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Season 29

71 Episodes

Jul 03 2024
Jul 02 2024
Jul 01 2024
Jun 27 2024
Jun 26 2024
Jun 25 2024
Jun 24 2024
Jun 20 2024
Jun 19 2024
Jun 18 2024
Jun 17 2024
Jun 13 2024
Jun 12 2024
Jordan Klepper tackles the Hunter Biden guilty verdict, as well as Justice Samuel Alito's wife, Martha-Ann Alito, caught on tape planning to fight Pride flags with more flags. Plus, Michael Kosta reveals how Governor Kathy Hochul's decision to scrap New York congestion pricing might have had something to do with the "Diner Effect." Award-winning actor Kevin Bacon sits down with Jordan Klepper to discuss his legendary acting career and latest films, "Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F" and "MaXXXine." They talk about fearlessly playing villains, starring alongside the hilarious Eddie Murphy, and 80s horror films as thinly veiled morality tales. Plus, Bacon reveals the marriage advice he gives those asking about his 36-year relationship with Kyra Sedgwick, "Don't take marriage advice from celebrities."
Jun 11 2024
Jon Stewart breaks down rainbow capitalism and corporate America's pandering problem, and basketball analyst Monica McNutt discusses Caitlin Clark's effect on the WNBA.
Jun 10 2024
Ronny Chieng reports on conservative backlash to Pride Month, a new product lets patriots show their passion for the flag, and attorney George Conway discusses Donald Trump's guilty verdict.
Jun 06 2024
Troy Iwata investigates a porn-addicted Amazonian tribe, Ronny Chieng and Jordan Klepper argue about basketball news, and Joel Kim Booster discusses "Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution."
Jun 05 2024
Ronny Chieng dives into President Biden's executive order to close the border ahead of the election, which has both sides of the aisle up in arms. Plus, Trump stammers when asked if he would declassify the Epstein files and X, a.k.a. Twitter, announces it will allow porn. Plus, Desi Lydic joins Ronny to discuss North Korea sending trash balloons to South Korea. "I think the best comedians talk about themselves, talk about their pain." Comedian Marlon Wayans joins Ronny Chieng to discuss his new comedy special "Good Grief." They discuss honoring his late parents' memories and processing grief through laughter, his advice for young comedians, and how he gets away with riffing on celebrities.
Jun 04 2024
Jon Stewart loses it over complaints about Donald Trump�s guilty verdicts and the value of the court system, and former Rep. Ken Buck debates the precedent set by Trump�s trial.
Jun 03 2024
Michael Kosta dives into Justice Sam Alito's collection of radical right-wing flags hung outside his house, Nikki Haley's backhanded endorsement for Trump, and daily weed use surpassing alcohol consumption. Plus, Troy Iwata unpacks the meaning of Alito's controversial flags. EGOT-winning artist John Legend sits down with Michael Kosta to discuss his new audio documentary "Afghan Star" about a singing competition show that created a cultural movement. Legend relays stories of people who risked their lives for music during Taliban control, the television show that unlocked opportunities for women and re-instilled a love of music in a whole generation. They talk about taking music and voting for granted, and how to channel this newfound appreciation into the 2024 election.
May 23 2024
JB Smoove 29x51
Michael Kosta and Josh Johnson question Donald Trump�s wild assassination theories, Troy Iwata meets Joe Biden�s sole superfan, and JB Smoove chats about �Curb Your Enthusiasm.�
May 22 2024
Michael Kosta and Ronny Chieng debate the upsides of bullying nerds, Kamala Harris�s unusual speech patterns are finally explained, and Sebastian Junger discusses �In My Time of Dying.�
May 21 2024
Jon Stewart calls out the right�s hypocritical obsession with victimhood and being �canceled� for expressing free speech, and Frank Fahrenkopf explains the evolution of presidential debates.
May 20 2024
Desi Lydic and Josh Johnson debate the pros and cons of restoring Southern schools� Confederate names, and Helen Rebanks and Nick Offerman discuss her book �The Farmer�s Wife.�
May 16 2024
Amy Ryan 29x47
Academy Award and Tony-nominated actress Amy Ryan joins Desi Lydic to discuss receiving her third Tony Award nomination for playing Sister Aloysius in �Doubt: A Parable,� and having only one week to prepare for the Broadway role. Ryan also alludes to a major plot twist in her Apple TV+ series, �Sugar,� and how the show puts a spin on the classic noir detective narrative.
May 15 2024
Desi Lydic reports on the latest updates from Trump's criminal trial, which has turned into a who's-who of wannabe vice presidents and political ass-kissers. Plus, an art installation connecting New York and Dublin turns into utter chaos, and ChatGPT debuts a flirty new voice to answer users that might just have Ronny Chieng and Josh Johnson sold on AI. Filmmaker, writer, actor, and artist Miranda July talks to Desi Lydic about how her new novel, "All Fours," is a coming-of-age story for any woman in her 40s who has "secret desires and anxieties about those desires and is wondering what's going on with her body and her marriage, and just her whole self." They discuss how many of the topics covered in the novel, like perimenopause, traumatic childbirth, and female sexual freedom, often go undiscussed, and July explains the difference between a "driver" and a "parker."
May 14 2024
Jon Stewart digs into the trial of comically corrupt Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey, and in a new segment called "How Dumb Is You?" asks the senator how he got caught engaging in such obvious illegal corruption, while government officials like Nancy Pelosi, Richard Burr, and Roy Blunt have been getting away with legal corruption for years. "Babes" actor and writer Ilana Glazer sits down with Jon Stewart to discuss how her new film provides a much needed and accurate portrayal of pregnancy and motherhood. They talk about her bond with co-star Michelle Buteau, the struggle to get the film made, and how she spent Mother's Day as a new mom herself.
May 13 2024
Jon Stewart calls out fake outrage on the right and confronts his own political shame, and John Della Volpe discusses �Fight: How Gen Z Is Channeling Their Fear and Passion to Save America.�
May 09 2024
Jordan Klepper and Desi Lydic analyze RFK Jr.�s startling health revelation, Lewis Black calls out Tesla�s dismal profits and truck recall, and Matt Damon discusses �Kiss the Future.�
May 08 2024
Jordan Klepper and Troy Iwata suffer through Stormy Daniels�s TMI testimony, Desi Lydic discovers a lucrative way to save the planet, and Lexi Freiman talks about �The Book of Ayn.�
May 07 2024
Jordan Klepper tackles Trump's collection of gag-order violations and the ongoing ass-kissing pageant for his VP pick, which includes South Dakota Governor and puppy executioner Kristi Noem. Jordan and Josh Johnson unpack the beef between rappers Drake and Kendrick Lamar, and what world leaders can learn from this exchange. Also, Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist and professor of ethical leadership at NYU, joins Jordan to discuss his latest best-selling book "The Anxious Generation."
May 06 2024
Ronny Chieng and Jordan Klepper explore the dangers of police presence at college protests against the war in Gaza, and Kyle Chayka discusses �Filterworld: How Algorithms Flattened Culture.�
Apr 25 2024
Andy Kim 29x39
Jordan Klepper and Ronny Chieng break down a Tennessee bill to arm schoolteachers, Michael Kosta explores America's pickleball craze, and New Jersey Rep. Andy Kim discusses his Senate bid.
Apr 24 2024
Jordan Klepper and Ronny Chieng explore Donald Trump�s �torturous� time in court, Joe Biden shares a startling family story, and economist Stephanie Kelton discusses �Finding the Money.�
Apr 23 2024
Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams debate the media�s sensationalist coverage of Donald Trump�s mundane trial, and Salman Rushdie discusses �Knife: Meditations After an Attempted Murder.�
Apr 22 2024
Dulc� Sloan covers Speaker Mike Johnson�s clash with fellow Republicans in Congress, Josh Johnson learns the art of tax evasion, and Brittney Spencer discusses her album �My Stupid Life.�
Apr 18 2024
Josh Johnson tries to land a spot on Donald Trump�s jury, Dulc� Sloan visits a Black-owned wine tour in Georgia, and Orlando Bloom discusses his docuseries �Orlando Bloom: To the Edge.�
Apr 17 2024
Dulc� Sloan and Jordan Klepper check in on jury selection at Donald Trump's trial, John Leguizamo breaks down the importance of Latino voters, and Mayan Lopez chats about "Lopez vs. Lopez."
Apr 16 2024
Jon Stewart is baffled by the current �teams� in the Middle East, the news team debates which historical martyr Donald Trump resembles most, and author David E. Sanger talks �New Cold Wars.�
Apr 15 2024
Michael Kosta and Jordan Klepper offer their bro-iest takes on abortion, a new service saves politicians from embarrassing falls, and Hanif Abdurraqib discusses �There�s Always This Year.�
Apr 11 2024
Michael Kosta and Troy Iwata try to pinpoint the ideal youthful candidate for a Supreme Court spot, and Vampire Weekend performs �Mary Boone� from their album �Only God Was Above Us.�
Apr 10 2024
Michael Kosta explores Arizona�s Civil War-era abortion ban and Donald Trump�s ever-changing views on reproductive rights, and director Alex Garland discusses �Civil War.�
Apr 09 2024
Jon Stewart looks at eclipse conspiracy theories and the U.S.�s delicate treatment of Israel, and Christiane Amanpour outlines the need for strong political leadership in the Middle East.
Apr 08 2024
Desi Lydic explains Nebraska�s crucial role in the 2024 election, Jordan Klepper and Ronny Chieng brace for the eclipse, and Sebastian Junger and Ken Harbaugh discuss �Against All Enemies.�
Apr 04 2024
Desi Lydic explores conservatives� outrage over a harmless calendar coincidence, Charlamagne Tha God breaks down the flaws of DEI, and Alison Brie chats about her series �Apples Never Fall.�
Apr 03 2024
Desi Lydic celebrates the skyrocketing popularity of women�s basketball, Michael Kosta meets an NYC �ghost plates� buster, and 2024 Senate hopeful Colin Allred lays out his plans for Texas.
Apr 02 2024
Lina Khan 29x25
Jon Stewart analyzes the bait-and-switch promises of artificial intelligence, and Federal Trade Commission chair Lina Khan discusses monopolies, antitrust laws, and corporate collusion.
Apr 01 2024
Jordan Klepper and Grace Kuhlenschmidt react to NYC�s congestion pricing, Leslie Jones rages against election polls, and Huey Lewis talks �The Heart of Rock and Roll� jukebox musical.
Mar 28 2024
Byron Tau 29x23
Jordan Klepper explores shifting attitudes toward the January 6 insurrectionists, Michael Kosta attends RFK Jr.�s running mate announcement, and Byron Tau discusses �Means of Control.�
Mar 27 2024
Jordan Klepper and Josh Johnson debate Florida�s age limits for social media, the GOP grapples with �What Women Voters Want,� and author Jim Sciutto discusses �The Return of Great Powers.�
Mar 26 2024
Jon Stewart loses patience with the double standards at work in Donald Trump�s �victimless� financial fraud case, and Gary Clark Jr. performs �Habits� from his album �JPEG RAW.�
Mar 25 2024
The news team explores the dubious democracy of Russia�s 2024 presidential election, Miami breaks up with spring breakers, and actor Ren�e Elise Goldsberry chats about her show �Girls5eva.�
Mar 14 2024
Desi Lydic and Michael Kosta explore the potential TikTok ban, Lewis Black complains about AI�s human biases, and David Alan Grier talks about �The American Society of Magical Negroes.�
Mar 13 2024
Desi Lydic, Michael Kosta and Grace Kuhlenschmidt dig into a Kate Middleton mystery, and author Jane Marie discusses �Selling the Dream: The Billion-Dollar Industry Bankrupting Americans.�
Mar 12 2024
Jon Stewart covers the 2024 State of the Union address and breaks down the GOP�s warped relationship with the Constitution, and writer Steven Levitsky discusses �Tyranny of the Minority.�
Mar 11 2024
Awkwafina 29x16
Ronny Chieng looks at new airport and subway security measures, Michael Kosta talks to Eagle Pass, TX, residents about the recent �invasion,� and Awkwafina discusses �Kung Fu Panda 4.�
Mar 07 2024
Guest host Ronny Chieng covers Super Tuesday�s predictable results, Grace Kuhlenschmidt enjoys beautiful American Samoa, and Chelsea Peretti chats about �First Time Female Director.�
Mar 06 2024
Guest host Ronny Chieng explores �shrinkflation,� Jordan Klepper meets indecisive Nikki Haley fans, and Yuval Noah Harari talks about �Unstoppable Us, Volume 2: Why the World Isn�t Fair.�
Mar 05 2024
Jon Stewart explores the highly partisan migrant crisis and New York�s less-than-welcoming response to the issue, and writer Jonathan Blitzer discusses �Everyone Who Is Gone Is Here.�
Mar 04 2024
Michael Kosta and Desi Lydic lament the Supreme Court�s delay of Donald Trump�s immunity case, Dulc� Sloan celebrates Black women, and Rex Chapman talks �It�s Hard for Me to Live with Me.�
Feb 29 2024
Michigan natives Michael Kosta and Jordan Klepper debate their state�s primary, �Dr.� Troy Iwata rates politicians� mental fitness, and writer Sloane Crosley discusses �Grief Is for People.�
Feb 28 2024
Ronny Chieng tells guest host Michael Kosta his plan to defeat Wendy�s surge pricing, The Daily Show profiles 2024 candidate RFK Jr., and writer Kwame Alexander talks �This Is the Honey.�
Feb 27 2024
Jon Stewart analyzes Israel-Palestine peace plans and the long-term impact of U.S. foreign policy with journalists Murtaza Hussain and Yair Rosenberg, and Jon bids farewell to a friend.
Feb 26 2024
Desi Lydic analyzes Nikki Haley�s so-called moderate views, Troy Iwata celebrates a day without smartphones, and Jason Isbell performs �Cast Iron Skillet� from his album �Weathervanes.�
Feb 22 2024
Desi Lydic covers the not-so-credible FBI informant working against President Biden, Michael Kosta visits �climate refuge� Duluth, MN, and director Maite Alberdi talks �The Eternal Memory.�
Feb 21 2024
Desi Lydic and Josh Johnson evaluate Donald Trump�s sneaker line, Ronny Chieng takes advantage of Alabama�s new embryo law, and Danai Gurira previews �The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live.�
Feb 20 2024
Jon Stewart breaks down Tucker Carlson�s deferential interview with Vladimir Putin, and �Strict Scrutiny� podcast hosts Melissa Murray and Kate Shaw explore the dangers of authoritarianism.
Feb 19 2024
Jordan Klepper covers a sex scandal in the Fulton County, GA, D.A.�s office, Grace Kuhlenschmidt swoons over adulterous presidents, and director Cord Jefferson discusses �American Fiction.�
Feb 15 2024
Jordan Klepper covers a not-so-special House election on Long Island, NY, journalist Joshua Green discusses his book �The Rebels,� and actor Lashana Lynch talks about �Bob Marley: One Love.�
Feb 14 2024
Jordan Klepper talks to rally goers for political underdog Nikki Haley and �one-day dictator� Donald Trump, Desi Lydic outlines Republican fears, and Killer Mike promotes his album �Michael.�
Feb 13 2024
Jon Stewart looks at President Biden and Donald Trump�s advanced ages, the news team visits a true American diner, and The Economist�s Zanny Minton Beddoes examines national conservatism.
Feb 12 2024

