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No food, no shelter, no fresh water, no tools ... no camera crew. One man - alone in the wilderness for seven days with only his wits and stamina to sustain him.

Season 8

4 Episodes

Les returns to Mongolia after surviving a near-fatal car crash the year before with his son Logan, a recent cancer-survivor.
Dec 13 2016
Father and son embark on a photography expedition deep in the Ecuadorian jungle but when the tour guide doesn’t return, Les and Logan must put their wills of survival to the ultimate test… After being stranded in the Ecuadorian jungle, father-son team Les and Logan must confront the diversities and dangerous of one of the most dangerous rainforests.  Les and Logan take on a photography expedition in the jungles of Ecuador; ecologically one of the most diverse and dangerous in the world.  When the tour guide fails to return, Father and son team must put their survival skills and willpower to the ultimate test.
Jun 19 2016
Les and Logan set out for a father/son fishing trip in a tin boat. Stranded after their motor dies, Les and Logan are quickly plunged into an intense survival situation that could happen to any summer cottager. This father/son team must work together to stay hydrated, secure food, make shelter and flag down a rescue plane. Les gets creative using bug spray as a fire-starter. Father/son dynamics effect his decision-making.
Mar 12 2014
Les and his 16-year-old son Logan find themselves trapped without supplies and without a way home while sea kayaking along the coastline of British Columbia. Staying hydrated, fed and warm takes on a whole new meaning with Logan by his side. Lack of food, unsafe water and inclement weather can wreck havoc on the body – let alone one’s mood. Logan’s better at video games than survival and better at hockey than starting a fire. Distraction can cause mistakes…and mistakes can be very costly.
Mar 05 2014

Season 7

7 Episodes

Les retraces the last steps of experienced Argentinan hiker Laureano Emanuel Santos on the circuit track of Torres del Paine National Park in Chilean Patagonia to investigate how tragedies can occur even on well-traveled wilderness trails.
Dec 19 2015
Tonga 7x06
Les and friend, Bob Wilson are stranded on a deserted island in the archipelago of Tonga.
Dec 12 2015
Les travels to Northern India in the foothills of the Himalayans to survive in an area with the world's reported densest tiger population.
Dec 05 2015
Oregon 7x04
The story of a family that was lost for six days in the forests of Oregon.
Nov 28 2015
Part 2 of 2. Les simulates a broken leg so that a Romanian search and rescue team will locate him in the Transylvania mountains.
Nov 21 2015
Part 1 of 2. Les Stroud disappears into the thickly forested Translyvanian Alps to test the skills of Romania´s top search-and-rescue team, and himself.
Nov 14 2015
Les teaches winner of a fan submission contest, amateur filmmaker Joseph McConnell, about wilderness survival in the remote Ontario wilderness.
Nov 07 2015

Season 6

7 Episodes

Les searches for Sasquatch in the forests of North America, and uses a new approach.
May 15 2015
Les follows a trail from Texas to Utah in his quest to catch Bigfoot on camera. Locals report encounters in haunted mountains and spooky canyons, and Les applies scientific methods and his survival skills to lure the legend out of hiding.
May 06 2015
Les treks through the Great Smoky Mountain range in Tennessee following reports of Bigfoot sightings near an area where black bears can also be found.
Apr 29 2015
Apr 22 2015
Apr 15 2015
Les tracks Bigfoot in the ancient red cedar forests of northwest California. This Sasquatch hotspot is renowned for reports of Bigfoot, and the forest is crawling with black bears. Will Les brave its dangers and catch Sasquatch on camera?
Apr 08 2015
Klemtu Hill is a volcano in British Columbia where Bigfoot reports are in the hundreds. Whatever is out there, it leaves tracks and even kills people. Les braves the dangers of this Bigfoot hotspot to find the truth behind these strange reports.
Apr 01 2015

