the pair with the fastest combined times will take home $10,000.
Apr 29 2019
Time 13x07
Monza gets a chance to come for the list after his wreck; Shawn makes plans to get back into the top five; Farmtruck and AZN find a fun use for discarded airbags; things heat up on race night as drivers make up for lost time.
Apr 22 2019
Farmtruck and AZN head to Kansas to fish with the new and improved Gonorail; back in Oklahoma, Ryan and Dominator repair broken cars in preparation for list racing, but when a driver gets out of control, the evening is brought to an abrupt end.
Apr 15 2019
The 405 is ready for another season of list racing, but this time they're hoping to put the past behind them, come together, and try to make street racing fun again. But on race night, the same old games threaten to break the 405 apart before they start.
Apr 08 2019
Money 13x04
The 405 is in California taking on Boddie and his group of racers, but it hasn't been an easy night so far. This time around, there's more than just money on the line.
Apr 01 2019
When Big Chief gets a call from California street racer, Boddie inviting the 405 to come out West for a race, there's no way Chief can refuse. The OKC racers all pack up and head out for an epic night of racing with more than $20,000 on the line.
Apr 01 2019
It's finally time for the Toilet Bowl 500, and the racers are ready to do some serious damage. Chuck and Reaper seem like early favorites since they brought such serious cars, but wildcards like Tina, Ed, and Monza take a stand.
Mar 25 2019
When Farmtruck finds a fleet of old cop cars at the salvage yard, he and AZN decide that the best use for them would be a giant demolition derby, the likes of which the 405 has never seen. Drivers from OKC, Texas, and Mississippi all get to work.
Mar 25 2019

Season 12

21 Episodes

Racers move into round 2 of JJ's Arm Drop at Speedy's Strip, and the Memphis Street Outlaws are representing well against competitors from all over. When rain moves in quickly and puts the race on hold, JJ decides to finish on the street.
Mar 18 2019
Looking for a family friendly location for a race, JJ and the Memphis Street Outlaws decide to host an Arm Drop race at a local airstrip. It's Memphis against the world as they invite racers from all over to come out and compete for a $32,000 pot.
Mar 18 2019
After a dramatic round one, the race to the Points Championship is wide open. And, with everything on the line, the top racers are prepared to give everything they've got in order to earn the coveted title of No Prep King Points Champion.
Mar 11 2019
It's time for the final event of the No Prep Kings season, and the stakes have never been higher. This race is for double points, which means every round counts as Ryan Martin, Mike Murillo, and Larry Larson scramble to take home the $250,000.
Mar 11 2019
Racers are at GALOT Motorsports Park, and with most of the points leaders moving into the second half of the race, the pressure is on. It's the last race before the double points finale, so for anyone with their eyes on the prize, it's now or never.
Mar 04 2019
Racers arrive in Benson, North Carolina for the second to last No Prep Kings race of the season, but a hurricane passed through town right before the race making the track trickier than normal.
Mar 04 2019
Racers move into the second half of the seventh race in the No Prep Kings series, and with most of the top points leaders still in the race, the pressure is on for them to go all the way.
Feb 25 2019
Racers arrive in Norwalk, Ohio for the seventh race in the No Prep Kings series and with only a few races left, the points race for the Championship is on. But, with a deceptively tricky track, the racers must find the right tune or risk going home.
Feb 25 2019
It's day two of the sixth race in the points series and when the sun comes out, the Tucson track gets even sketchier. And, with a rare chance to make up some serious ground, Mike Murillo is hoping to go rounds and earn some valuable points.
Feb 18 2019
Racers are in Tucson, AZ for the sixth race in the points series, but the desert dust and heat mean a seriously sketchy surface. Racers will have to be on their game if they want to take home a win on the most challenging track they'll race.
Feb 18 2019
It's time for the finals rounds in the race for points and $40,000 at Bandimere Speedway, but challenging conditions and a lengthy schedule are knocking out cars left and right. However, the top racers won't let the high altitude get them down.
Feb 11 2019
Racers arrive in Morrison, Colorado for the next event in the No Prep Kings series, however, the high altitude means thin air and big problems for the racers who run turbos. It'll be a struggle just to get to the finish line.
Feb 11 2019
Racers enter round two of the fourth event in the No Prep Kings series. After a challenging round one, the track is starting to come around. Racers have to turn their cars up without blowing tires off as they all chase points and the $40,000 prize.
Feb 04 2019
Racers arrive at Route 66 Raceway outside of Chicago for the fourth race in the No Prep Kings series. When cold weather and rainy conditions make the track extra sketchy, the racers have to be on their game if they want to make it to the finish line.
Feb 04 2019
Racers move into round 2 at Maple Grove Raceway, and leader Ryan Martin hopes to continue his winning streak. Meanwhile, heavy hitters like Mike Murillo, Chuck, Larry Larson, and Jeff Lutz try to take him out.
Jan 28 2019
Racers arrive at Maple Grove Raceway for the 3rd event in the No Prep Kings series, but rain delays the start of the race. When it's time to start round 1, racers learn the hard way that the rainy weather has made this track especially challenging.
Jan 28 2019
As racers move into round 2 in Memphis, the heat and humidity become more challenging as the track gets greasy and slicker. With $40,000 and valuable points on the line these drivers are willing to do anything to get from A to B to get the win.
Jan 21 2019
The No Prep Kings Points Championship continues in Memphis Tennessee, where racers compete for $40,000 and points in the championship. Starting at the next event, the race is capped at 32 racers, and points determine who gets a spot in the next race.
Jan 21 2019
Racers move into round two of the first No Prep Kings race of the season and with so much on the line, they push themselves and their cars to the limits. At the end of the night it's going to take a little luck and a lot of hard work to get the win.
Jan 14 2019
The new season kicks off in Topeka, Kansas with the largest field of racers that No Prep Kings has ever seen. With a tricky track surface, and the fastest racers competing everyone has their work cut out for them to take home the $40,000.
Jan 14 2019
The second annual Bristol No Prep race begins with 32 of the fastest men and women competing for a giant, winner takes all, prize of $200,000. The competition heats up as racers push their cars round after round adjusting their tunes for the track.
Jan 01 2019

