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Supernova follows an inept but hyperintelligent astronomer, Dr Paul Hamilton (played by Rob Brydon) as he moves from an academic job in england to working at an observatory in the outback of Australia. There he encounters the odd characters who run the station, and falls in love with the beautiful Dr Rachel Mann, who is engaged to an astronaut.

Season 2

6 Episodes

When Chad becomes trapped outside his shuttle in space, Rachel grants her man a dying wish: a wedding via satellite before the oxygen runs out. Paul swings between guilt and euphoria as he weighs up the power to save Chad against a chance with the woman he loves.
Sep 07 2006
Paul excavates an Aboriginal codpiece in the desert and brings down an ancient curse upon the Observatory. Several brushes with death later, Paul is convinced that he must travel with Bill to the Darklands and face the Aboriginal Elders to exorcise his demons.
Aug 31 2006
When Pip throws her back out working her way through the Aboriginal Karma Sutra, Paul is left in charge of the Observatory. His bravado turns to horror when he discovers he must help destroy his childhood hero, an old British satellite called The Perseverance.
Aug 24 2006
Big Red 2x03
Paul is suspended from duty and reluctantly available for Max's mission to track down a murderous rogue kangaroo. When night falls the hunters become the hunted and Paul learns a harsh law of the bush: out here it's kill or be killed.
Aug 17 2006
Paul can't believe his luck after a beautiful young woman turns up and seduces him at the Observatory. But his happiness does not last after discovering how this new girl has some dark secrets.
Aug 10 2006
To the amazement of everyone, Paul performs well in the saddle when it is Camel Racing Week in Unagatta. After becoming the hope of the town, his triumph coincides Pips mid-life meltdown. He has to make the tough decision of whether to pick sporting glory or bring back the woman who everyone loves.
Aug 03 2006

Season 1

6 Episodes

Paul becomes depressed after solving the mystery of how the Universe will end. Soon after, the local thug challenges him to a duel. In looking for answers, Paul turns to the desert, and Bill ends up teaching him what it means to be a real man.
Nov 15 2005
Unity 1x05
After discovering a new planet, Paul makes the choice of naming it 'Unity' to make it a symbol of the togetherness he believes exists between his colleagues. To find out about the discovery, a film crew arrive to interview Paul but he learns how science is no different from real life - as Rachel is instead seduced into the spotlight because beauty sells.
Nov 08 2005
Planet of love Venus rises, so hormones in the Observatory rise with it. As a result, Paul's lack of a sex life becomes a focal point and he decides that the best way to shut up his co-workers is to pretend he is having an affair with a girl he met at the pub. The lie gets bigger and bigger as to Paul's surprise, it brings him unexpected bonuses. Rachel seems to become attracted to him and he earns more responsibility at the Observatory.
Nov 01 2005
Paul is overwhelmed when his colleagues throw a surprise birthday party for him. But he then receives a call from girl friend Ruth with an exciting surprise - she is in Australia and on her way to the Observatory. How can he get rid of her and live his own life?
Oct 25 2005
After recovering from a near fatal encounter with a black swamp toad, Paul thinks he sees the face of God in space. Rachel warns him to keep his mouth shut, as she's seen too many good scientists ruin their careers because of one brief brush with faith. But the team see the phenomenon for themselves and are convinced. Shortly after reporting it to a reputable journal the truth is revealed.
Oct 18 2005
Paul, a gaffe-prone but brilliant space scientist who escapes the drudgery of his life in London to take up a field position at a remote Australian observatory. He meets his new, quirky, work colleagues. Paul attempts to adapt to the unfamiliar surroundings and has a slight mishap with a telescope lens.
Oct 11 2005