The Birch

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The lives of three teenagers -- Lanie Bouchard, Evie Grayson, and Thurston Polk -- intersect around the presence of a blood-thirsty monster lurking in the woods, The Birch. Sworn to protect the vulnerable wherever she is summoned, The Birch demands a dangerous toll for her services. The teens must grapple with the grim realities of aking her acquaintance -- both as friend and foe.

Season 2

10 Episodes

May 28 2021
May 21 2021
May 14 2021
May 07 2021
Apr 30 2021
Asylum 2x05
Apr 23 2021
Apr 16 2021
Rory summons the Birch to take revenge on her crush. Returning to King's Point, Evie rushes to get to Moses before the Birch does.
Apr 09 2021
Trapped in the Birch's garden, Evie can hear another young, vulnerable girl, Rory, following in the footsteps of the King's Point Killer, and plots her escape.
Apr 02 2021
The King's Point Killer has disappeared, but the Birch's inspiration lives on in another young high school girl. When Rory is bullied online by her crush, she summons the protective spirit to seek revenge.
Mar 26 2021

Season 1

14 Episodes

Lanie returns home to rescue Laura and enact vicious vengeance on her parents, who she learns have morbid plans in store for them both.
Nov 29 2019
Sickened and exhausted by the bloodshed, can Evie and Thurston work together to end their feud by targeting the true source of both their problems?
Nov 22 2019
After pleading with Evie to spare Gavin’s life, Thurston is caught by Sebastian and his men. When Thurston comes clean to them about Evie's blood-quest, Sebastian proposes a simple solution to their problems - kill the Graysons.
Nov 15 2019
Waking with regrets, Evie decides to put an end to the bloodshed, but The Birch has other plans. After all, a mother’s love never dies.
Nov 15 2019
Lanie wakes to find herself locked away in a mysterious bunker under the watchful eye of Dr. Sampson. But with Lanie growing more aware of her abilities, Dr. Sampson doesn't realize the power she's up against...
Nov 08 2019
After another disturbing loss, Thurston tries to get the hell out of dodge earlier than planned with Gavin. However, his worst fears are soon realized when his brother becomes the new target of the Birch.
Oct 31 2019
Word has spread of Evie’s potential connection to the deaths of Ryan and Wes, making Evie even more of a social pariah. Returning home to learn that her father has been assaulted by men working for the Polks, Evie decides to pay Thurston a retaliatory visit at his uncle’s shop.
Oct 31 2019
After Thad’s grizzly death, Lanie finds the house on lockdown as her parents' rules grow increasingly harsh. Dying to connect with her daughter, she takes drastic measures to run away and start over, but her sanctuary is short-lived...
Oct 31 2019
Forced apart from her daughter and thrown back into teenage 'normalcy' at high school, Lanie finds her maternal instincts coming out in bizarre ways. With the situation at home growing increasingly strained, she turns to old sources for strength and purpose...
Oct 25 2019
After Ryan’s brutal assault the night before, Thurston and Wes pay their friend a visit in the hospital, only to be warned in veiled terms that Evie is coming to hurt them. Shook by their friend's grizzly fate, Thurston devises a plan to deal with Evie...
Oct 18 2019
In an act of desperation to protect against losing the one parent she has left, Evie calls upon the Birch once more.
Oct 18 2019
After Thurston Polk threatens the lone witness of his crime into silence, he and his friends find themselves stalked by a less-than-friendly forest spirit intent on vengeance...
Oct 11 2019
Teenager Lanie Bouchard, finds herself exhibiting disconcerting symptoms after she secretly gives birth to her daughter, Laura. Her adoptive parents planned to keep the pregnancy a secret and raise Laura as Lanie’s sister, but when Lanie sets eyes on her daughter and falls in love, she finds her parents' rules of separation too drastic to abide and decides she’ll do whatever it takes to be near her...
Oct 11 2019
High school loner, Evie Grayson, finds herself in over her head when she witnesses three teenage local drug dealers commit murder deep in the woods. Brutally threatened into silence, Evie decides to do what no one else in her town of King's Point will do...take the dealers down.
Oct 11 2019