Season 11

16 Episodes

Farmtruck and AZN are hosting another daily driver race, and this time, they've invited racers from all over the country to come to the 405 and race for $25,000. All the racers get their cars ready and cruise out to the race spot for the big event.
Sep 10 2018
After a tough season of in-fighting and game playing, the racers of the 405 come together for a grudge race night, hoping to squash all the issues they have with each other. Will racing be enough to bring the racers back together?
Sep 03 2018
It's the last list race of the season, and that means all the racers are getting ready for their last chance to move up the list; after a season of game playing and drama, tension has never been higher between the racers in the 405
Aug 27 2018
Chuckmate 11x13
Everyone in the 405 hurries to get the broken cars ready in time. Reaper fights to hold onto the 10 spot on race night. Chuck and Ryan try to fight game playing with games.
Aug 20 2018
As it gets closer to the last list race of the season, racers struggle with broken cars. When it's time to race, Shawn makes a stand and shows everyone on the list what it means to race anytime, even if you have to beg or borrow to get your car ready.
Aug 13 2018
After the race against Canada, Dave and Ryan struggle to get their cars switched back to big tires in time for list racing. Monza pulls his car off the list, which lets all the racers below him move up, and Reaper faces an unexpected contender.
Aug 06 2018
When a group of Canadian racers decide to come to OKC, the 405 has to prepare to defend the U.S.A. The entire country on their backs on race night, the 405 takes big risks to show the Canadians that when it comes to street racing, America can't be beat.
Jul 30 2018
The 405 is coming off of a tense race night, and racers wonder who they can trust as they get ready to race. Farmtruck and AZN find a fish in their callbox that may be more than they bargained for. On race night, everyone is on edge.
Jul 16 2018
The top 3 rush to get their cars ready for race night, while Farmtruck and AZN line up against Murder Nova's dad. On race night tensions boil over between Chuck and Shane while racers question each other when callouts aren't made.
Jul 09 2018
Flor-I-Do 11x07
With Florida racers coming to OKC, everyone in the 405 prepares for the first out of town race of the season. Farmtruck and AZN head out of town to get the Farmtruck ready for the race.
Jul 02 2018
Top Dom 11x06
The racers of the 405 struggle to get their cars ready after a tough few weeks of list racing; Farmtruck and AZN head out of town for an Enduro Race; on race night, broken cars lock up the list, and the racers have to come together to keep racing.
Jun 25 2018
Deja Vu 11x05
It's a mad dash to make repairs as the top racers scramble to get ready to race. Meanwhile, Farmtruck and AZN head out of town to compete in a giant Daily Driver event.
Jun 18 2018
After an unfinished list shakeup Ryan and Chief finally line up to race off for #1. With the list complete, the 405 gets ready for their first list race of the season.
Jun 11 2018
After a difficult end to last season's list racing, the 405 comes together to reassess the rules and make a plan to move forward. They all agree to a list shakeup, which means everyone loses his spot on the list and has to race to earn a new place.
Jun 04 2018
It's time for a new season of list racing in OKC and that means all the racers are upgrading and prepping their cars to be competitive. After lots of work, it's finally time to test the cars and see who's ready to dominate the list this season.
Jun 04 2018
Thirty-two of the fastest racers from around the country gather in OKC for the biggest street race of the year Cash Days. And, with $50,000 on the line, all the racers are prepared to push their cars to the limit to try and win it all.
May 28 2018

