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Greg Davies is the Taskmaster, and with the help of his ever-loyal assistant Alex Horne, he will set out to test the wiles, wit, wisdom and skills of five celebrity contestants. At the end of the series, who will be crowned the Taskmaster champion?

Season 16

10 Episodes

The series reaches a thrilling climax with Sue Perkins forgetting about the milk and Julian Clary performing a gentle assault. Who will lift Greg's golden head to the heavens?
Nov 23 2023
Julian Clary makes smart use of a fishing rod, Sue Perkins reimagines Botticelli, Sam Campbell collects some coins and Lucy Beaumont asks Alex Horne to sit on a sled.
Nov 16 2023
Excitement reaches volcanic proportions as the mystery of the secret task is finally revealed to the baffled cast of comics. And who will get to wear the Special Hat?
Nov 09 2023
Does Julian Clary need more than one pie? Should Lucy Beaumont flick a forbidden switch? Is a deer head preferable to a boundary line? Plus: Sam Campbell rips off his own head.
Nov 02 2023
Julian Clary gets on his hands and knees. Sue Perkins makes an extraordinary noise. Lucy Beaumont creeps everyone out. And Sam Campbell identifies some colourful birds.
Oct 26 2023
We're halfway through the series, and the comics just want to leave with a bit of dignity intact. Which isn't likely as Lucy Beaumont plays with some toilet roll.
Oct 19 2023
Greg Davies watches on in wonder, delight and sometimes disgust as Alex Horne chokes down some vaguely cylindrical meals. And Sue Perkins sniffs a door.
Oct 12 2023
Languidly 16x03
Poor Alex Horne gets insulted by panpipe-playing Sue Perkins. Meanwhile, Julian Clary destroys a table and Lucy Beaumont munches on a tree.
Oct 05 2023
Julian Clary finds a former Taskmaster champion hiding behind a door. Susan Wokoma does something unexpected with mice and fish. Sue Perkins loves portcullises.
Sep 28 2023
Greg slaps Alex because of peas. Lucy Beaumont marvels at a canned blindfold. And everyone tries to put a big duck in a lake.
Sep 21 2023

Season 15

10 Episodes

It's the grand final, and the competitors' mettle is tested in the most dramatic gladiatorial arena of all as they all contemplate using a hose. Things just got serious.
Jun 01 2023
In the penultimate episode, the pressure is so intense that Mae Martin forgets the only rule to a task. Expect paint, stomping and sneaky prizes in this sort-of semi-final.
May 25 2023
The comics retrieve pineapples from a pond and inventively repurpose umbrellas. And in a fitting climax, Frankie Boyle goes to town on a gigantic cat scratching post.
May 18 2023
Greg and Alex take things up a notch by introducing a pulper to proceedings. Jelly babies cause friction. And Mae Martin and Ivo Graham say the word 'duck' a lot.
May 11 2023
It's episode six, and you know what that means? That's right, it's time to meet everyone's imaginary friends in a domestic and poignant setting. And nobody understands a simple egg-shelling task.
May 04 2023
Frankie Boyle impresses with his falsetto. Kiell Smith-Bynoe wows everyone with his spoon retrieval abilities. And Mae Martin fakes their way into Alex Horne�s wallet.
Apr 27 2023
Kiell Smith-Bynoe finds himself playing bingo without any shoes on. And all the comedians create boats to carry eggs in a race involving eggs (in boats).
Apr 20 2023
Things are getting heated between this year�s noble competitors as they bid to impress the Taskmaster. Can they keep it together for the all-important sausage exam?
Apr 13 2023
Alex Horne splits his band five ways for the sake of a task, leading Jenny Eclair to impart her wisdom about piles. Meanwhile, Frankie Boyle has some strong opinions about golf.
Apr 06 2023
The 15th series kicks off with Alex Horne unveiling the new snack that's set to take the convenience food world by storm. Frankie Boyle plays with some string. And everyone throws a toilet roll.
Mar 30 2023

