The Bureau of Magical Things

Continuing Sunday / 7:00pm NickToons 25 min.
Kyra was a normal teenage girl, until a magical book changed her life forever! Caught in a battle between an elf and a fairy, she is thrown into an invisible and enchanted world as a Tri-Ling (a human with the powers of both fairy and elf). Now, along with a group of mythical friends all working to control their powers, she must learn how to protect the human world from the surprising, funny, and sometimes dangerous effects of magical chaos!

Season 2

16 Episodes

Imogen becomes suspicious that Apinya is not who she claims to be; while trying to get her stepfather to accept Darra as her boyfriend, Kyra makes an extraordinary discovery about her birth father.
Aug 01 2021
Lily insists on helping Mathilda with Kyra's surprise birthday party, causing chaos; a magical object forces Kyra to use Orb Magic, which gives her a vision with the whereabouts of the Third Key.
Aug 01 2021
Maxwell and Kyra turn to Apinya for help to understand Kyras's connection to the Keys. To improve her chances of selection for the Magical Intervention, Imogen attempts to acquire a fairy ability.
Jul 31 2021
On Magic School Sports Day, the rivalry between Maxwell's School and the Crowther School is thrown into chaos when Kyra becomes the unwitting centre of a magical disruption.
Jul 31 2021
While Lily and Ben are on their first date, Kyra and the Bureau attempt to capture a magical bug whose bite causes the victim to tell the truth. Peter and Ruksy get back together.
Jul 25 2021
Maxwell is suspended from teaching, and Apinya, a magical archaeologist, takes over the school. To fix Ladder, Lily, Ruksy, Peter and Imogen venture into the fairy tale book to secure enchanted wood.
Jul 25 2021
When Kyra and the Bureau go to Vietnam to find the Third Key, they bring to life a giant cobra statue that chases them back to the Library, resulting in Kyra getting a vision of the Purple Lotus.
Jul 24 2021
In search of the Third Key, Darra and Kyra travel back in time where they are taken prisoner by Magnus Sorenson, a Tri-ling who is also seeking the Temple of the Purple Lotus.
Jul 24 2021
To help Ben's career, Lily casts a spell over a music video that Peter has filmed, causing everyone who sees the clip to sing and dance.
Jul 18 2021
Fed up with being the only one in the bureau without magic, Peter sneakily acquires some, which creates chaos at his school and brings an end to Peter and Ruksy's relationship.
Jul 18 2021
Professor Maxwell allows Tayla into the magic school for a day, but Tayla cracks a magical mirror and creates a malevolent doppelganger who threatens the Bureau.
Jul 17 2021
In search of the Second Key, Kyra and Darra jump to Thailand where their courage is tested by dangerous, magical obstacles. Imogen discovers why Tayla has no love for the magical world.
Jul 17 2021
Kyra catches a magical virus and her sneezing jumps Mathilda into the Library. Imogen warns Tayla about her reckless use of magic.
Jul 11 2021
Tayla loses a magical compact that grants wishes, Mathilda finds it., which threatens the magical secret. Lily gets a crush on Ben, the new singer at the cafe.
Jul 11 2021
Kyra forces Darra to explain why he was in the Bangkok warehouse and they agree to join forces to find the Three Keys to the legendary, mythical Temple of the Purple Lotus.
Jul 10 2021
When Kyra is magically snatched from Lily's sleepover and transported to a Bangkok warehouse, she and Darra are chased by a mysterious fairy and elf who accuse them of theft.
Jul 10 2021

Season 1

20 Episodes

As Maxwell and the class try to reclaim the Orb, Kyra's memory and magic return. Orla releases a dangerous artifact into River City.
Nov 18 2018
Without magic or memory of the magical world, Kyra is unaware that Orla has taken over the DMI, intending to reveal magic to the humans.
Nov 11 2018
Imogen hides out in Kyra's room while she, Kyra, Peter and Ruksy try to discover who stole the Orb. When Kyra senses the Orb is in use, she jumps to the library and finds Orla manipulating Darra and Lily to steal the Orb magic.
Nov 04 2018
Accused 1x17
When Kyra learns that her Orb magic can be removed but she will lose all memory of the magical world, she gets Peter to make a film to remind her. Before Kyra's magic can be removed, the Orb is stolen and Imogen appears to be the culprit.
Oct 28 2018
When the DMI student awards fall on the day Kyra's step-dad wants to take her camping, Kyra hopes she can attend and still make it home in time. Will she be able to make it?
Oct 21 2018
Kyra's joke on Sean back fires, whilst Peter and Rusky tackle a magical problem that has escaped from the library.
Oct 14 2018
Kyra and Ruksy confront Maxwell about Kyra's extraordinary power and the Professor opens up about his past as a DMI agent.
Oct 07 2018
Ruksy, Imogen and Lily venture into the dangerous Restricted Section of the Library in search of the truth about Kyra'snew magical powers.
Sep 30 2018
A brush against a magical book re-ignites Kyra's new magic - the unpredictable power transforms Maxwell into a guinea pig. Mathilda becomes suspicious about Kyra's unusual friends.
Sep 23 2018
Peter threatens to publish his footage of Maxwell's Bookshop online if Kyra doesn't take him to the Library and explain the secret magical world.
Sep 16 2018
After seeing suspicious CCTV footage, Peter follows Darra to Maxwell's Bookshop where he films Kyra disappearing through a wall. Maxwell and Sean realize that Kyra's new power can only have come from the fabled orb.
Sep 09 2018
When Kyra and Darra are stranded on a magical beach, Kyra discovers she has a new magical power. Kyra’s attraction to Darra grows as they are forced to work together to save themselves.
Sep 02 2018
Kyra finds it difficult maintaining her double life; when the struggle begins to affect her basketball skills, Lily and Imogen use magic to help Kyra win.
Aug 26 2018
Kyra is confused about her place in the magical world, so Lily transforms her into a fairy. Tiny Kyra gets trapped in a girl's bedroom.
Aug 19 2018
Kyra and her class are assessed on their ability to handle magical outbreaks. Everyone is surprised when Agent Orla arrives to observe, and Kyra feels under pressure to prove herself.
Aug 12 2018
While Ruksy is giving a tour of the magical Museum, a suit of armour escapes. Kyra wants to help put the armour back before it exposes the magical world, but Imogen has been struggling to teach Kyra how to "jump" and can’t see that she’ll be any use. But Kyra comes up with a solution that no one else has seen.
Aug 05 2018
Lily and Imogen's assignment to protect an enchanted letterbox goes wrong and a postman is transformed into a dog. The dog goes missing, so they need Kyra to use her dog-whispering ability to find him.
Jul 29 2018
When Kyra's friend Peter witnesses her doing magic, Lily tries to wipe the events from Peter's mind. The spell goes wrong, and now Peter believes he's Shakespeare's Romeo. Can a reversal spell be found?
Jul 22 2018
Unable to control her magic, Kyra joins Maxwell’s school. Kyra feels like an outsider, but when the class is assigned to solve a magical problem, Kyra’s intervention saves the day.
Jul 15 2018
When ordinary teenage girl Kyra is caught in a magical tug of war between Imogen, a mischievous elf, and Lily, a conscientious fairy, she discovers an extraordinary world of magic that exists in secret all around and her life changes forever.
Jul 08 2018