The CollegeHumor Show

Ended Sunday / 7:00pm MTV US 25 min.
What happens when that "real world" our parents warned us about never quite comes to pass? "The CollegeHumor Show" is a new scripted comedy series written by and starring the actual staff of When they're not creating some of today's most popular Internet comedy, the staffers are turning their workplace into a chaotic, not entirely mature, play land -- with a functioning ball pit. Based in CH's actual New York office, the show combines the energy and absurdity of their online videos with all-new office storylines, bringing all of the best things about the site to the big(ger) screen.

Season 1

6 Episodes

The staff believe the Web site will be shutting down at the conclusion of season 1, so they make their own version of a "Bucket List" believing that this is their last day in the office.
Mar 15 2009
When The staff hears about a new hot girl they have to get ready. Amir and Pat find out about the new co-worker. They are both especially determined to win her heart. Who will the Hot girl choose. Meanwhile Sam and Dan have a dilemma of their own, involving them both getting single, without having to break up with their girlfriends, themselves, it's complicated.
Mar 08 2009
Sarah discovers her friends are not that impressed when she begins dating a magician.
Mar 01 2009
The staff of CollegeHumor wakes up one morning at work, hungover and with rumors of murder circulating.
Feb 22 2009
Interns 1x02
When Ricky takes yet another personal day, dumping stacks of extra work on top of Streeter, Streeter decides he's had enough and refuses to do the work. Ricky suggests that Streeter hire himself an intern, as long is the intern is a hot girl....
Feb 15 2009
When Patrick is stolen by rival website, Ricky embarks on a quest... to make sure the CollegeHumor office is as "cool" as possible.
Feb 08 2009