The Bachelor

Continuing Monday / 7:00pm ABC (US) US 85 min.
The series revolves around a bachelor who chooses a potential wife from among 25 women. The show follows the bachelor as he goes on a series of dates with the women, some of them group dates, some one-on-one dates. On each episode women are eliminated, generally during the rose ceremony at the end of the episode, but sometimes on the dates (during what are called "elimination dates"). The process culminates towards the end of the season with a few of the women going on overnight dates, and meetings between the bachelor, the women, and their respective families. At the end of the show, the bachelor chooses one woman with whom he would like to continue a relationship. Sometimes he proposes marriage, sometimes other levels of commitment. The runner-up from the first season, Trista Rehn, later starred in The Bachelorette, a spin-off program in which the format is gender-reversed.

Season 27

3 Episodes

Week 3 27x03
Feb 06 2023
Week 2 27x02
Jan 30 2023
Week 1 27x01
Zach meets 30 women looking for love.
Jan 23 2023

Season 26

12 Episodes

Mar 15 2022
Mar 14 2022
Mar 08 2022
Clayton's former flames reunite to hash out their differences, clear up any misunderstandings and apologize -- or not -- for bad behavior; a few special surprises and bloopers.
Mar 07 2022
Week 8 26x08
Clayton visits the hometowns of his final four women to meet their families and immerse himself in each of the ladies' lives.
Feb 28 2022
Week 7 26x07
Sarah is intent on finding out which of the ladies tried to take her down; the group travels to Vienna, Austria; Clayton and the women have an intimate couples' therapy session; one of the most heartbreaking rose ceremonies of the season.
Feb 21 2022
Week 6 26x06
Clayton must decide between Genevieve and Shanae; the journey to find love heads overseas to Hvar, Croatia, where one woman reveals a shocking secret; the rest of the ladies battle each other in knightly challenges for a chance at a rose.
Feb 14 2022
Week 5 26x05
Clayton and one lucky woman head to Galveston, Texas, for a high-stakes date; Clayton learns the cause of the palpable tension in the house is really one woman; those on a group date take some heat from comedy legend Russell Peters.
Feb 07 2022
Week 4 26x04
Clayton tries to help Shanae and Elizabeth settle their dispute; a Texas-style family barbecue is followed by a musical performance by country band Restless Road; special guests Jonathan Greenard and Kamu Grugier-Hill coach the ladies for the Bachelor Bowl football classic on their group date.
Jan 31 2022
Week 3 26x03
Clayton and the women bravely open up about their insecurities.
Jan 24 2022
Week 2 26x02
Clayton's first one-on-one date; special guest Hilary Duff.
Jan 10 2022
Week 1 26x01
Clayton Echard's journey to find love kicks off; 31 women arrive and try to make a good first impressions for the man they hope could be their future husband; a shocking franchise first has Clayton clutching a rose and questioning everything.
Jan 03 2022

Season 25

12 Episodes

Mar 15 2021
Mar 15 2021
Mar 08 2021
Mar 01 2021
Week 8 25x08
It's time to meet the families! Though Matt and his final four won't be leaving the resort, their loved ones have safely arrived and are ready to get to know the man that has stolen these women's hearts. Over the course of four intense and emotional dates, there will be plenty of tough conversations, heartfelt moments and touching surprises. In the midst of all the thrills, Matt's ego may not be the only thing bruised along the way. The four women currently vying for Matt's heart are the following: · Bri, 24, a communications manager from San Francisco, Calif. · Michelle, 27, a teacher from Edina, Minn. · Rachael, 24, a graphic designer from Cumming, Ga. · Serena P., 23, a publicist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Feb 22 2021
Week 7 25x07
With hometowns on the horizon, Matt and the remaining women all take a serious look at their potential future together, resulting in more than a few difficult decisions. Former cast member Heather Martin isn't the only source of drama during this jam-packed week that includes two one-on-one dates, a group date, two rose ceremonies and a performance by GRAMMY(R)-nominated artist Aloe Blacc.
Feb 15 2021
Week 6 25x06
Halfway through Matt's journey to find love, time is running out for the remaining women to strengthen their connection with the Bachelor. Emotions run high as rivals come face-to-face, cocktail parties are called off, and a group date gets unexpectedly competitive. Pieper and Matt take a break from the drama with a romantic carnival date complete with a performance by Temecula Road; and later, tensions are briefly lifted when Matt's best friend and Bachelor Nation favorite Tyler Cameron stops by. But everything could change when former cast member Heather Martin (season 23) makes a surprise visit to the house, proving that the twists and turns just don't stop coming
Feb 08 2021
Week 5 25x05
With a rose ceremony looming, Matt has a few tough conversations, making it clear to the house that toxic behavior won't fly; but not everyone takes that news to heart and one woman finds herself in an emotional spiral of denial. Later, the group date showcases Matt's country roots and reveals who is comfortable getting down and dirty. Two one-on-one dates lead to a shopping spree for one woman and a delicious home-cooked meal for the other.
Feb 01 2021
Week 4 25x04
Still reeling from Sarah's sudden departure, Matt fights his tendency to put up walls as his journey continues with the 18 remaining women vying for his heart. Emotions in the house continue to run high, leading to a trash-talking face-off between Victoria and Katie, and even former Bachelor Ben Higgins and Bachelor Nation favorite Wells Adams can't diffuse the drama as things get physical on two group dates. Chelsea takes the opportunity to get real with Matt about her journey to self-love, and Chris Harrison drops a bombshell that will change the course of the season.
Jan 25 2021
Week 3 25x03
Jan 18 2021
Week 2 25x02
Jan 11 2021
Week 1 25x01
Matt meets the 32 women who are vying for his affection before saying goodbye to eight of them at the rose ceremony.
Jan 04 2021