Season 28

122 Episodes

Kal Penn covers the GOP�s impeachment inquiry into President Biden, Troy Iwata reports on exclusive holiday parties, and Taraji P. Henson discusses her musical film �The Color Purple.�
Dec 14 2023
Kal Penn reacts to nations agreeing to move away from fossil fuels at the COP28 climate summit, Santa�s in financial trouble, and astronaut Mike Massimino discusses his book �Moonshot.�
Dec 13 2023
Vir Das 28x120
Kal Penn reports on Donald Trump�s immunity case heading to the Supreme Court, Grace Kuhlenschmidt settles the abortion-rights debate, and Vir Das talks about his stand-up special �Landing.�
Dec 12 2023
Guest host Kal Penn covers Hunter Biden�s tax evasion indictment, Grace Kuhlenschmidt reports on the �gay nutcracker� controversy, and director Zoya Akhtar discusses her film �The Archies.�
Dec 11 2023
Jelly Roll 28x118
Charlamagne Tha God breaks down the fourth GOP presidential debate, offers alternative celebrity-in-chief candidates and talks to country artist Jelly Roll about his album �Whitsitt Chapel.�
Dec 07 2023
Charlamagne Tha God reports on Donald Trump�s one-day dictatorship vow, Michael Kosta refuses to bad-mouth Taylor Swift, and Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin talks about criminal justice reform.
Dec 06 2023
Charlamagne Tha God examines how a second Donald Trump presidency could threaten democracy, Lewis Black looks back on 2023, and comedian Robin Thede talks about her film �Candy Cane Lane.�
Dec 05 2023
S.A. Cosby 28x115
Guest host Charlamagne Tha God covers George Santos�s expulsion from Congress, Spotify users defend their Wrapped results, and author S.A. Cosby talks about his book �All the Sinners Bleed.�
Dec 04 2023
Michelle Wolf reacts to Elon Musk telling off advertisers, delves into America�s costly childbirth system and talks with Dr. Stuart Fischbein of the �Birthing Instincts� podcast.
Nov 30 2023
Michelle Wolf discusses Rep. George Santos�s defiance in the face of expulsion, gets in on the reverse mortgage grift and talks to journalist Mehdi Hasan about his book �Win Every Argument.�
Nov 29 2023
Michelle Wolf reacts to Jesse Watters�s long-winded Thanksgiving story, Grace Kuhlenschmidt profiles an off-the-grid Manhattanite, and actor Da�Vine Joy Randolph discusses �The Holdovers.�
Nov 28 2023
Eric Andre 28x111
Guest host Michelle Wolf discusses King Charles III profiting off dead citizens, white women reveal their most white woman traits, and comedian Eric Andre talks about his book �Dumb Ideas.�
Nov 27 2023
Guest hosts Desi Lydic and Jordan Klepper visit Fox News to examine the �War on Christmas,� John Leguizamo roasts Univision�s Trump interview, and Rep. Jeff Jackson discusses gerrymandering.
Nov 22 2023
Guest host Ronny Chieng discusses the worker revolt at OpenAI, introduces Donald Trump�s very busy court scheduler and chats with �Last Week Tonight� host John Oliver.
Nov 21 2023
Guest host Dulc� Sloan discusses President Biden�s 81st birthday, hooks men up to a period cramp simulator, and talks with author and illustrator Vashti Harrison about her book �Big.�
Nov 20 2023
Leslie Jones and Jordan Klepper cover Rep. George Santos�s decision not to run for reelection, New Yorkers get in the holiday spirit, and filmmaker Taika Waititi discusses �Next Goal Wins.�
Nov 16 2023
Leslie Jones reports on San Francisco�s preparations for Chinese President Xi Jinping�s visit, Desi Lydic covers the fighting in Congress, and Allyson Felix talks about her track career.
Nov 15 2023
Leslie Jones covers the Supreme Court issuing an ethics code, Troy Iwata gets up close and personal with professional cuddlers, and NBC News political correspondent Steve Kornacki stops by.
Nov 14 2023
Guest host Leslie Jones reports on Sen. Tim Scott dropping out of the GOP presidential primary, helps families avoid politics at Thanksgiving and sits down with WNBA star Lisa Leslie.
Nov 13 2023
Sarah Silverman covers the third Republican presidential debate with Dulc� Sloan and Desi Lydic, and Judd Apatow discusses producing �Please Don�t Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy Mountain.�
Nov 09 2023
Sarah Silverman reports on big wins for the Democrats on Election Day 2023, discusses protecting artists� rights in the age of AI, and chats with singer-songwriter and author Margo Price.
Nov 08 2023
Sarah Silverman reacts to 2024 presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.�s polling surge, looks for New Yorkers to get high with and chats with author Cat Bohannon about her book �Eve.�
Nov 07 2023
Guest host Sarah Silverman discusses Donald Trump�s combative court appearance, delves into the life and career of House Speaker Mike Johnson, and chats with Ink Master�s Joel Madden.
Nov 06 2023
Charlamagne Tha God covers Donald Trump Jr.�s testimony at his father�s fraud trial, explains President Biden�s low poll numbers and talks to author Doug Melville about �Invisible Generals.�
Nov 02 2023
Guest host Charlamagne Tha God discusses the rise of Islamophobia and anti-Semitism, Desi Lydic reports on a �Booty Patrol� truck, and 2024 GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley stops by.
Nov 01 2023
Rich Paul 28x97
Charlamagne Tha God discusses NYC Mayor Eric Adams crowdsourcing help, Michael Kosta explores the paranormal real estate market, and sports agent Rich Paul talks about his memoir �Lucky Me.�
Oct 31 2023
Guest host Charlamagne Tha God discusses President Biden�s primary challenger, attempts to match people�s political views to their appearance and chats with Congresswoman Nancy Mace.
Oct 30 2023
D Smoke 28x95
Guest host Desus Nice discusses Justice Clarence Thomas�s dubious RV loan, takes a critical look at taxpayer-funded sports stadiums and chats with rapper D Smoke about �Work Hard Play Hard.�
Oct 26 2023
Guest host Desus Nice discusses Rep. Mike Johnson�s ascension to Speaker of the House, Michael Kosta delves into the spotted lanternfly conspiracy, and WNBA champion Sydney Colson stops by.
Oct 25 2023
Desus Nice discusses Rep. Tom Emmer�s brief House speaker candidacy, Lewis Black weighs in on �The Golden Bachelor,� and author Nana Kwame Adjei-Brenyah talks about �Chain-Gang All-Stars.�
Oct 24 2023
Guest host Desus Nice discusses the House GOP speaker contest, tests the credentials of "real" New Yorkers and chats with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about immigration reform.
Oct 23 2023
Guest cohosts Michael Kosta and Ronny Chieng report on Donald Trump�s former lawyer taking a plea deal, and wilderness guide Jordan Jonas talks about his connection with nature.
Oct 19 2023
Guest host Michael Kosta discusses President Biden's diplomatic visit to Israel and examines the wasteful bottled water industry, and Rhiannon Giddens talks about her album "You're the One."
Oct 18 2023
Ronny Chieng battles the world�s hottest pepper, Michael Kosta covers the House speaker chaos and California classifying bees as fish, and author Emily Oster explains data-driven parenting.
Oct 17 2023
Guest host Michael Kosta examines Donald Trump�s gag order, Jordan Klepper checks in with MAGA voters in New Hampshire, and political scientist Ian Bremmer discusses the Israel-Hamas war.
Oct 16 2023
Guest host Dulc� Sloan discusses Brittney Griner�s vow to never play basketball overseas again, takes surfing lessons and sits down with RuPaul�s Drag Race Season 15 winner Sasha Colby.
May 01 2023
Desi Lydic discusses Tucker Carlson�s reemergence, exposes the dark side of the wellness industry, and talks with actor and activist Sophia Bush about her West End play �2:22 A Ghost Story.�
Apr 27 2023
Desi Lydic covers Florida politics and extreme GOP lawmakers in Kentucky, Michael Kosta reports from a shark mating site, and actor Jameela Jamil discusses her podcast �Bad Dates.�
Apr 26 2023
Desi Lydic breaks down President Biden�s re-election campaign, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg talks infrastructure, and actor Yvette Nicole Brown discusses her show �Frog and Toad.�
Apr 25 2023
Guest host Desi Lydic reacts to Tucker Carlson�s departure from Fox News, mentors the next generation of women leaders and chats with actor Catherine Reitman about her series �Workin� Moms.�
Apr 24 2023
Guest host Jordan Klepper looks at America�s �wrong place� shootings, delves into the toxic world of Andrew Tate and interviews author Ryan Holiday about �The Daily Stoic.�
Apr 20 2023
Jordan Klepper delves into Fox News�s settlement with Dominion, discusses Michigan�s progressive turn with Governor Gretchen Whitmer and talks to Michael Shannon about �Waco: The Aftermath.�
Apr 19 2023
Guest host Jordan Klepper looks at Ron DeSantis�s feud with Disney, visits the country�s largest gun show and chats with Charley Crockett about his album �The Man From Waco (Redux).�
Apr 18 2023
Guest host Jordan Klepper reacts to the 2023 NRA meeting, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez talks about public health solutions to violence, and actor Betty Gilpin discusses �Mrs. Davis.�
Apr 17 2023
Roy Wood Jr. reacts to corruption allegations facing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, questions whether college is worth the cost and chats with author Jerry Craft about �School Trip.�
Apr 06 2023
Guest host Roy Wood Jr. covers Donald Trump�s post-arrest speech, Jordan Klepper checks in with Trump�s die-hard supporters, and Cedric the Entertainer discusses �The Neighborhood.�
Apr 05 2023
Jon Stewart returns to help Roy Wood Jr. break down Donald Trump�s arraignment, Jordan Klepper interviews the courthouse crowd, and Robin Thede discusses �A Black Lady Sketch Show.�
Apr 04 2023
Guest host Roy Wood Jr. reacts to Donald Trump�s indictment and interviews a proponent of Florida�s critical race theory ban, and Senator Cory Booker talks about police reform.
Apr 03 2023
Guest host John Leguizamo breaks down the historic indictment of Donald Trump, dispels myths about the U.S.-Mexico border and talks to Congressman Ritchie Torres about gun reform.
Mar 30 2023
John Leguizamo reacts to Mike Pence being ordered to testify before a grand jury about Donald Trump, and multi-hyphenate Princess Nokia discusses her EP �i love you but this is goodbye.�
Mar 29 2023
John Leguizamo looks at the Republican response to the Nashville school shooting and has a dance-off with break-dancer Crazy Legs, and actor Diane Guerrero talks about representation.
Mar 28 2023
Guest host John Leguizamo reacts to the pension protests in France, looks at Latino underrepresentation in media and talks to �The View� cohost Ana Navarro about empowering Latino voters.
Mar 27 2023
Al Franken reacts to the TikTok congressional hearings, refutes conservative fearmongering about funding the IRS and talks to drag queen BenDeLaCreme about anti-LGBTQ+ legislation.
Mar 23 2023
Al Franken looks at one lawmaker�s callous opposition to free school meals, Jordan Klepper visits a pro-Trump protest in New York City, and author Heather McGhee talks about �The Sum of Us.�
Mar 22 2023
Alan Ruck 28x68
Guest host Al Franken discusses the U.N. climate change report, rides along with New York City sanitation workers and chats with actor Alan Ruck about the final season of �Succession.�
Mar 21 2023
Guest host Al Franken reacts to the potential indictment of Donald Trump, and Senator Lindsey Graham talks about Russia�s war in Ukraine, Trump�s legal woes and more.
Mar 20 2023
Kal Penn discusses a Florida-bound seaweed blob and looks at the obstacles facing young voters, and author Chasten Buttigieg talks about his young adult book �I Have Something to Tell You.�
Mar 16 2023
Kal Penn covers the Pentagon blocking a Russian war crimes investigation, seeks a cure for the �woke mind virus� and talks to Vanity Fair�s Radhika Jones about the magazine�s Oscars party.
Mar 15 2023
Guest host Kal Penn reacts to President Biden�s flip-flop on oil drilling and looks at NASCAR�s evolution, and Pakistan�s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari discusses climate change.
Mar 14 2023
Joe Biden 28x63
Guest host Kal Penn delves into the Silicon Valley Bank collapse, and President Joe Biden talks about engaging young people in politics and the state of America�s partisan divide.
Mar 13 2023
Omar Epps 28x62
Marlon Wayans reacts to the Justice Department�s report on racist policing in Louisville, KY, looks at funding for after-school programs and discusses �Nubia: The Awakening� with Omar Epps.
Mar 09 2023
D-Nice 28x61
Guest host Marlon Wayans reacts to Tucker Carlson�s scathing private texts about Donald Trump, asks New Yorkers about the 2023 Oscars and talks to DJ D-Nice about �Club Quarantine.�
Mar 08 2023
Guest host Marlon Wayans looks at Fox News�s selective use of January 6 footage, his �friend� �Quon chops it up with Mayor Eric Adams, and Bomani Jones discusses his show �Game Theory.�
Mar 07 2023
Guest host Marlon Wayans discusses the greatest hits from CPAC 2023 and the fight for reparations in California, and actor Mason Gooding talks about his role in Scream VI.
Mar 06 2023
Roy Wood Jr. discusses tooth fairy payouts, Hasan Minhaj explains the stupidity of modern-day financial scammers, and �Shark Tank� star Kevin O�Leary talks about the FTX crypto scandal.
Mar 02 2023
Hasan Minhaj looks at the political blame game over the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, rants about Twitter before deleting his account and interviews his daughter on her birthday.
Mar 01 2023
Guest host Hasan Minhaj reacts to the Fox News election fraud lawsuit, YouTuber Marques Brownlee tests various smart gadgets, and actor Rebel Wilson discusses her dating app Fluid.
Feb 28 2023
Guest host Hasan Minhaj reacts to the Energy Department�s COVID-19 lab leak theory, kids weigh in on the culture wars, and NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo discusses his family�s foundation.
Feb 27 2023
Sarah Silverman covers Kim Jong-un�s name ban, Jordan Klepper visits Nikki Haley�s presidential rally, and New Yorker writer Jia Tolentino talks about the profit model of political outrage.
Feb 16 2023
Sarah Silverman looks at the GOP�s definition of woke, Roy Wood Jr. and Desi Lydic discuss air travel woes, and NBA star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar talks about his post-playing career as a writer.
Feb 15 2023
Michael Kosta warns of Valentine�s Day scammers, guest host Sarah Silverman discusses Nikki Haley�s 2024 presidential bid, and Rep. Maxwell Frost talks about engaging Gen Z in politics.
Feb 14 2023
Guest host Sarah Silverman reacts to UFO theories, Roy Wood Jr. looks at the efforts to weaken child labor laws, and The Daily Show cocreator Lizz Winstead discusses Abortion Access Front.
Feb 13 2023
Chelsea Handler looks at the Chinese spy balloon recovery efforts and talks to comedians Atsuko Okatsuka, Rosebud Baker and Bob The Drag Queen, and actor Lea Michele discusses �Funny Girl.�
Feb 09 2023
Roy Wood Jr. covers the 2023 State of the Union address, Chelsea Handler looks at the bias against child-free women, and boxer Alycia Baumgardner talks about her super featherweight title.
Feb 08 2023
Chelsea Handler criticizes Tucker Carlson�s take on diversity and looks at the news with comedians Larry Owens, Matteo Lane and Sam Jay, and model Ashley Graham discusses body positivity.
Feb 07 2023
Chelsea Handler discusses the demise of the Chinese spy balloon, Dulc� Sloan opts to avoid the extreme winter weather, and Sen. Raphael Warnock chats about �Put Your Shoes On & Get Ready!�
Feb 06 2023
Dulc� Sloan reacts to a child�s accidental $1,000 Grubhub order, guest host D.L. Hughley examines the use of rap lyrics as evidence, and rapper Mac Phipps discusses �Son of the City.�
Feb 02 2023
D.L. Hughley covers Tyre Nichols�s funeral and finds out how people are celebrating Black History Month, and NFL commentator Domonique Foxworth talks about protecting players� safety.
Feb 01 2023
PJ Morton 28x44
D.L. Hughley follows up on the Tyre Nichols case, Jordan Klepper attends a VIP Trump rally, and soul artist PJ Morton talks about his solo album �Watch the Sun.�
Jan 31 2023
Guest host D.L. Hughley examines the murder of Tyre Nichols with the Nichols family�s attorney Ben Crump, and Ibram X. Kendi and Nic Stone discuss their book �How to Be a (Young) Antiracist.�
Jan 30 2023
Wanda Sykes advocates for income-based traffic fines, Roy Wood Jr. cashes in on patriotism, and civil rights lawyer Sherrilyn Ifill discusses the fight for equality and democracy.
Jan 26 2023
Nia Long 28x41
Guest host Wanda Sykes reacts to the U.S. sending tanks to Ukraine, Roy Wood Jr. profiles activists protesting �Cop City� in Atlanta, and actor Nia Long discusses �Missing� and �You People.�
Jan 25 2023
Wanda Sykes covers the Senate hearing on Ticketmaster, Roy Wood Jr. explains why Disney World should have more racist rides, and feminist writer Katha Pollitt discusses reproductive rights.
Jan 24 2023
Mike Epps 28x39
Guest host Wanda Sykes covers Donald Trump�s eulogy for a supporter, Roy Wood Jr. talks to passersby in England about American gun culture, and comedian Mike Epps discusses �The Upshaws.�
Jan 23 2023
On Leslie Jones�s last show as guest host, Desi Lydic breaks down the federal government�s debt ceiling crisis, and Charlamagne Tha God discusses the importance of therapy.
Jan 19 2023
Leslie Jones covers Rep. George Santos�s lies, Roy Wood Jr. joins the Golden State Warriors at the White House, and Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson discusses abortion rights.
Jan 18 2023
Comedian Leslie Jones debuts as guest host, Dulc� Sloan weighs in on Boston�s statue honoring Martin Luther King Jr., and Morris Chestnut talks about �The Best Man: The Final Chapters.�
Jan 17 2023
Trevor ends his seven-year run as host of The Daily Show with fond farewells from his correspondents, a chat with comedian Neal Brennan about his Netflix special "Blocks" and more.
Dec 08 2022
Sen. Raphael Warnock wins the 2022 Georgia runoff election, Desi Lydic and Michael Kosta star in an election-denier holiday romantic comedy, and Roger Federer discusses his tennis career.
Dec 07 2022
Trevor examines the rise of wage theft in the U.S., broadcaster Michael Strahan talks about his podcast �American Football,� and actor Sheryl Lee Ralph discusses �Abbott Elementary.�
Dec 06 2022
An AI chatbot goes viral, Dulc� Sloan explores the history of drag queens, and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill associate professor Tressie McMillan Cottom discusses Twitter.
Dec 05 2022
Wes Moore 28x31
Hakeem Jeffries becomes the first Black party leader in Congress, Desi Lydic examines the intimidation of election officials, and Trevor sits down with Maryland Governor-elect Wes Moore.
Dec 01 2022
Trevor covers the 2022 Georgia Senate runoff elections, filmmaker Ondi Timoner discusses her documentary �Last Flight Home,� and actor Gabrielle Union talks about her movie �The Inspection.�
Nov 30 2022
Pam Grier 28x29
Lawmakers try to prevent a railroad strike, Michael Kosta learns about the haunted doll business, and actor Pam Grier talks about sharing her life story on the podcast �The Plot Thickens.�
Nov 29 2022
Donald Trump has dinner with Kanye West and a white supremacist at Mar-a-Lago, Trevor covers the 2022 World Cup, and Will Smith talks about his movie �Emancipation.�
Nov 28 2022
Nancy Pelosi steps down as House Democratic leader, and former President Barack Obama discusses the 2022 midterms and the challenges facing democracy in the U.S. and throughout the world.
Nov 17 2022
Donald Trump announces a 2024 presidential bid, Desi Lydic breaks down the chaotic history of Black Friday, and actor Jonathan Majors talks about his role in the movie �Devotion.�
Nov 16 2022
GOP candidate Kari Lake loses the Arizona governor�s race, Lewis Black rails against young people acting like old people, and actor Danai Gurira talks about �Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.�
Nov 15 2022
Nas 28x24
Democrats retain control of the Senate in the 2022 midterms, Roy Wood Jr. discusses the history of Black superheroes, and rapper Nas talks about his album �King�s Disease III.�
Nov 14 2022
Colorado legalizes psychedelic mushrooms, Ronny Chieng explores the history of Asian-American veterans, and filmmaker Jordan Peele discusses �Nope� and his horror podcast �Quiet Part Loud.�
Nov 10 2022
Trevor covers the results of the 2022 midterms, Roy Wood Jr. reacts to Louisiana�s refusal to ban slavery, and Mark Leibovich discusses his book �Thank You for Your Servitude.�
Nov 09 2022
Trevor and his correspondents provide Election Day coverage of the 2022 midterms, Roy Wood Jr. explores the history of Black governors, and actor Thuso Mbedu talks about �The Woman King.�
Nov 08 2022
Democrats and Republicans scramble on the eve of the 2022 midterms, Desi Lydic investigates a poll worker shortage, and Gabriel Iglesias chats about his stand-up special �Stadium Fluffy.�
Nov 07 2022
Barack Obama hits the campaign trail ahead of the 2022 midterms, Desi Lydic and Roy Wood Jr. host a high-octane voting contest, and former NBA star Dominique Wilkins sits down with Trevor.
Nov 03 2022
Attack ads flood the airwaves ahead of the 2022 midterms, Roy Wood Jr. tries to create a hip-hop hit to encourage voting, and Trevor sits down with Georgia Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock.
Nov 02 2022
T-Pain 28x17
Elon Musk�s Twitter takeover gets off to a rocky start, Dulc� Sloan discusses the richness of Atlanta�s Black culture with Bem Joiner, and Grammy-winning artist T-Pain chats with Trevor.
Nov 01 2022
The Daily Show kicks off a week in Atlanta before Georgia�s midterm elections, Michael Kosta explores the city�s hot spots, and Trevor interviews Georgia governor candidate Stacey Abrams.
Oct 31 2022
Vladimir Putin might drop a dirty bomb in Ukraine, Ronny Chieng argues about Halloween with random strangers, and actor Diane Kruger discusses her children�s book �A Name from the Sky.�
Oct 27 2022
Pennsylvania Senate candidates John Fetterman and Dr. Mehmet Oz square off in a debate, Desi Lydic explores the origins of Halloween, and Elizabeth Banks discusses her movie �Call Jane.�
Oct 26 2022
Trevor highlights Arizona�s MAGA governor candidate Kari Lake, OpenAI Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati discusses DALL-E, and actor Ralph Macchio talks about his memoir �Waxing On.�
Oct 25 2022
Rishi Sunak becomes Britain�s new prime minister, Jordan Klepper probes Americans about the likelihood of another civil war, and actor John David Washington discusses �The Piano Lesson.�
Oct 24 2022
U.K. Prime Minister Liz Truss resigns in record time, Desi Lydic reports on legal marijuana sales at Florida gas stations, and Tyler James Williams discusses his show �Abbott Elementary.�
Oct 20 2022
MacKenzie Scott donates nearly $85 million to the Girl Scouts, slap fighting becomes an official sport, and singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile talks about her album �In the Canyon Haze.�
Oct 19 2022
Trevor examines wild political ads, journalist Soledad O�Brien discusses �The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks,� and Amy Schumer talks about the return of her show Inside Amy Schumer.
Oct 18 2022
Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker flashes a phony police badge during a debate, Dulc� Sloan highlights the history of Reggaeton, and Chelsea Manning discusses her memoir �README.txt.�
Oct 17 2022
The January 6 Committee subpoenas Donald Trump, Trump�s special master (Michael Kosta) suffers through a thankless job, and �Black Adam� star Quintessa Swindell sits down with Trevor.
Oct 13 2022
John Fetterman faces questions about his health, Desi Lydic investigates America�s paper shortage, and Ghetto Gastro�s Jon Gray, Pierre Serrao and Lester Walker talk �Black Power Kitchen.�
Oct 12 2022
Trevor covers racism from high-profile Americans, Desi Lydic reports on pro-Russia hacks on U.S. airport websites, and former Washington, D.C., cop Michael Fanone discusses �Hold the Line.�
Oct 11 2022
President Biden pardons people convicted of marijuana possession, Desi Lydic Fox-splains GOP Senate hopeful Herschel Walker, and actor Constance Wu talks about her memoir �Making a Scene.�
Oct 06 2022
New York Yankees star Aaron Judge makes home run history, Ronny Chieng gets a hard lesson in professional pillow fighting, and journalist Maggie Haberman discusses her book "Confidence Man."
Oct 05 2022
Cori Bush 28x02
Iranian women protest their country's brutal regime, Trevor highlights Georgia GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker, and Congresswoman Cori Bush discusses her book "The Forerunner."
Oct 04 2022
Vladimir Putin illegally annexes several regions in Ukraine, The Right Stuff dating app caters to conservatives, and Cliff �Method Man� Smith talks about his movie �On the Come Up.�
Oct 03 2022