Season 5

8 Episodes

Les treads into the wilderness of British Columbia, another alleged site for sasquatch sightings.
Mar 26 2014
Les travels to the Rocky Mountains in West Central Alberta to look for evidence in the existence of the elusive creature Bigfoot.
Mar 19 2014
Les and Logan take on the role of two fisherman stranded in Wabakimi Provincial Park after the boat motor breaks down. All they have to survive with is their boat, fishing gear and no camera crew.
Mar 12 2014
Les Stroud and his teenaged son Logan find themselves stranded for 5 days off the coast of Vancouver Island during a kayaking trip with little supplies and no camera crew.
Mar 05 2014
Les Stroud travels into the forests of Ontario's Temagami, and the oldest mountains in North America to survive for 5 days, with no food, no water, no shelter, and no crew.
Jan 29 2014
Les Stroud travels to the Mitre Peninsula, a remote peninsula located on the easternmost tip of Isla Grande in the province of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina.
Jan 15 2014
Les must survive for 5 days on Frigate Island in the Grenadines
Jan 08 2014
Les must survive for 5 days in the jungle on the island of Grenada.
Jan 01 2014

Season 4

4 Episodes

After five days of surviving on Tiburon's shore, Les Stroud treks inland in search of food, water and shelter. In the mountainous desert landscape, Les must avoid packs of wild coyotes, scorpions and rattlesnakes. Alone and carrying heavy camera equipment, he is at risk of exposure and dehydration. Making fire to distill drinking water, he survives on clams and edible plants in this 10-day survival ordeal.
Jul 21 2012
Les Stroud is shipwrecked on the desert island of Tiburon. Part of the Sonoran desert, Tiburon is searing hot in the day and freezing cold at night. The coastline is a barren stretch with no source of fresh water. Les must distill seawater and scavenge for clams and oysters amongst the rocks and mud to survive. With the threat of stingrays in the shallow waters and coyotes hunting the shoreline, Les battles hunger, fatigue and loneliness in this 10-day survival ordeal.
Jul 14 2012
Being stranded in the Norwegian mountains will prove to be the most difficult survival expedition of Les Stroud's 20-year career. With no food or water, no safety or camera crew, Les must haul 65 pounds of camera gear down the slick wet mountainside in the hope of finding shelter. Scavenging what he can from the barren landscape, exhausted and starving, Les draws on his years of experience and the will to survive in order to make it the full 10 days.
Jul 07 2012
Les Stroud strands himself in the Norwegian mountains to survive for 10 days taking little food, no water or gear, and no safety or camera crew. Does Les stay with his marooned car or push on to find help? Hauling 65 pounds of camera gear, Les makes do with what he has, builds crude shelter, eats what he finds, and proves it takes true will to survive.
Jun 30 2012

Season 3

6 Episodes

Les Stroud must survive in the jungles of Papua New Guinea.
Dec 19 2008
Les Stroud is stranded in the outback when his ultralight airplane runs out of fuel.
Dec 12 2008
This week, Les Stroud has an accompanying friend, Bob, who joins him on his hunting trip to the forests of Temagami. When plans for bear, moose and caribou hunting go wrong, Stroud is forced to measure the pros and cons of bringing along a friend on an adventure such as this.
Dec 05 2008
Stranded on northern Baffin Island, "Survivorman" Les Stroud learns harsh lessons in solo arctic survival in 24hour daylight.
Nov 21 2008
"Survivorman" Les Stroud takes two horses into the Colorado Rockies and discovers the challenges of surviving for three.
Nov 14 2008
Les tries to survive in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. This time he has more than just his trusty harmonica and his multi tool, He also has some basic backpacking gear as well like a tent, a sleeping bag, and a flashlight. When he doesn’t show up at camp his team is forced to organise a Search and Rescue team to find him. Will they find him in time?
Nov 07 2008