Season 10

13 Episodes

It's the final list race of the season, and everyone is aiming to move up. Murder Nova races Farmtruck for the first time and Ryan fights to reclaim the #1 spot. Chaos breaks out when Doc refuses a callout.
Feb 19 2018
With only two list races left in the season, the drivers work to get their cars race ready. Farmtruck and AZN prepare for racing with some fishing. On race night Ryan is finally able to defend his spot, and tempers flare between Doc and Monza.
Feb 12 2018
The 405 battle it out in OKC. Chief races AZN. Doc and Chuck meet up for the first time ever.
Feb 05 2018
After the first round of Outlaw Armageddon, there are still 19 of the best racers in the country left to fight it out for the $40K pot. The remaining 405 racers must fight to defend their turf, because being beat at their home track isn't an option.
Jan 31 2018
New rules mean that the racers at the top of the list are stuck waiting for callouts but there's plenty of drama in the bottom five. While Kamikaze struggles to make it to race night, Jeff Lutz and Dominator prepare to battle to get back on the list.
Jan 29 2018
It's time for Outlaw Armageddon, the biggest & baddest No Prep race in the country, & the 405 gets ready for the race. Everyone who is anyone in the street & track races scenes comes to OKC to lay it all on the line and try to win the $40,000 prize.
Jan 24 2018
Shawn makes a tough decision regarding his spot on the list while Dominator fights to make it back on. Chief tweaks the rules once again. Ryan & Chuck face off at the top of the list & Chief's plan to fall down & race Doc finally comes true.
Jan 22 2018
It's time for another race in the 405 & new number one, Ryan Martin is getting ready to defend his crown. But on race night, Big Chief is back & he's brought new rules that are going to make race night move faster & keep the OKC racers on their toes.
Jan 15 2018
The 405 make their way to Bristol, Tennessee, in anticipation of a massive event. The race features 32 of the hottest cars, and a grand cash prize of $100,000.
Jan 01 2018
Bad Beets 10x04
With Chief out of town, Chuck takes over as racemaster but still has to defend number one. Farmtruck & AZN dig up a new kind of race. Then on race night, with racers missing, Monza & Dave jump into the top five while Ryan tries to take Chuck's Crown.
Dec 18 2017
Chief plans to fall down the list on purpose in order to race everyone he missed on his last trip to the top. Meanwhile, Ryan & Chuck struggle to get their cars ready. Then, Shawn goes after Chuck in an attempt to take the OG Murder Nova back to #1.
Dec 11 2017
It's the first list race of the season which means everyone is gearing up for a fight. With Chief's car down for repairs, Shawn tries to jump on the number one spot. But when Doc tries to hold off on racing Reaper, chaos breaks out on race night.
Dec 04 2017
The entire 405 crew heads to Memphis, and that means they're racing on JJ's slick, asphalt road. When the 405's plan to stick together falls apart, they struggle to set up the right races and it looks like Memphis might get the best of them.
Nov 27 2017