Season 27

140 Episodes

Iman 27x140
Trevor delivers a special message to The Daily Show audience and reflects on the toxicity of online discourse, and supermodel Iman discusses the documentary �Supreme Models.�
Sep 29 2022
Mark Cuban 27x139
Class 4 Hurricane Ian lands in Florida, Kevin Matthew Kelp (Michael Kosta) investigates a shocking ice cream truck conspiracy, and Mark Cuban discusses �Shark Tank� and Cost Plus Drugs.
Sep 28 2022
Russia coerces Ukrainians into voting in favor of joining the Russian Federation, Ronny Chieng teaches a class on K-pop, and William MacAskill discusses his book "What We Owe the Future."
Sep 27 2022
House GOP candidate J.R. Majewski denies lying about his military service, Christiane Amanpour discusses her interview with Iran�s president, and Tyler Perry talks about �A Jazzman�s Blues.�
Sep 26 2022
Donald Trump says he can declassify documents with his mind, Dulc� Sloan challenges passersby with dicey questions about education, and "Cobra Kai" star Xolo Maridue�a sits down with Trevor.
Sep 22 2022
Donald Trump faces a surge of legal troubles, Dulc� Sloan meets up with a crew of Black mountaineers, and Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke discusses his book "We've Got to Try."
Sep 21 2022
A judge overturns the conviction of Adnan Syed, Trevor covers the reaction to Ron DeSantis's decision to fly migrants to Martha's Vineyard, and Jenifer Lewis discusses "Walking in My Joy."
Sep 20 2022
Sam Morril 27x133
Queen Elizabeth II is laid to rest, Roy Wood Jr. highlights trailblazing Black animators, and comedian Sam Morril talks about his Netflix special �Sam Morril: Same Time Tomorrow.�
Sep 19 2022
Trevor gives a rapid rundown of the news, Michael Kosta quizzes passersby on the latest popular celebrity quotes, and George Stephanopoulos discusses his docuseries �Power Trip.�
Sep 15 2022
Trevor covers the complicated aftermath of Queen Elizabeth II's death, King Charles III begins his reign on a petulant note, and Jennette McCurdy discusses her memoir "I'm Glad My Mom Died."
Sep 14 2022
Queen Elizabeth II dies at age 96, Desi Lydic Fox-splains the FBI search for documents at Donald Trump�s Mar-a-Lago residence, and U.S. Secretary of Labor Marty Walsh sits down with Trevor.
Sep 08 2022
Russia edges closer to nuclear disaster in Ukraine, Desi Lydic dives into New York Fashion Week, and British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful discusses his memoir "A Visible Man."
Sep 07 2022
A Florida judge gives Donald Trump a �special master� assist, Michael Kosta has a serious talk about small talk, and comedian Sherri Shepherd chats about her daytime talk show �Sherri.�
Sep 06 2022
The Trump Organization�s CFO pleads guilty to tax fraud, Dulc� Sloan and Kerri Colby tackle the GOP�s anti-drag queen obsession, and Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu sits down with Trevor.
Aug 18 2022
GOP Congresswoman Liz Cheney loses her primary race in Wyoming, Trevor examines the origin and impact of bank overdraft fees, and actor John Boyega discusses his movie �Breaking.�
Aug 17 2022
Flash flooding wreaks havoc in Las Vegas, The Daily Show examines the life of Elon Musk, and actor Sterling K. Brown talks about his role in the movie �Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.�
Aug 16 2022
Donald Trump makes excuses amid revelations he kept top secret documents at Mar-a-Lago, Ronny Chieng examines the U.S. Space Force, and Alex Wagner discusses her show �Alex Wagner Tonight.�
Aug 15 2022
Donald Trump reportedly fears an FBI mole in his inner circle, Ronny Chieng asks provocative questions at the beach, and actor Abbi Jacobson talks about her series �A League of Their Own.�
Aug 11 2022
Donald Trump invokes the Fifth Amendment during a deposition in New York, Jordan Klepper visits a Trump rally in Wisconsin, and director Akin Omotoso discusses his movie �Rise.�
Aug 10 2022
Idris Elba 27x121
The FBI raids Donald Trump�s Mar-a-Lago residence, Trevor gets help from his audience on how to avoid being canceled online, and actor Idris Elba discusses his movie �Beast.�
Aug 09 2022
The Senate passes a historic climate and health bill, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott discusses �America, a Redemption Story,� and Nathalie Emmanuel talks about her role in �The Invitation.�
Aug 08 2022
Scientists reanimate cells from dead pigs, Michael Kosta hosts another trivia game in Times Square, and actor Amandla Stenberg discusses her horror comedy film �Bodies Bodies Bodies.�
Aug 04 2022
Ryuji Chua 27x118
Kansas voters protect abortion rights, America�s student debt crisis is putting the squeeze on elderly borrowers, and Ryuji Chua discusses his documentary �How Conscious Can a Fish Be?�
Aug 03 2022
Nancy Pelosi�s Taiwan visit rankles China, civil rights lawyer Alec Karakatsanis discusses his book �Usual Cruelty,� and comedian Ms. Pat talks about her series �The Ms. Pat Show.�
Aug 02 2022
President Biden plans to close border wall gaps, Roy Wood Jr. explores the Black origins of house music, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg discusses U.S. infrastructure challenges.
Aug 01 2022
America�s slowing economy sparks a recession debate, Sen. Joe Manchin reaches an agreement with his fellow Democrats on a climate bill, and Leila Mottley discusses her novel �Nightcrawling.�
Jul 28 2022
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi�s planned trip to Taiwan angers China, Ronny Chieng examines the Move Oregon�s Border movement, and Rafael A. Mangual discusses his book �Criminal (In)Justice.�
Jul 27 2022
Pope Francis apologizes for schools that abused Indigenous peoples, Molly Burke discusses her advocacy for the disabled community, and actor Brian Cox talks about his role on �Succession.�
Jul 26 2022
The monkeypox virus officially becomes a global health emergency, Trevor dives into revelations from the eighth January 6 hearing, and Daniel Kaluuya discusses his role in the movie �Nope.�
Jul 25 2022
President Biden tests positive for COVID-19, the January 6 hearings appear to spell trouble for Donald Trump, and artist Blitz Bazawule discusses his novel �The Scent of Burnt Flowers.�
Jul 21 2022
The House passes a sweeping marriage equality bill, Dulc� Sloan examines gender stereotypes in children�s books, and comedian Jenny Slate discusses her film �Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.�
Jul 20 2022
The Secret Service deletes texts from January 6, 2021, Kevin Matthew Kelp (Michael Kosta) cracks a fruit conspiracy, and NASA�s Gregory Robinson discusses the James Webb Space Telescope.
Jul 19 2022
Sen. Joe Manchin deals a blow to climate change policy, Dulc� Sloan tries to make New Yorkers late for work, and the WNBPA�s Terri Jackson discusses Russia�s detainment of Brittney Griner.
Jul 18 2022
The Supreme Court severely undermines the EPA, track cycling champion Veronica Ivy discusses transgender athlete rights, and actor Moses Ingram talks about her role on �Obi-Wan Kenobi.�
Jun 30 2022
Sweden and Finland are joining NATO, Desi Lydic examines the origins and evolution of Pride Month, and writer and podcaster Van Lathan Jr. discusses his memoir �Fat, Crazy, and Tired.�
Jun 29 2022
Eric Adams 27x105
The January 6 Committee hears shocking testimony from former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, and New York City Mayor Eric Adams talks to Trevor about his first six months in office.
Jun 28 2022
The Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, Michael Kosta discusses vasectomies with family physician Dr. Guarin, and NBA champ Draymond Green talks about his podcast �The Draymond Green Show.�
Jun 27 2022
The Supreme Court greenlights concealed guns in New York, Jordan Klepper asks Trump supporters about the January 6 hearings, and Elliot Page discusses his role on �The Umbrella Academy.�
Jun 23 2022
Congress comes to agreement on gun control legislation, Lewis Black rants about the sudden rise of high-priced weddings in 2022, and Angela Garbes discusses her book �Essential Labor.�
Jun 22 2022
Katy Tur 27x101
Trevor covers police inaction during the school shooting in Uvalde, TX, Dulc� Sloan examines corporate fear of LGBTQ-friendly ads, and MSNBC�s Katy Tur discusses her memoir �Rough Draft.�
Jun 21 2022
Ed Helms 27x100
The FDA approves COVID-19 vaccines for young kids, Leo Deblin (Roy Wood Jr.) responds to America�s lifeguard shortage, and actor and writer Ed Helms discusses his series �Rutherford Falls.�
Jun 16 2022
Davido 27x99
Trevor covers the 2022 midterm elections, Michael Kosta strives to become a K-pop superstar in the wake of BTS�s hiatus, and singer-songwriter Davido talks about his single �Stand Strong.�
Jun 15 2022
The U.S. stock market enters an alarming slump, The Daily Show presents a biography of Rudy Giuliani, and journalist Katie Couric discusses her memoir �Going There.�
Jun 14 2022
Russia rebrands McDonald�s, Trevor covers the latest revelations from the January 6 hearings on the 2021 U.S. Capitol riot, and comedian Ayo Edebiri discusses her series �The Bear.�
Jun 13 2022
The House approves gun control legislation, Congress kicks off hearings investigating the January 6 Capitol riot, and playwright Michael R. Jackson discusses his musical �A Strange Loop.�
Jun 09 2022
House Democrats gear up for the January 6 hearings, Roy Wood Jr. examines gentrification in Brooklyn, and actor Iman Vellani talks about her starring role in �Ms. Marvel.�
Jun 08 2022
New York passes major gun reform laws, Roy Wood Jr. sits down with anti-government firebrand Ammon Bundy, and Eliot Schrefer discusses his book �Queer Ducks (and Other Animals).�
Jun 07 2022
North Korea and the U.S. communicate via missile launches, Trevor covers the 2022 mayoral primary race in Los Angeles, and Bobby Brown discusses his show �Bobby Brown: Every Little Step.�
Jun 06 2022
Engineers build the world�s tiniest robot, Michael Kosta investigates the connection between mass shootings and doors, and Trevor talks to Ukraine�s U.N. Ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya.
Jun 02 2022
The U.S. sends missiles to Ukraine, Senator Chris Murphy discusses gun control reform, and author Akwaeke Emezi talks about �Dear Senthuran� and �You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty.�
Jun 01 2022
Trevor covers America�s gun violence debate, Ronny Chieng celebrates Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and Kellyanne Conway discusses her memoir �Here�s the Deal.�
May 31 2022
NASA plans to send nude images of humans to space, Roy Wood Jr. highlights pioneering Black horse racing jockeys, and coauthors Alex Burns and Jonathan Martin discuss �This Will Not Pass.�
May 05 2022
Pundits wonder who leaked the Supreme Court�s opinion on Roe v. Wade, Michael Kosta hosts a trivia game show, and Planned Parenthood CEO Alexis McGill Johnson discusses abortion rights.
May 04 2022
The Supreme Court prepares to overturn Roe v. Wade, Senator Amy Klobuchar talks about the threat to abortion rights, and Bill Gates discusses his book �How to Prevent the Next Pandemic.�
May 03 2022
Ziwe 27x86
NASA examines litter it left behind on Mars, Republicans vie for Donald Trump�s favor in the 2022 Ohio primary race, and comedian Ziwe discusses her late-night talk show �Ziwe.�
May 02 2022
Donald Trump rants about dangerous fruit in a deposition, Trevor highlights Rep. Madison Cawthorn�s flurry of scandals, and Formula 1 racer Daniel Ricciardo discusses the Miami Grand Prix.
Apr 28 2022
Russia cuts off gas deliveries to NATO countries Poland and Bulgaria, Black Karen (Dulc� Sloan) calls the cops on annoying white people, and Terry Crews talks about his memoir �Tough.�
Apr 27 2022
Burna Boy 27x83
Donald Trump declares he won�t return to Twitter, Trevor rolls out the TDS+++ streaming service, and rapper and singer Burna Boy talks about �Burna Boy: One Night in Space at MSG.�
Apr 26 2022
Elon Musk buys Twitter, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene faces questions about her role in the U.S. Capitol riot, and Gia and Raashaun �DJ Envy� Casey discuss their book �Real Life, Real Love.�
Apr 25 2022
Rudy Giuliani is revealed as a contestant on �The Masked Singer,� Trevor covers France�s high-stakes presidential race, and Alexander Skarsg�rd discusses his film role in �The Northman.�
Apr 21 2022
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis amps up his beef with Disney, Ronny Chieng questions New Yorkers about Earth Day, and Amazon Labor Union President Chris Smalls sits down with Trevor.
Apr 20 2022
A federal judge puts a sudden end to COVID-19 mask mandates for travelers, Jordan Klepper covers a Trumpian political trajectory in Hungary, and Pamela Adlon discusses �Better Things.�
Apr 19 2022
Florida bans math textbooks over concerns about critical race theory, Ronny Chieng rails against America�s taxation process, and Janelle Mon�e discusses her book �The Memory Librarian.�
Apr 18 2022
Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter, Jordan Klepper goes on location to cover the 2022 CPAC convention in Orlando, FL, and actor Rosie Perez talks about Season 2 of �The Flight Attendant.�
Apr 14 2022
Rihanna displays her pregnant body on the cover of Vogue, a mass shooter terrorizes subway riders in New York City, and comedian Jerrod Carmichael discusses his stand-up special �Rothaniel.�
Apr 13 2022
China enforces a COVID-19 lockdown, Roy Wood Jr. highlights Black classical musicians, and South Carolina head coach Dawn Staley discusses winning the 2022 NCAA women�s basketball title.
Apr 12 2022
Will Smith gets banned from attending Oscars ceremonies for 10 years, Dulc� Sloan reacts to Ketanji Brown Jackson�s Supreme Court confirmation, and Ben Stiller talks about �Severance.�
Apr 11 2022
President Biden declares Vladimir Putin a war criminal, Desi Lydic talks to restaurant owners affected by anti-Russian boycotts, and Tiffanie Drayton discusses �Black American Refugee.�
Mar 17 2022
Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addresses the U.S. Congress, Ronny Chieng rants about the metaverse, and comedian and actor Quinta Brunson talks about her show �Abbott Elementary.�
Mar 16 2022
Lewis Black sounds off about the 2022 Oscars, Trevor examines Kanye West�s harassment of his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, and Dr. Deepak Chopra discusses his book �Abundance.�
Mar 15 2022
Tom Brady un-retires from the NFL, Trevor covers the latest developments in Russia�s escalating war on Ukraine, and actor Evan Rachel Wood discusses her documentary �Phoenix Rising.�
Mar 14 2022
Sandra Oh 27x69
Kim Kardashian�s harsh work advice sparks backlash, Trevor examines the West�s seizure of Russian oligarch property, and Sandra Oh talks about her role in the animated movie �Turning Red.�
Mar 10 2022
Trevor covers Russia�s war on Ukraine, New Yorkers get canceled by The Daily Show, and Dolly Parton and James Patterson discuss their novel and Parton�s accompanying album �Run, Rose, Run.�
Mar 09 2022
Sadhguru 27x67
President Biden announces a ban on Russian oil, women fight back against Russia�s invasion of Ukraine, and international spiritual leader Sadhguru discusses the Save Soil Movement.
Mar 08 2022
Disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo publicly denounces cancel culture, Russia bombs Ukrainian civilians, and Jesse Williams discusses his Broadway role in the play �Take Me Out.�
Mar 07 2022
Ukrainians show compassion toward Russian soldiers, Desi Lydic dives into the history of the bra, and tennis icon Serena Williams discusses Serena Ventures and the movie �King Richard.�
Mar 03 2022
Belarus�s president appears to reveal Russia�s war plans, Trevor recaps President Biden�s 2022 State of the Union address, and Stacey Abrams discusses voting rights and her book �Level Up.�
Mar 02 2022
Trevor covers Russia�s escalating war on Ukraine, Roy Wood Jr. delivers the 2022 State of Black S**t address, and Bob Odenkirk talks about his memoir �Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama.�
Mar 01 2022
Trevor examines the global resistance to Russia�s invasion of Ukraine, Michael Kosta reacts to heroism from Ukrainians, and USAID Administrator Samantha Power weighs in on the crisis.
Feb 28 2022
Trevor examines the controversial drill rap genre, Jordan Klepper talks to protesting truckers in Canada, and writer and director Janicza Bravo discusses her movie �Zola.�
Feb 17 2022
The U.K.�s Prince Andrew settles his sexual abuse lawsuit, Trevor talks to trailblazing NHL hockey legend Willie O�Ree, and filmmaker Jessica Kingdon discusses her documentary �Ascension.�
Feb 16 2022
Conservatives rally to ban books from America�s school libraries, Roy Wood Jr. honors trailblazing Black Olympians, and Hasan Minhaj talks about his stand-up tour �The King�s Jester.�
Feb 15 2022
Grammy Award-winning artist India.Arie has a special conversation with Trevor about how Spotify compensates artists and reflects on Joe Rogan�s history of using the N-word on his podcast.
Feb 14 2022
Canada�s trucker protest gains support from conservatives in the U.S., Ronny Chieng and Roy Wood Jr. talk sports, and Ahmir �Questlove� Thompson discusses his documentary �Summer of Soul.�
Feb 10 2022
Trevor examines the racist history of America�s highway system, Dulc� Sloan highlights Black romance novelists, and whistleblower Frances Haugen discusses Facebook�s destructive effects.
Feb 09 2022
A jet company offers couples a romantic Mile High Club experience, several blue states announce an end to COVID-19 mask mandates, and Robert Glasper discusses his album �Black Radio III.�
Feb 08 2022
Facebook�s metaverse users fall victim to virtual groping, Joe Rogan faces severe backlash over his extensive use of the N-word, and EPA administrator Michael S. Regan sits down with Trevor.
Feb 07 2022
Roy Wood Jr. weighs in on discrimination against Black coaches in the NFL, Michael Kosta dives into a sewer tunnel conspiracy, and Johnny Knoxville chats about his movie �Jackass Forever.�
Feb 03 2022
Vladimir Putin gets defensive about Russian aggression toward Ukraine, Roy Wood Jr. learns about Black representation on cereal boxes, and actor Gugu Mbatha-Raw discusses �The Girl Before.�
Feb 02 2022
Tom Brady announces his retirement from the NFL, Ronny Chieng offers alternatives to traditional burials, and �Who Are Your People?� author Bakari Sellers discusses his children�s book.
Feb 01 2022
Desi Lydic reports on a trucker protest in Canada, Trevor examines a controversy surrounding Joe Rogan and Spotify, and Rep. Barbara Lee discusses �Barbara Lee: Speaking Truth to Power.�
Jan 31 2022
Roy Wood Jr. reacts to COVID-19 chaos in U.S. schools, Ronny Chieng presents an international perspective of America, and skier Lindsey Vonn discusses her memoir �Rise: My Story.�
Jan 27 2022
Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer announces his imminent retirement, Trevor examines the ethics of stock trading by members of Congress, and actor Rick Glassman discusses �As We See It.�
Jan 26 2022
President Biden is overheard insulting a reporter over a hot mic, Trevor examines beefs in the music industry, and W. Kamau Bell discusses his docuseries �We Need to Talk About Cosby.�
Jan 25 2022
The 2022 NFL playoffs have a historic weekend, Trevor examines the West Elm Caleb online debate, and author and mindfulness expert Jay Shetty discusses his partnership with the Calm app.
Jan 24 2022
Republicans and Democrats spar over voting rights legislation, Desi Lydic talks to influencers encouraging vaccination, and UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou chats with Trevor.
Jan 20 2022
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson lands in hot water for partying during lockdown, Jordan Klepper revisits the January 6 Capitol riot, and actor Ariana DeBose discusses �West Side Story.�
Jan 19 2022
Australia deports unvaccinated tennis star Novak Djokovic, the CDC issues confusing COVID-19 guidelines, and Dr. Bernice A. King discusses The King Center and �It Starts with Me.�
Jan 18 2022
Trevor highlights China�s investments in Africa, Michael Kosta and Desi Lydic star in a holiday rom-com, and French finance minister Bruno Le Maire discusses an inclusive future for France.
Dec 16 2021
COVID-19 cases surge in the world of professional sports, Dulc� Sloan breaks down the history of Kwanzaa, and actor Jodie Turner-Smith discusses her role on the miniseries �Anne Boleyn.�
Dec 15 2021
Congress holds former Trump chief of staff Mark Meadows in contempt, Michael Kosta highlights the biggest scams of 2021, and Chelsea Handler talks about her Vaccinated and Horny Tour.
Dec 14 2021
Governor Gavin Newsom models a California gun reform law after a Texas anti-abortion law, Roy Wood Jr. highlights who got cancelled in 2021, and Huma Abedin discusses her memoir �Both/And.�
Dec 13 2021
Chef Jos� Andr�s discusses America�s hunger crisis, Dulc� Sloan looks back at the biggest exits of 2021, and actor Lou Llobell talks about her role on the Apple TV+ series �Foundation.�
Dec 09 2021
Trevor highlights Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert, Jordan Klepper talks to vaccine-hesitant protesters in California, and Nikole Hannah-Jones discusses �The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story.�
Dec 08 2021
Trevor examines America�s soaring house prices, Roy Wood Jr. hosts a New York City bus tour for K-pop group aespa, and Governor Gavin Newsom discusses his book �Ben & Emma�s Big Hit.�
Dec 07 2021
The U.S. announces a diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics, Ronny Chieng highlights awful Texas news from 2021, and actor and producer Mahershala Ali talks about his movie �Swan Song.�
Dec 06 2021
Trevor chronicles the career of outgoing German chancellor Angela Merkel, Desi Lydic highlights the year�s celebrity power couples, and actor William Jackson Harper discusses �Love Life.�
Dec 02 2021
Donald Trump reportedly concealed his positive COVID-19 test result before debating Joe Biden in 2020, Ryan Busse discusses �Gunfight,� and NBA star Scottie Pippen talks about �Unguarded.�
Dec 01 2021
North Korea bans leather coats, right-wing conspiracy theories about coronavirus variants abound, and activists Natalie and Derrica Wilson discuss the Black and Missing Foundation.
Nov 30 2021
Trevor covers the rise of the Omicron COVID-19 variant, Dr. Peter Hotez discusses his book �Preventing the Next Pandemic,� and Thandiwe Newton talks about her documentary film �President.�
Nov 29 2021
Trevor covers news from other countries, Desi Lydic gives advice on how to celebrate Thanksgiving on a tight budget, and Halle Berry discusses her movie �Bruised.�
Nov 18 2021
Trevor highlights the right-wing extremism of Congressman Paul Gosar, Dulc� Sloan examines the history of Black marching bands, and NBA star Dwyane Wade discusses his memoir �Dwyane.�
Nov 17 2021
Ai Weiwei 27x28
A racially charged complaint rocks the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial, Ronny Chieng debates passersby about Thanksgiving, and Ai Weiwei discusses his memoir �1000 Years of Joys and Sorrows.�
Nov 16 2021
Gas prices surge in the U.S., Leo Deblin (Roy Wood Jr.) proposes a solution for an ICU bed shortage, and former New Jersey governor Chris Christie discusses his book �Republican Rescue.�
Nov 15 2021
Trevor covers the latest coronavirus pandemic news, Desi Lydic celebrates pioneering women in the U.S. military, and Will Smith discusses his movie �King Richard� and his memoir �Will.�
Nov 11 2021
Bad Bunny 27x25
Rep. Paul Gosar posts a violent anime video targeting Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, The Daily Show salutes wannabe veterans, and artist Bad Bunny discusses his role in �Narcos: Mexico.�
Nov 10 2021
Republicans face extreme backlash for supporting Democrats� infrastructure bill, Dulc� Sloan gets educated by Black beekeepers, and supermodel Emily Ratajkowski discusses her book �My Body.�
Nov 09 2021
Spike Lee 27x23
Trevor covers the top headlines of the day, Senator Ted Cruz gets into a COVID-19 vaccination beef with Big Bird, and filmmaker Spike Lee discusses his career-spanning book �SPIKE.�
Nov 08 2021
Democrats suffer major electoral losses, Representative Katie Porter discusses corporate abuse of a bankruptcy law, and Lenard �Charlamagne� McKelvey talks about Tha God�s Honest Truth.
Nov 03 2021
SCOTUS disapproves of Texas�s anti-abortion law, Desi Lydic examines how Taylor Swift fans are affecting Virginia�s governor race, and Vanessa Nakate discusses her memoir �A Bigger Picture.�
Nov 02 2021
Trevor covers President Biden�s diplomatic exploits overseas, Roy Wood Jr. highlights Black horror movies, and Congressman Dan Crenshaw talks about his book �Fortitude.�
Nov 01 2021
Democrats whittle down a major Biden administration plan, Roy Wood Jr. and Ronny Chieng cover sports, and Republican pollster Kristen Soltis Anderson discusses her book �The Selfie Vote.�
Oct 28 2021
Cigarette sales suddenly rise in the U.S., Desi Lydic investigates Texas�s extreme anti-abortion law, and Diego Boneta talks about his Netflix show �Luis Miguel: The Series.�
Oct 27 2021
Facebook is under fire for encouraging negativity, Trevor examines police quotas for writing tickets, and journalist and author Tamron Hall discusses her novel �As the Wicked Watch.�
Oct 26 2021
Alec Baldwin fatally shoots a cinematographer in a tragic filming accident, Trevor highlights Arizona senator Kyrsten Sinema, and Anna Kendrick talks about her role on HBO�s �Love Life.�
Oct 25 2021
Senator Tammy Duckworth talks about disability rights in the workplace, Michael Kosta quizzes people about current events, and author Michael Pollan discusses �This Is Your Mind on Plants.�
Oct 21 2021
U.S. police officers push back against COVID-19 vaccination mandates, The Daily Show examines the life of Vladimir Putin, and Nick Offerman discusses �Where the Deer and the Antelope Play.�
Oct 20 2021
Trevor dives into the Striketober worker movement, Dulc� Sloan addresses the lack of trees in low-income neighborhoods, and Alex Wagner discusses her political docuseries �The Circus.�
Oct 19 2021
Eve 27x12
Trevor covers ongoing drama among congressional Democrats, Jordan Klepper visits a rowdy Trump rally in Des Moines, Iowa, and Eve discusses her ABC show �Queens.�
Oct 18 2021
Americans quit their jobs in record numbers, Trevor reacts to Demi Lovato�s objection to calling extraterrestrials �aliens,� and artist John Legend discusses his HUMANLEVEL initiative.
Oct 14 2021
A megadrought ravages the American Southwest, Lewis Black rails against the use of digital de-aging technology in movies, and actor Rosario Dawson discusses her Hulu series �Dopesick.�
Oct 13 2021
Trevor covers COVID-19 vaccination news, Michael Kosta examines a free speech battle in New Jersey, and Phoebe Robinson discusses �Please Don�t Sit on My Bed in Your Outside Clothes.�
Oct 12 2021
Trevor examines the Right to Repair movement, Ronny Chieng rants about the fall season, and rapper Bobby Hall (a.k.a. Logic) discusses his memoir, �This Bright Future.�
Oct 07 2021
Trevor�s two �brothers� debate a congressional spending bill, The Daily Show explains how Hollywood works, and activist Monica Lewinsky discusses her documentary �15 Minutes of Shame.�
Oct 06 2021
Americans claim religious exemptions for vaccine mandates, Michael Kosta chats with a pioneering clitoris expert, and Tristan Harris talks about Facebook�s toxic effects on society.
Oct 05 2021
A data leak exposes super-rich tax dodgers, Dulc� Sloan challenges people to prove her wrong, and professional tuba player Richard Antoine White discusses his book �I�m Possible.�
Oct 04 2021
Americans are compelled to start their holiday shopping early, Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta talk sports news, and actor Jake Gyllenhaal discusses his movie �The Guilty.�
Sep 30 2021
Trevor covers a nail-biting showdown in Congress, Roy Wood Jr. and Dulc� Sloan discuss outsized media coverage of missing white women, and Derecka Purnell talks �Becoming Abolitionists.�
Sep 29 2021
Davido 27x02
Dulc� Sloan reacts to a drastic technology crackdown in China, Roy Wood Jr. honors pioneering Black models, and Nigerian-American musician Davido discusses his album �A Better Time.�
Sep 28 2021
Trevor examines the effects of Texas�s draconian anti-abortion law, Roy Wood Jr. channels Francis Scott Key, and Neal Brennan discusses his off-Broadway show �Neal Brennan: Unacceptable.�
Sep 27 2021

