The Big Door Prize

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A small town is forever changed when a mysterious machine appears, promising to reveal everyone�s true potential. Soon residents start changing jobs, rethinking relationships, and questioning long-held beliefs � all in pursuit of a better future.

Season 2

10 Episodes

With the parade underway, Dusty searches for the Guide. Hana and Father Reuben make a surprising discovery.
Jun 12 2024
The town prepares for the Deercoming Parade. Beau fulfills a secret dream. Trina and Jacob take their relationship to the next level.
Jun 05 2024
Deerfield High adds a twist to its production of Our Town. Giorgio helps Father Reuben with Hana. Dusty and Cass second-guess their separation.
May 29 2024
On her first date with Freya, Izzy has an awkward run-in with Cass. Dusty volunteers to direct the school play.
May 22 2024
After receiving his vision, Beau decides to start dating again. Izzy attempts to impress a physical therapist. Dusty and Cass dogsit.
May 15 2024
Dusty and the boys host a school event at Giorgio's restaurant. Cass, Nat, and Hana have a girls' night out.
May 08 2024
Cass, Nat, and Hana grow closer. Dusty struggles with the repercussions of his date. Mr Johnson confronts a painful memory.
May 01 2024
Dusty�s dinner with a colleague takes a romantic turn. Cass sets out on a night to herself. Trina and Jacob empty Kolton�s locker.
Apr 24 2024
Visions 2x02
Dusty and Cass make a big decision about their relationship. Trina and Jacob throw a large house party.
Apr 24 2024
Hana reveals what she knows about the Morpho while the rest of the town tries to get to the next stage.
Apr 24 2024

Season 1

10 Episodes

Father Reuben makes a discovery about Hana. Dusty and Cass contemplate their future. The Morpho reveals a new mystery.
May 17 2023
Cass and Dusty deal with the fallout from the magic show. Trina comes clean about Jacob. An approaching storm threatens Deerfield.
May 10 2023
Izzy 1x08
Izzy opens up to Cass about her past. Dusty confronts Giorgio. Mr. Johnson�s magic show sets the stage for shocking revelations.
May 03 2023
Giorgio 1x07
The Potential Fund gala gives Giorgio an opportunity to get closer to Cass. Dusty comes to a realization.
Apr 26 2023
Beau 1x06
Beau searches for the boy who wronged Kolton. Dusty takes over as the basketball coach. Cass pursues a new business venture.
Apr 19 2023
Trina 1x05
Despite her feelings of guilt, Trina celebrates Jacob�s birthday at the Kovac house. Dusty and Cass visit a themed hotel for a romantic getaway.
Apr 12 2023
A Morpho-inspired wedding leads to celebration. Father Reuben struggles with the machine�s growing influence.
Apr 05 2023
Jacob 1x03
As the town prepares for Deerfield High�s homecoming basketball game, Jacob is encouraged to step into his brother�s shoes.
Mar 29 2023
Cass 1x02
Dusty and Cass host a dinner as she wrestles with what her Morpho card might mean. Deerfield�s citizens start making drastic life changes.
Mar 29 2023
Dusty 1x01
Family man and teacher Dusty Hubbard begins to reevaluate his life and happiness after the arrival of a strange machine called the Morpho.
Mar 29 2023