Season 9

12 Episodes

JJ "Da Boss" from Memphis comes to OKC to host a race, everyone who's anyone in street racing shows up to compete. With JJ going back to old school rules and a total of $60,000 on the line, the racers do anything and everything to win
Jun 05 2017
It's the last list race of the season, and everyone in the 405 is looking to make one more move towards the top. Then, on race night, some of the top guys don't bring their cars, and plans to move up the list blow up in Doc's and Chief's faces.
May 29 2017
With only a few list races left, everyone gets serious about moving up the list. AZN gets a new tune for the Dung Beetle & tests out the improvements. On race night, when Doc gets into trouble, Chief pounces on his chance to move up the list.
May 22 2017
Now that Chief is back on the list, he and Shawn map out a plan to get themselves back into the top spots. Farmtruck sets AZN up with a race against a doctor with a super car. And at race night, Doc seems like he finally has his car figured out.
May 15 2017
When JJ and his racers from Memphis come to OKC for two nights of racing, everyone in the 405 has to step up and get ready to lay it all on the line. But, after flagging and technicalities cause drama, the 405 has to fight for every win.
May 08 2017
With Chief ready to take his new car up the list one more time, Reaper struggles to get his car fixed in time for race night. Meanwhile, Farmtruck and AZN think outside the box to round up some races, now that the truck is off the list.
May 01 2017
This week's race is all about the very top of the list & the very bottom. Ryan & Chuck are getting ready to battle for #1 again. At the bottom of the list, Farmtruck is feeling the heat and he does everything he can to hold onto a spot on the list.
Apr 24 2017
After the list shakeup, the 405 has an entirely new list, but everyone is still fighting to get to the top. With Dave down for repairs, Chuck, Ryan, Shawn & Monza battle to try to take the top spot, while Doc tries to get himself out of the bottom.
Apr 17 2017
Street Outlaws is back, and the guys in the 405 are making big changes. Chief kicks all the Pro-mods off the list. Then, it's time for an old school shakeup, everyone loses their spots and has to race to find out where they belong on the list.
Apr 10 2017
With everyone finally in California, Chief & Richard get into it about who will drive their cars, and Farmtruck & AZN have to wait on Aaron. Then, it's time for the drivers to strap in, pull to the line, and race to see who has what it takes to win.
Mar 27 2017
With only a week left, the teams at Midwest Streetcars and Farmtruck & AZN are scrambling to get their builds ready to race. With little experience building cars on a schedule, both teams are starting to think they may not finish their cars in time.
Mar 20 2017
The Street Outlaws agree to race the guys from Fast N' Loud. Farm truck and AZN start on their budget build to race Aaron Kaufman. Meanwhile, Chief and Shawn set out in search of the perfect car. When Chief hears rumors from Texas, he's not sure if he wants to build a car.
Mar 13 2017

Season 8

11 Episodes

Chief decides to put on a team race-off where Detroit, New York and California each bring a team to compete against OKC; five of the 405's racers step up to prove that OKC has the fastest group of street racers in the country.
Oct 31 2016
When JJ "Da Boss" from Memphis invites the 405 to race, the 405 leave their pro mods at home and head east to the craziest race ever. Chuck is eager to prove himself and the Memphis guys give the OKC racers a run for their money.
Dec 26 2016
One 8x09
The last list race of the season is here and that puts the pressure on everyone to make their final moves towards the top. Kamikaze and Farmtruck make triumphant returns to list racing and there will be a new number one on the 405 list.
Dec 19 2016
Frustration rises on the 405 list. Racers try to hang on instead of moving up. Famrtruck and AZN make some improvements to the Farmtruck and test it out in a fishing race. Things heat up on race night when Dave makes a callout for a race he has no intention of racing.
Dec 12 2016
In the two-hour Mega Week premiere, the OKC crew are headed south to race at the Texas Motorplex in the American Outlaws Live event. More organized than the sport has ever been, this event may be the precursor to a national league of street racers.
Dec 05 2016
With Dave in the top 5 and Chief right behind at 6, the pressure is on the top racers to be ready for a show down. Chief and Boosted setup an emergency turbo school for a struggling Dominator. Meanwhile, Farmtruck and AZN find themselves a flashy, orange fish.
Nov 28 2016
The list gets shaken up again. Shane finds himself in a grudge race, but things turn disastrous after the finish line. Meanwhile, Farmtruck and AZN get called out and race night becomes hostile when Dave and The Reaper can't agree on a call out.
Nov 21 2016
The 405 rushes to get ready after receiving a last minute call out from Ohio. Farmtruck and AZN go fishing for a hot rod and Kamikaze gets ready to bring the El Camino back. When the racers from Ohio arrive, the 405 try to prove again they are the fastest on the street.
Nov 14 2016
Since everyone in the 405 has been upgrading their cars, it�s time to go under their hoods to find out what makes these guys so fast.
Oct 31 2016
With faster cars than ever before stuck at the bottom, strategy and game playing take over list racing in the 405. Farmtruck and AZN salvage some explosive airbags. On race night, it takes some smart moves and a fast car to move up the list.
Nov 07 2016
The list is shaken up when Daddy Dave pulls Henson's Plan B from the one spot and starts from the ten spot in his own car. Farmtruck and AZN faceoff. Also Doc and Shawn prepare to race for #1. Meanwhile, Chief gets ready for his long march up the list.
Oct 31 2016