Season 26

116 Episodes

Trevor examines America�s ongoing border crisis, Jordan Klepper visits an anti-mask rally in North Carolina, and singer-songwriter Jason Isbell discusses his covers album �Georgia Blue.�
Sep 23 2021
Trevor highlights unexpected effects of the climate crisis, Michael Kosta investigates water witches in California, and activist Greta Thunberg discusses the fight against climate change.
Sep 22 2021
France lashes out at the U.S. over a submarine deal, Dulc� Sloan tries to make people late for work, and Rep. Pete Aguilar discusses Congress�s investigation of the Capitol riot.
Sep 21 2021
Nurses experience pandemic burnout in the U.S., Trevor rolls out the second annual Pandemmy Awards, and Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman discusses her documentary special �Darkness to Light.�
Sep 20 2021
Anderson .Paak becomes Trevor�s bandleader, Trinidad health minister Terrence Deyalsingh responds to Nicki Minaj�s vaccination misinformation, and LeVar Burton discusses his diverse career.
Sep 16 2021
Trevor highlights civilian deaths in Afghanistan, Desi Lydic examines the mis-treatment of women during childbirth, and Carmelo Anthony discusses �Where Tomorrows Aren�t Promised.�
Sep 15 2021
Nicki Minaj makes an anti-vaccination appeal, Dulc� Sloan investigates a sperm recession in the U.S., and Gabrielle Union discusses �You Got Anything Stronger?,� her new book of essays.
Sep 14 2021
President Biden rolls out a major vaccination mandate, Roy Wood Jr. worries about the rise of the Mu COVID-19 variant, and Dr. Anthony Fauci talks vaccine disinformation.
Sep 13 2021
Trevor explores the impact of streaming on the music industry, Jordan Klepper attends the MAGA Frank Rally organized by Mike Lindell, and Mary J. Blige discusses �Mary J. Blige�s My Life.�
Jun 17 2021
Trevor examines the history of racial discrimination against Black farmers, author Ashley C. Ford discusses �Somebody�s Daughter,� and comedian Sam Jay talks about �PAUSE with Sam Jay.�
Jun 16 2021
Chrissy Teigen apologizes for cyberbullying, soccer star Christian Pulisic talks about his championship wins, and Lin-Manuel Miranda discusses his book �In the Heights: Finding Home.�
Jun 15 2021
World leaders welcome President Biden to the G7 summit with open arms, Ronny Chieng dissects America�s outrage addiction, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar discusses �Fight the Power.�
Jun 14 2021
Violence spikes as Americans emerge from lockdown, gamer Nick Kolcheff talks about FaZe Clan and e-sports, and actor and singer Anthony Ramos discusses �In the Heights� and �Love and Lies.�
Jun 10 2021
Trevor examines America�s crumbling water infrastructure, Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr. cover summer sports news, and comedian Yvonne Orji discusses �Bamboozled by Jesus� and �Insecure.�
Jun 09 2021
Bitcoin cryptocurrency gets beleaguered on many fronts, comedian Gina Yashere talks �Cack-Handed� and �Bob Hearts Abishola,� and NBA legend Chris Bosh discusses �Letters to a Young Athlete.�
Jun 08 2021
The coronavirus vaccination rate faces a snag in the U.S., Ronny Chieng gives a lecture on shady creative writing for the internet, and actor Indya Moore talks about their series �Pose.�
Jun 07 2021
Jeremy Lin 26x100
The pandemic creates a Zoom dysmorphia crisis, Roy Wood Jr. talks to attorney Steven Donziger about his battle with Chevron, and NBA star Jeremy Lin discusses his mental health advocacy.
May 20 2021
The GOP tries to derail an investigation of the Capitol insurrection, filmmaker Barry Jenkins discusses �The Underground Railroad,� and Logan Paul talks about �Mayweather vs. Paul.�
May 19 2021
Restaurants have trouble hiring new employees, Roy Wood Jr. highlights the history of Black leaders in America�s labor movement, and Salima Koroma discusses her documentary �Dreamland.�
May 18 2021
The CDC�s change in COVID-19 mask guidelines creates an uproar, Ronny Chieng learns about the value of NFTs, and Sharon Stone discusses her book �The Beauty of Living Twice.�
May 17 2021
Ransomware attacks pose a growing threat to the U.S., Frank Luntz discusses getting people vaccinated via the power of language, and actor Thuso Mbedu talks about �The Underground Railroad.�
May 13 2021
Trevor highlights the GOP�s ouster of Rep. Liz Cheney, Jordan Klepper examines a wild 2020 election audit in Arizona, and musician Michelle Zauner discusses her book �Crying in H Mart.�
May 12 2021
J Balvin 26x94
Trevor examines the escalating Israel-Palestine conflict, Michael Kosta talks to New Yorkers about their city�s mayoral race, and reggaeton star J Balvin discusses �The Boy from Medellin.�
May 11 2021
California Gov. Gavin Newsom faces a wild recall race, Ian Manuel discusses his memoir �My Time Will Come,� and WNBA star Candace Parker talks about her return to Chicago.
May 10 2021
Desi Lydic shares her pandemic-era Mother�s Day wish, Alex Gibney discusses his documentary �The Crime of the Century,� and Sara Bareilles talks about �Girls5Eva� and �Amidst the Chaos.�
May 06 2021
Trevor covers a debate over teaching about racism in U.S. schools, Jaboukie Young-White gives tips on adjusting to post-pandemic life, and Selma van de Perre discusses �My Name Is Selma.�
May 05 2021
Trevor serves up some uplifting news for the pandemic era, The Daily Show explores the revolting life story of Senator Ted Cruz, and Senator Elizabeth Warren discusses her book �Persist.�
May 04 2021
Apple�s latest iPhone update rankles Facebook, Roy Wood Jr. highlights historic Black royals, and actor Michael B. Jordan talks about his role in �Tom Clancy�s Without Remorse.�
May 03 2021
President Biden unveils a major agenda during a speech before Congress, Sen. Mazie K. Hirono discusses her book �Heart of Fire,� and George Lopez talks about his film �Walking with Herb.�
Apr 29 2021
Fox News pundits spread wild myths about President Biden, Roy Wood Jr. delivers his annual State of Black S**t address, and Anthony Mackie discusses �The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.�
Apr 28 2021
The CDC rolls out relaxed COVID-19 guidelines for mask-wearing, Dulce Sloan gives unsung women rappers their due, and Tarana Burke and Dr. Brene Brown discuss �You Are Your Best Thing.�
Apr 27 2021
Vic Mensa 26x85
Trevor covers the latest coronavirus news, Michael Kosta takes a close look at the U.S.�s measurement unit of feet, and rapper Vic Mensa talks about activism and his EP �I Tape.�
Apr 26 2021
Canada unveils its Summer Olympics uniform, Trevor examines the dangers of driving while Black, and director Skye Fitzgerald discusses his documentary short film �Hunger Ward.�
Apr 15 2021
Trevor highlights developments in problems with policing in the U.S., Elizabeth Nyamayaro discusses her memoir �I Am a Girl from Africa,� and Issa Rae talks about her Life Unseen platform.
Apr 14 2021
Trevor examines the powerful position of Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, Katherine Maher discusses the mission of Wikipedia, and Travon Free talks about his short film �Two Distant Strangers.�
Apr 13 2021
Miguel 26x81
Minnesota police fatally shoot an unarmed Black man, Dulce Sloan examines an effort to remove slurs from Scrabble�s word list, and Miguel discusses his EP �Art Dealer Chic Vol. 4.�
Apr 12 2021
Trevor highlights new culture war battles waged by conservatives, Desi Lydic Fox-splains Georgia�s controversial voting law, and director Lee Isaac Chung discusses his movie �Minari.�
Apr 08 2021
Trevor explores the rise of NFTs, Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr. announce the winner of the 2020 Bracket of Bulls**t, and actor Danielle Brooks discusses �Robin Roberts Presents: Mahalia.�
Apr 07 2021
The notion of COVID-19 passports creates controversy, director Garrett Bradley discusses her documentary �Time,� and Morgan Freeman talks about his �Be There, This Is Your Shot� PSA.
Apr 06 2021
Trevor highlights voter suppression in Georgia, Desi Lydic examines how the pandemic disproportionately harms working women, and Dr. Carl L. Hart discusses his book �Drug Use for Grown-Ups.�
Apr 05 2021
Trevor examines the all-encompassing scourge of violence against women, Dulce Sloan celebrates activist women athletes, and Nomzamo Mbatha talks about landing her role in �Coming 2 America.�
Mar 24 2021
Trevor covers heartwarming news during the pandemic, Desi Lydic explores the history of on-screen female orgasms, and comedian Eric Andre talks about his prank-based movie �Bad Trip.�
Mar 23 2021
The British royal family announces plans for a diversity chief, the NCAA faces sexism allegations, and former first lady Michelle Obama discusses �Waffles + Mochi� and Pass the Love.
Mar 22 2021
Trevor reports on COVID-19 concerns from around the world, Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr. introduce the Bracket of Bulls**t: Pandemic Edition, and Arsenio Hall discusses �Coming 2 America.�
Mar 18 2021
Trevor explores the history of the Senate filibuster, a mass shooter in the Atlanta area kills several Asian women, and actor and singer Cynthia Erivo discusses her role in �Genius: Aretha.�
Mar 17 2021
Former presidents try to convince Americans to get COVID-19 vaccinations, Rebecca Carroll discusses �Surviving the White Gaze,� and Precious Lee talks about her trailblazing modeling career.
Mar 16 2021
Governor Andrew Cuomo�s harassment scandal mounts, Jaboukie Young-White discusses COVID-19 vaccines with Dr. Peter Hotez, and Eddie Murphy talks about his sequel movie �Coming 2 America.�
Mar 15 2021
Fox News slams President Biden for numerous pseudo-scandals, Trevor explores the history of America�s first ladies, and singer-songwriter Michael Kiwanuka talks about his album �Kiwanuka.�
Mar 04 2021
Trevor looks at the state of minimum wage in the U.S, Leo Deblin (Roy Wood Jr.) introduces his unique streaming service, and actor Kelly Marie Tran discusses �Raya and the Last Dragon.�
Mar 03 2021
Rep. Madison Cawthorn faces sexual harassment allegations, Rep. Adam Kinzinger discusses the future of the GOP, and singer-songwriter H.E.R. talks about her song �Fight for You.�
Mar 02 2021
Trevor covers CPAC 2021, Roy Wood Jr. and Jaboukie Young-White try to replace Atlantic City�s Trump Plaza after its demolition, and Marlee Matlin discusses her short film �Feeling Through.�
Mar 01 2021
Desi Lydic reveals her most embarrassing tattoos, Trevor examines America�s outdated and extremely vulnerable power grid, and NBA star Kevin Garnett discusses his memoir �KG: A to Z.�
Feb 25 2021
Andra Day 26x64
Trevor highlights racial inequity in vaccine distribution, Dulce Sloan examines the stereotype of the strong Black woman, and Andra Day discusses �The United States vs. Billie Holiday.�
Feb 24 2021
Republican lawmakers in several states go on an anti-voting blitz, Roy Wood Jr. celebrates the contributions of Black journalists, and humanitarian Hugh Evans discusses Global Citizen.
Feb 23 2021
The Texas winter storm crisis continues, Michael Kosta investigates avian election fraud, and Sharon McMahon talks about fighting misinformation via her Instagram account SharonSaysSo.
Feb 22 2021
Parents and kids grow impatient about reopening schools, Trevor presents a biography of Tucker Carlson, and NBA superstar Russell Westbrook talks about his Why Not? Foundation and more.
Feb 18 2021
Texans suffer from ongoing extreme winter weather, Dulce Sloan talks to Divine Nine sorority members about Vice President Kamala Harris, and author Heather McGhee discusses �The Sum of Us.�
Feb 17 2021
Ronny Chieng shares ways to combat the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes, Roy Wood Jr. explores the history of Black doctors, and Bill Gates discusses �How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.�
Feb 16 2021
Donald Trump is acquitted in his second impeachment trial, The Daily Show correspondents talk about their year under lockdown, and Neil Patrick Harris discusses his role on �It�s a Sin.�
Feb 15 2021
Trevor covers the third day of Donald Trump�s impeachment trial, Jordan Klepper revisits Washington, D.C., after the Capitol riot, and Daniel Kaluuya discusses �Judas and the Black Messiah.�
Feb 11 2021
Donald Trump�s lawyers give dismal performances at his impeachment trial, Roy Wood Jr. explores the history of Black spies, and Radha Blank discusses her film �The Forty-Year-Old Version.�
Feb 10 2021
Trevor examines the massive farmer protest in India, Robin Roberts discusses �Tuskegee Airmen: Legacy of Courage,� and Noah Centineo talks about �To All the Boys: Always and Forever.�
Feb 09 2021
Conservative pundits heap scorn on President Biden, Dr. Atul Gawande discusses U.S. COVID-19 challenges, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers player Leonard Fournette reflects on his Super Bowl win.
Feb 08 2021
Cori Bush 26x53
Democrats strip Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments, Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta preview the Big Game, and Trevor interviews Congresswoman Cori Bush.
Feb 04 2021
Trevor explores America�s longstanding childcare crisis, Desi Lydic offers rehab services to entitled �Karens,� and Dax Shepard talks about �Top Gear America� and �Armchair Expert.�
Feb 03 2021
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recounts her Capitol riot experience, Trevor highlights Wall Street hypocrisy, and Ibram X. Kendi discusses �How to Be an Antiracist� and �Four Hundred Souls.�
Feb 02 2021
Redditors drive up the price of silver, Trevor highlights the racism and conspiracy theories embraced by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, and playwright Jeremy O. Harris discusses �Slave Play.�
Feb 01 2021
Doug Henwood weighs in on the GameStop stock surge, Roy Wood Jr. talks to African political scholars about America�s democratic crisis, and Regina King discusses �One Night in Miami.�
Jan 28 2021
Trevor covers international coronavirus news, President Biden and Republicans make divergent demands for unity, and Amanda Gorman discusses her historic inaugural poem �The Hill We Climb.�
Jan 27 2021
America�s COVID-19 vaccine rollout is a mess, Trevor examines Donald Trump�s breakup with Fox News, and Stanley Nelson talks about his documentary �Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy.�
Jan 26 2021
Republicans resist Donald Trump�s impeachment trial, Roy Wood Jr. examines an alternative to traditional policing in Oregon, and Nnamdi Asomugha discusses his film role in �Sylvie�s Love.�
Jan 25 2021
President Biden exceeds America�s low expectations, Desi Lydic looks back at Melania Trump�s defining moments as First Lady, and the New Yorker�s Jelani Cobb discusses America post-Trump.
Jan 21 2021
Joe Biden is officially sworn in as America�s 46th president, Trevor dives into the history of Inauguration Day, and Stacey Abrams discusses her grassroots political efforts in Georgia.
Jan 20 2021
Washington, D.C., prepares for Joe Biden�s inauguration, Desi Lydic looks back on Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump�s White House roles, and Carey Mulligan discusses �Promising Young Woman.�
Jan 19 2021
Desi Lydic braves a family Christmas party with relatives from Fox News, James Corden talks about �The Late Late Show� and �The Prom,� and Tessa Thompson discusses her movie �Sylvie�s Love.�
Dec 16 2020
GOP leaders finally accept Joe Biden�s presidential victory over Donald Trump, and Trevor talks to Barack Obama about his memoir �A Promised Land,� his leadership initiatives and more.
Dec 15 2020
President Trump gets a reality check, Desi Lydic and Roy Wood Jr. host a voter suppression game show, and Pharrell Williams discusses his Black Ambition initiative and the Juneteenth Pledge.
Dec 14 2020
Dulce Sloan looks back at protesting in 2020, MSNBC�s Rachel Maddow talks about her book �Bag Man,� and actor Bryan Cranston discusses his role on the Showtime series �Your Honor.�
Dec 10 2020
Michael Kosta proposes denying 2020 ever happened, Desi Lydic examines the year�s rise in horniness, and comedian George Wallace talks about his book �Bulltwit�and Whatnot.�
Dec 09 2020
Ronny Chieng highlights major technology news from 2020, writer Ijeoma Oluo discusses her book �Mediocre,� and rapper Busta Rhymes talks about his album �Extinction Level Event 2.�
Dec 08 2020
Trevor examines Georgia�s high-stakes Senate runoff elections, Jaboukie Young-White takes a retrospective look at the year in music, and Method Man talks about �Power Book II: Ghost.�
Dec 07 2020
Ludacris 26x35
Desi Lydic reacts to President Trump�s potential pardons for his offspring, Roy Wood Jr. examines 2020�s streaming media surge, and Ludacris discusses his educational initiative KidNation.
Dec 03 2020
Trevor and Roy Wood Jr. examine racial discrimination in housing, Brit Bennett discusses her novel �The Vanishing Half,� and Michael J. Fox talks about his memoir �No Time Like the Future.�
Dec 02 2020
President Trump raises $170 million for his Election Defense Fund, author Ernest Cline discusses �Ready Player Two,� and actor Rosie Perez talks about �The Flight Attendant.�
Dec 01 2020
Donald Trump advances cruel policies in the final days of his presidency, Dulce Sloan examines the economic costs of climate change, and Stephen Curry discusses the launch of Curry Brand.
Nov 30 2020
Rudy Giuliani has a hair dye malfunction, Trevor examines the pandemic�s effects on Thanksgiving, and Bill Gates discusses COVID-19, climate change and his new podcast with Rashida Jones.
Nov 19 2020
Lewis Black reacts to the rise of far-right news networks in the U.S., Georgia Congresswoman Lucy McBath discusses her memoir �Standing Our Ground,� and Lindsey Vonn talks about �The Pack.�
Nov 18 2020
Trevor gives a primer on faithless electors, Jordan Klepper talks to pro-Trump demonstrators at the Million MAGA March, and Kevin Hart discusses his stand-up special �Zero F**ks Given.�
Nov 17 2020
President Trump continues to insist he won reelection, Desi Lydic tries to reason with her paranoid �cousin� Tucker Carlson, and Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses two film adaptations of his books.
Nov 16 2020
Africa sets a global example for how to handle COVID-19, soccer star Megan Rapinoe discusses her memoir �One Life,� and actor Forest Whitaker talks about his holiday film �Jingle Jangle.�
Nov 12 2020
Halsey 26x26
Trevor highlights some uplifting developments, Michael Kosta talks to Americans seeking dental care in Mexico, and singer-songwriter Halsey discusses her book �I Would Leave Me if I Could.�
Nov 11 2020
GOP leaders back President Trump�s refusal to concede to Joe Biden, Trevor breaks down the history of presidential concession speeches, and Lenny Kravitz discusses his book �Let Love Rule.�
Nov 10 2020
President Trump refuses to concede the election to Joe Biden, activist Ruby Bridges discusses her book �This Is Your Time,� and actor Anthony Anderson talks about his role on �black-ish.�
Nov 09 2020
Coronavirus cases soar in the U.S., Michael Kosta learns about potential post-election chaos, and Soledad O�Brien discusses problematic punditry and her podcast �Very Opinionated.�
Nov 05 2020
Roy Wood Jr. gives up on polls over the unexpected closeness of Election 2020, Trevor talks to �The Hispanic Republican� author Geraldo Cadava, and Evan Osnos discusses his book �Joe Biden.�
Nov 04 2020
In this one-hour special, Trevor and The Daily Show correspondents provide live Election Night coverage as America braces itself to find out who will win the Trump-Biden presidential race.
Nov 03 2020
Roy Wood Jr. highlights more of President Trump�s top 100 scandals, Michael Kosta talks to suburban white women who support Trump, and The Root�s Michael Harriot discusses the Black vote.
Nov 02 2020
Roy Wood Jr. discusses Black men�s support for President Trump, Jordan Klepper chats with Trump rally-goers in Lancaster, PA, and Trevor talks to vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris.
Oct 29 2020
Ice Cube 26x18
Trevor examines Halloween in the coronavirus era, Roy Wood Jr. continues his countdown of President Trump�s 100 worst scandals, and Ice Cube discusses the Contract with Black America.
Oct 28 2020
Jaboukie Young-White serves as President Trump�s beleaguered teleprompter operator, Desi Lydic talks to undecided voters, and comedian Chelsea Handler discusses her special �Evolution.�
Oct 27 2020
Early voting surges in the U.S., Roy Wood Jr. continues his countdown of President Trump�s top 100 scandals, and Bruce Springsteen talks about his album and documentary �Letter to You.�
Oct 26 2020
Trevor covers the final presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, activist Alicia Garza discusses her book �The Purpose of Power,� and Rashida Jones talks about �On the Rocks.�
Oct 23 2020
Roy Wood Jr. begins the countdown of President Trump�s top 100 scandals, Desi Lydic Fox-splains allegations against Hunter Biden, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren discusses the presidential race.
Oct 22 2020
Trevor covers electoral battles in the U.S. Senate, Michael Kosta talks to three deception artists about President Trump�s constant lying, and Chris Rock talks about his role on �Fargo.�
Oct 21 2020
Trevor examines a protest movement against police brutality in Nigeria, actor Matthew McConaughey talks about his memoir �Greenlights,� and Jose Andres discusses Chefs for the Polls.
Oct 20 2020
Team Trump pushes conspiracy theories aimed at Joe Biden, New York governor Andrew Cuomo discusses �American Crisis,� and Nick Offerman talks about his audio comedy special �All Rise.�
Oct 15 2020
Trevor examines militias in America, Roy Wood Jr. reconnects with a panel of Black voters, and actor and activist Wilmer Valderrama discusses �NCIS� and the importance of Latino voters.
Oct 14 2020
President Trump makes a defiant return to the campaign trail, Jaboukie Young-White learns about the Power the Polls initiative, and attorney Anita Hill discusses the Hollywood Commission.
Oct 13 2020
Dulce Sloan weighs in on the vice presidential debate, Jordan Klepper goes to a Trump rally in Pennsylvania, and �The Circus� cohost Alex Wagner talks about the presidential election.
Oct 08 2020
The coronavirus runs rampant in the White House and the Pentagon, Alexandra Pelosi discusses her documentary �American Selfie,� and comedian Colin Quinn talks about his book �Overstated.�
Oct 07 2020
Trevor highlights the history of U.S. presidents hiding their ailments, Roy Wood Jr. examines GOP efforts to suppress mail-in votes, and Jason Sudeikis discusses his series �Ted Lasso.�
Oct 06 2020
President Trump battles COVID-19, Jaboukie Young-White reacts to Melania Trump�s anti-Christmas decorating rant, Jason Momoa discusses �Gather,� and Kat Graham talks about �Cut Throat City.�
Oct 05 2020
Presidential debates face rule changes, Ronny Chieng tries on a COVID-19 protection suit for partiers, and Mariah Carey discusses �The Meaning of Mariah Carey� and �The Rarities.�
Oct 01 2020
Desi Lydic and Ronny Chieng provide coaching during the first presidential debate, Al Sharpton discusses his book �Rise Up,� and John Cena talks about his book �Elbow Grease: Fast Friends.�
Sep 30 2020
Trevor dives into California�s wildfire crisis, Ronny Chieng talks to Philippe Reines about his 2016 role as Donald Trump in mock debates, and dancer Misty Copeland discusses �Bunheads.�
Sep 29 2020
The New York Times publishes a major report on President Trump�s taxes, Roy Wood Jr. examines voting rights for Florida�s ex-felons, and Dr. Jane Goodall discusses chimps and climate change.
Sep 28 2020

