Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings

Continuing Monday / 7:00pm Discovery 85 min.
Each week, Outlaws veteran "Chuck" will serve as race master in a new city and on a new "no prep" track, where 32 of the biggest names in no prep racing - including STREET OUTLAWS favorites, as well as newcomers - will duke it out to become the ultimate "no prep winner" and receive a $40,000 first place purse.

Season 5

12 Episodes

Dec 05 2022
The 32-car invitational is filled with upsets as many of the top racers struggle with the high elevation and thin air at Bandimere Speedway in Colorado.
Nov 28 2022
In Tucson, where the desert surface is tricky, there are plenty of upsets.
Nov 21 2022
In Idaho, Kye Kelley reveals his new secret weapon and Team California makes a strong showing.
Nov 14 2022
With Ryan in sole possession of the lead, NOLA tries to make some big moves to catch up.
Nov 07 2022
Racers struggle with unusual weather in Minnesota. Justin Swanstrom breaks away from Team X.
Oct 31 2022
Ryan is looking to extend his lead but Team NOLA is right on his heels. Plus, a new face goes rounds.
Oct 24 2022
Ryan Martin looks to take back the points lead, but others are doing what they can to knock him out and racers begrudgingly leave Team Texas.
Oct 17 2022
At New England Dragway, NOLA keeps getting in their own way when they can't keep from drawing each other and Ryan Martin makes a push to win his first race.
Oct 10 2022
The points race heats up at Maple Grove Raceway as Kye, Jerry Bird, Ryan Martin and Daddy Dave all try to break out of their four-way tie for first. But when they don't all make it out of the first round, it gives one of them a chance to steal the lead.
Oct 03 2022
Points competition officially begins and two-time champion Ryan Martin has a target on his back. And when his car gives him trouble, Team NOLA calls upon their heavy hitters to capitalize on his bad luck.
Sep 26 2022
Racers kick off a new season of No Prep Kings with a qualifier event and everyone is out to get two-time Points Champion Ryan Martin
Sep 19 2022

Season 4

15 Episodes

The season comes down to one final race in Bradenton. Ryan Martin must choose between a first round callout from a teammate, and taking his chances drawing from the bucket. The rest of the field is ready to take him down, if he gives them the chance.
Jan 03 2022
Racers arrive at No Problem Raceway for the second-to-last event of the season with Ryan Martin barely edging out his competition. Team OKC bands together to help him solidify his lead and tensions boil over when two NOLA teammates face off in the semis.
Dec 27 2021
Racers arrive in Texas for one of the final three races left in the points championship. Ryan Martin sits in first place, but with a small margin for error, one misstep could be his undoing.
Dec 20 2021
Racers are in the home stretch of the Points Competition. Ryan Martin is determined to claim the top spot in his home state, but Team X and Team NOLA are hot on his heels and ready to do whatever it takes to knock him down.
Dec 13 2021
After a slew of disagreements at the last event, some racers aren't ready to set aside their grudges. Ryan Martin remains the points leader with Kye Kelley right on his heels. To get to first, Kye will have to go through his girlfriend Lizzy first.
Dec 06 2021
In Tucson, the 405 finds out that Texas may have broken the rules before the race even starts and the group must decide whether Texas should be disqualified. One dispute leads to another and two racers emerge as the front-runners amidst all the drama.
Nov 29 2021
Coming off a Team Attack win, Ryan Martin goes for two victories in one weekend. Bobby Ducote gives Jerry Bird a push into the second round, and Murder Nova suffers a catastrophic failure.
Nov 22 2021
In the back half of the season, Ryan Martin, Eric K and Robin Roberts lead the field in points. With a couple of good passes and support from a fellow teammate, Kye Kelley hopes to push his way into the top three.
Nov 15 2021
Halfway through the season, competition heats up and strategy becomes more important than ever. Eric Bain pushes his car to its breaking point. Ryan Martin is back in first place, but another racer may find a way to close the gap quickly.
Nov 08 2021
Several weeks into the season, racers are struggling to keep their cars running at peak performance, working long days and long nights just to get race ready. Factor in extreme heat and a greasy surface, and someone's bound to hit a wall.
Nov 01 2021
At Maple Grove Raceway, Ryan Martin, Cody Baker and Eric Kvilhaug are in a three-way tie for first place. Murder Nova tries to figure out a way to help his team with a broken car and Chuck slow plays Justin Swanstrom.
Oct 25 2021
No Prep Kings arrives in New England. Ryan Martin is still the racer to beat but a parts failure might just open the door for someone new to walk away with $40,000 and a major points grab.
Oct 19 2021
In the 2nd points race, Ryan Martin and Murder Nova look to continue their strong starts. After a storm, racers struggle to adjust to an already dangerous track and a disagreement threatens to pull Team X apart.
Oct 18 2021
Heat and humidity complicate things as No Prep season begins in Florida.
Oct 12 2021
No Prep Kings is back and it's bigger than ever. New drivers, new teams, new cars and stiffer competition. Racers travel to Hebron, OH, to kickoff the season.
Oct 11 2021