Season 14

10 Episodes

After nine tense episodes, it�s time for the glorious grand final, featuring grapes, ducks and moon boots. Which lucky contestant will stroll away with Greg Davies� golden head?
Dec 01 2022
In the penultimate episode, John Kearns blunts the business end of a sausage, Fern Brady struggles with a raspberry, and can Sarah Millican find a novel use for a ping-pong ball?
Nov 24 2022
Fern Brady and Munya Chawawa are yet to claim a win. Can a rare tailless tiger bring them luck? Meanwhile, Dara � Briain gets frustrated, and Sarah Millican does something clever.
Nov 17 2022
Sarah Millican flails about with a frying pan, Munya Chawawa pulls off a brilliant billiards shot, and all five comics spend far too long searching for a bath, given its size�
Nov 10 2022
Dara � Briain leads the pack at the halfway point of the series, but even he�s baffled by a quantity of milk. John Kearns and Munya Chawawa do some elaborate skipping and jumping.
Nov 03 2022
Sarah Millican gets her hands in some cottage pie, Fern Brady becomes Brandy Alexander, Munya Chawawa demonstrates a mastery of martial arts and John Kearns survives an operation.
Oct 27 2022
Dara � Briain displays a fabulous flair for folding, Fern Brady complains about being forced to tidy up, and Munya Chawawa does DIY magic with a coat hanger.
Oct 20 2022
Can Fern Brady fly? Is Sarah Millican fireproof? And why would the notoriously brutal Taskmaster treat the gang to a tasty dessert? All these questions and more will be answered.
Oct 13 2022
Munya Chawawa falls in a bath, Sarah Millican searches for a door, and Alex Horne is as happy as a sandboy when he gets to supervise an entire task about admin!
Oct 06 2022
Greg Davies and Alex Horne return to wreak havoc on comics Dara � Briain, Fern Brady, John Kearns, Munya Chawawa and Sarah Millican, who fumble frozen peas and shout about fish.
Sep 29 2022

Season 13

10 Episodes

Ardal O'Hanlon, Bridget Christie, Chris Ramsey, Judi Love and Sophie Duker compete, as the furious race to claim Greg Davies' gleaming golden head trophy reaches its glorious climax in the Taskmaster grand final. Able sidekick and administrator Alex Horne keeps tabs on everything with his usual relentless efficiency.
Jun 16 2022
As the series nears its end, it remains to be seen whether Taskmaster Greg is impressed by Bridget's research into Welsh royalty or Judi poking a shoe from under a curtain.
Jun 09 2022
Taskmaster Greg Davies delivers rough justice as Ardal O'Hanlon sings about a fence, Judi Love designs classy headgear, and Sophie Duker displays world-class endurance.
Jun 02 2022
Heg 13x07
Chris Ramsay draws the line at dried spaghetti, the comics are shaken and stirred by a big tube, and Judi Love �impresses� the Taskmaster with her life story.
May 26 2022
Ardal O'Hanlon straddles a mannequin, Chris Ramsey takes a sausage to the nose, Sophie Duker asks a very good question, and Alex Horne displays a mastery of mimicry.
May 19 2022
The comics are baffled by high fives and a fish tank. Bridget Christie has a present for the Taskmaster, and Sophie Duker covers some keys in saliva.
May 12 2022
Shoe Who 13x04
Alex Horne is pelted with milk and gin, Bridget Christie has many questions about shoes, Judi Love is bewildered by bunting, and Ardal O'Hanlon looks a bit bereft.
May 05 2022
Emotions run high as Bridget Christie shoves a cuddly toy inside a traffic cone. Sophie Duker does a strange dinosaur impression. Plus: robots, and an impressive hose!
Apr 28 2022
Ardal O'Hanlon makes some sheep, Chris Ramsey gets younger, Judi Love becomes a queen, Sophie Duker wets teabags, and Bridget Christie gets lost in a small field.
Apr 21 2022
Ardal O'Hanlon, Bridget Christie, Chris Ramsey, Judi Love and Sophie Duker enter Greg Davies' lair to begin a bitter battle for glory. Alex Horne invigilates while trying to avoid a barrage of fruit.
Apr 14 2022