Season 24

12 Episodes

Peter, Hannah Ann, and Madison appear with Chris Harrison to talk about the tumultuous days in Australia and the roller coaster of events that have happened since.
Mar 10 2020
After the shocking ending to the fantasy suite dates, Peter, Hannah, and Madison travel to Alice Springs, Australia.
Mar 09 2020
Peter must come to grips with Madison turning away from the strong relationship they have developed until the fantasy suites. Then, seventeen of the most unforgettable women from this season will return to confront Peter and each other. Dramatic feuds will be revived and Peter must face the scrutiny of the women he sent home, needing to defend his decisions from the questioning women. The woman sent home from the rose ceremony in Australia has an emotional return and shares her side of her powerful story.
Mar 02 2020
When we last left Peter after the rose ceremony, Madison seizes her last opportunity to talk to him before the fantasy suites and presents him with a dilemma that will impact all his relationships. Where does that leave their relationship and Peter's connections with the other remaining women? For the first time ever, the final three women – Hannah Ann, Madison and Victoria F. – all will be living together in one hotel suite.
Feb 24 2020
Peter has four fabulous bachelorettes he cares about and who have his confidence: Hannah Ann, Kelsey, Madison and Victoria F. A trip to Hannah Ann's hometown of Knoxville finds Peter challenged by her very protective father, who extracts a promise from him. Kelsey welcomes the handsome pilot to Des Moines and decides to follow her instincts on whether to share her real feelings. Madison has a special surprise in store for Peter—who is a huge sports fan—when she meets him at Auburn University, but her family realizes that their daughter and the Bachelor might not be on the same page. Peter is looking forward to a drama-free day with Victoria F. in Virginia Beach. Instead, a stunning accusation threatens their future together.
Feb 17 2020
The pressure mounts as hometown dates loom, but first Peter and the remaining six women travel to beautiful Lima. After a supportive conversation with his mom, Peter is inspired to pay the women a surprise visit for a serious chat. How will they respond to his wake-up call to focus on their feelings? Madison and Peter come to a make-or-break moment in their relationship after a magical day together. Peter and Natasha spend a whirlwind day shopping, eating and having fun, but will the chemistry be there? Kelsey has a family secret she dares to share with the charming pilot, but will she get a rose and a hometown date? The dreaded three-on-one date pits one confident woman against two panic-stricken bachelorettes. The tough decisions are just beginning for Peter, as four women prepare to take him home to meet their families.
Feb 10 2020
Peter will need to concentrate on his developing relationships in Santiago, the vibrant capital of Chile. His first date raises serious concerns when she reveals she has never been in love before. Can she convince Peter that she is ready to settle down and get married? Another woman is getting a second one-on-one date causing a furor with one devastated bachelorette who hasn't even had one yet.
Feb 05 2020
The first of a gripping, special two-night "Bachelor" event starts with Peter needing to decide about the controversial Alayah. Should he keep the possibility of a relationship with her alive or risk losing the trust of all the other women? After another dramatic rose ceremony, exotic Costa Rica is the next stop on Peter's search to find his soul mate. Peter gives the women a shock: an unfortunate accident has left a 22-stitch scar on his forehead. A big swimsuit fashion shoot for Cosmopolitan amps up the jealousy as the woman who poses the best will be front and center with Peter in the magazine. One struggling woman decides on a make-or-break scheme to convince the Bachelor to give her a rose. That is only the beginning of the bachelorettes spinning out of control before the next rose ceremony.
Feb 03 2020
Peter and the 15 remaining bachelorettes leave the Bachelor mansion behind and travel cross-country to continue their search for love in Cleveland, Ohio. Peter flies Victoria F. to their special date destination and a surprise performance by country music star Chase Rice, which leads the bachelorette to make a shocking confession. Cleveland Browns' football legends Josh Cribbs and Hanford Dixon put a group of women through a rigorous workout as they prepare to face off in The Bachelor Bowl. Kelsey is the lucky lady who enjoys a day exploring Cleveland with Peter. However, one controversial woman is the target of rage by the others and prompts a revolt the likes of which Bachelor Nation has never seen.
Jan 27 2020
Week 3 24x03
Peter tries to put the drama behind him by focusing on his country line dancing date with Victoria P. A stunning revelation has Peter struggling with his feelings for a controversial woman.
Jan 20 2020
Week 2 24x02
Peter and Hannah B. pick up where they left off, with a conversation full of unresolved feelings for one another. Will Peter invite Hannah to join the other women? Or will he continue on his new quest to find love? How will he face the nine women who were on the group date, anxiously awaiting his decision?
Jan 13 2020
Airline pilot Peter Weber begins his search for love, meeting 30 accomplished women eager to catch his eye. On the first group date, nine women get flight training. Hannah Brown returns to host the second group date.
Jan 06 2020

Season 23

12 Episodes

Colton discusses the final days of his journey with Chris Harrison. Demi, Onyeka, Sydney, Jason Tartick and Chris Randone speculate on the season's conclusion.
Mar 12 2019
Devastated after Cassie's announcement, Colton takes off into the Portuguese night and considers ending his journey.
Mar 11 2019
Twenty women confront one another and Colton as they offer the lowdown on their quarrels and personal hostilities. This episode takes a look back at memorable breakdowns and breakups in series history, as well as a look at some of the hilarious bloopers from this season.
Mar 05 2019
Colton and the three remaining women travel to Portugal. The overnight dates give Colton the opportunity to spend intimate time with them in the fantasy suites away from the cameras. Colton picks the final two women who will get to meet his family.
Mar 04 2019
Colton joins the four remaining bachelorettes in their hometowns. After a devastating exit, three women look forward to the fantasy suites. Colton has a conversation with Chris Harrison.
Feb 25 2019
The seven remaining women join Colton in his hometown of Denver. Tayshia shares news that shakes Colton's world. Brett Young performs for Caelynn and Colton after their ski date.
Feb 18 2019
The remaining bachelorettes travel to Vietnam's Cam Ranh coast. A spa date rekindles passion between Colton and one woman. The women on the group date get trained in the martial art of Vovinam.
Feb 11 2019
Colton's search for his soulmate moves on to the tropical paradise of Khao Lak, Thailand. Thirteen determined women see this lush destination as a great opportunity to advance their individual love stories with the Bachelor. Heather is the lucky woman to get Colton's first one-on-one date: a scenic boat ride along Thailand's coast, which lands them at the "floating city" of Ko Panyi. A late-night visit leads to a major revelation. The cocktail party turns hostile.
Feb 04 2019
The group travels to Singapore. Tayisha and Colton bungee jump. 13 women explore the city, visiting a leech therapy center and trying different foods. Colton takes Caelynn shopping.
Jan 28 2019
Week 3 23x03
Eight women perform in a pirate-themed dinner show. Elyse and Colton travel to San Diego. Actor Terry Crews and his wife, Rebecca King-Crews, coach bachelorettes training for a strongest woman competition, while Fred Willard provides commentary.
Jan 21 2019
Week 2 23x02
Eight of the women share personal stories with Colton and a live audience, with the guidance of Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman. Comic Billy Eichner oversees three challenging contests at "Camp Bachelor."
Jan 14 2019
Chris Harrison and Colton talk marriage. Then Colton meets the 30 women vying for his heart.
Jan 07 2019

