The Couple Next Door

Ended / 7:00pm Channel 4 47 min.
A young couple move to the suburbs and instantly strike up a friendship with their new neighbours. But are they a bit too friendly?

Season 1

6 Episodes

In an exhilarating finale, secrets spill out during a violent showdown on the Yorkshire Dales. Will anyone's relationship survive?
Dec 14 2023
An ultimatum from Pete only serves to deepen Evie's obsession with Danny. Danny's plan is thwarted by Pete and Sophie's front-page scoop.
Dec 13 2023
While Pete struggles to process the events of the spa weekend, Evie is determined to conceal her secret. Danny is given an ultimatum.
Dec 05 2023
The sexual tension between the two couples reaches boiling point during a weekend away. Alan's obsession with Becka escalates with devastating consequences.
Dec 04 2023
On a day trip to the coast, the chemistry between Evie and Danny is electric, which amuses Becka and horrifies Pete. Elsewhere, Alan's obsession with Becka grows even further.
Nov 28 2023
Life feels perfect for teacher Evie and her partner Pete when they move to a new house in suburbia. But Pete's worried that Evie is a little too fond of their neighbour Danny...
Nov 27 2023