Season 12

10 Episodes

In the prestigious grand final, there's chocolate gobbling, bizarre body movements and indecent proposals, but which plucky competitor will be declared the Taskmaster champion?
Nov 25 2021
Scores are tight in the penultimate episode of the series. Can Alex Horne give Desiree Burch goosebumps? Plus: paint throwing, and enforced yawning.
Nov 18 2021
Desiree Burch draws on her face, Guz Khan endures a ball to the groin and Alan Davies loses an eye, as the quest to win Greg Davies' golden head heats up among our comic contenders.
Nov 11 2021
Greg Davies attempts to make sense of Morgana Robinson sliding a pole through a sponge. Alex Horne lends his considerable acting skills to a promotional film.
Nov 04 2021
Desiree Burch tackles tennis balls and gaffer tape, and Alan Davies finds out how many circles he can carry, as Greg Davies dispenses justice.
Oct 28 2021
It's the 100th episode of Taskmaster. Greg Davies, Alex Horne and their merry band of comics celebrate the only way they know how: with tasks involving cling film and flapjacks!
Oct 21 2021
Alex Horne gets all fired up by a fiendish riddle, as crafty comics including Victoria Coren Mitchell and Morgana Robinson contend with peas, jam, sunglasses and songs
Oct 14 2021
Taskmaster Greg Davies struggles to contain his scorn as Desiree Burch does something inexplicable when faced with sand. And is that an exploding cat?
Oct 07 2021
The contestants have a mountain to climb, but can they hack teamwork? Morgana Robinson inspects suspect doggy bags. Guz Khan slaps a space hopper.
Sep 30 2021
Greg Davies and Alex Horne welcome five fresh competitors, including Guz Khan, who are desperate to lay their mitts on Greg's golden head-trophy. This time: creepers, catapults and one (fake) cactus.
Sep 23 2021

Season 11

10 Episodes

In an epic final featuring dunking, dinosaurs and disastrous directions, Jamali Maddix staggers around and Mike Wozniak staggers everyone - again. Who will win Greg's head?
May 20 2021
It's all to play for in the penultimate episode of the series. Mike Wozniak issues a stark warning. Lee Mack has a makeover. And there's a storm brewing on Taskmaster Island...
May 13 2021
Taskmaster Greg Davies is impressed by Charlotte Ritchie's snack-munching methods and Jamali Maddix's pretty wings, as the race to win Greg's shiny skull-trophy continues.
May 06 2021
There are fires, alarms, bizarre banquets and surprising sound effects, as our five comics complete pointless tasks under the watchful eye of Greg Davies and Little Alex Horne.
Apr 29 2021
Jamali Maddix decorates the Taskmaster caravan, Sarah Kendall bites into a deep-fried kiwi fruit, and Mike Wozniak leaves Greg Davies in a state of horrified delirium.
Apr 22 2021
Greg Davies and Alex Horne set their captive band of comics humiliating missions involving cling film, fashion for insects, and face-based shape-shifting.
Apr 15 2021
Charlotte Ritchie climbs a ladder with some loo roll, Mike Wozniak tries out a new catchphrase, and Lee Mack terrifies an innocent member of the public.
Apr 08 2021
Lee Mack attempts an audacious hammer throw, Sarah Kendall makes sitting down memorable, and Jamali Maddix forgets his passport.
Apr 01 2021
The contestants argue about facial hair. Mike Wozniak vaults a high fence. Lee Mack struggles to see a balloon.
Mar 25 2021
Charlotte Ritchie, Jamali Maddix, Lee Mack, Mike Wozniak and Sarah Kendall catch rats and have a smashing time delivering crockery on a scooter.
Mar 18 2021