Season 7

12 Episodes

An Enduro race with 405 crew quickly devolves into a demolition derby.
Jun 23 2016
In the two-hour season finale, all bets are off for the final race.
Jun 20 2016
With the Crow-mod almost ready, Chief confronts his PTSD to get back behind the wheel. Shawn faces Monza in his new Camaro, Boosted returns, Reaper takes another shot at Dave, but tensions between him and Dave's crew make race night a debacle.
Jun 20 2016
Chief unveils his new ride, The Crow-mod. Shawn challenges Doc, while Reaper races Monza. Farmtruck and AZN race the Dung Beetle against a car called "Bug killer." Fights break out between Dave's team and Reaper on race night.
Jun 13 2016
Chief decides to get a new car while the battle for top list spots gets cutthroat. Doc takes another shot against #1 Shawn, Monza faces Reaper, Dave needs to get past Shane and new shark, Jeremy, must face the Farmtruck to get on the list.
Jun 06 2016
Big Chief struggles with PTSD after his crash while the 405 racers return to intense list racing. Doc and Monza try to dethrone Shawn and Dave finally faces Jackie in the Sonoma. Farmtruck searches for AZN's first car.
May 30 2016
The 405's fastest race rival, Detroit. Farmtruck & AZN build a bowling ball canon & get destructive. Chief races Brian "Chucky" Davis leading to the most devastating crash in SO history. Street racing will never be the same after this 2-hour special.
May 30 2016
Daddy Dave returns as part of the Shark Pool with Henson's corvette 'Plan B,' along with new mother Tina Pierce and Boosted GT, after being dropped from the list. Farmtruck & AZN get a 'ricer' and the rivalry between Jackie and Shane burns hot.
May 23 2016
With the popularity of the Shark Pool, Chief must host 2 race nights! Henson, Your Mom, & Chuck 55 all show up to challenge the gatekeeper, leaving Shane swimming for his survival. On the second race night, Chief and Shawn rematch for the top spot.
May 16 2016
Chief introduces an idea to make the list even faster, The Shark Pool. Now, a hungry group of street racers will be showing up every week to take on #10. Doc and Monza battle! Farmtruck schools a shark pool racer regarding an old debt.
May 09 2016
After holding off Doc last week, Big Chief prepares to go head to head with his best friend, Shawn in the Murder Nova to try to take back the crown. Will Chief become The King of the Streets again? It�s a turbo, big tire battle royal!
May 02 2016
Street Outlaws returns and OKC�s biggest rivals attack the list with a vengeance. Jackie Knox wants on the list. Chief and Doc square off. Farmtruck and AZN go fishing, trying to give hell to a Hellcat.
Apr 25 2016