Season 22

12 Episodes

Arie, Becca, and Lauren join host Chris Harrison to reflect on the season. Arie recalls the weeks in Peru with Becca and Lauren, including his unexpected decision that blindsided both of them. Special guests, including some of the provocative women from this season, Bekah M., Kendall, Seinne, and Tia, also discuss Arie's dilemma and his astonishing choices.
Mar 06 2018
In the Season 22 finale, Arie prepares to make one of the most difficult choices of his life, having narrowed down the field to two women with whom he is madly in love --Becca K. and Lauren B.-- and told both of them that he loves them. Both women meet his family before their last dates with him.
Mar 05 2018
Week 9 22x10
Arie takes his final 3 women--Becca K., Kendall, and Lauren B. to Peru for adventurous, romantic overnight dates. The dates are filled with passion and excitement as Arie explores what his future might be like with each of these potential mates. More torn than ever, Arie acknowledges that he has fallen in love with two incredible women and has professed his love to both. However, a blockbuster surprise threatens to derail Arie's fairy tale ending.
Feb 26 2018
18 of the most unforgettable women this season are back to confront Arie and tell their side of the story about how difficult it was to date a Bachelor who was falling for multiple women. Plus, look back at some of the season's most memorable moments.
Feb 25 2018
Week 8 22x08
Arie meets Kendall's parents in L.A; travels to Weiner, Ark. where Tia's parents batter him with questions; stops in Prior Lake, Minn. for a romantic afternoon with Becca K.; and endures a tense dinner with Lauren B.'s family in Virginia Beach, Va.
Feb 19 2018
Week 7 22x07
The pressure mounts as the crucial hometown dates loom, but first Arie and the remaining seven bachelorettes travel to beautiful Tuscany, Italy. Becca K. gets the first one-on-one date and a romantic picnic where the couple will discover if they can rekindle their passionate connection. Meanwhile, an emotionally confused Jacqueline takes a big step and visits a surprised Arie in his hotel room.
Feb 12 2018
Week 6 22x06
In Paris, Lauren B. and Arie are whisked away on a luxury speed boat down the Seine River and then tour the city's tourist attractions. Arie also surprises a group of the women with a visit to the legendary dance hall, Moulin Rouge. Krystal and Kendall face off during a two-on-one date that ends with a romantic kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower for one woman. The final date goes to Jacqueline, but a clash in lifestyles might be a deal breaker for Arie.
Feb 05 2018
Week 5 22x05
Chelsea receives the first one-on-one date in Ft. Lauderdale. Arie swoops in to take her on a 100-foot luxury yacht, but her checkered past may endanger her getting a rose. Eleven women split into teams for a day of competitive bowling with the winner going to a private after-party. Tia and Arie travel to the Sawtooth Park Reserve, riding an air boat through the Florida swamps, but then she reveals her daunting past, which might spell the end for this happy couple.
Jan 29 2018
Week 4 22x04
Arie and the 15 remaining bachelorettes leave the Bachelor mansion behind and begin a cross-country trip to continue their search for love. In South Lake Tahoe, Nev., Seinne gets the first one-on-one date and joins Arie on a sheer adrenaline date: parasailing. Meanwhile, one woman gets a critical phone call that might change her romantic journey. A dozen ladies hike into the snowy wilderness on a survival-themed group date where they learn about roughing it in the woods from pro survivalists.
Jan 22 2018
Week 3 22x03
As the charming race car driver intensifies his search for his soul mate among the 18 remaining women, Arie selects eight women to battle for supremacy in the wrestling arena with two top veterans of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (GLOW) - Ursula Hayden and Angelina Altishin - sharing their secrets of success in the ring. The undercard will feature a surprise guest, Kenny "Pretty Boy Pit Bull" King from Bachelorette Rachel's season, who will take on the Bachelor himself. Lauren S. is the lucky recipient of a romantic one-on-one date with Arie to a Napa Valley vineyard. "The Dynamo Dogs," a group of lovable canines, and seven of the women perform together, becoming the stage sensation "Arie's Amazing Acrodogs," with Chris Harrison and gifted comic actor Fred Willard offering their hilarious commentary. One woman's best romantic intentions are put to the tough test at the cocktail party.
Jan 15 2018
Week 2 22x02
Arie's search for love gets off to a fast start with back-to-back one-on-one dates with Becca K. and Krystal. The Bachelor transports Becca K., via a slick motorcycle ride, to a breathtaking oceanside Malibu mansion, where celebrity fashion designer Rachel Zoe works her magic on Arie's date. Krystal looks to a possible future with the Bachelor when she visits his hometown of Scottsdale, Ariz., and meets his family. But she is concealing a dark secret that might scare Arie away.
Jan 08 2018
In the Season 22 premiere, Arie meets with Sean and Catherine Lowe and their son, Samuel, before his journey begins. At the mansion, he meets the bachelorettes, including a "kissing bandit" and a woman who gives him compliments in Dutch, his second language.
Jan 01 2018

Season 21

13 Episodes

Nick and the final two bachelorettes discuss their relationships and recap the season in an interview with Chris Harrison.
Mar 13 2017
Nick introduces the final two bachelorettes to his family, and takes them each on one last date before deciding which one he should propose to.
Mar 13 2017
Nick Viall faces 19 of the most memorable women he sent home as they discuss the season. Also: Rachel, the next Bachelorette, provides insight on how she plans to handle her search for love; and a sneak peek at the emotional final week of Nick's journey.
Mar 06 2017
Nick takes the final three women on dates. One lucky lady goes with Nick to a reindeer farm, where they discuss their future in front of a roaring fire. Another beauty joins Nick for a plunge into icy waters and then a quick warm up in a sauna and hot tub.
Mar 06 2017
Andi Dorfman surprises Nick just before he hands out roses to three of the four remaining bachelorettes. From there, Nick and his final three travel to Lapland, Finland for a week of cold, snowy days and warm,romantic nights.
Feb 27 2017
Nick meets the families of the final four bachelorettes when he goes on hometown dates. Later, everyone meets up in New York City for the rose ceremony but a surprise visitor to Nick's hotel could alter everything.
Feb 20 2017
All of Nick's relationships are called into question as the remaining women deal with Nick's admission that the process may not be working for him. Nick seeks council from Chris Harrison about his predicament.
Feb 13 2017
The nine remaining bachelorettes visit the U.S. Virgin Islands, where Nick learns the details of a dark-haired beauty's heartbreaking life. Later, a group date with six ladies goes terribly wrong; and a two-on-one outing sends NIck's journey into a tailspin.
Feb 06 2017
The 13 remaining bachelorettes visit New Orleans, where Nick selects one lucky lady to accompany him on a date. Later, 10 women are chosen for a night of thrills at a haunted plantation and two vengeful rivals go on the dreaded two-on-one date in the Big Easy's mystical bayou, where the trio encounter a group of voodoo worshipers.
Jan 30 2017
Nick brings the bachelorettes to his hometown.
Jan 23 2017
After sending Liz home, Nick tells the rest of the women about their past. Backstreet Boys announce to the seven women that they will be joining Nick on a group date. One-on-one date aboard a Zero G plane.
Jan 16 2017
One woman feels anxious about a secret from her romantic past with Nick. 12 bachelorettes dress up for a wedding shoot. The one-on-one date sees the couple taking a helicopter to a yacht.
Jan 09 2017
As controversial fan favorite Nick Viall starts his search for love, three popular former bachelors offer him support and encouragement.
Jan 02 2017