Season 10

10 Episodes

Katherine Parkinson searches for a spider, Daisy May Cooper destroys a mannequin and Johnny Vegas's pocket watch finally comes in handy.
Dec 17 2020
The comics go all out to win in the semi-final: Richard Herring bleeds on beer mats, Mawaan Rizwan volleys oranges and Katherine Parkinson counts plastic balls.
Dec 10 2020
Alex Horne gets an acting role, while Richard Herring delivers a star turn from behind a bush. Mawaan Rizwan nicks a cup of tea. Johnny Vegas takes a tumble.
Dec 03 2020
Mawaan Rizwan masters remote control cars. Katherine Parkinson is baffled by a giant marble. Can Daisy May Cooper decipher Richard Herring's mysterious messages?
Nov 26 2020
The comics are shaken and stirred by a very tricky task. Mawaan Rizwan learns a lesson about waterfowl. And Richard Herring wrings out a wet sock.
Nov 19 2020
Greg Davies and Alex Horne host as five task-hungry comics demonstrate their love of watermelon and Johnny Vegas bags up a passing cyclist like a Christmas tree.
Nov 12 2020
Toshwash 10x04
Daisy May Cooper flirts with a security guard, Richard Herring is surprised by chickens and Alex Horne wears sparkly high heels while operating heavy machinery.
Nov 05 2020
Pasta disasters and catapult calamities. The contestants are kept in the dark and turned upside-down.
Oct 29 2020
Johnny Vegas yells from a tall chair. Katherine Parkinson forgets how balloons work. Richard Herring flails around in a dinghy.
Oct 22 2020
Taskmaster Greg Davies and his sidekick Alex Horne test the wit of Daisy May Cooper, Johnny Vegas, Katherine Parkinson, Mawaan Rizwan and Richard Herring with giant bears and flying eggs.
Oct 15 2020

Season 9

10 Episodes

It's the grand final, which features peas, teas and absent keys, as Ed Gamble, Jo Brand, Katy Wix and Rose Matafeo vie to go home with Greg Davies's massive face.
Nov 06 2019
The five comics go undercover as they try to impress Greg Davies with their attempts at high-level espionage.
Oct 30 2019
Greg Davies delivers angry appraisals from his comfy throne, as Ed Gamble dons a baby's bonnet, Katy Wix makes Alex Horne wince and Rose Matafeo does a spot of screaming.
Oct 23 2019
The competitors are lured to a wasteland for a challenge involving eggs and medical equipment. David Baddiel spray-paints his face and Jo Brand reveals her psychic superpowers.
Oct 16 2019
Jo Brand demonstrates an impressive grasp of street slang, Katy Wix uses a long part of her body to steal something and David Baddiel takes a sledgehammer to a problem.
Oct 09 2019
Jo Brand shows cowboys how to cowboy, and Katy Wix tortures Alex Horne with the help of a garden arch.
Oct 02 2019
Quisps 9x04
David Baddiel shows a readiness to bare his chest and Katy Wix robs a piggy bank. Meanwhile, Alex is powerless in the face of Ed Gamble's creative vision.
Sep 25 2019
David Baddiel steers some heavy machinery toward a representation of his childhood sweetheart, in the hope of impressing Taskmaster Greg Davies.
Sep 18 2019
Ed Gamble gets reckless with a frying pan, Katy Wix asks for a pencil and Jo Brand shares a leisurely sandwich with David Baddiel.
Sep 11 2019
Greg Davies is back, joined as ever by Alex Horne. The five celebs making grand entrances for series nine are David Baddiel, Ed Gamble, Jo Brand, Katy Wix and Rose Matafeo.
Sep 04 2019