Season 6

8 Episodes

Dissatisfied with the Nationwide Callout results Big Chief hosts an epic Cash Days 32 cars competing for $50K. Daddy Dave & The Sonoma, Kye Kelly with the NOLA crew & the OKC's fastest racers bring the heat. Who will be crowned "the fastest in the nation?
Dec 07 2015
After Daddy Dave crashes his new car, Chief attempts to reunite Dave with Jackie Knox so he can drive the Sonoma. Another racer, The Reaper, takes a shot at the list and tempers flare. Farmtruck attempts to surprise AZN by trying to locate his first car.
Nov 30 2015
It's another 405 Top Ten list shake-up! Daddy Dave takes on Derek, Monza calls out Murder Nova, Boosted takes on Doc, Shane must race Chuck and lots of other surprise races all over the list. Will Big Chief get dethroned? Will Dave continue to climb?
Nov 23 2015
Daddy Dave is finally ready to unveil his new racecar, "Goliath", and controversy brews as he wants to bully his way up the list. Farmtruck and AZN are convinced the firehouse is haunted and they call a medium to rid their adobe of evil spirits.
Nov 16 2015
The 405 get an unusual callout from a bunch of mouthy racers with super fast imports. Murder Nova, Chief, Chuck, Shane, Kamikaze and Boosted are in for a shock when the ricer cars prove to be faster than anyone imagined.
Nov 09 2015
The 405 List gets big shake-ups as everybody wants to move up, especially Dominator, who has been winning a lot recently. AZN is fed up with Suzi's biting antics so Farmtruck gets a dog trainer. Kamikaze takes a crack at the #10 spot.
Nov 02 2015
The 405 travels to Kansas City to accept a challenge of some smacktalking racers. Farmtruck and AZN take on an elderly couple in a Hotrod. The 405 plan to prove their claim of being the "nation's fastest" by hosting the biggest Cash Days event in history.
Oct 26 2015
Farmtruck and AZN enter a lemons race, but can only spend $500 on the Neon.
Oct 19 2015

Season 5

10 Episodes

It's on! The 405's Top 5 takes on the Nation's fastest street race cars for bragging rights and huge payouts. Farmtruck and AZN pull a prank on Chief and Shawn to get back at them. Big Chief's got a score to settle with his biggest rival, Kye Kelly.
Jul 27 2015
The 405 gets called out from 7 of the fastest racers in Colorado, Wyoming, Missouri and Kansas for a showdown on the street. Kamikaze needs to make money and decides to bring back El Camino. Farmtruck and AZN prank Big Chief and Shawn by buying a "More-Door" Nova.
Jul 20 2015
When Daddy Dave drops off the list, everyone moves up, leaving the #10 spot open. Big Chief decides to hold the largest round robin race in 405 history to determine who is worthy to be on the list. The winner must race the ultimate gatekeeper, Farmtruck.
Jul 13 2015
The 405 guys head to California to take on smack talking street racers from LA. On race night, heated exchanges escalate, with trash talking, spitting incidents, and nearly a full out brawl. Meanwhile, Farmtruck and AZN take a trip to Hollywood.
Jun 29 2015
The 405 guys head to California to take on smack talking street racers from Los Angeles. On race night, heated exchanges escalate, with trash talking, spitting incidents, & nearly a full out brawl. Meanwhile, Farmtruck & AZN take a trip to Hollywood.
Jun 22 2015
Big Chief gets a racer for the Nationwide Callout: Petey Smallblock New York, representing the Northeast. Doc is ready to take on Big Chief for the #1 spot. Farmtruck and AZN go fishing, but do not get any bites, until a Dodge Neon falls into their lap.
Jun 15 2015
Boosted has set up Grudge Races down in Fort Worth, Texas against some old school grudge racers, but get more than they bargain for. Race night gets downright wild in the Lone Star State.
Jun 08 2015
Boosted wants to be the first small tire car to crack the Top 5 on the List and make 405 History. Farmtruck is depressed from the death of Louise, so AZN brings someone new into the Farmtruck-AZN family. Dave opens up a new shop and has a new racecar.
Jun 01 2015
Chief confirms another driver for the nationwide call out. Farmtruck and AZN play around with the Mad Scientist's new toy: a Tri-Powered Trike. On race night, Shawn tries to get the Murder Nova back to the top of the list. The 405 loses one of their own.
May 25 2015
Chief organizes a Nationwide Call Out for a $50,000 pot. Chief gets a new paint job and Dave calls him out. Farmtruck and Asian go fishing in Memphis. Later, the 405 travel south to take on Kye Kelly and friends.
May 18 2015