Season 20

12 Episodes

Ben Higgins recaps the season in an interview with Chris Harrison. Also: the final two bachelorettes discuss the outcome of the show; and the next Bachelorette is revealed.
Mar 14 2016
Ben struggles to choose between the final two bachelorettes after introducing them both to his parents and going on last dates with each woman. Confused and conflicted on the final day, Ben makes a last-minute phone call that could change everything.
Mar 14 2016
Ben Higgins faces 17 of the bachelorettes he sent home as they discuss the season. Also: a sneak peek at the emotional final days of Ben's journey after telling two women he is in love with them.
Mar 07 2016
Ben and the final three bachelorettes arrive in Jamaica for their overnight dates. Ben takes one lady on a romantic river raft ride, helps another rescue baby turtles and explores a waterfall with a third. Later, Ben confesses he loves two women and sends one unlucky lady back home.
Feb 29 2016
Ben goes on hometown dates to meet the families of the final four ladies. One family question the certainty of Ben's feelings and bring him to tears, and a concerned dad grills Ben at another home. One bachelorette is blindsided by something very unexpected.
Feb 22 2016
Ben and the six remaining ladies visit his hometown of Warsaw, Ind., where one lucky bachelorette is given a private tour by Ben. Later, Ben takes a date to Chicago's Wrigley Field. A group date for three women at a romantic farm ends in tears when only one of them gets a rose. One lady gets her first one-on-one date and a special surprise.
Feb 15 2016
Ben and the ladies travel to the Bahamas where he takes one bachelorette deep sea fishing and out for dinner, but she makes a confusing confession that puts their relationship in jeopardy. Later, a group date occurs on an island inhabited by pigs; and two enemies go on a two-on-one date with Ben to a private island.
Feb 08 2016
The first international stop of the season finds Ben Higgins and the 11 remaining bachelorettes traveling to Mexico City, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world. It’s also pretty darn romantic down there. So let’s see what happened!
Feb 01 2016
Ben and his bachelorettes all are willing to gamble on love in “Sin City,” as he escorts the remaining 14 women to an exciting trip to Las Vegas.
Jan 25 2016
Ben and Lauren B. fly over the mansion in a bi-plane, share a romantic dinner and enjoy a performance from country trio Lucy Angel. Next, 12 ladies are coached by soccer stars Alex Morgan and Kelley O'Hara for a soccer competition; Jubilee enjoys a tryst with Ben at a spa; and Ben receives tragic news from home.
Jan 18 2016
Ben takes 10 ladies back to school where they battle to become homecoming queen. Later, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart show up on a date; singer Amos Lee performs for Ben and a lucky bachelorette; and six ladies visit L.A.'s "Love Lab" to see who is the best match for Ben.
Jan 11 2016
Season 20 begins with 26-year-old Ben Higgins meeting 28 beautiful bachelorettes vying for his attention and for the first impression rose. Among the ladies are identical twin sisters, a cowgirl and a dentist. But everyone is stunned when two late arrivals---Becca, runner-up on Chris Soules' season, and Amber, another alumna from Chris' season---join the party. Also appearing to give advice to Ben are former Bachelors Sean Lowe, Chris Soules and Jason Mesnick.
Jan 04 2016

Season 19

13 Episodes

Chris and his fiance Whitney will give interviews, plus an announcement of the next two Bachelorettes who are Kaitlyn and Britt.
Mar 09 2015
Chris brings the women to meet his family in hope it will make the answer more clear.
Mar 09 2015
Chris is confronted by women he rejected; a preview of the final days of Chris' search for love.
Mar 02 2015
Chris and the final three ladies travel to the island of Bali in Indonesia where secrets are revealed in the fantasy suite. At the rose ceremony, Chris sends one unsuspecting woman home in tears.
Feb 23 2015
Chris visits the women in their hometowns; one woman is eliminated.
Feb 16 2015
Chris takes Jade to Arlington, Iowa, for a date that includes attending a high school football game.
Feb 15 2015
Chris discusses memorable women and moments; Kelsey opens up about her panic attack.
Feb 15 2015
Nine women join Chris in Deadwood, S.D.; the women call Kelsey out on her behavior.
Feb 09 2015
Chris takes the 11 remaining women to Sante Fe, N.M. While there, one bachelorette meets a "love guru" and nine ladies go rafting on the Rio Grande River. At a party, a woman from Chris' past makes an unwelcome visit; and Chris takes a leading contender on a hot air balloon ride.
Feb 02 2015
Chris spends the day with eight ladies at a beach. Meanwhile, Chris' three sisters interview the other seven bachelorettes at the mansion and reward one lucky gal with a one-on-one date with Chris to attend a concert and a screening of "Cinderella." Later, Chris takes six women to San Francisco for a mud run in wedding dresses.
Jan 26 2015
Guest host Jimmy Kimmel tries to help guide Chris' search for love.
Jan 19 2015
An eliminated bachelorette pleads for a second chance; six women join Chris for a pool party.
Jan 12 2015
ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 with Chris Soules premieres on January 5th, and now fans can look forward to a jam-packed evening of romance and drama. The network has just revealed that the first night of Season 19 will be a three-hour event and they’re even touting that it’s live.
Jan 05 2015

Season 18

12 Episodes

Juan Pablo talks about his journey; bachelorettes Clare and Nikki discuss the season's outcome; the next Bachelorette is revealed.
Mar 10 2014
In the Season 18 finale, Juan Pablo must choose which of the two remaining bachelorettes is the perfect fit for himself and his daughter. Before he does so, he introduces the women to his family and goes on a final date with both ladies. Appearing: bachelorettes Chelsie, Kelly, Renee and Sharleen; Sean and Catherine Lowe; and Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried.
Mar 10 2014
Juan Pablo faces 17 of the season's bachelorettes, including Sharleen, who explains the reasons behind her conflicted feelings and her decision to leave. Another bachelorette shares details about St. Lucia; and newlyweds Sean and Catherine visit to talk about married life. Also: bloopers from the season; a look ahead to the finale
Mar 03 2014
Juan Pablo and the remaining three bachelorettes travel to an exotic location for romantic and adventurous overnight dates.
Feb 25 2014
Juan Pablo, still smarting from Sharleen’s sudden decision to leave, starts his exciting whirlwind trip across the country to visit the final four women’s hometowns.
Feb 24 2014
As the six final women make themselves at home on South Beach in Miami, one bachelorette struggles with a decision she might have to make that would affect everyone on this adventure.
Feb 17 2014
In New Zealand, the women and Juan Pablo go on an adventure, and the six who remain after the rose ceremony will accompany Juan to Miami.
Feb 10 2014
Juan Pablo and the bachelorettes travel to Vietnam, and after the rose ceremony, the eight remaining women and Juan journey to New Zealand.
Feb 03 2014
Jan 27 2014
Jan 20 2014
Jan 13 2014
Jan 06 2014