Season 8

10 Episodes

Lou Sanders chews on some stationery, Sian Gibson is crushed by a caravan, Paul Sinha wrecks a camera, Joe Thomas gets cross and Iain Stirling waves a stick about.
Jul 10 2019
Paul Sinha, Lou Sanders and Iain Stirling become one while Greg Davies watches on, ready to issue his judgements. Sian Gibson seeks to redefine the definition of bounce.
Jul 03 2019
This episode feature sand, beach balls, water and an angler's keepnet. There are also coffee pots, which don't help Joe Thomas, and a trumpet, which doesn't help Lou Sanders.
Jun 26 2019
Joe Thomas grapples grumpily with some awkward hand-wear, Sian Gibson seems to find proof that she may be psychic and Iain Stirling shows some tasty shortbread who's boss.
Jun 19 2019
Alex Horne takes scrupulous notes as Paul Sinha squats in a telephone box, and Iain Stirling stakes his claim for the Scottish national football team.
Jun 12 2019
Paul Sinha has some struggles with a basketball, Joe Thomas has a disastrous birthday and will Sian Gibson rescue Little Alex Horne from the sharp beak of an aquatic bird?
Jun 05 2019
The competitive nature of Taskmaster bubbles alarmingly to the surface as a simple team task involving a hammock exposes tensions between two of the five comics vying to win Greg Davies's monumental golden head.
May 29 2019
Joe Thomas struggles with the definition of a mammal, Iain Stirling devises an explosive chemistry experiment and Sian Gibson sends a NSFW text to Greg.
May 22 2019
The race continues for Greg Davies's golden head trophy. Today, an interesting selection of facial hair and a fascinating collection of continuous noises.
May 15 2019
Hello 8x01
Five new contestants - Iain Stirling, Joe Thomas, Lou Sanders, Paul Sinha and Sian Gibson - complete a series of tasks under the watchful eye of Greg Davies and Alex Horne.
May 08 2019

Season 7

10 Episodes

The series reaches its majestic climax. Who will win Greg Davies's coveted golden head to become just the seventh Taskmaster Champion in history?
Nov 07 2018
Two episodes remain in the series and with Greg Davies's shiny head trophy within touching distance, tensions are beginning to run high between the beleaguered contestants.
Oct 31 2018
Phil Wang makes sure his outstanding outfit leaves even less to the imagination that it did before, Jessica Knappett demonstrates her mastery of a child's percussion instrument and James Acaster's dream comes true.
Oct 24 2018
Greg Davies challenges his five fearful funny people to entertain him by completing more baffling challenges, which this week involve corneas, crackers and construction.
Oct 17 2018
At the halfway stage, all contestants, with the possible exception of Phil Wang, still have high hopes of winning. Kerry Godliman and Jessica Knappett resort to soapy violence.
Oct 10 2018
Rhod Gilbert endangers Alex's life (again), Jessica Knappett's sunny outlook on life is severely tested by a former traffic warden and Phil Wang has a lovely old time with a squeezy jar of mayonnaise.
Oct 03 2018
OLLIE 7x04
Jessica Knappett piles shoes on a butcher's scales, James Acaster tries an emergency alarm and Rhod Gilbert smears mustard in his eyes - all to please Taskmaster Greg Davies.
Sep 26 2018
Rhod Gilbert force-feeds mocha to Taskmaster Greg Davies' loyal assistant Alex Horne, Kerry Godliman boshes a ball and Phil Wang makes an odd noise.
Sep 19 2018
Phil Wang makes ogres poignant, Jessica Knappett mimics a funny noise and James Acaster finds circles. Alex Horne records it all for Taskmaster, Greg Davies.
Sep 12 2018
The Taskmaster Greg Davies returns, sending fear coursing through the veins of James Acaster, Jessica Knappett, Kerry Godliman, Phil Wang and Rhod Gilbert.
Sep 05 2018