Season 4

11 Episodes

A behind the scenes look into the 405 racers� lives, with never-before-seen footage, sneak peeks and best-of moments. Their day jobs and financial sacrifices are revealed as well as their families feelings about racing.
Mar 09 2015
On the final night of Cash Days, the remaining 405 racers put their reputation on the line as one of them tries to win $16,000 and be crowned the fastest street racer in the Southeast.
Mar 02 2015
It�s the biggest, most O.G. Cash Days ever! 2 days of racing and 16 of the fastest racers in the Southeast square off. The 405's fastest set their sights on bringing the prize home and being crowned the fastest street raced car in the southeast.
Feb 23 2015
As the racing season winds down, everyone makes a final push to move up the top ten list. Big Chief gets a shot, but Daddy Dave pulls out all the stops to keep the crown.
Feb 16 2015
Big Chief gets a call out from the 316 area code, Wichita, Kansas. Some of the 405's fastest racers must take on guys with names like the Murder 56 and Superman. Farmtruck and AZN get some seat time in the haunted hearse
Feb 09 2015
The 405 goes head-to-head in a demolition derby while Farmtruck and AZN answer a nasty callout. Then the legitimacy of the 405�s entire list gets called into question, and it comes down to a 405 grudge match.
Feb 02 2015
The fastest gatekeeper in Top Ten List history must defend against the loudest, angriest racers who want a shot at the list. Tensions are running so high that Big Chief has to call a second race night just to keep racers from coming to blows.
Jan 26 2015
Chuck puts on a Small Tire Shootout in OKC, where the fastest small tire cars from the surrounding area will race each other for a $2,000 prize. Meanwhile, Farmtruck and Asian head to a Car Show in Kansas, where they race various show cars.
Jan 19 2015
Chief & Shawn plan to take over the list, but no one�s going to make it easy! Not #1 Monza, #2 Daddy Dave, or Doc coming up from the #5 spot. Dead batteries & loud mouth Texans mess with Shawn�s head.
Jan 12 2015
The Farmtruck is back, with a new bad ass motor and Chuck has his turbos lined out on The Death Trap. They both want back on the list. It�s a war on the streets of the 405 with some of the fastest, closest drag racing ever.
Jan 05 2015
Oklahoma City�s fastest take on the trash-talking street racers from Chicago. When many of the races get rained out, both sides agree to a rematch in Oklahoma. Meanwhile, Farmtruck is back to its old fishing ways, reeling in a Ferrari and a Camaro.
Dec 29 2014

Season 3

8 Episodes

A sneak peak at the new season and a look back at lost moments, the best fights and omitted scenes and races.
Aug 04 2014
Big Chief finally calls out his best friend Murder Nova, in hopes of taking the #1 spot from Daddy Dave. Drag racer Kayla Morton and former Texan Boosted GT take their shot at the list.
Aug 20 2014
OKC racers take on the fastest of the south at the annual Cash Days race. While fishing for street races and fast cash, Farmtruck and AZN meet their match.
Jul 28 2014
Doc is determined to make a comeback with the Street Beast. Big Chief and Kamikaze decide it's time for the El Camino to race for the list. Farmtruck and AZN go after redemption with an old rival with the Dung Beetle.
Jul 21 2014
The OKC�s best drivers roadtrip to The Big Easy to take on New Orleans' fastest street cars. Big Chief resurrects Flip�s El Camino. Texan racer Boosted GT tries to get on the 405's list.
Jul 14 2014
Racemaster Farmtruck devises a plan to have the top 5 racers battle each other to shake up the top 10 list. AZN fishes for races with the Dung Beetle as Varley�s son Shelby takes over the Gold Car driving duties.
Jul 07 2014
Track racers from Tulsa call out the 405 with hopes of taking down the "fastest street-raced cars in the country". Farmtruck and AZN attempt a garage sale. Both Murder Nova and Chuck upgrade to twin turbo.
Jun 30 2014
Big Chief relinquishes his racemaster duties to another driver so he can race THE CROW back up the list. Tina drops off the list, opening the coveted 10-spot for a round robin competition. Varley's son/driver is a no show.
Jun 23 2014

