The Buccaneers (2023)

Continuing / 7:00pm Apple TV+ 49 min.
A group of fun-loving American girls burst onto the scene in tightly corseted 1870s London, kicking off an Anglo-American culture clash. Sent to secure husbands and status, the buccaneers' hearts are set on much more than that.

Season 2

1 Episodes

TBA 2x01

Season 1

8 Episodes

Nan must figure out her path forward. Jinny feels trapped. Mrs. St. George reckons with the state of her family.
Dec 13 2023
The Brightlingseas host a New Year�s Eve party where the bombshell news is the hot topic. Tensions flare as Theo and Guy�s rivalry explodes.
Dec 06 2023
The gang head to Scotland for a Christmas getaway. Lizzy makes a confession. James� behavior escalates. Nan faces a hard choice.
Nov 29 2023
Things unravel during a weekend at Guy's family home, as Nan finds herself feeling torn. Mabel and Honoria get closer.
Nov 22 2023
The girls return to New York for a grand celebration. Nan seeks answers from her family. James begins to manipulate Jinny.
Nov 15 2023
At the exclusive Tintagel ball, Nan considers the prospect of becoming a duchess. Conchita struggles with her mother-in-law�s approval.
Nov 08 2023
Conchita hosts a raucous country house party. Jinny and Lizzy go head-to-head for the same man. Nan reveals a secret.
Nov 08 2023
A group of young American heiresses are changed forever when they�re whisked across the Atlantic to London.
Nov 08 2023