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Hip-hop. Money. Fame. Deception. Murder. All collide in this scripted anthology series of �song stories� weaving classic and current hip-hop songs into captivating visual narratives from the lyrics of some of hip-hop�s greatest hits.

Season 3

10 Episodes

A group of Black Lives Matter organizers forced into hiding after being doxxed is abducted by racist ex-sheriff's deputies intent on revenge.
Oct 04 2022
Talented singer-songwriter Jewel questions her values when a manipulative music producer draws her into the seedy world of viral fame, but her loved ones aren't ready to give up on her.
Sep 27 2022
Inspired by Chaka Demus & Pliers' "Murder She Wrote," a formerly incarcerated woman uses her wits to infiltrate a seedy crime syndicate and get revenge on the men who killed her husband.
Sep 20 2022
A woman manipulates her loved ones to protect herself from a dangerous criminal, but the move causes damage to her daughter's mental health and endangers her mother-in-law in the process.
Sep 13 2022
A young police officer and her undercover boyfriend operate from both sides of the law to find the source of corruption that plagues their city.
Sep 13 2022
In a story inspired by Wu-Tang Clan's "C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me)," a reformed man returns to a life of crime when he needs money for his daughter's lifesaving operation.
Sep 06 2022
Inspired by the lyrics to Nelly's "Hot in Herre," a college professor uses her 30th birthday as a chance to get over her ex and take control of her love life.
Aug 30 2022
Act Up 3x03
In a story based on "Act Up" by City Girls, four women escape from a sex trafficking ring and use their freedom to get revenge on the men who kidnapped them.
Aug 23 2022
Renee 3x02
An interpretation of the Lost Boyz track "Renee" sees the titular heroine, an idealistic law student, connect with barber Lamar as they try to protect a teen from local drug dealers.
Aug 16 2022
A passionate lawyer raised by Black Panthers sets out to convict the police officer who murdered a Black girl.
Aug 09 2022

Season 2

10 Episodes

A romantic fable set in the artistic underbelly of Atlanta with street artist Dario who harbors a beautiful, deep secret and the young woman, Ruby, whom he loves but cannot be with.
Sep 03 2019
Powerful female architect Billie is caught up in a love triangle between her soul mate, Micah, and her husband, David, and she is forced to make a decision about whom to be with.
Aug 27 2019
Tracking the life cycle of a Desert Eagle handgun as it travels from the factory floor into the hands of the prideful, the weak and the vindictive, giving them all a false sense of power while creating a path of pain and death on city streets.
Aug 20 2019
Smooth-talking ladies man Davis uses a Mardi Gras celebration as a hunting ground for a very particular type of woman; Davis lures these women to his enigmatic family home where a series of mysterious occurrences unfold.
Aug 13 2019
Janelle, the neglected teenage daughter of wealthy lawyers, throws a drug-fueled party while her parents are on a business trip; when her parents return home early to discover their house in disarray, Janelle resorts to drugs to cope with her anger.
Aug 06 2019
Exotic dancer Violet, 23, raises her teenage sister while looking for her shot at becoming a hip-hop superstar.
Jul 30 2019
Based on Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's "Deep Cover" - This episode explores the underbelly of colliding family members as they go to war over Atlanta's drug game. No one is to be trusted and honor among thieves is the only code to live by.
Jul 23 2019
My Life 2x03
Recovering addict Edie is a hotel maid who dreams of being a fashion designer, but she has her life turned upside-down when she learns her mother, Clarice, is terminally ill. Inspired by Mary J. Blige's "My Life"
Jul 16 2019
When an Atlanta rap group funded by drug money is targeted by a zealous FBI agent, the rappers and their lawyer must find a way to translate their Machiavellian tactics from the streets to the courtroom in order to beat the case. Inspired by Migos featuring Gucci Mane's "Slippery"
Jul 09 2019
A Shakespearean story of two brothers, each carving out a drastically different lifestyle in modern day Atlanta. Inspired by Kanye West featuring Charlie Wilson's "Brothers"
Jul 02 2019

Season 1

8 Episodes

A war veteran suffering from PTSD falls in love with the wrong woman, the girlfriend of Taggert - a dangerous pimp who will do whatever it takes to get his girlfriend back. Inspired by Method Man featuring Mary J. Blige's "I'll Be There for You/You're All I Need to Get By"
Nov 25 2017
Inspired by the lyrics of The Roots ft. Erykah Badu's "You Got Me"; a highly disciplined dancer, about to perform in an important show, falls for a man who gets her to lose control.
Oct 31 2017
Inspired by the lyrics of Jay-Z's "99 Problems"; two BLM activist college lovers go on the run to escape the clutches of the police.
Oct 24 2017
Inspired by the lyrics of Slick Rick's "Children's Story", two penniless teenagers learn the lesson of karma the hard way when they start robbing people in their neighborhood.
Oct 17 2017
Anthology series of "song stories" weaving classic Hip-Hop and R&B songs into visually stunning narratives with Trap Queen inspired by the Fetty Wap track.
Oct 10 2017
A woman fed up with her NBA fiance's philandering has an affair with a neighborhood hustler. Inspired by the lyrics of Notorious BIG's "I've Got a Story to Tell."
Jul 18 2017
A star rapper is fatally shot. Inspired by the lyrics of Meek Mill's "Cold Hearted."
Jul 11 2017
Inspired by the lyrics of NWA's "F. Tha Police," the premiere focuses on the controversial killing of a young white boy at the hands of two black police officers, and a district attorney's struggle to convince the lone witness to testify in court.
Jun 27 2017