The Bad Batch

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Follow the elite and experimental Clones of the Bad Batch as they find their way in a rapidly changing galaxy in the aftermath of the Clone Wars.

Season 3

15 Episodes

May 01 2024
Apr 24 2024
Apr 17 2024
While seeking an unexpected source, the Batch must make a daring escape.
Apr 10 2024
The Empire closes in on the Batch.
Apr 03 2024
Emerie confronts the dark secrets behind Hemlock´┐Żs scientific research.
Apr 03 2024
As the Batch plans their next move, a mysterious stranger arrives.
Mar 27 2024
Desperate for intel, Hunter and Wrecker track down a dangerous bounty hunter.
Mar 20 2024
As enemies close in, the Batch must evacuate a stronghold.
Mar 13 2024
The Batch reunites with an ally in need.
Mar 13 2024
Tensions rise as our heroes navigate new dynamics on a dangerous mission.
Mar 06 2024
Stranded in dangerous territory, Omega and Crosshair must work together.
Feb 28 2024
Omega and Crosshair hatch a daring plan.
Feb 21 2024
Following a lead, Hunter and Wrecker make a startling discovery.
Feb 21 2024
Imprisoned on Tantiss, Omega adjusts to a new life.
Feb 21 2024

Season 2

16 Episodes

Plan 99 2x16
The heroes are tested.
Mar 29 2023
An infiltration proves more challenging than expected.
Mar 29 2023
New information has our heroes taking on a dangerous mission.
Mar 22 2023
Pabu 2x13
The team takes refuge and finds new allies.
Mar 15 2023
A new friend is made on a harsh and unforgiving outpost planet.
Mar 08 2023
The Batch finds a mysterious missing vessel.
Mar 01 2023
Attempting to recover a lost asset, the Batch must learn to trust a thief.
Feb 22 2023
The team tackles a risky mission on a hostile world.
Feb 15 2023
Brought into a risky mission, the Batch must use stealth to survive.
Feb 08 2023
A conspiracy begins to unravel.
Feb 08 2023
Tribe 2x06
The Bad Batch help bring a new friend home.
Feb 01 2023
The Batch searches for an ancient treasure that stirs up a shocking surprise.
Jan 25 2023
Faster 2x04
The team enters the colorful and dangerous world of racing.
Jan 18 2023
Clones battle against a Separatist hold out.
Jan 11 2023
The Batch must decide who to trust as they plan their escape.
Jan 04 2023
The Bad Batch plans a risky heist.
Jan 04 2023

Season 1

16 Episodes

When the rubble of Tipoca City begins to sink into the ocean, Rampart and the Empire leave while the Bad Batch try to escape the city before it is completely submerged.
Aug 13 2021
The Bad Batch find themselves in unexpected territory in this thrilling finale.
Aug 06 2021
After receiving a mysterious distress call, the Batch tracks it to a secret facility.
Jul 30 2021
To save a friend, the Batch plot a mission to sabotage a gangster's operation.
Jul 23 2021
The Batch is tasked with a dangerous mission.
Jul 16 2021
As the seeds of rebellion foment on an outer rim world, the Empire schemes to squash it.
Jul 09 2021
The Batch has their ideology challenged.
Jul 02 2021
The Batch embark on a rescue mission.
Jun 25 2021
Reunion 1x08
The Batch find themselves cornered on treacherous terrain.
Jun 18 2021
As they traverse a decommisioned medical facility, the Batch encounter an unexpected threat.
Jun 11 2021
On a mission to acquire a valuable asset, The Batch encounter smugglers after the same target.
Jun 04 2021
Rampage 1x05
The Batch strike a deal to take on a mission.
May 28 2021
The Batch's supply run goes awry.
May 21 2021
The Batch get stuck on a desolate moon.
May 14 2021
The Bad Batch visit an old contact.
May 07 2021
The clones of The Bad Batch find themselves in a changing galaxy after The Clone Wars.
May 04 2021