Season 2

8 Episodes

Crazy Kelly, along with his California racing cronies, call out OKC's best and fastest. The OKC crew bring their cars out to Compton for a showdown of pride and high stakes betting while AZN and Farmtruck head to Chicago to fish for races.
Jan 13 2014
AZN and Farmtruck build a Volkswagen bug race car to go out fishing with, but have a run-in with the local authorities. The top 3 on the list compete in a racing extravaganza. Big Chief re-introduces The Crow to the racers by calling out the #1 spot.
Jan 06 2014
With the help of some racing legends, Big Chief resurrects his first race car, a '72 Pontiac LeMans he calls The Crow. The OKC's top 3 take on some expert race car builders' best to hold their coveted title of "Fastest Street Cars in the Nation."
Jan 06 2014
Dec 30 2013
Tina Pierce, known by locals to be the fastest female racer in Oklahoma, calls out #10 Farmtruck. Old family rivalries come to a head when #8 Varley and #9 Andrade Jr. face-off while #6 Chuck and #7 Derek race for a $1000 and the #6 spot.
Dec 23 2013
After an expensive overhaul of his car, #2 Murder Nova calls out #1 Daddy Dave in an unforgettable rematch showdown. Freakin� Rican finally gets his shot when he calls out #10 Farmtruck, but an AZN joyride jeopardizes the Farmtruck�s gatekeeper standing.
Dec 16 2013
Big Chief strikes a deal with loudmouth racer Freakin� Rican, allowing him to call out #10 Farmtruck in exchange for bootleg fireworks. There�s a shakeup in the middle of the list when #8 Derek gets called out by newcomer #9 Andrade and #6 Chuck gets called out by #7 Varley. Big Chief, Murder Nova, and Chuck spy on a Varley test hit but when the Gold Car veers off the road, things go terribly wrong.
Dec 09 2013
In the season premiere, Farmtruck and AZN must face-off against one of four newbie racers who want to get on the top ten list. Big Chief gets a callout via an online video from a Texas race club who think they can take on the 405�s best. Old state rivalries lead to big brawls when Texas racers LMR want to change the rules on the OKC guys.
Dec 02 2013

Season 1

8 Episodes

The Red River Rivarly gets renewed in a battle between Texas vs. Oklahoma drivers. The winner lays claim to being the fastest state in the country. Meanwhile,Farmtruck and Asian take a roadtrip of their own into Texas to do some fishing.
Jul 29 2013
The rivalry between Daddy Dave (#2) and Shawn (#1) comes to a head when Dave calls out Shawn for the #1 spot. Fresh off his win against Farmtruck (unranked) and cocky as ever, newcomer Derek (#10) challenges Varley (#9).
Jul 22 2013
Doc (#1) and Shawn (#2) face each other in a rematch for the Crown of Oklahoma's fastest street car. Derek calls out Farmtruck (#10) and tries to get back on the list, but during a late night testing session, Derek gets a visit from some familiar cops.
Jul 15 2013
Chuck (#7) and Flip's (#6) smack talk at a poker tournament leads to another call out. Monza (#4) calls out groom-to-be Daddy Dave (#3) for his spot but days before his wedding, Daddy Dave's test-hits signal the boys in blue.
Jul 08 2013
While preparing to race Doc (#2), Murder Nova (#1) does a test hit on the street that draws the attention of the local authorities. Team Varley (#9) and Farmtruck (#10) scramble to get their cars ready to rematch.
Jul 01 2013
After three years of taunting, Doc (#2) calls out Murder Nova (#1) to race for the crown. Farmtruck (#10) and AZN prepare for their list race against Varley (#9) by hustling street races with randoms on local highways.
Jun 24 2013
Local racing legend Varley (#9) is devastated when he�s told he must quit street racing. After a fight, Chuck begs Big Chief to coach him back up the list but while street testing his car, Chuck is surprised when he is swarmed by cops.
Jun 17 2013
In the series premiere, Chuck (#7) calls out Flip (#6) for his spot on the Oklahoma street racing list. Murder Nova (#1), Big Chief (Race Organizer), and Flip decide to impersonate security guards and prank Chuck with a fake bust as he street tests his car. Meanwhile, Brandon (unranked) calls out Farmtruck(#10) to try to break onto the list. When race day comes, tensions run high and fights break out that leave shockwaves throughout this Oklahoma racing community.
Jun 10 2013