Season 2

6 Episodes

Les demonstrates survival in the Cook Islands using SCUBA gear, a ship wreck and found articles.
Sep 14 2007
Alaska 2x05
This time Survivorman decides to demonstrate survival by sea kayak in an ocean bay called Taroka Arm (literally "black bear") for good reason. At this time of year, the salmon are active and are one of the black bear's favorite foods. Black bear and grizzlies that live in this area are among the largest in the world and gorge themselves on the silver salmon during this period.
Sep 07 2007
Les ventures into the plains of northeastern South Africa. The scenario: hot-air balloon crash. The challenge: hike back to the support crew. The supplies: a machete, a knife, a bottle of water, some rope, a small first-aid kit, and the balloon itself. The dangers: lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and the black mamba snake.
Aug 31 2007
Les journeys into Labrador in the Canadian Maritimes. The scenario: driving a dog sled team almost 100 miles back to civilization in late winter. The supplies: a .22 rifle, a bucket of caribou meat (for the dogs, not for him), and, for the first time, a self-designed survival kit. The dangers: hypothermia, getting lost, the weather's effect on the trail, and injury from the sled or the dogs. Added difficulties: the dogs aren't familiar with Les, the possibility of vicious fights between the dogs, and Les simulates the role of stranded dog sled driver.
Aug 24 2007
Amazon 2x02
Les finally gets to survive the one place he's always wanted to visit: the Amazon jungle in Ecuador. The scenario: brought by the natives into the jungle by canoe. The supplies: three feet of fishing line, a can of soda, a mosquito net, one match, "fire dust," a blowgun, a machete, and a spear. The dangers: stingrays, jaguars, spiders, ants, snakes, and scorpions. Added difficulty: Les is nursing a previous hip injury.
Aug 17 2007
Les begins the second season in the Kalahari Desert of southern Africa. The scenario: running out of gas in the middle of the desert. His supplies: enough water for only four days, two empty soda cans, an empty jar of peanut butter, some jam, an ostrich egg, a broken down truck, and a bucket. The dangers: the brutal summer heat where temperatures on the sand reach 140F/60C; dehydration and heatstroke; scorpions and highly venomous Cape cobras.
Aug 10 2007

Season 1

9 Episodes

Living "off the land" takes on a new meaning as Les Stroud casts off for a week at sea. With no food and only a bare minimum of equipment, Stroud will be set adrift in an inflatable life raft off the coast of Belize. Battling hunger, thirst and the Caribbean heat, he must also keep his cameras dry to film the ordeal. To top it off - the life raft has a few bad leaks and needs constant bailing. It also leaks air and requires frequent re-inflation with a hand pump - Survivorman is in for a busy few days!
Jun 01 2005
In the remote winter-bound forests of Northern Ontario, a crashed plane lies in the snow beside a frozen lake. There is no one alive on board. But this plane didn't crash here - the decrepit old wreck has been airdropped from a helicopter to provide a temporary home for Survivorman. For a week Les will have to survive in this harsh snowy wilderness with only an axe, a multi-tool and a single blanket to aid him.
May 25 2005
The spectacular red landscapes of Utah's canyonlands are as beautiful as they are inhospitable. Like outlaws of old who were known to eat their own horses out of desperation in this forlorn place, Stroud will cannibalize the mountain-bike he has ridden into the middle of nowhere. As well as these scavenged bike parts to aid him, he also has a multi-tool, a magnesium flint-stick and an old energy-bar - that he has a use for other than eating.
May 18 2005
Les is airdropped onto a snow-covered peak in the Canadian Rockies courtesy of the Canadian Mountain Air Rescue Service. They'll come looking for him in seven days. Until then Les is entirely on his own, save for the grizzlies, cougars and wolves that also call this place home. To emulate a real-life survival scenario - in this case a heli-hiking expedition come to grief - Les has been provided with a few readily salvageable items, among them a broken camcorder and tripod. One man's trash is another man's treasure!
May 11 2005
Pond Inlet, on the Northern reaches of Baffin Island, provides one of the most challenging landscapes our planet has to offer. Over 700km north of the Arctic Circle, it sits amidst grinding, ever-shifting flows of sea-ice where polar-bears roam in search of meat. In this severe climate, Les has been equipped with a bare minimum of raw materials to aid him for the next 7 days - a hunk of uncooked seal-liver, some oil-rich blubber for heat, a seal-hook, three matches, and a knife.
May 04 2005
Les is stranded in the swamplands of Georgia's Altamaha River Basin.
Apr 27 2005
Marooned on Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula, Les must survive on a tropical beach and in dense jungle.
Apr 20 2005
Les Stroud is shipwrecked on the desert island of Tiburon. With limited food supplies and no fresh water, Les scavenges to survive on the desert shore.
Apr 13 2005
Les Stroud simulates becoming stranded after a canoeing accident in a Northern Ontario forest.
Apr 06 2005