Season 6

10 Episodes

Tim Vine attempts a risky impersonation and Alex Horne receives a gift from Liza Tarbuck. The recipient of the Taskmaster's golden bonce is revealed.
Jul 04 2018
Russell Howard wraps a tie round his head and Tim Vine is left bereft by a small piece of bent metal.
Jun 27 2018
Russell Howard charms a nice lady called Carol and Liza Tarbuck makes a puzzle for children, that should not be seen by children.
Jun 20 2018
Tim Vine encounters a wet bra, Alice Levine barely attempts cricket and Russell Howard makes a convincing liger. Greg Davies sets the tasks.
Jun 13 2018
It is snowy globes, rubbery ducks and wooden-y spoons, as the competitors use their ingenuity to impress Taskmaster Greg Davies.
Jun 06 2018
H 6x05
Asim Chaudhry has fun with drain pipes, Tim Vine gets stuck in a tunnel and the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies, vents his annoyance on right hand man Alex Horne.
May 30 2018
BMXing! 6x04
Tim Vine strips to his waist, Russell Howard gets tattooed, while Alice Levine apes Leonardo da Vinci using squirty cream. Greg Davies sets the truly absurd tasks.
May 23 2018
Greg Davies dishes out baffling tasks to five comics, who this time have to taste-test some baby food. Liza Tarbuck introduces a plastic lizard to a drill.
May 16 2018
Greg Davies metes out madcap misery. Liza Tarbuck shows her hatred of small toy men. Asim Chaudhry invents a new rain hat. Alice Levine tries to fathom darts.
May 09 2018
5 new guests start the new season; Actor Asim Chaudhry, comedian Russell Howard, TV presenter Liza Tarbuck, 'comedian' Tim Vine, and the lovely DJ Alice Levine. But can they complete the kooky challenges set by little Alex Horne?
May 02 2018

Season 5

8 Episodes

The celebrity torture is almost over as the series climaxes. Aisling Bea leaps cushions, while Bob Mortimer educates us on Dumfries and Galloway.
Nov 01 2017
Evil Greg Davies sets comedians cruel conundrums. Nish Kumar is presented with a coconut harness, while a blindfolded Sally Phillips handles a slice of bread.
Oct 25 2017
The consensual celebrity humiliation continues at the hands of wicked Greg Davies. Bob Mortimer champions sausage meat and Sally Phillips returns to the womb.
Oct 18 2017
Greg Davies sets tasks that are bizarre, cruel - and very funny. Sally Phillips faces an amorous watercooler. Aisling Bea crams a dish into a balloon.
Oct 11 2017
Mark Watson and Nish Kumar pop toast together and Sally Phillips spreads absinthe on it. Greg Davies dishes out the absurd A-list challenges again.
Oct 04 2017
Phoenix 5x03
Proving he's as diabolical in real life as he is in the Inbetweeners, Greg Davies sets our five celebs absurd tasks such as jelly-balancing and coconut costumery.
Sep 27 2017
Greg Davies takes great pleasure in celebrity humiliation. Nish Kumar pretends he's Robin Hood, while Mark Watson feels the wrath of yoghurt.
Sep 20 2017
Greg Davies sets Aisling Bea, Bob Mortimer, Mark Watson, Nish Kumar and Sally Phillips brilliantly bewildering tasks, including basketball without hands!
Sep 13 2017

Season 4

8 Episodes

In the series finale, Noel Fielding finds an unlikely soul mate, Lolly Adefope shows everyone the money, and Mel Giedroyc bites off more than she can chew.
Jun 13 2017
Hugh Dennis wields a blade, while Mel Giedroyc destroys a mannequin.
Jun 06 2017
Joe Lycett shows no mercy to a camel, and Hugh Dennis gets a sleeping bag challenge.
May 30 2017
Meat 4x05
Greg Davies sets five comedians some bizarre - some would say cruel - tasks. Noel Fielding has a sliding session, while Swedishman Fred receives an intense video call.
May 23 2017
What will Mel Giedroyc do to a pommel horse? And why are Alex Horne and Noel Fielding dancing like shrews? Dastardly Greg Davies sets the nutty tasks.
May 16 2017
Punishing celeb challenges. Devious Greg Davies tries to spot our five camouflaged comics, before the gang attempt to herd some dogs and chickens.
May 09 2017
Lolly Adefope tries long distance painting. Hugh Dennis is befuddled by an egg.
May 02 2017
Hugh Dennis, Joe Lycett, Lolly Adefope, Mel Giedroyc and Noel Fielding fell rubber ducks and destroy cakes to impress the very demanding Greg Davies.
Apr 25 2017