Season 25

160 Episodes

A grand jury declines to charge police for the killing of Breonna Taylor, Desus Nice and The Kid Mero talk about �God-Level Knowledge Darts,� and Jeff Daniels discusses �The Comey Rule.�
Sep 24 2020
The U.S. presidential election faces threats at home and from abroad, Dulce Sloan makes an economic case against police brutality, and journalist Bob Woodward discusses his book �Rage.�
Sep 23 2020
Desi Lydic calls her �uncle� Lou Dobbs, Slate�s Dahlia Lithwick discusses Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Black Lives Matter cofounder Patrisse Cullors talks about �When They Call You a Terrorist.�
Sep 22 2020
Trevor honors the life and legacy of late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Dr. Anthony Fauci returns to discuss the current state of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S.
Sep 21 2020
Trevor calls on viewers to participate in the Pandemmy Awards, Sherrilyn Ifill discusses the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, and Ewan McGregor talks about his travel docuseries �Long Way Up.�
Sep 17 2020
Lewis Black gives tips for ex-city dwellers on how to endure life in the suburbs, Senator Jon Tester discusses his memoir �Grounded,� and rapper Big Sean talks about his album �Detroit 2.�
Sep 16 2020
Trevor examines travel in the coronavirus era, Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr. talk sports, and Mark Ruffalo reflects on the police violence and protests in his hometown of Kenosha, WI.
Sep 15 2020
Trevor highlights blatant disregard for COVID-19 health measures in the U.S., Dulce Sloan examines the history of Black hair in America, and Mychal Denzel Smith discusses �Stakes Is High.�
Sep 14 2020
Ronny Chieng reacts to a campus controversy involving a Chinese word, ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok discusses his book �Compromised,� and Samuel L. Jackson talks about his docuseries �Enslaved.�
Sep 10 2020
Jane Fonda 25x151
Recordings reveal President Trump downplayed COVID-19, Desi Lydic talks to the founder of gender reveal parties, and �What Can I Do?� author Jane Fonda discusses climate change activism.
Sep 09 2020
Trevor covers the latest in coronavirus news, author Malcolm Gladwell discusses his podcast �Revisionist History,� and actor and comedian Lamorne Morris talks about his Hulu series �Woke.�
Sep 08 2020
Dulce Sloan reacts to home decor choices on display at the DNC and RNC, Doc Rivers and Steve Ballmer discuss the NBA players� strike, and Keke Palmer talks about hosting the MTV VMAs 2020.
Aug 28 2020
Vice President Pence gives a slyly dishonest RNC speech, Trevor unveils a biopic about President Trump�s unmatched greatness, and Jaboukie Young-White talks to RNC delegate Michael Albrecht.
Aug 27 2020
Trevor discusses the police shooting of Jacob Blake and its aftermath, Jordan Klepper examines the state of the Federal Election Commission, and Ramy Youssef talks about his series �Ramy.�
Aug 26 2020
Trevor covers the Republican National Convention, Desi Lydic and Roy Wood Jr. host a game of America�s Got Suppression, and Chris Evans and Mark Kassen discuss A Starting Point.
Aug 25 2020
Trevor examines the QAnon conspiracy theory, Stuart Stevens discusses The Lincoln Project and �It Was All a Lie,� and Radhika Jones and Ta-Nehisi Coates talk about co-editing Vanity Fair.
Aug 24 2020
Desi Lydic Fox-splains Kamala Harris, Dulce Sloan talks to drag queens getting out the vote, and �Black-ish� star Tracee Ellis Ross discusses moderating at the 2020 DNC and �The High Note.�
Aug 21 2020
Kamala Harris officially accepts the nomination for vice president, Trevor rolls out a short biopic about Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders calls for a broad coalition to defeat President Trump.
Aug 20 2020
Conservatives question Kamala Harris�s Black identity, Jaboukie Young-White talks to members of the Young Delegates Coalition, and actor Eva Longoria discusses Momento Latino.
Aug 19 2020
Dulce Sloan observes the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, Common talks about �Com&Well,� and �Finish the Fight!� author Veronica Chambers discusses the American suffrage movement.
Aug 18 2020
Trevor covers pushback against U.S. Postal Service cuts, Michael Kosta examines a coronavirus checkpoint clash in South Dakota, and House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn discusses Kamala Harris.
Aug 17 2020
Dulce Sloan and singer Margo Price react to sexist attacks on Kamala Harris, Kenya Barris talks about his shows �Black-ish� and �#blackAF,� and author Isabel Wilkerson discusses �Caste.�
Aug 13 2020
Trevor highlights the career of Senator Kamala Harris, Jaboukie Young-White reconnects with vaccine expert Dr. Peter Hotez, and W. Kamau Bell discusses �United Shades of America.�
Aug 12 2020
President Trump crusades against mail-in voting, Roy Wood Jr. examines the origins of citizen�s arrest laws, and �This Is Us� star Sterling K. Brown discusses One Million Truths.
Aug 11 2020
Jaboukie Young-White proposes an unlikely running mate for Joe Biden, Representative Pramila Jayapal discusses �Use the Power You Have,� and Michaela Coel talks about �I May Destroy You.�
Aug 10 2020
Trevor examines the life and legacy of Breonna Taylor, Michael Kosta learns about poop-based medical research, and �The Last Girl� author Nadia Murad talks about her fight against genocide.
Jul 30 2020
Trevor highlights the erasure of powerful Black women activists from history, Stockton, CA, mayor Michael Tubbs discusses �Stockton on My Mind,� and Liza Koshy talks about �Work It.�
Jul 29 2020
Senate Republicans propose steep cuts to unemployment benefits, Lewis Black would rather die than try outdoor dining, and Tina Knowles-Lawson and Leigh Chapman discuss voting rights.
Jul 28 2020
Trevor gives a rundown of COVID-19 news, Desi Lydic helps white people become anti-racist, and �Begin Again� author Eddie S. Glaude Jr. discusses the life of James Baldwin.
Jul 27 2020
Trevor compares America�s handling of the Spanish flu and COVID-19, Desi Lydic checks in on her uncle Rudy, and Esther Perel discusses her podcast �Where Should We Begin.�
Jul 23 2020
Jim Carrey 25x130
President Trump pretends to take the coronavirus seriously again, Jordan Klepper visits a pro-Trump boat rally, and Jim Carrey discusses his book �Memoirs and Misinformation.�
Jul 22 2020
Trevor highlights heightened unrest in Portland, OR, Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta discuss the NBA�s �bubble,� and Buju Banton talks about his album �Upside Down 2020.�
Jul 21 2020
Fox News�s Chris Wallace grills President Trump, �Tough Love� author Susan Rice discusses the Trump administration�s COVID-19 response, and Nathalie Emmanuel talks �Die Hart.�
Jul 20 2020
Trevor covers international COVID-19 news, Dr. Michele Harper discusses her memoir �The Beauty in Breaking,� and Patton Oswalt talks about �I�ll Be Gone in the Dark.�
Jul 16 2020
Trevor highlights corrupt cops in L.A., Rep. Katie Porter weighs in on reopening schools, and actor Danai Gurira discusses �Difficult Conversations with My White Friends.�
Jul 15 2020
Joe Biden leads President Trump in polls, Dulce Sloan highlights the importance of taking the census, and Hannibal Buress discusses his stand-up special �Miami Nights.�
Jul 14 2020
President Trump finally wears a mask in public, Michael Kosta weighs in on safely reopening schools, and Hillary Clinton discusses the Hulu docuseries �Hillary� and more.
Jul 13 2020
TV shows glorifying lawless cops face backlash, Roy Wood Jr. talks to Dr. Juanakee Adams about protester vandalism of her business, and Jon Stewart discusses �Irresistible.�
Jun 25 2020
NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace reflects on the noose controversy, Trevor introduces Blacklexa, and John Legend talks about fighting for racial equality and his album �Bigger Love.�
Jun 24 2020
Trevor examines Black employment barriers, talks to �Evaluating Police Uses of Force� co-author Seth Stoughton and interviews D.L. Hughley about �Surrender, White People!�
Jun 23 2020
President Trump�s rally in Tulsa, OK, is a dud, Malcolm Jenkins discusses Black Lives Matter and Listen Up Media, and Laverne Cox talks trans representation and �Disclosure.�
Jun 22 2020
Dulce Sloan shares a Juneteenth history lesson, activist Kimberly Jones discusses �I�m Not Dying with You Tonight,� and LL Cool J talks about his Rock the Bells initiative.
Jun 18 2020
President Trump downplays COVID-19, Alphonso David discusses the Supreme Court�s LGBTQ+ anti-discrimination ruling, and NFL quarterback Matt Ryan talks about his activism.
Jun 17 2020
Jaboukie Young-White helps Michael Kosta become a better ally, Senator Tim Scott discusses police reform, and Gabrielle Union talks about the ubiquity of racism in America.
Jun 16 2020
The Supreme Court rules to protect LGBTQ employees� rights, Stacey Abrams discusses �Our Time Is Now,� and Alicia Keys talks about her new song �The Perfect Way to Die.�
Jun 15 2020
Roy Wood Jr. proposes a union to counter police unions, Spike Lee discusses his movie �Da 5 Bloods,� and actor Josh Gad talks about �Central Park,� �Reunited Apart� and more.
Jun 11 2020
Joe Biden 25x114
Georgia�s primary voters endure long lines and faulty equipment at the polls, and former Vice President Joe Biden discusses police reform and running against President Trump.
Jun 10 2020
Patrisse Cullors, Josie Duffy Rice, Sam Sinyangwe, Mychal Denzel Smith and Alex S. Vitale join Trevor for a panel on movements to radically reimagine policing in the U.S.
Jun 09 2020
Police get violent with peaceful protesters, Black Visions Collective�s Miski Noor examines police brutality in Minneapolis, and Anquan Boldin discusses the Players Coalition.
Jun 08 2020
Teachers adapt to daunting COVID-19 challenges, Michael Kosta talks to Florida�s Grim Reaper protester, and Taraji P. Henson discusses the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation.
May 21 2020
Trevor covers face mask news, Jose Antonio Vargas talks about COVID-19�s effects on undocumented immigrants, and NBA star Chris Paul discusses his documentary �Blackballed.�
May 20 2020
President Trump claims to be on hydroxychloroquine, Jordan Klepper highlights counter-protesting nurses in North Carolina, and Kerry Moles and Brieanna Hayes discuss CASA-NYC.
May 19 2020
Barack Obama takes a swipe at President Trump, Jaboukie Young-White examines rich people in the COVID-19 era, and Madeleine Albright discusses �Hell and Other Destinations.�
May 18 2020
Desi Lydic examines President Trump�s �Obamagate� accusations, Scott Blubaugh discusses COVID-19�s effects on the U.S. food supply, and Yara Shahidi talks �Graduate Together.�
May 14 2020
Trevor highlights COVID-19�s effects on the drug trade, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti discusses concerns about reopening, and Billy Porter talks about his art and activism.
May 13 2020
Doctors find the coronavirus could ravage the entire body, Desi Lydic attempts a familial chat with Fox News�s Jeanine Pirro, and Ricky Gervais discusses �After Life.�
May 12 2020
White House staffers tests positive for COVID-19, Dulce Sloan gets advice on the importance of the U.S. Census, and Bakari Sellers discusses his memoir �My Vanishing Country.�
May 11 2020
Trevor examines college life in the coronavirus era, and musician Jason Isbell discusses his album �Reunions� and the COVID-19 pandemic�s impact on the music industry.
May 07 2020
President Trump tours a mask plant without wearing a mask, Roy Wood Jr. talks to Avi Schiffmann about his COVID-19 website, and Jos� Andr�s discusses World Central Kitchen.
May 06 2020
Americans lash out against face mask requirements, author Thomas Piketty discusses �Capital and Ideology,� and actor Amandla Stenberg talks about �The Eddy.�
May 05 2020
Protesters demand an end to state lockdowns, Jaboukie Young-White talks to COVID-19 survivors about an anti-gay blood donation ban, and Trevor interviews Dr. Anders Tegnell.
May 04 2020
Neighbors come up with novel ways to stay engaged with one another, Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta cover sports news, and Trevor interviews renowned restaurateur Danny Meyer.
Apr 30 2020
COVID-19 deals a blow to America�s food supply chain, The Daily Show correspondents look back on life before quarantine, and Trevor interviews Maryland Governor Larry Hogan.
Apr 29 2020
Banks and big businesses exploit the Paycheck Protection Program, Michael Kosta presents a travelogue of his home, and Trevor interviews Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth.
Apr 28 2020
President Trump suggests injected disinfectants can fight COVID-19, Roy Wood Jr. gets do-it-yourself haircut tips, and Trevor interviews Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.
Apr 27 2020
President Trump remains consistently chaotic, Roy Wood Jr. mixes a quarantine cocktail, and Kenneth �Babyface� Edmonds and Teddy Riley discuss their R&B Instagram battle.
Apr 23 2020
Trevor has an in-depth interview with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo about his urgent efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and how the crisis has impacted him personally.
Apr 22 2020
President Trump announces an immigration ban, Jordan Klepper gets tips from survivalist Pat McNamara, and Rise CEO Amanda Nguyen discusses her Survivor Safe Haven program.
Apr 21 2020
Right-wing protesters gather to demand an end to statewide coronavirus lockdowns, and Trevor talks to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and NBA All-Star Stephen Curry.
Apr 20 2020
Trevor examines COVID-19 conspiracy theories, Lewis Black describes his life under quarantine, and Mark Cuban discusses his work with the White House on reopening the economy.
Apr 16 2020
President Trump demands his signature on COVID-19 relief checks, Jaboukie Young-White basks in life under quarantine, and Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot chats with Trevor.
Apr 15 2020
President Trump insists he has total authority over the states, The Daily Show correspondents offer video chatting etiquette, and astronaut Christina Koch chats with Trevor.
Apr 14 2020
Trevor covers pandemic-era Easter celebrations, Desi Lydic talks about mental health self-care with Dr. Steven Taylor, and Claire Babineaux-Fontenot discusses Feeding America.
Apr 13 2020
Divorces increase due to pandemic lockdowns, Jordan Klepper learns about doomsday preparation, and Darren Walker discusses the threat COVID-19 poses to incarcerated Americans.
Apr 09 2020
Black Americans get hit hardest by COVID-19, Dulce Sloan roasts the backgrounds of news anchor footage, and Roxane Gay discusses her effort to help during the pandemic crisis.
Apr 08 2020
Wisconsin holds its primary election despite the pandemic, Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta cap off Trump�s Best Word Bracket, and Trevor interviews IMF economist Gita Gopinath.
Apr 07 2020
Trevor enlists his correspondents to help him figure out how to make a protective mask, and actress Jennifer Garner discusses her charitable initiative, Save with Stories.
Apr 06 2020
Trevor covers coronavirus news, Roy Wood Jr. goes into battle mode against COVID-19, and Bill Gates weighs in on the cause of the pandemic and the resources needed to end it.
Apr 02 2020
President Trump suddenly gets serious about the coronavirus, Ronny Chieng catches up with Andrew Yang, and Trevor interviews Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer about COVID-19.