Season 17

13 Episodes

In this live special, Sean talks about his choice, taking us back to those final days in Thailand when he was torn between his love for Catherine and Lindsay. Both ladies appear.
Mar 11 2013
Mar 11 2013
Sean faces the women he rejected, Tierra confronts the other bachelorettes and a scorned AshLee goes ballistic.
Mar 04 2013
Week 8 17x10
Feb 25 2013
Feb 19 2013
Week 7 17x08
Sean visits the hometowns of the final four bachelorettes. One woman is eliminated.
Feb 18 2013
Week 6 17x07
Sean and the six remaining bachelorettes visit the Caribbean island of St. Croix. While there, one woman reveals a surprising fact about her past that could ruin her relationship with Sean. Later, Sean's sister arrives to help him sort through his feelings. Two women are eliminated.
Feb 11 2013
The two night special concludes with Sean and the bachelorettes go on a trip to the Canadian Rockies; during a group date, Sean asks seven bachelorettes to take a plunge in icy-cold Lake Louise; the women try to advance their connection to Sean during a snowstorm.
Feb 05 2013
A two-night Bachelor special event begins with Sean whisking the remaining 11 bachelorettes away to picturesque Whitefish, Montana, to explore his romantic connections.
Feb 04 2013
Week 4 17x04
A gritty warehouse is the location for a topsy-turvy roller derby with Sean and eight of the bachelorettes. Sarah faces another physical challenge that causes her to have emotional breakdown, but Sean proves to be supportive and helps her to try and overcome her fears. All of the women push themselves past their limits until one woman falls hard and is rushed to the hospital. At the after party that night, fireworks erupt as Robyn and Tierra clash, leading one of them to storm off, threaten to leave and then dissolve in tears. It's up to Sean again to comfort the distraught woman and to figure out if the tears are genuine or crocodile, meant to manipulate him into giving her a rose.
Jan 28 2013
Week 3 17x03
Sean takes the ladies to Malibu for a game of beach volleyball, after which the winners spend the evening with him and the losers return to the mansion. Elsewhere, one of his romantic encounters has the potential to break a world record for the longest on-screen kiss. Thirteen women remain after the rose ceremony.
Jan 21 2013
Week 2 17x02
The 19 survivors of the opening ceremony move into the mansion. Sean goes on his first one-on-one date, which involves a free fall off a Los Angeles skyscraper; and later, a group date involving a Harlequin photo shoot takes place. At the rose ceremony, the playing field is reduced to 16 contenders.
Jan 14 2013
Week 1 17x01
Spurned Dallas businessman Sean Lowe seeks a second chance at love as the matchmaking contest's Season 17 bachelor.
Jan 07 2013

Season 16

12 Episodes

Ben and the special bachelorette that stole his heart sit down with Chris to discuss their plans for future; the couple is reunited, after which they assess the current state of their relationship; questions and concerns from others are fielded.
Mar 12 2012
Week 10 16x11
Ben is given a last-minute chance to spend time with the two remaining ladies before he makes his final decision; Ben must reject one hopeful woman before handing the final rose, and possibly an engagement ring, to the last remaining bachelorette.
Mar 12 2012
Sixteen scorned women return to confront Ben about personal decisions he made during filming while also planning to grill Courtney about her inherently deceptive behavior; new footage reveals upcoming twists regarding the final two women.
Mar 05 2012
Week 9 16x09
The three remaining ladies travel to Switzerland where each is granted a full-day date with Ben and possibly the night; a surprise visitor demands answers from Ben; after romantic one-on-one time with each woman, Ben must choose to send one home.
Feb 27 2012
Week 8 16x08
Ben travels across the country visiting the families of the remaining four women, hoping to impress his potential in-laws; the ladies' parents put the pressure on Ben when questioning his true intentions about marrying their daughters.
Feb 20 2012
Week 7 16x07
With only six ladies left, each bachelorette desperately seeks time with Ben before he chooses the final four; everyone participates in a date while visiting Belize; upon arriving at the cocktail party, Ben makes a surprising announcement.
Feb 13 2012
Week 6 16x06
Ben is forced to eliminate one girl after a two-on-one date of salsa dancing; Ben and six of the women go on a romantic date deep inside the Panamanian jungle; Chris confronts someone about a personal secret she's been keeping from everyone.
Feb 06 2012
Week 5 16x05
While in Puerto Rico, the 11 remaining ladies quickly become frustrated after fighting for personal time with Ben; despite being chastised by the other women, Courtney continues her quest to snag Ben by suggesting a very provocative rendezvous.
Jan 30 2012
Week 4 16x04
While visiting Utah, Ben and the remaining bachelorettes see the sights and bond on romantic outings; one woman tries to warn Ben of the other ladies' intentions, but her advice may backfire; two women are ecstatic to receive one-on-one dates.
Jan 23 2012
Week 3 16x03
One lucky bachelorette makes a 500-foot trek atop San Francisco's Bay Bridge during a date with Ben; one lady does the unthinkable and rejects Ben's request for a private date; an unexpected guest appears at the cocktail party, outraging the women.
Jan 16 2012
Week 2 16x02
The 18 bachelorettes vying for Ben's affections travel to his hometown of Sonoma, Calif.; 12 ladies take part in a group date where they must participate in a community theater production; tears flow as some of the ladies demand attention from Ben.
Jan 09 2012
Week 1 16x01
Ben returns to the mansion for the first big cocktail party. He explains to Chris Harrison that, as painful as his experience was last season, he has no regrets. When Ben began his journey with Ashley, he was emotionally shut down due to his grief over his father's death. Ultimately, he was able to open himself up again to love. Because of that journey, he is a different man and ready to try and find love again.
Jan 02 2012

Season 15

12 Episodes

Mar 14 2011
Week 10 15x11
Mar 14 2011
Mar 07 2011
Week 9 15x09
Feb 28 2011
Week 8 15x08
Feb 21 2011
Week 7 15x07
Feb 14 2011
Week 6 15x06
Feb 07 2011
Week 5 15x05
Jan 31 2011
Week 4 15x04
Jan 24 2011
Week 3 15x03
Jan 17 2011
Week 2 15x02
Jan 10 2011
Week 1 15x01
Brad Womack, who shocked "Bachelor" fans by rejecting both of his final bachelorettes in one of the most controversial finales in the series' history, returns three years later, having undergone a radical personal transformation which he feels sure has readied him to make a genuine commitment to a relationship. He begins his search for true love, choosing from among 30 beautiful bachelorettes.
Jan 03 2011