Season 3

5 Episodes

The FIP 3x05
Exasperated comics are set absurd tasks! Before the series winner is crowned, we find out which celeb has the dishiest relative and why Rob Beckett is mad at peas.
Nov 01 2016
Greg Davies dishes out surreal tasks to celebs. The comics have to hand an item of clothing to a cyclist and grill an 83-year-old man called Hugh!
Oct 25 2016
Sadistic Mr Gilbert in the Inbetweeners, Greg Davies takes just as much pleasure from torturing celebs. Al Murray is confronted with an eggcup!
Oct 18 2016
Greg Davies thinks outside the box - or inside a cement-filled shoebox in Rob Beckett's case - as he sets nutty tasks. Dave Gorman gets all bitey!
Oct 11 2016
Greg Davies sets bewilderingly brilliant tasks - involving vegetable propulsion, snowmen and Swedes - to five celebs, including Al Murray and Dave Gorman.
Oct 04 2016

Season 2

5 Episodes

In the final episode Taskmaster Greg Davies finally gets to present his glorious trophy to the overall champion. But before that triumphant moment, there's still time for more ridiculous task attempts, including Richard Osman doing something appalling with a shopping trolley.
Jul 19 2016
In the penultimate episode, the five take on more tasks to win a combination of points and respect from Greg Davies. As well as pet rescue and pineapple concealment, there�s a unique experiment carried out on one of the unsuspecting contestants.
Jul 12 2016
In one of the most difficult challenges of the competition so far the rivals find themselves confronted with an intimidating man in gold chains in episode three, the Mayor of Chesham. Their task? To impress this apathetic authority figure.
Jul 05 2016
Nursery rhyme music videos are the flavour of episode two and viewer discretion is advised for Jon Richardson�s disturbing take on Three Blind Mice. Plus find out why Doc Brown isn�t an egg man.
Jun 28 2016
Greg Davies returns as the Taskmaster as five new comedic competitors tackle a raft of tricky tasks with today�s episode including a potato-throwing moment set to make television and sporting history.
Jun 21 2016

Season 1

6 Episodes

In the last episode of the series, the five comics are not only playing for homemade chowder but also for the inaugural Taskmaster series winner�s trophy. Tasks include playing golf with eggs, making a video �blooper� and cooking a meal using ingredients starting with every letter of the alphabet.
Sep 01 2015
Greg Davies and Alex Horne host as Frank Skinner takes a boulder onto a train for a pleasant excursion. Then, he and the other comedians try to make a Swedish man blush.
Aug 25 2015
This week, can Roisin Conaty, Tim Key, Romesh Ranganathan, Frank Skinner and Josh Widdicombe fill an eggcup with tears, remember an Aussie Rules football team or play Taskmaster squash?
Aug 18 2015
The comedians build a tower for an egg, throw teabags and draw a giant artwork. The results are kind of surprising and kind of scary. Plus, Josh Widdicombe gives Greg Davies the ultimate gift � one that they will both remember FOREVER.
Aug 11 2015
Taskmaster Greg Davies commands his captive band of comedians to identify the contents of a table full of mystery pies, make a film backwards and high-five a fifty-five-year-old.
Aug 04 2015
Roisin Conaty, Tim Key, Romesh Ranganathan, Frank Skinner and Josh Widdicombe are tasked with trying to paint the best picture of a horse whilst riding a horse, plus there's melon-eating, bath-emptying and pop-up tents.
Jul 28 2015