Apr 01 2020
Trevor and his correspondents try to determine what day it is, and Cleveland Cavaliers player Kevin Love discusses his efforts to keep arena workers paid during the pandemic.
Mar 31 2020
Trevor likens President Trump to Joe Exotic from �Tiger King,� Jaboukie Young-White interviews Dr. Peter Hotez, and California Governor Gavin Newsom discusses the coronavirus.
Mar 30 2020
Renowned immunologist Dr. Anthony Fauci discusses the threat posed by COVID-19, and Trevor releases anti-tourism ads to keep people from visiting Florida, Alaska and Hawaii.
Mar 26 2020
Trevor covers coronavirus news, Ronny Chieng gives a dispatch from Australia, and Dr. Vivek Murthy discusses challenges facing medical professionals and his book �Together.�
Mar 25 2020
DJ D-Nice 25x77
President Trump itches for a premature end to social distancing, Michael Kosta gets to know his neighbors via binoculars, and DJ D-Nice talks �Homeschool at Club Quarantine.�
Mar 24 2020
Trevor covers global coronavirus news, Desi Lydic describes life as a round-the-clock parent, and Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta weigh in on Trump�s Best Word Bracket.
Mar 23 2020
The NBA suspends its season indefinitely, President Trump addresses the nation about the coronavirus pandemic, and Octavia Spencer chats about �Self Made.�
Mar 12 2020
The WHO declares the coronavirus a global pandemic, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio talks about the city�s response to coronavirus concerns, and actor Dave Burd discusses �Dave.�
Mar 11 2020
The coronavirus leads to widespread �social distancing� in the U.S., Trevor unveils Trump�s Best Word Bracket, and Jason Reynolds and Ibram X. Kendi discuss �Stamped.�
Mar 10 2020
Trevor covers the effects of the coronavirus in Italy and the U.S., Jaboukie Young-White offers tips on staying coronavirus-free, and Mikki Kendall discusses �Hood Feminism.�
Mar 09 2020
Trevor examines the �forever chemicals� problem, Dulce Sloan blasts America�s lack of statues honoring women, and Los Angeles Sparks player Nneka Ogwumike discusses the WNBPA.
Mar 05 2020
Trevor gives his next-day analysis of Super Tuesday, Lewis Black rails against the scourge of �sharenting,� and activist Judith Heumann discusses her book �Being Heumann.�
Mar 04 2020
Trevor and Ronny Chieng cover Super Tuesday live, Desi Lydic interviews an X-rated activist, and author David Plouffe discusses �A Citizen�s Guide to Beating Donald Trump.�
Mar 03 2020
Joe Biden pulls off a major primary victory in South Carolina, Roy Wood Jr. gives tips on avoiding the coronavirus, and actor Nina Dobrev discusses her movie �Run This Town.�
Mar 02 2020
Trevor covers the coronavirus crisis, Jordan Klepper and Roy Wood Jr. talk to black primary voters in South Carolina, and Jessie Reyez discusses �Before Love Came to Kill Us.�
Feb 27 2020
Trevor covers the growing coronavirus threat, Roy Wood Jr. highlights African-American fashion trailblazers, and author Kiley Reid discusses her novel �Such a Fun Age.�
Feb 26 2020
Trevor examines the 10th Democratic debate live, Jaboukie Young-White interviews LGBTQ voters about Pete Buttigieg, and Rahm Emanuel discusses his book �The Nation City.�
Feb 25 2020
Bernie Sanders wins the Nevada Democratic primary, President Trump receives a hero�s welcome in India, and actor Anthony Mackie discusses his Netflix series �Altered Carbon.�
Feb 24 2020
Michael Bloomberg takes heat for his past defense of �stop and frisk,� Roy Wood Jr. expounds on the Chitlin� Circuit, and Nick Kroll discusses his movie �Olympic Dreams.�
Feb 13 2020
Trevor covers the New Hampshire Democratic primary, Ronny Chieng examines Andrew Yang�s exercise in universal basic income, and Lakeith Stanfield discusses �The Photograph.�
Feb 12 2020
Wale 25x61
Michael Kosta gives his take on the New Hampshire primary, Ronny Chieng rails against coronavirus misinformation, and Wale discusses his album �Wow... That�s Crazy.�
Feb 11 2020
Joe Biden targets Pete Buttigieg with a ruthless attack ad, Ronny Chieng examines the upcoming New Hampshire primary, and author Tochi Onyebuchi discusses �Riot Baby.�
Feb 10 2020
President Trump�s impeachment trial ends, Roy Wood Jr. honors unsung black explorers, and New York Times Magazine reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones discusses �The 1619 Project.�
Feb 05 2020
Trevor and the Daily Show News Team provide live coverage of President Trump�s State of the Union Address, and PBS�s �Firing Line� host Margaret Hoover analyzes the speech.
Feb 04 2020
GOP senators reject impeachment trial witnesses, Jordan Klepper meets Iowa Trump supporters, and Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo discusses �Formula 1: Drive to Survive.�
Feb 03 2020
Legal sports betting could take the U.S. by storm, Neal Brennan examines the GOP�s kinky submission to President Trump, and filmmaker Matthew A. Cherry discusses �Hair Love.�
Jan 30 2020
Roy Wood Jr. reacts to the Trump administration�s Middle East peace plan, the impeachment trial enters a new phase, and Vox editor Ezra Klein discusses �Why We�re Polarized.�
Jan 29 2020
Fox News takes aim at John Bolton, President Trump advances his anti-immigrant agenda, and comedian Ilana Glazer discusses �The Planet Is Burning� and �Horny 4 Tha Polls.�
Jan 28 2020
John Bolton�s memoir manuscript complicates the Trump impeachment saga, Desi Lydic investigates the Mars One program, and Charles Yu discusses his novel �Interior Chinatown.�
Jan 27 2020
Senators duck out of President Trump�s impeachment trial, Desi Lydic reacts to obstacles facing the Equal Rights Amendment, and artist Kehinde Wiley sits down with Trevor.
Jan 23 2020
Congress members clash at President Trump�s impeachment trial, Desi Lydic investigates Arizona�s rejection of daylight saving time, and Kim Ghattas discusses �Black Wave.�
Jan 22 2020
BD Wong 25x50
President Trump�s Senate impeachment trial begins, Michael Kosta weighs in on Mitch McConnell�s impeachment rules, and actor BD Wong discusses Awkwafina is Nora from Queens.
Jan 21 2020
The New York Times announces a double presidential endorsement, Roy Wood Jr. covers iffy MLK Day celebrations, and Mary Frances Berry discusses �History Teaches Us to Resist.�
Jan 20 2020
Lev Parnas implicates President Trump in the Ukraine scheme, Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr. cover sports, and actor and comedian Susie Essman discusses �Curb Your Enthusiasm.�
Jan 16 2020
Nancy Pelosi sends articles of impeachment to the Senate, Ronny Chieng reports on the CES 2020 tech expo, and actor/activist Yara Shahidi discusses her role on �grown-ish.�
Jan 15 2020
Trevor analyzes the Democratic debate live, Jordan Klepper examines Iowa�s role in the primaries, and former GOP strategist Rick Wilson discusses �Running Against the Devil.�
Jan 14 2020
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle�s �stepping back� creates royal drama, President Trump tweets in Farsi about Iran protests, and David Alan Grier discusses �A Soldier�s Play.�
Jan 13 2020
Wildfires wreak havoc in Australia, Jaboukie Young-White visits climate change-ravaged Arizona, and Miami Heat basketball player Jimmy Butler sits down with Trevor.
Jan 09 2020
Mo Rocca 25x43
Michael Kosta gets hawkish on Iran, Trevor reports on new laws taking effect in 2020, and �CBS Sunday Morning� correspondent Mo Rocca discusses his book �Mobituaries.�
Jan 08 2020
President Trump�s targeted killing of Qassem Soleimani leads to chaos, Roy Wood Jr. braces for retaliation from Iran, and Ronan Farrow discusses his book �Catch and Kill.�
Jan 07 2020
The World�s Fakest News Team analyzes President Trump�s targeted killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, and California Congresswoman Karen Bass sits down with Trevor.
Jan 06 2020
Trevor covers the Democratic debate live, Jaboukie Young-White and Desi Lydic try a product for overwhelmed voters, and The Intercept�s Mehdi Hasan discusses the primaries.
Dec 19 2019
Michael Kosta discusses Democrats� mournful approach to impeachment, Ronny Chieng tackles global warming�s effects on the holidays, and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II talks �Watchmen.�
Dec 18 2019
The black community faces a mental health treatment crisis, thieves steal millions of delivered holiday packages, and Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi sits down with Trevor.
Dec 17 2019
Dan Soder 25x37
U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson is elected in a landslide victory, Jordan Klepper embeds himself outside a PA Trump rally, and comedian Dan Soder discusses �Son of a Gary.�
Dec 16 2019
Trevor highlights Trump family members� rotten behavior, Dulce Sloan examines disheartening workplace studies, and Solange Knowles discusses �When I Get Home.�
Dec 12 2019
A report exposes official lies about the Afghanistan War, Ronny Chieng investigates body donation, and Lupita Nyong�o discusses �Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker� and �Sulwe.�
Dec 11 2019
President Trump faces impeachment articles, Lewis Black tackles misguided holiday pandering to Jewish people, and Alfre Woodard and Aldis Hodge discuss their film �Clemency.�
Dec 10 2019
Joe Biden loses his temper at an Iowa town hall, Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta cover sports news, and actor Kelly Marie Tran discusses �Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.�
Dec 09 2019
Nancy Pelosi calls for drafting impeachment articles against President Trump, Jaboukie Young-White consults with the founding fathers, and John Lithgow discusses �Bombshell.�
Dec 05 2019
Underwater speakers help revitalize dying coral reefs, NATO leaders laugh at President Trump behind his back, and Brittany Howard talks about her debut solo album �Jaime.�
Dec 04 2019
President Trump clashes with French President Emmanuel Macron, Roy Wood Jr. gets an education in alternative meat science, and Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses �The Water Dancer.�
Dec 03 2019
Trevor tackles developments in the 2020 Democratic primary, Michael Kosta defends Joe Biden�s �No Malarkey� messaging, and Mark Ruffalo discusses his movie �Dark Waters.�
Dec 02 2019
Trevor discusses 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang, Roy Wood Jr. highlights black contributions to Thanksgiving, and Lena Waithe talks about her movie �Queen & Slim.�
Nov 21 2019
Trevor analyzes the fifth Democratic debate live, Roy Wood Jr. gets insight from black voters, and MSNBC anchor Alicia Menendez discusses her book �The Likeability Trap.�
Nov 20 2019
Desi Lydic investigates Rep. Eric Swalwell�s alleged televised fart, Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr. cover sports news, and Lin-Manuel Miranda discusses �His Dark Materials.�
Nov 19 2019
Diplomat David Holmes adds fuel to Trump�s Ukraine scandal, Desi Lydic and Michael Kosta serve up new presidential excuses, and Tom Steyer discusses his 2020 presidential bid.
Nov 18 2019
Fox News writes off the Trump impeachment hearings as boring, Steve Ballmer discusses his USAFacts initiative, and Jeff Garlin talks about �Jeff Garlin: Our Man in Chicago.�
Nov 14 2019
Impeachment hearings against President Trump go public, Jaboukie Young-White and Roy Wood Jr. try to sell Trump�s childhood home, and Daniel Kaluuya discusses �Queen & Slim.�
Nov 13 2019
Former Trump administration officials churn out tell-all memoirs, Roy Wood Jr. highlights adorable animals in the news, and Noah Baumbach discusses his movie �Marriage Story.�
Nov 12 2019
Michael Bloomberg prepares to join the Democratic primary field, Rep. Jim Himes discusses the impeachment inquiry into President Trump, and Anna Kendrick talks about �Noelle.�
Nov 11 2019
The vaping industry allegedly targets teens, an expert (Michael Kosta) highlights Donald Trump�s iconic posture, and Jenny Slate discusses �Little Weirds� and �Stage Fright.�
Nov 07 2019
Elizabeth Warren terrifies the super-rich, Michael Kosta examines the alt-right�s anti-masturbation stance, and Julian Castro discusses his Democratic presidential candidacy.
Nov 06 2019
Trevor highlights California�s inmate firefighters, Senator Cory Booker talks about his 2020 presidential campaign, and Edward Norton discusses �Motherless Brooklyn.�
Nov 05 2019
Drug smugglers cut holes in President Trump�s border wall, Elizabeth Warren takes heat from her 2020 Democratic rivals, and Colson Whitehead discusses �The Nickel Boys.�
Nov 04 2019
Washington Nationals fans celebrate their World Series win, Trevor covers worldwide protests, and Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton discuss �The Book of Gutsy Women.�
Oct 31 2019
Sean Spicer gets shady for the sake of a �Dancing with the Stars� victory, Ronny Chieng bashes Halloween, and Senator Amy Klobuchar discusses her 2020 presidential campaign.
Oct 30 2019
Noname 25x14
Roy Wood Jr. reacts to Alexander Vindman�s impeachment testimony, Californians flee massive wildfires, and rapper Noname talks about Noname�s Book Club.
Oct 29 2019
President Trump gloats over the death of ISIS�s leader, Beto O�Rourke discusses his 2020 White House bid, and actor Michelle Yeoh chats about her role in �Last Christmas.�
Oct 28 2019
Trevor tackles the latest onslaught of headlines, Dulce Sloan gives her take on President Trump�s impeachment strategy, and director Taika Waititi discusses �Jojo Rabbit.�
Oct 17 2019
Trevor looks at how Hunter Biden and the Trump children benefit from their family names, Cyntoia Brown-Long discusses �Free Cyntoia,� and Ali Wong chats about �Dear Girls.�
Oct 16 2019
Trevor dissects the fourth 2020 Democratic debate live, Leo Deblin (Roy Wood Jr.) provides a service to candidates, and CBS News special correspondent Alex Wagner stops by.
Oct 15 2019
Desi Lydic examines President Trump�s Middle East policies, Neal Brennan argues that Trump thinks he owns America, and Black Coffee discusses his musical journey and �LaLaLa.�
Oct 14 2019
Rand Paul 25x08
California cuts power to hundreds of thousands to avoid wildfires, Turkey attacks America�s Kurdish allies in Syria, and Sen. Rand Paul discusses �The Case Against Socialism.�
Oct 10 2019
China lashes out at the NBA over a team GM�s support for Hong Kong protesters, Roy Wood Jr. talks to GOP presidential hopeful Bill Weld, and Will Smith discusses �Gemini Man.�
Oct 09 2019
The Trump administration blocks an ambassador�s testimony to Congress, Lewis Black highlights the scourge of surprise medical bills, and Susan Rice discusses �Tough Love.�
Oct 08 2019
President Trump abruptly pulls U.S. troops from northern Syria, Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr. cover sports news, and author Chanel Miller discusses her memoir �Know My Name.�
Oct 07 2019
Vice President Mike Pence becomes tainted by President Trump�s Ukraine scandal, Trevor reacts to Amber Guyger�s murder verdict, and Tyler �Ninja� Blevins discusses �Get Good.�
Oct 03 2019
Trevor highlights President Trump�s unhinged border wall demands, Desi Lydic investigates a protest against Yelp, and Jacqueline Woodson discusses �Red at the Bone.�
Oct 02 2019
Trevor weighs the case for impeachment against Rudy Giuliani, Michael Kosta explores President Trump�s moral blindness, and Anand Giridharadas discusses �Winners Take All.�
Oct 01 2019
Roy Wood Jr. reports on President Trump�s whistleblower scandal, Ronny Chieng reacts to a viral �beer money� fundraiser, and GOP presidential candidate Mark Sanford stops by.
Sep 30 2019