Season 14

10 Episodes

After Jake makes his final decision, he is brought back to face the girl he chose and the one he didn't.
Mar 01 2010
Week 8 14x09
Jake must choose between Tenley and Vienna in the season finale. The ladies have exotic dates with Jake and meet his family in St. Lucia. Jake's family has some serious questions for the ladies after Jake's heart. At the end, will Jake pop the question?
Mar 01 2010
15 rejected bachelorettes return to confront Jake and dish about their experiences. Also included are outtakes from the season and an update on former bachelors and bachelorettes.
Feb 22 2010
Week 7 14x07
Jake takes the three remaining ladies to St. Lucia for the fantasy overnight dates. After their date, each woman sends Jake a private video message before the rose ceremony.
Feb 15 2010
Week 6 14x06
Jake accompanies the four remaining bachelorettes to their hometowns to meet their families. Back in L.A., one of the women visits him in his hotel room to tell him something surprising. Then comes the rose ceremony, at which Jake chooses one to go home.
Feb 08 2010
Week 5 14x05
Jake and the five remaining bachelorettes take on San Francisco. Dates include visits to Chinatown, Golden Gate Park and a Napa Valley Castle. At the rose ceremony, four ladies remain.
Feb 01 2010
Week 4 14x04
Jake and the nine remaining bachelorettes take an RV trip. Dates include a three-on-one date, a two-on-one date and a big six woman date. Roses are at stake in all three dates and only five ladies are left standing at the end of the trip.
Jan 25 2010
Week 3 14x03
12 women remain and two lucky ladies get one-on-one dates with Jake. Before the rose ceremony, a bachelorette is booted from the house. At the end of the night, the field of women is down to nine.
Jan 18 2010
Week 2 14x02
The 15 remaining ladies move into their mansion. Group dates include a magazine shoot and a trip to an amusement park. One lucky lady flies with Jake to Palm Springs for a Chicago concert. At the rose ceremony, 3 women are eliminated.
Jan 11 2010
Week 1 14x01
Jake Pavelka returns to the Malibu mansion where he fell in love with former "Bachelorette" Jillian, and he finds 25 women who have traveled across the country for a chance at love with him; Jillian and Ed help choose the first 10 for elimination.
Jan 04 2010

Season 13

11 Episodes

After the events of the first After the Final Rose, Chris Harrison catches up with Jason and Molly.
Mar 03 2009
Host Chris Harrison takes a look back at the season finale with bachelor, Jason and the two finalists, Molly and Melissa. A surprise is in store for both women.
Mar 02 2009
Week 8 13x09
It's down to Molly and Melissa as Jason introduces the final two women to his son, Ty, in the season finale. At stake is the chance to be Ty's stepmother and a $68,000.00 ring.
Mar 02 2009
15 bachelorettes return to talk about Jason and the two remaining finalists. Also featured are updates on past bachelors.
Feb 23 2009
Week 7 13x07
Jason takes the final three bachelorettes to New Zealand for the overnight dates where the fantasy suite is an option. Later, the L-word is dropped, but one lady is sent home at elimination
Feb 16 2009
Week 6 13x06
Jason takes the final four ladies to their hometowns to meet their families. At one stop, Jason must settle and meet the bachelorette's best friends instead of her publicity shy parents. At other stops, Jason learns a secret about one of the ladies and later runs into skepticism from one of the dads. At the elimination, one lady is sent home in tears.
Feb 09 2009
Week 5 13x05
Jason takes the five remaining ladies home to Seattle. One lucky lady spends an evening with Jason on a houseboat. Another lady is lucky enough to take a seaplane ride with Jason. Finally, Jason takes the final three ladies on a ferry ride. At the elimination, one lady is sent home as the final four prepare to take Jason home with them.
Feb 02 2009
Week 4 13x04
There are nine remaining ladies vying for Jason. The bachelorettes compete in a live singing competition for a one-on-one date. Also, there is a group date with a visit to the set of General Hospital. Finally, there is a two-on-one where one lady is sent home.
Jan 26 2009
Week 3 13x03
12 ladies remain and only 10 ladies will be going on dates. There is one group date to visit the Keep-a-Breast foundation and there are two one-on-one dates. One lucky lady sees a special performance by Kate Voegele. At the elimination, the field is reduced to 9.
Jan 19 2009
Week 2 13x02
There are 15 remaining ladies and they enjoy a pool party with Jason. The bachelor then escorts one lucky lady to the Walt Disney Concert Hall for a private performance by Robin Thicke. Jason has a group date above Sunset Strip where one contestant eliminates herself before the rose ceremony.
Jan 12 2009
Week 1 13x01
Single dad, Jason Mesnick, is the thirteenth bachelor who will choose from 25 women in his quest to find true love. Mesnick is best known for being rejected by DeAnna Pappas in 2008's edition of The Bachelorette.
Jan 05 2009

Season 12

9 Episodes

Week 8 12x09
May 12 2008
May 05 2008
Week 7 12x07
Apr 28 2008
Week 6 12x06
Apr 21 2008
Week 5 12x05
Apr 14 2008
Week 4 12x04
Apr 07 2008
Week 3 12x03
Mar 31 2008
Week 2 12x02
Mar 23 2008
Week 1 12x01
Mar 17 2008

Season 11

10 Episodes

Nov 20 2007
Week 8 11x09
Nov 19 2007
Nov 12 2007
Week 7 11x07
Nov 05 2007
Week 6 11x06
The four remaining ladies must now introduce Brad to their parents! After the visits, one bachelorette will be sent home.
Oct 29 2007
Week 5 11x05
Six ladies remain and this week, no roses will be handed out during the dates. The one-on-one dates are to Venice, California, and a candlelit mansion. The group date is a pool party! However, Brad can only choose four to stay, meaning two must go home.
Oct 22 2007
Week 4 11x04
Nine ladies remain and this week, there'll be a two-on-one date from which only one bachelorette will return! At the end, a total of three ladies will go home.
Oct 15 2007
Week 3 11x03
Twelve ladies remain and dates continue! However, all of them are in for a big surprise as Brad's identical twin, Chad, comes for a visit! In the end, which nine ladies know Brad best and stay for another date?
Oct 08 2007
Week 2 11x02
15 women remain and the group dates begin. Seven ladies go to the racetrack while the other eight are lucky enough to spend a day with Brad in Malibu! But in the end, three bachelorettes must go home.
Oct 01 2007
Week 1 11x01
Brad Womack meets the 25 bachelorettes for the first time, but must lower the number to 15 by the end of the night.
Sep 24 2007

