Sullivan's Crossing

Continuing / 7:00pm CTV 43 min.
Neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan�s world is turned upside down after her husband is indicted for fraud and she finds herself caught in the middle of a media storm. She returns home to Sullivan�s Crossing, a scenic mountain town where her estranged father still runs an outpost that caters to hikers, bikers, and mountain climbers.

Season 2

10 Episodes

Cal works with Maggie as she fights to save the Crossing. A careless mistake may cost someone their life.
Jun 09 2024
Remorse 2x09
Maggie enlists Cal's help when Sully becomes convinced he needs to take drastic measures to make amends with Lola.
Jun 09 2024
Maggie helps care for Cal's sister and in the process learns more about his past.
Jun 02 2024
Reeling over the news of Maggie's pregnancy, Cal receives a visitor. Phoebe and Sully start to bond over the idea of being grandparents.
May 26 2024
Maggie's world is turned upside down after she learns some devastating news about her stepfather.
May 19 2024
Secrets 2x05
Uncertain about her own future as well as that of the Crossing, Maggie tries to find a way to help Sully.
May 12 2024
Things start to heat up between Maggie and Cal when they're forced to take shelter at Cal's cabin.
May 05 2024
Maggie, Cal, Lola, and Sydney help Edna prepare the campground for a storm as Frank helps Sully to figure out what's been eating at him.
Apr 28 2024
Maggie searches for clues regarding the cause of Sully's condition as she struggles to make a decision about her own future.
Apr 21 2024
Maggie Sullivan returns to the Crossing to find Sully in the hospital, struggling with the feeling that he's forgotten something. Cal Jones is confused when Maggie gives him the cold shoulder, unaware that Lola pocketed his goodbye letter.
Apr 14 2024

Season 1

10 Episodes

Maggie returns to Boston prepared to face the consequences of her actions, while Cal searches for closure of his own.
May 14 2023
Maggie's medical training is put to the test as she races against the clock to save the life of a friend.
May 14 2023
Maggie struggles to make sense of her personal life. Sully deals with some financial challenges.
May 07 2023
Tensions escalate as Maggie returns to Sullivan's Crossing with Andrew.
Apr 30 2023
Sully tries to hold things together at Sullivan's Crossing, while Maggie attempts to navigate complications back in Boston, Mass.
Apr 23 2023
Maggie makes a difficult decision after Sully lets his temper get the best of him.
Apr 16 2023
Maggie and Cal find themselves facing a dire situation as they look for a missing camper.
Apr 09 2023
Detours 1x03
The annual land blessing is thrown into disarray when one of the campers goes missing.
Apr 02 2023
Maggie sees Cal in a new light after they help an injured resident and spend time together at karaoke.
Mar 26 2023
When neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan's seemingly perfect life in Boston is turned upside down, she leaves the city and her boyfriend, Andrew, to return to her childhood home of Sullivan's Crossing in Nova Scotia.
Mar 19 2023