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Sharp, no-nonsense, acerbic, loving and generous, Svetlana is a woman of indeterminate age (between 30 and 50, she'll never tell) who landed in Minnesota from the USSR years ago as a mail-order bride. She quickly left her humdrum life and milquetoast husband, Steve, for a life of edge and passion on the streets of Los Angeles -- pursuing her version of the American dream -- opening a brothel that caters to high end clients. And with that was born "St Petersburg House of Discreet Pleasure."

Season 2

12 Episodes

An exterminator contaminates the brothel with poison spray and the family goes on their first ever camping trip to get fresh air.
Jul 13 2011
When Marina and Liam announce their desire for a baby, Svetlana goes looking for a suitable sperm donor.
Jul 06 2011
Svetlana joins a cult.
Jun 29 2011
Svetlana tries to move on without Vlad and meets a new love.
Jun 22 2011
While taking out the trash, Vlad meets a pretty neighbor, Phoebe (Wendi McLendon-Covey), and immediately dumps Svetlana for her.
Jun 15 2011
Svetlana adopts a baby from Haiti who turns out to not be what was promised. And special guest star Seth Gilliam (The Wire).
Jun 08 2001
Marina and Liam get married! Liam's parents object to the union, Svetlana fights back.
Jun 01 2011
Svetlana's breast implants begin to leak.
May 25 2011
Svetlana goes undercover as an American to score a coveted documen- tary series about her. With special guest star Melissa Rivers.
May 18 2011
Vlad gets kidnapped on suspicion of spying. Svetlana gains weight and embarks on the Master Cleanse. As well as special guest star Kurt Fuller.
May 11 2011
Narnia 2x02
Svetlana gets framed for her former driver's murder and gets thrown in the can to do some hard time.
May 04 2011
An Asian brothel opens in the immediate neighborhood and draws many of Svetlana's clients away. While Svetlana fights back, her gay friend Jared investigates Vlad to determine his true sexual orientation.
Apr 27 2011

Season 1

12 Episodes

Svetlana discovers she's pregnant and Vlad commits his first indiscretion with a hot ballroom dancer.
Aug 12 2010
Svetlana's nightmarish mother comes in for a surprise visit from Ukraine.
Aug 05 2010
Svetlana attempts a career in stand-up comedy.
Jul 29 2010
Svetlana goes undercover as an orthodox Jew to impress the principal of Boris's new school.
Jul 22 2010
Svetlana challenges the competing brothel to a sexdown.
Jul 15 2010
Svetlana and the family move into their new home, much to the surprise of its current tenant.
Jul 08 2010
An immigration official notifies Svetlana that her mail order marriage was annulled and she must report for a deportation hearing.
Jul 01 2010
Competing brothel owners Buster and Bo Devereaux storm Svetlana's house demanding her to shut down. A show down ensues.
Jun 24 2010
Svetlana decides to hold a Recession Special for unemployed people. The turnout is larger than expected, sending St. Petersburg House of Discreet Pleasure into utter chaos.
Jun 17 2010
Natasha expresses a wish to have sex with a black man, so Svetlana takes her to South Central to achieve this goal utilizing unorthodox techniques.
Jun 10 2010
Svetlana's "daughter" Olga runs off with the family's savings, leaving Svetlana scrambling to get a high paying VIP client in for a session.
Jun 03 2010
Svetlana's long lost American husband Stevie (who ordered her from mail order catalogue 15 years ago) suddenly shows up, demanding she return with him to Minneapolis and finally "start their life together".
May 27 2010