Season 10

9 Episodes

"After the Final Rose" - Andy appears with his fiancee and faces some of the bachelorettes he did not choose; the couple's plans for the future.
May 29 2007
Week 8 10x08
The final two bachelorettes get the chance to meet Andy's family. Andy makes the decision of a life time as he proposes to one lucky lady.
May 28 2007
Week 7 10x07
Andy wisks the final three bachelorettes to Hawaii for romantic overnight dates. At the end of the week, Andy must send one women home broken hearted.
May 14 2007
Week 6 10x06
It's time to meet the folks as Andy travels to the hometowns of the remaining four Bachelorettes. One woman is sent packing.
May 07 2007
Week 5 10x05
Andy and his final six help rebuild a school's kindergarten playground. Two women get romantic one-on-one dates. At the rose ceremony, only four ladies will remain.
Apr 30 2007
Week 4 10x04
Andy takes the remaining nine women to Lake Tahoe for skiing and casino gambling. Armed with only six roses, three Bachelorettes are sent home.
Apr 23 2007
Week 3 10x03
A Bachelorette is injured during a physical Bachelor boot camp, but also receives personal medical attention from Andy. Dates take the women to a mud spa, car racing and dinner on a Naval aircraft carrier. Its the end of the road for three women as The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman continues.
Apr 16 2007
Week 2 10x02
Fifteen women remain - and the group dates begin! Who will Andy spend one-on-one time with, and which women will receive roses and a chance to win his heart?
Apr 09 2007
Week 1 10x01
Andy meets the 25 bachelorettes for the first time but can only choose 15 to continue on.
Apr 02 2007

Season 9

8 Episodes

Week 7 9x08
Lorenzo takes the last two women to meet his family. Lorenzo chooses his final bachelorette.
Nov 27 2006
The rejected women of The Bachelor: Rome come together for a reunion special and dish about season highlights.
Nov 20 2006
Week 6 9x06
Lorenzo takes the final three bachelorettes on romantic overnight dates, but then must narrow the field down to two.
Nov 13 2006
Week 5 9x05
With a few surprises in store, the four remaining ladies take Lorenzo to their hometowns to meet their families and close friends. Three women continue.
Oct 30 2006
Week 4 9x04
A bachelorette returns to give the remaining women a "truth exercise" deciding the next round of dates. Lorenzo takes one woman to see the sites in a fairy tale carriage ride, one gets a private plane ride with Lorenzo at the helm and the rest of the women race chariots in ancient Rome style. In the end, Lorenzo must send two women home rose-less.
Oct 23 2006
Week 3 9x03
Lorenzo takes one women to a romantic date at the opera, six to a sleep over pool party in a Tuscan castle and two back to his place for an intimate date over pizza. With nine women left, only six will be asked to stay.
Oct 16 2006
Week 2 9x02
Lorenzo takes some of the women to the Mediterranean sea for a beach party, some through the city of Rome to see the sites and one gets the first individual date in Borghese Park. Nine bachelorettes move on to the next round.
Oct 09 2006
Week 1 9x01
"The Bachelor: Rome," the ninth season, begins an all new adventure as Prince Lorenzo Borghese meets the 25 women who will compete for his affections.
Oct 02 2006

Season 8

8 Episodes

Week 7 8x08
Feb 27 2006
Feb 20 2006
Week 6 8x06
Feb 13 2006
Week 5 8x05
Feb 06 2006
Week 4 8x04
Jan 30 2006
Week 3 8x03
Jan 23 2006
Week 2 8x02
Jan 16 2006
Week 1 8x01
Jan 09 2006

Season 7

9 Episodes

May 16 2005
Charlie brings the final two women home to meet his parents. However, Chris Harrison has one final surprise for the remaining two ladies when he reveals that Charlie will continue to date BOTH of them until he is ready to make his decision LIVE on national television.
May 16 2005
Several of this season's most memorable rejected women return to confront each other and dish the dirt on national television. Emotions run to a fever pitch between these feisty women with exciting, never-before-seen clips. The final two ladies who are still competing for Charlie's heart also have messages for the women who were rejected.
May 09 2005
All three remaining women arrive in Aruba, completely unaware that the others are there for their exotic overnight dates with Charlie.
May 02 2005
The stakes get higher as Charlie gets a sneak peek at what life would be like with each of the final four women.
Apr 25 2005
It's crunch time for Charlie, as he needs to eliminate two women before going on the hometown dates - and it's tears and fears for the ladies.
Apr 18 2005
Kimberley chooses an extremely seductive outfit to wear on her one-on-one date with Charlie, but she receives a "dressing down" from some of the women.
Apr 11 2005
Two lucky women are chosen as the most compatible with Charlie for the very first individual dates with him. But the ladies soon find out that, on this edition of The Bachelor, these new type of one-on-one dates carry much higher stakes.
Apr 04 2005
Mar 28 2005

Season 6

10 Episodes

Byron appears for the first time in public with the woman who captured his heart. He'll also face the woman whom he left heartbroken.
Nov 24 2004
Byron introduces the final two women to his parents. However, when he goes to meet the ladies’ folks, one woman’s parents might not show up.
Nov 24 2004
Byron is in the hot seat when he faces 25 women he rejected on the show. See what they have to say to the man who dumped them on national television. And Chris Harrison has a surprise for all the still-single bachelorettes.
Nov 17 2004
Byron has narrowed the field to the final three women (Cynthia, Mary, and Tanya), and they each take him home to give him a look at their varied single lifestyles and to meet their friends. And for the first time ever, the Bachelor will meet an ex-boyfriend of one of the women.
Nov 10 2004
It’s a romantic whirlwind for Mary, Tanya, Cheresse and Cindy, as Byron takes each one away for a romantic overnight date – and for the first time, the women hold the power of the Fantasy Suite Card.
Nov 03 2004
Three very different and romantic "white rose dates" leave Byron torn between the remaining ladies.
Oct 27 2004
The dating heats up, as Byron tries to determine which women are truly attracted to him. Then, eight women, six roses — who will stay, and who will go?
Oct 20 2004
During a surprise mystery date, Byron discovers that two more women are throwing their hats into the ring for his affections, as two of The Bachelor’s past “All-Stars” return for a second chance at love. Meanwhile back at the house, the women are shocked – and many are furious – to discover that they now have added competition. Then, once again, he’ll select three women for his dramatic “Last Chance Talks.”
Oct 06 2004
The surprises keep on coming as the women discover that Byron and his beloved dog, Sabrina, are moving into the Ladies’ Villa. In addition, Byron initiates a new kind of date – the “White Rose Date” – in which he decides which of the women he’ll take on his coveted first one-on-one dates. And in another Bachelor first, Byron exercises his option to select three women for “Last Chance Talks” before the rose ceremony, at which he must narrow the field from 15 to 10.
Sep 29 2004
We find out that there will be not one but TWO bachelors, and that the ladies get to pick which one they want to stay. We are introduced to Byron and Jay.
Sep 22 2004