Season 24

158 Episodes

Trevor covers the whistleblower complaint against President Trump, Desi Lydic slams Trump for wasting an impeachment opportunity, and Jameela Jamil discusses �The Good Place.�
Sep 26 2019
President Trump releases a summary of his call with Ukraine�s president, Roy Wood Jr. covers a 2020 GOP primary debate, and Nick Cannon talks about his diverse career.
Sep 25 2019
Nancy Pelosi launches an impeachment inquiry, Ronny Chieng refuses to get his hopes up about President Trump�s downfall, and California Governor Gavin Newsom stops by.
Sep 24 2019
Canada�s Justin Trudeau comes under fire for wearing blackface, Ronny Chieng rails against futuristic bar technology, and Edward Snowden discusses his book �Permanent Record.�
Sep 19 2019
An attack on Saudi Arabia�s oil facilities leads to talk of war, Roy Wood Jr. weighs in on the blackest material on Earth, and Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey discuss �She Said.�
Sep 18 2019
Elizabeth Warren and President Trump host very different rallies, and Bashir Salahuddin and Diallo Riddle discuss South Side.
Sep 17 2019
Brett Kavanaugh is accused of sexual misconduct again, President Trump hints at war on behalf of Saudi Arabia, and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor discusses �Just Ask!�
Sep 16 2019
In this live episode, Trevor covers the third 2020 Democratic presidential debate, and New York Times opinion columnist Jamelle Bouie gives his take on the event.
Sep 12 2019
Drug companies face consequences for their role in the opioid crisis, Lewis Black talks about how digital screen time is affecting kids, and activist Greta Thunberg stops by.
Sep 11 2019
Brad Smith 24x149
President Trump eases restrictions on trophy hunting, Dulce Sloan investigates a firm that implants microchips in its employees, and Brad Smith discusses �Tools and Weapons.�
Sep 10 2019
Trevor highlights President Trump�s latest beefs, Michael Kosta and Jaboukie Young-White talk sports, and �Queer Eye� star Antoni Porowski discusses �Antoni in the Kitchen.�
Sep 09 2019
Raging fires threaten the Amazon, Montana Governor Steve Bullock talks about his 2020 White House bid, and Tracee Ellis Ross discusses �mixed-ish� and Pattern Beauty.
Sep 05 2019
Bill Hader 24x146
Jaboukie Young-White proposes a novel solution to America�s gun problem, Trevor highlights Joe Biden�s latest gaffes, and Bill Hader discusses �Barry� and �IT Chapter Two.�
Sep 04 2019
President Trump makes bizarre claims about Hurricane Dorian, Roy Wood Jr. examines the Popeyes chicken sandwich craze, and Shameik Moore discusses �Wu-Tang: An American Saga.�
Sep 03 2019
Trevor wonders if President Trump is trying to get Melania deported, Bill de Blasio talks about his 2020 White House bid, and Jada Pinkett Smith discusses �Red Table Talk.�
Aug 14 2019
Burna Boy 24x143
Advertisers distance themselves from Tucker Carlson over his comments downplaying white supremacy, and Burna Boy discusses and performs songs from his album �African Giant.�
Aug 13 2019
Jeffrey Epstein�s apparent suicide leads to conspiracy theories, the Iowa State Fair becomes a gaffe-fest for Joe Biden, and Rep. Ayanna Pressley sits down with Trevor.
Aug 12 2019
Meek Mill 24x141
The owner of Equinox draws outrage for planning a Trump fundraiser, Turkmenistan�s dictator appears in a video to prove he�s not dead, and Meek Mill discusses �Free Meek.�
Aug 08 2019
Democrats blast President Trump for his inaction on white supremacy and guns, Sen. Michael Bennet discusses his White House bid, and Natasha Lyonne chats about �Russian Doll.�
Aug 07 2019
Mike Huckabee and Sean Hannity propose absurd solutions to America�s mass shooting epidemic, and Marianne Williamson discusses her 2020 Democratic presidential campaign.
Aug 06 2019
Trevor examines America�s gun violence epidemic in the wake of mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, and actor Eva Longoria discusses �Dora and the Lost City of Gold.�
Aug 05 2019
Actress Diane Guerrero.
Aug 01 2019
Trevor gives continued live coverage of CNN�s Democratic debates, Michael Kosta hobnobs with candidates and reporters, and MSNBC political analyst Cornell Belcher stops by.
Jul 31 2019
Trevor and The World�s Fakest News Team go live after the Democratic debate to recap the biggest moments, and New York Magazine�s Olivia Nuzzi offers her take on the night.
Jul 30 2019
Trevor gives a rundown of President Trump�s latest beefs, Dulce Sloan reacts to findings from relationship studies, and actor Angela Bassett discusses her role in �Otherhood.�
Jul 29 2019
Student debt becomes a major crisis in the U.S., Trevor�s Australian cousin highlights bad animal behavior, and Andrew Yang discusses his 2020 Democratic presidential bid.
Jul 25 2019
Robert Mueller testifies about his Trump-Russia investigation before Congress, Lewis Black highlights dangers facing beachgoers, and actor Gina Torres discusses �Pearson.�
Jul 24 2019
Asian countries send back garbage exported from the West, Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr. cover quirky sports news, and David Spade chats about Lights Out with David Spade.
Jul 23 2019
Jamie Bell 24x130
President Trump advocates for rapper A$AP Rocky�s release from Swedish jail, Ronny Chieng sounds off about expensive auction items, and actor Jamie Bell discusses �Skin.�
Jul 22 2019
Isha Sesay 24x129
Rep. Ilhan Omar becomes the target of a racist chant at a Trump rally, Puerto Ricans protest government corruption, and Isha Sesay discusses �Beneath the Tamarind Tree.�
Jul 18 2019
Democrats and Republicans spar over President Trump�s racist tweets, Michael Kosta reacts to footage of Trump partying with Jeffrey Epstein, and artist Nelson Makamo stops by.
Jul 17 2019
Nas 24x127
The House condemns President Trump�s racist tweets, Michael Kosta investigates a personhood initiative for Lake Erie, and rapper Nas talks about his album �The Lost Tapes 2.�
Jul 16 2019
Dapper Dan 24x126
The FBI raids Jeffrey Epstein�s New York City mansion, a major blackout rocks Manhattan, and fashion designer Dapper Dan discusses his memoir �Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem.�
Jul 15 2019
Sparks fly in 2020�s second Democratic debate, Ronny Chieng tests people�s knowledge about Democratic presidential candidates, and former DNC Chair Howard Dean stops by.
Jun 27 2019
Democratic candidates square off in the first 2020 primary debate, The World�s Fakest News Team solves a crisis, and FiveThirtyEight senior writer Perry Bacon Jr. stops by.
Jun 26 2019
Bernie Sanders rolls out a plan to cancel student loan debt, Jaboukie Young-White examines a fight for civics education in Rhode Island, and Olivia Munn discusses �The Rook.�
Jun 25 2019
President Trump suddenly reverses course on bombing Iran, a database exposes racist Facebook posts by police, and author Elaine Welteroth discusses �More Than Enough.�
Jun 24 2019
Joe Biden takes heat for an anecdote about working with segregationists, Iran shoots down a U.S. drone, and former Olympic Alpine skier Lindsey Vonn sits down with Trevor.
Jun 20 2019
Tensions escalate between the U.S. and Iran, Roy Wood Jr. honors escaped slaves for Juneteenth, and Arturo Castro talks about his sketch series Alternatino with Arturo Castro.
Jun 19 2019
Tom Perez 24x119
Harvard rejects a Parkland survivor over racist remarks, Jaboukie Young-White examines corporate participation in Pride Month, and DNC Chair Tom Perez sits down with Trevor.
Jun 18 2019
A video captures police threatening a family in Phoenix, President Trump sits down with George Stephanopoulos, and managing director of the IMF Christine Lagarde stops by.
Jun 17 2019
Tim Ryan 24x117
President Trump signals a willingness to accept foreign dirt on his rivals, Ronny Chieng blasts over-pampered dogs, and Rep. Tim Ryan discusses his 2020 presidential campaign.
Jun 13 2019
President Trump spars with Joe Biden, Desi Lydic reacts to a Women�s World Cup controversy, and actor Tessa Thompson discusses her role in �Men in Black: International.�
Jun 12 2019
Vladimir Putin builds an alliance with China�s Xi Jinping, Ronny Chieng gets embedded with a plastic straw cop, and Kwame Onwuachi discusses �Notes from a Young Black Chef.�
Jun 11 2019
Democratic presidential candidates descend on Iowa, President Trump cancels his Mexico tariffs, and actor Danielle Brooks chats about her Shakespeare in the Park experience.
Jun 10 2019
Trevor examines the life and career of Elizabeth Warren, President Trump�s tweets lose their punch, and James Corden discusses �The Late Late Show� and the 2019 Tony Awards.
Jun 06 2019
Trevor highlights U.K. politician Boris Johnson, Lewis Black rails against the CBD craze, and Randall Park chats about his Netflix movie �Always Be My Maybe.�
Jun 05 2019
President Trump continues his controversial U.K. visit, Jaboukie Young-White talks socialism with Sen. Bernie Sanders, and author Amber Scorah discusses �Leaving the Witness.�
Jun 04 2019
President Trump pays an official state visit to the U.K., Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta talk sports, and Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell discusses his 2020 presidential run.
Jun 03 2019
Top Democrats support impeaching President Trump, Neal Brennan calls on Democrats to be as ruthless as Republicans, and Christian Siriano talks fashion and �Project Runway.�
May 30 2019
Jill Biden 24x108
Robert Mueller gives a rare press conference, Ronny Chieng reacts to high-tech Christian outreach initiatives, and Dr. Jill Biden discusses her book �Where the Light Enters.�
May 29 2019
President Trump pays a visit to Japan, Roy Wood Jr. accuses Trevor of being an anti-American propagandist, and Reese Witherspoon discusses her HBO series �Big Little Lies.�
May 28 2019
President Trump has a major beef with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Dulce Sloan weighs in on Ben Carson�s job security, and Wyatt Cenac discusses �Wyatt Cenac�s Problem Areas.�
May 23 2019
The U.S. and China race to control 5G, Ronny Chieng talks to New Yorkers about their texting-while-walking habits, and Rachel Louise Snyder discusses �No Visible Bruises.�
May 22 2019
Democratic presidential hopefuls take varying approaches to Fox News, Michael Kosta talks to a man who helped legalize nunchucks, and Ava DuVernay discusses �When They See Us.�
May 21 2019
GOP state lawmakers take aim at Roe v. Wade, Mayor Bill de Blasio announces his White House bid, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand discusses her 2020 presidential campaign.
May 20 2019
South Africa�s general election heats up, Desi Lydic tackles sexist coverage of the 2020 race, and filmmakers Mark Jonathan Harris and Deborah Oppenheimer discuss �Foster.�
May 09 2019
Tyra Banks 24x101
Footage of Bernie Sanders reveals his ideological consistency, Donald Trump lost over a billion dollars in a decade, and Tyra Banks discusses her return to Sports Illustrated.
May 08 2019
Scientists warn that over 1 million species face imminent extinction, Trump officials risk congressional contempt, and Valerie Jarrett discusses her book �Finding My Voice.�
May 07 2019
Trevor wonders about America�s next war, Roy Wood Jr. reacts to President Trump�s school lunch rollback, and comedian Eddie Izzard chats about his global �Wunderbar� tour.
May 06 2019
A whale is suspected of spying for Russia, Jordan Klepper talks about his show Klepper, and actor Charlize Theron chats about �Long Shot� and the Africa Outreach Project.
May 02 2019
Senators grill Attorney General William Barr, Roy Wood Jr. examines humanity�s lack of concern over climate change, and Chelsea Handler talks �Life Will Be the Death of Me.�
May 01 2019
Some 2020 Democratic candidates struggle to be noticed, Dulce Sloan explains Joe Biden�s appeal to black female voters, and Jesse Williams discusses his �Grey�s Anatomy� role.
Apr 30 2019
President Trump racks up over 10,000 lies, Roy Wood Jr. tackles �Avengers: Endgame� spoiler outrage, and 2020 White House hopeful Pete Buttigieg discusses �Shortest Way Home.�
Apr 29 2019
Joe Biden officially announces his 2020 presidential bid, Roy Wood Jr. weighs in on black country musicians, and Ryan O�Connell discusses his Netflix series �Special.�
Apr 25 2019
Jaboukie Young-White offers Twitter tips to President Trump, Lewis Black rants about New York City�s congestion tax, and Melinda Gates discusses her book �The Moment of Lift.�
Apr 24 2019
CNN hosts town halls for five Democratic presidential contenders, Michael Kosta offers alternatives to impeachment, and Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman talk �The Hill to Die On.�
Apr 23 2019
The Mueller report describes President Trump in panic mode, Ronny Chieng reacts to proposed climate change solutions, and Nobel Prize nominee Amanda Nguyen discusses Rise.
Apr 22 2019
Lizzo 24x90
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is arrested, Desi Lydic examines the Me Too movement�s effects on Wall Street work culture, and Lizzo chats about her album �Cuz I Love You.�
Apr 11 2019
Maxine Waters smacks down Steve Mnuchin, Roy Wood Jr. reacts to Democratic presidential candidates� black voter outreach, and Oprah Winfrey discusses �The Path Made Clear.�
Apr 10 2019
Democrats spar with White House officials over President Trump�s tax returns, Ronny Chieng reacts to food-based lawsuits in the U.S., and Abby Wambach discusses �Wolfpack.�
Apr 09 2019
President Trump fires Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Trevor profiles Federal Reserve Board nominee Herman Cain, and David Oyelowo discusses �Les Miserables.�
Apr 08 2019
Controversy swirls around William Barr�s Mueller report summary, Democrats call for President Trump�s tax returns, and Sen. Bernie Sanders discusses his 2020 White House bid.
Apr 04 2019
PJ Morton 24x85
Lori Lightfoot becomes Chicago�s first black female mayor, Trevor examines President Trump�s bitter hatred of windmills, and PJ Morton discusses his album �Gumbo Unplugged.�
Apr 03 2019
A whistleblower sounds the alarm about security clearances in the Trump administration, spring break spirals out of control in Miami, and Marsai Martin chats about �Little.�
Apr 02 2019
Joe Biden is accused of inappropriate behavior toward women, President Trump cuts off aid to Central American countries, and New York Rep. Hakeem Jeffries chats with Trevor.
Apr 01 2019
Trevor examines the phenomenon of snowplow parenting, Desi Lydic investigates gender price discrimination, and Lupita Nyong�o discusses her dual role in the movie �Us.�
Mar 28 2019
Trevor profiles 2020 presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg, Michael Kosta reacts to cruel proposals from the Trump administration, and Jennifer L. Eberhardt discusses �Biased.�
Mar 27 2019
Democrats demand the release of the Mueller report, Trevor gives a rundown of high-profile screwups, and Bobby Hall (a.k.a. Logic) discusses his debut novel �Supermarket.�
Mar 26 2019
Trevor and Roy Wood Jr. react to Robert Mueller�s report clearing President Trump of Russian collusion, and Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer reflect on the end of Broad City.
Mar 25 2019
Leana Wen 24x78
Dr. Leana Wen, president of Planned Parenthood.
Mar 21 2019
Will Hurd 24x77
President Trump lashes out at both the late John McCain and George Conway, Desi Lydic celebrates women�s innovations, and Texas Congressman Will Hurd sits down with Trevor.
Mar 20 2019
Trevor highlights Boeing�s outsized power over the FAA, Neal Brennan examines socialism�s rising popularity in America, and Will Packer discusses �The Atlanta Child Murders.�
Mar 19 2019
Trevor gives an update on Democratic presidential contenders, Ronny Chieng highlights environmental news, and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee discusses his 2020 White House bid.
Mar 18 2019
Ronny Chieng talks about universal income with 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang, Dulce Sloan reacts to bizarre police initiatives, and Jacob Tobia discusses �Sissy.�
Mar 14 2019
Michael Kosta gives his take on the college admissions bribery scandal, Desi Lydic channels a composer for network news, and Karamo Brown discusses �Karamo� and �Queer Eye.�
Mar 13 2019
Dozens are charged in a college admissions bribery scheme, Desi Lydic honors villainous women, and �Top Chef� host and executive producer Padma Lakshmi sits down with Trevor.
Mar 12 2019
Beto O�Rourke remains coy about running for president in 2020, President Trump refers to Tim Cook as �Tim Apple,� and author Rutger Bregman discusses �Utopia for Realists.�
Mar 11 2019
Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un�s nuclear summit breaks down, Roy Wood Jr. examines the history of the �magical negro� in cinema, and musician Gary Clark Jr. stops by.
Feb 28 2019