Season 3

9 Episodes

Ryan rolls into the final event at the top of the leaderboard and with each round worth double points, the pressure is on to not let the elusive NPK trophy slip away for a third time. Kye, Lizzy and Scott do everything in their power to derail him.
Dec 02 2019
With two races left in the season, drivers are hustling to rack up points. On the brink of another championship, Ryan feels the pressure. Team NOLA forms an unexpected alliance in an attempt to increase their chances of winning an NPK trophy.
Nov 25 2019
Heading into the seventh race at Summit Motorsports Park in Ohio, Ryan Martin, Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi are all in contention for the No Prep Kings championship and $100,000 prize. Meanwhile, Team Texas is on the verge of a major collapse.
Nov 18 2019
A hostile points battle becomes even more intense as drivers struggle to adjust to the altitude at Colorado's Bandimere Speedway. With turbos and pro-chargers gasping for air, the season's most combative staging war has everyone scrambling.
Nov 11 2019
With the season half over and racers jockeying for points, the horseplay gets crazier than ever at Route 66 Raceway in Illinois. Lizzy and Team NOLA have been an unstoppable force so the competition is prepared to do anything to get ahead.
Nov 04 2019
Racers arrive in Idaho for the season's fourth race, everyone is focused on chasing down Lizzy. Ryan Martin tries a tricky new setup that could make or break his chances. As OKC, Texas, and NOLA band together, a new faction of misfits forms.
Oct 28 2019
Big Chief is ready to make his No Prep debut as the racers roll into St. Louis for the third race of the season. NOLA is determined to deliver back-to-back upsets after the last race but the OKC and Texas aren't going down without a fight.
Oct 21 2019
Team OKC arrives in New Hampshire fired up after an explosive start at Maryland International Raceway the week prior. With Texas keen to strike back, Kye realizes the only way NOLA can compete is if they also band together.
Oct 14 2019
The top No Prep racers gather at Maryland International Raceway for the first event of the season. Alliances form amongst veterans and newcomers alike, and tensions rise as each new faction plots its course to the top of the standings.
Oct 07 2019

Season 2

19 Episodes

After a dramatic round one, the race to the Points Championship is wide open. And, with everything on the line, the top racers are prepared to give everything they've got in order to earn the coveted title of No Prep King Points Champion.
Mar 11 2019
It's time for the final event of the No Prep Kings season, and the stakes have never been higher. This race is for double points, which means every round counts as Ryan Martin, Mike Murillo, and Larry Larson scramble to take home the $250,000.
Mar 11 2019
Racers are at GALOT Motorsports Park, and with most of the points leaders moving into the second half of the race, the pressure is on. It's the last race before the double points finale, so for anyone with their eyes on the prize, it's now or never.
Mar 04 2019
Racers arrive in Benson, North Carolina for the second to last No Prep Kings race of the season, but the track is trickier than normal. It's the last race before the double points finale, so for anyone with their eyes on the prize, it's now or never.
Mar 04 2019
Racers move into the second half of the seventh race in the No Prep Kings series, and with most of the top points leaders still in the race, the pressure is on for them to go all the way.
Feb 25 2019
Racers arrive in Norwalk, Ohio for the seventh race in the No Prep Kings series and with only a few races left, the points race for the Championship is on. But, with a deceptively tricky track, the racers must find the right tune or risk going home.
Feb 25 2019
It's day two of the sixth race in the No Prep Kings points series and when the sun comes out, the Tucson track gets even sketchier. And, with a rare chance to make up some serious ground, Mike Murillo is hoping to go rounds and earn some valuable points.
Feb 18 2019
Racers are in Tucson, AZ for the sixth race in the No Prep Kings points series, but the desert dust and heat mean a seriously sketchy surface. As the move into the final races of the season, the pressure has never been higher.
Feb 18 2019
It's time for the finals rounds in the race for points and $40,000 at Bandimere Speedway, but challenging conditions and a lengthy schedule are knocking out cars left and right. However, the top racers won't let the high altitude get them down.
Feb 11 2019
Racers arrive in Morrison, Colorado for the next event in the No Prep Kings series, however, the high altitude means thin air and big problems for the racers who run turbos. It'll be a struggle just to get to the finish line.
Feb 11 2019
Racers enter round two of the fourth event in the No Prep Kings series. After a challenging round one, the track is starting to come around. Racers have to turn their cars up without blowing tires off as they all chase points and the $40,000 prize.
Feb 04 2019
Racers arrive at Route 66 Raceway outside of Chicago for the fourth race in the No Prep Kings series. When cold weather and rainy conditions make the track extra sketchy, the racers have to be on their game if they want to make it to the finish line.
Feb 04 2019
Racers move into round 2 at Maple Grove Raceway, and leader Ryan Martin hopes to continue his winning streak. Meanwhile, heavy hitters like Mike Murillo, Chuck, Larry Larson, and Jeff Lutz try to take him out.
Jan 28 2019
Racers arrive at Maple Grove Raceway for the 3rd event in the No Prep Kings series, but rain delays the start of the race. When it's time to start round 1, racers learn the hard way that the rainy weather has made this track especially challenging.
Jan 28 2019
As racers move into round 2 in Memphis, the heat and humidity become more challenging as the track gets greasy and slicker. With $40,000 and valuable points on the line these drivers are willing to do anything to get from A to B to get the win.
Jan 21 2019
The No Prep Kings Points Championship continues in Memphis Tennessee, where racers compete for $40,000 and points in the championship. Starting at the next event, the race is capped at 32 racers, and points determine who gets a spot in the next race.
Jan 21 2019
Racers move into round two of the first No Prep Kings race of the season and with so much on the line, they push themselves and their cars to the limits. At the end of the night it's going to take a little luck and a lot of hard work to get the win.
Jan 14 2019
The new season kicks off in Topeka, Kansas with the largest field of racers that No Prep Kings has ever seen. With a tricky track surface, and the fastest racers competing everyone has their work cut out for them to take home the $40,000.
Jan 14 2019
The second annual Bristol No Prep race begins with 32 of the fastest men and women competing for a giant, winner takes all, prize of $200,000. The competition heats up as racers push their cars round after round adjusting their tunes for the track.
Jan 01 2019