Season 5

9 Episodes

Jesse appears for the first time in public with the woman who captured his heart, and he'll also face the final women he left heartbroken, including Trish. Find out if she will make one last play for him or finally accept defeat?
May 26 2004
In this final episode, Jesse will be heading to his hometown of Indianapolis, IN for a week to spend time with his family so they can help in making this final decision.
May 19 2004
Jesse spends a fantasy overnight date with each of the remaining three women.
May 12 2004
It's a reunion, as all of the women except the final three are back to dish about Jesse, each other, and what really went on in the house.
May 12 2004
May 05 2004
Jenny, the former spy, returns to the Ladies Villa. She reveals herself to the six remaining girls and apologizes. Chris tells the girls that there will be 3 one-on-one dates and one group date and Jenny will choose who goes on which dates. Trish becomes very nervous as Jenny knows what she's really like.
Apr 28 2004
Jesse and the women take compatibility tests to see who will go on one-on-one dates, a two-on-one date, and a six-on-one date.
Apr 21 2004
It's Dating time!
Apr 14 2004
Jesse Palmer looks for his Mrs. Right in the two hour season premiere.
Apr 07 2004

Season 4

10 Episodes

Nov 20 2003
Nov 19 2003
Nov 12 2003
Nov 05 2003
Bob's relationships with the final four women get more serious as he travels to their very different hometowns to meet their family and friends.
Oct 29 2003
Oct 22 2003
Oct 15 2003
Oct 08 2003
Oct 01 2003
With the addition of many new elements to the show including a surprise appearance by the Bachelor's mother at the first rose ceremony and an unexpected "in the field" rose ceremony during one of the dates that sends one woman home on the spot. The Bachelor returns for a fourth season! The charming and lovable Bob Guiney, who won the hearts of people across the country when he appeared as a suitor to Trista Rehn on The Bachelorette, is the new Bachelor.
Sep 24 2003

Season 3

9 Episodes

May 21 2003
May 18 2003
May 14 2003
May 07 2003
Apr 30 2003
A compatibility test selects Andrews three one on one dates while the remaining three women play tennis on a group date. Then Andrew must choose four women proceed to the next round.
Apr 23 2003
Apr 16 2003
The fifteen remaining bachelorettes move into "The Ladies Villa" together as Andrew gets to know them better during three group dates. Each group date will include five women where they will have to fight for alone time with Andrew. Then, five ladies are sent home as Andrew continues his journey with the remaining ten.
Apr 09 2003
Andrew will meet the 25 women ving for his affections and choose his 15 to continue with on this eight week journey.
Apr 02 2003

Season 2

8 Episodes

Aaron's quest for love comes to an end, but who will he choose? Brooke and Helene vie for his heart, but only one will get the ring. Tune in to find out who the lucky gal is!
Nov 20 2002
The women who didn't receive roses from Aaron reunite to dish and give their predictions on which of the two women (Brooke or Helene) he's likely to choose on The Bachelor: The Women Tell All. And in a surprising twist, Aaron shows up to the take the heat! The special features previously unseen footage and behind the scenes material from the series. (Brooke and Helene are not included in this special).
Nov 13 2002
Relationships are intensifying as Aaron and Brooke take a dreamy trip to the island of Kauai; then Aaron and Gwen tour romantic San Francisco and finally, Aaron and Helene have a cozy time in Aspen.
Nov 06 2002
As the four ladies prepare to take Aaron home to meet their families, they must also say goodbye to each other and move out of the Ladies' Villa. Meanwhile, even as relationships are growing stonger, Aaron must present roses to only the three women he would like to continue dating.
Oct 30 2002
The ladies sit down with Chris and are told that a personality they took during the application process for the show was actually a compatibility test, to see who is most compatible with Aaron. The three women who are the most compatible will get individual dates with Aaron, and the other three will share him on a group date.
Oct 23 2002
Aaron’s close friends, Ryan and Melissa (siblings), move into the guest house at the Ladies’ Villa to learn more about the ten women that Aaron is dating. Their observations and interactions will help him determine the women with whom he is most compatible. Some will be lucky enough to have one-on-one dates with Aaron, but others will not – which naturally sparks some jealousy in the Ladies’ Villa.
Oct 16 2002
Host Chris Harrison introduces the 15 remaining women to their 'Ladies' Villa,' the fabulous Malibu mansion where they will live as they prepare for their upcoming group dates. After that, Aaron must present roses to the ten women whom he'd like to continue dating.
Oct 09 2002
In the season premiere, we get to meet Aaron again, and learn what motivated him to take his quest for love on to television. As Aaron puts it, "the timing couldn't be better."
Oct 02 2002

Season 1

7 Episodes

In Dallas, Texas, Alex explains how he feels good about the final two women he's dating but can't wait to find out what his family thinks of Amanda and Trista.
Apr 25 2002
A "reunion" special, of sorts, 'The Bachelor: Women Tell All' brings back the 23 women Alex rejected to "dish" about the experience, the other women, and the Bachelor. This special episode will reveal new footage, never before viewed behind-the-scenes clips, and one-on-one interviews between our favorite Bachelorettes and host, Chris Harrison.
Apr 25 2002
We open in Malibu, where Alex is looking forward to the overnight dates and the opportunity to spend some real time with each of the remaining bachelorettes, but is worried about the upcoming Rose Ceremony.
Apr 22 2002
The remaining four Bachelorettes all get a chance to say goodbye, as they vacate the Ladies' Villa to return to their hometowns and introduce Alex to their families and friends.
Apr 15 2002
We meet Alex's friends Stephanie and Sam, who move into the guest house at the Ladies' Villa. Stephanie and Sam have created a compatibility test to give the remaining eight ladies, with a very special prize: the three women whose answers are the most compatible with Alex's will get private one-on-one dates with Alex. The other five women will share Alex in one group date.
Apr 08 2002
The 15 women Alex selected from his dinner party move into the "Ladies Villa" , a seaside mansion in Malibu, California. However, after getting to know them a little better, he deems only eight of them worthy of staying a little longer.
Apr 01 2002
The 25 beauties find themselves on parade at a dinner party in their honor. But as the soiree progresses, Alex must choose the 15 he'd like to get to know better.
Mar 25 2002