Michael Cohen goes before Congress to call Donald Trump racist and corrupt, Lewis Black criticizes anti-vaxxers, and Angie Thomas discusses her book �On the Come Up.�
Feb 27 2019
President Trump meets with Kim Jong-un in Vietnam, two women who left their home countries to join ISIS fight to return, and John Legend performs �Preach.�
Feb 26 2019
Singer R. Kelly faces jail time for sexual abuse, Roy Wood Jr. meets preteen political commentators, and director Chiwetel Ejiofor discusses �The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind.�
Feb 25 2019
Jussie Smollett faces a felony charge, Roy Wood Jr. explores the history of enemies recruiting black Americans, and Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider discuss The Other Two.
Feb 21 2019
President Trump is accused of meddling in the Michael Cohen investigation, Trevor examines America�s opioid crisis, and Senator Kamala Harris discusses �The Truths We Hold.�
Feb 20 2019
Senator Bernie Sanders joins the 2020 presidential race, Jaboukie Young-White weighs in on Jussie Smollett�s alleged attack, and Trevor sits down with NBA star Enes Kanter.
Feb 19 2019
Bing Liu 24x63
Surprising details emerge about Jussie Smollett�s alleged attack, President Trump declares a national emergency, and director Bing Liu discusses �Minding the Gap.�
Feb 18 2019
Trevor reflects on the one-year anniversary of the Parkland shooting, Roy Wood Jr. looks back at black contributions to music, and author Chris Wilson talks �The Master Plan.�
Feb 14 2019
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez�s Green New Deal sparks outrage, Bricky the Border Wall heads to Texas, and director RaMell Ross talks �Hale County This Morning, This Evening.�
Feb 13 2019
Spike Lee 24x60
President Trump holds a rally in El Paso, Texas, notorious drug lord Pablo Escobar�s hippos take over Colombia, and writer and director Spike Lee discusses �BlacKkKlansman.�
Feb 12 2019
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam addresses his blackface scandal in a CBS interview, Sen. Amy Klobuchar enters the 2020 race, and actor Phoebe Robinson discusses �2 Dope Queens.�
Feb 11 2019
Ronny Chieng talks about raising taxes on the rich, Roy Wood Jr. highlights notable civil rights marches, and journalist Dorothy Butler Gilliam discusses �Trailblazer.�
Feb 07 2019
Democrats tease their potential 2020 presidential campaigns, Michael Kosta investigates competitive video gaming, and actor Danai Gurira discusses �The Walking Dead.�
Feb 06 2019
Trevor and the World�s Fakest News Team break down President Trump�s second State of the Union address, and New York Times op-ed columnist Frank Bruni weighs in on the speech.
Feb 05 2019
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam comes under fire for allegedly appearing in blackface, President Trump defends his plans for Syria, and Colin Quinn talks �Red State Blue State.�
Feb 04 2019
Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta prepare for the big game, Neal Brennan calls for gun control-inspired social media regulations, and Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar stops by.
Jan 31 2019
Ronny Chieng explains climate change as a cold front hits the Midwest, President Trump attacks his own intelligence agencies, and Chris Christie chats about �Let Me Finish.�
Jan 30 2019
Howard Schultz announces a possible presidential run, Desi Lydic finds out how environmental racism is affecting a Colorado school, and Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck stops by.
Jan 29 2019
Mo Amer 24x51
The government reopens after the longest shutdown in U.S. history, Trump aide Roger Stone is indicted by Robert Mueller�s investigation, and Mo Amer discusses �The Vagabond.�
Jan 28 2019
El Chapo�s former associates tell all in court, Roy Wood Jr. explains why the NFL should rely on instant replay, and �Meet the Press� moderator Chuck Todd stops by.
Jan 24 2019
Nancy Pelosi asks President Trump to postpone the State of the Union, Roy Wood Jr. investigates black cowboys taking on gang violence, and Joe Morton talks �God Friended Me.�
Jan 23 2019
Democratic presidential hopefuls address their controversial pasts, Ronny Chieng calls out an Oscar snub, and Amanda Seales discusses her stand-up special �I Be Knowin�.�
Jan 22 2019
A teen�s standoff with a Native American leader goes viral, Dulce Sloan reflects on Martin Luther King Jr.�s legacy, and �I Am the Night� director Patty Jenkins stops by.
Jan 21 2019
Michael Kosta sees crowdfunding as a solution to the government shutdown, Jaboukie Young-White tries out a Trump-inspired credit card, and Don Cheadle talks �Black Monday.�
Jan 17 2019
Nancy Pelosi calls on President Trump to postpone his State of the Union address, Lewis Black targets new state laws, and Keegan-Michael Key discusses �Friends from College.�
Jan 16 2019
Trevor investigates the racist rhetoric of Rep. Steve King, Ronny Chieng weighs in on the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, and author Tressie McMillan Cottom discusses �Thick.�
Jan 15 2019
Trevor highlights three Democrats running for president in 2020, President Trump�s dubious grasp of Civil War history is dramatized, and Derek Waters discusses Drunk History.
Jan 14 2019
The government shutdown over President Trump�s border wall takes its toll, Trevor weighs in on a casting controversy, and John David Washington discusses �BlacKkKlansman.�
Jan 10 2019
President Trump delivers a fearmongering Oval Office address, Desi Lydic reacts to Jeff Bezos�s impending divorce, and Barry Jenkins discusses �If Beale Street Could Talk.�
Jan 09 2019
President Trump flirts with declaring a state of emergency, Michael Kosta investigates a gun festival in Switzerland, and Marc Mauer discusses his book �The Meaning of Life.�
Jan 08 2019
Michael Kosta suits up for the government shutdown, Roy Wood Jr. examines R. Kelly�s surge in popularity, and Malala Yousafzai discusses �We Are Displaced� and Malala Fund.
Jan 07 2019
Trevor and The World�s Fakest News Team look back at the weirdness and wildness of 2018, and Charlamagne tha God discusses mental health and his book �Shook One.�
Dec 19 2018
Pusha T 24x37
Dulce Sloan reacts to Russia�s effort to manipulate black Americans, Desi Lydic learns how to talk to racist family members over the holidays, and Pusha T discusses �Daytona.�
Dec 18 2018
Mick Mulvaney becomes President Trump�s new chief of staff, Roy Wood Jr. talks about Christmas from a black perspective, and Eve L. Ewing discusses �Ghosts in the Schoolyard.�
Dec 17 2018
The National Enquirer exacerbates President Trump�s hush-money scandal, journalist Bob Woodward discusses �Fear,� and Janelle Monae chats about her album �Dirty Computer.�
Dec 13 2018
European museums consider returning African art to Africa, Neal Brennan mercilessly debunks popular beliefs, and Jennifer Lopez discusses �Second Act� and �Limitless.�
Dec 12 2018
Meek Mill 24x33
Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer throw down with President Trump, Ronny Chieng addresses �Fortnite� addiction, and rapper Meek Mill discusses criminal justice reform.
Dec 11 2018
Michael Kosta volunteers to replace White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, President Trump is implicated in felonies, and Tatiana Maslany discusses �Destroyer� and �Network.�
Dec 10 2018
Jay Rosen 24x31
Jaboukie Young-White weighs in on America�s trend toward a cashless society, Michael Kosta examines Switzerland�s gun culture, and Jay Rosen discusses The Correspondent.
Dec 06 2018
Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta cover sports, Ronny Chieng talks to Bill Gates about his mission to reinvent the toilet, and Moschino�s Jeremy Scott discusses fashion.
Dec 05 2018
The World�s Fakest News Team fills in for a speechless Trevor by covering a blatant GOP power grab, and musician Anderson .Paak discusses his album �Oxnard.�
Dec 04 2018
Trevor returns to his home country of South Africa, where he spends quality time with his grandmother, sits down with Usher and hosts the 2018 Global Citizen Festival.
Dec 03 2018
Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen pleads guilty to lying to Congress, the Veterans Affairs Department stiffs veterans, and author Lindy West discusses �Shout Your Abortion.�
Nov 29 2018
Al Gore 24x26
A giant cow in Australia becomes an internet celebrity, Ronny Chieng sits down with District Attorney Mark Gonzalez in Texas, and Al Gore discusses �24 Hours of Reality.�
Nov 28 2018
General Motors announces massive layoffs, Trevor addresses the fatal police shooting of Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford, Jr., and actor Diego Luna discusses �Narcos: Mexico.�
Nov 27 2018 24x24
Conservatives disregard a government report on climate change, Central American asylum seekers face tear gas at the U.S.-Mexico border, and sits down with Trevor.
Nov 26 2018
Jaboukie Young-White reacts to Amazon�s plan to set up shop in New York, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand discusses �Bold & Brave,� and �Creed II� star Tessa Thompson chats with Trevor.
Nov 15 2018
House Democrats gear up to investigate the Trump administration, Lewis Black sounds off about a flat Earth conference, and chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley chats with Trevor.
Nov 14 2018
Amazon announces new headquarters in Virginia and New York, Michael Kosta weighs in on Florida�s midterm recounts, and Jenifer Lewis discusses �The Mother of Black Hollywood.�
Nov 13 2018
President Trump has an especially bad week, Roy Wood Jr. highlights the contributions of African-American soldiers, and actor Jeffrey Wright discusses �We Are Not Done Yet.�
Nov 12 2018
Trevor profiles acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker, Mexican drug lord �El Chapo� Guzman goes on trial in New York, and rapper Swizz Beatz discusses his album �Poison.�
Nov 08 2018
President Trump attacks the media during a post-midterms press conference, Nevada voters elect a dead brothel owner, and Rebecca Traister discusses her book �Good and Mad.�
Nov 07 2018
The World�s Fakest News Team weighs in on the 2018 midterm election results, and senior writer for Rolling Stone Jamil Smith sits down with Trevor.
Nov 06 2018
President Trump threatens Iran via a meme, celebrities implore people to vote in the midterms, and Trevor interviews Ohio Gov. John Kasich and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker.
Nov 05 2018
President Trump lashes out at immigrants at a rally in Florida, Ronny Chieng examines Florida�s lionfish epidemic, and Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade sits down with Trevor. From Miami, Fl.
Nov 01 2018
President Trump proposes an end to birthright citizenship, Desi Lydic investigates the �Florida man� phenomenon, and CNN�s Ana Navarro discusses Trump�s effect on the GOP. From Miami, Fl.
Oct 31 2018
President Trump casts a migrant caravan as an �invasion,� Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta investigate toxic algae in Florida, and Miami Marlins CEO Derek Jeter stops by. From Miami, Fl.
Oct 30 2018
A Trump supporter mails bombs to prominent Democrats, Roy Wood Jr. celebrates black Floridians, and Trevor chats with Florida Democratic gubernatorial nominee Andrew Gillum. From Miami, Fl.
Oct 29 2018
Georgia voters face disenfranchisement ahead of the midterms, Ronny Chieng sounds off on the latest tech advancements, and Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton stops by.
Oct 18 2018
President Trump defends Saudi Arabia, Dulce Sloan meets with Indiana congressional candidate Jeannine Lee Lake, and Juli�n Castro discusses �An Unlikely Journey.�
Oct 17 2018
The Saudis change their story on Jamal Khashoggi�s disappearance, Roy Wood Jr. honors historic black activists in sports, and Melissa McCarthy talks �Can You Ever Forgive Me?�
Oct 16 2018
Georgia vandals deface a historic monument using googly eyes, Elizabeth Warren reveals proof of her Native American heritage, and Amandla Stenberg discusses �The Hate U Give.�
Oct 15 2018
Kanye West visits the White House, Jaboukie Young-White explains how the voting system caters to older people, and Nicole Chung discusses her memoir �All You Can Ever Know.�
Oct 11 2018
John Cena 24x06
U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley steps down on surprisingly good terms, Roy Wood Jr. breaks down Georgia�s gubernatorial race, and pro wrestler John Cena discusses �Elbow Grease.�
Oct 10 2018
Brett Kavanaugh is sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice, Taylor Swift endorses two Democratic candidates in Tennessee, and journalist Mark Leibovich discusses �Big Game.�
Oct 09 2018
Riz Ahmed 24x04
The FBI completes its investigation of the sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, Desi Lydic infiltrates the Girl Scouts, and actor Riz Ahmed discusses �Venom.�
Oct 04 2018
A report on Donald Trump�s taxes debunks his self-made claims, Desi Lydic looks at 2018�s most corrupt candidates, and Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses �Accessory to War.�
Oct 03 2018
The White House launches a presidential text alert system, a 1985 police report describes Brett Kavanaugh�s involvement in a bar fight, and NBC�s Lester Holt stops by.
Oct 02 2018
The FBI investigates sexual assault allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, the U.S. and Canada reach a trade deal, and author Carol Anderson discusses �One Person, No Vote.�
Oct 01 2018

Season 23

157 Episodes

Emotions run high as Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Brett Kavanaugh testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and America Ferrera discusses her book �American Like Me.�
Sep 27 2018
Bill Gates 23x156
Brett Kavanaugh faces a third sexual misconduct allegation, Roy Wood Jr. goes to extremes to bridge America�s partisan divide, and Bill Gates discusses Goalkeepers.
Sep 26 2018
M.I.A. 23x155
Brett Kavanaugh insists that he was a virgin in college, Neal Brennan implores Trump-supporting Republicans to find Jesus, and M.I.A. discusses �Matangi / Maya / M.I.A.�
Sep 25 2018
Jenny Han 23x154
A second woman accuses Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr. tackle sports headlines, and Jenny Han discusses �To All the Boys I�ve Loved Before.�
Sep 24 2018
Roy Wood Jr. comes up with a sci-fi solution for a racially charged problem, Desi Lydic addresses helicopter parenting, and Tracey Ullman discusses �Tracey Ullman�s Show.�
Sep 20 2018
Controversy swirls around Bert and Ernie�s sexuality, Brett Kavanaugh faces sexual assault allegations, and Eli Saslow and Derek Black discuss �Rising Out of Hatred.�
Sep 19 2018
The World�s Fakest News Team forecasts more disastrous tweets from President Trump, Trevor pitches a Trump-inspired Magic 8 Ball, and Jos� Andr�s discusses �We Fed an Island.�
Sep 13 2018
The East Coast braces for Hurricane Florence, Roy Wood Jr. investigates structural racism in Boston, and Anna Kendrick chats about her role in �A Simple Favor.�
Sep 12 2018
Mitski 23x149
President Trump continues his tradition of behaving badly on 9/11, Michael Kosta examines a midterm race in Orange County, CA, and musician Mitski discusses �Be the Cowboy.�
Sep 11 2018
Barack Obama takes aim at President Trump, Senator Amy Klobuchar discusses �Nevertheless, We Persisted,� and Cleveland Cavaliers player Kevin Love sits down with Trevor.
Sep 10 2018
Conservatives claim to be censored by Facebook and Twitter, Senator Kamala Harris grills Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and Maggie Gyllenhaal discusses �The Deuce.�
Sep 06 2018
April Ryan 23x146
An anonymous White House official blasts President Trump in the New York Times, Brett Kavanaugh�s Supreme Court hearings continue, and CNN�s April Ryan discusses �Under Fire.�
Sep 05 2018
Trevor examines high-profile boycotts, tensions rise at Brett Kavanaugh�s Supreme Court confirmation hearing, and DeRay Mckesson discusses �On the Other Side of Freedom.�
Sep 04 2018
Fired FBI agent Peter Strzok gets a major boost via GoFundMe, Hasan Minhaj tries to save MoviePass, and comedian D.L. Hughley discusses his book �How Not to Get Shot.�
Aug 16 2018
Roy Wood Jr. reacts to Donald Trump�s alleged use of the N-word, Ronny Chieng learns about deregulation, and Jimmy O. Yang discusses �Crazy Rich Asians� and �How to American.�
Aug 15 2018
Dulce Sloan demands equal pay for black women, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan takes a page from the Trump playbook, and Omarosa Manigault Newman talks about �Unhinged.�
Aug 14 2018
Spike Lee 23x141
Omarosa Manigault Newman releases two secretly taped White House conversations, a Unite the Right rally fizzles out in Washington, D.C., and Spike Lee talks �BlacKkKlansman.�
Aug 13 2018
Mothers face harassment for breastfeeding in public, the first black �