Season 1

14 Episodes

Street style rules take over at the Boddie's Beyond 1320 race, where the winning racer wins $35,000. They're racing past the finish line, where there's no rubber down at all, and the bets are flying, as it gets crazy at the very end of the track.
May 25 2018
It's the final race of the No Prep Kings series, and that means that all eyes are on Birdman and Ryan Martin. If either of them can win the race in Tulsa, they'll walk away with the $40,000 prize plus $50,000 for the points championship.
Apr 25 2018
As the racers move into the later rounds of the second to last points race, all eyes are on Chuck, Birdman and Ryan Martin; a win in North Carolina could put Ryan one step closer to winning as long as he doesn't slip up.
Apr 18 2018
Racers arrive Dunn, NC, for the seventh race in the no prep kings series; after weeks and weeks of racing, many of the racers are struggling to keep their cars running, and, in a points series, consistency can be just as important as speed.
Apr 18 2018
The racers move into round two of the sixth No Prep race in South Carolina and as the track gets better, the racers turn it up to try to win. As eliminations continue, racers will have to fight to survive the fastest semi-finals and finals we've seen.
Apr 11 2018
Ryan Martin, Chuck, and Birdman fight for the lead in points. This week, the racers are in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and with so much on the line, they use callouts and strategy to try to get ahead.
Apr 11 2018
The fifth No Prep Kings invitational race continues in San Antonio, Texas, with 16 racers kicking off round two as they face off for a $40,000 prize. Weather causes a change of venue for rest of the race, and heavy hitters strive to become number one.
Apr 04 2018
Thirty-two racers head to San Antonio, Texas, for the fifth No Prep Kings invitational race where damp track conditions make it a little trickier, and a new design for the starting tree causes Kye Kelley to see red.
Apr 04 2018
The Street Outlaws are in Tucson, Arizona for the next No Prep Kings invitational race, and the dusty desert brings its own challenges. Birdman is out for blood, while Kye Kelley hopes to prove that he is really a contender in this series.
Mar 28 2018
Thirty-two of the fastest racers descend on Edinburgh, Texas for the next race and for a chance to win $40,000 plus more points. However, it's been raining in Texas and the track is probably the trickiest the racers will see all season.
Mar 21 2018
Sixteen racers move into round two of the No Prep Kings invitational race in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The track is slicker and more challenging, so the fastest racers from around the country do what they can to take home the $40,000 prize.
Mar 14 2018
Thirty-two of the fastest racers around meet at Beech Bend Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky for the 2nd No Prep Kings invitational race. There's $40,000 & more points up for grabs, but trouble forces some of the racers to re-run their 1st round race
Mar 14 2018
Sixteen racers remain in the first ever No Prep Kings Invitational, and as the racers move into round two, it's time to turn it up to try to win. With a little more data on the track, racers can push their cars further for a chance at the $50,000.
Mar 07 2018
Thirty-two of the best racers from around the country meet in Memphis to compete for $50,000 and the chance to earn points in the first No Prep Kings points series. But, rainy weather and a tricky track threaten to derail the racer's plans.
Feb 27 2018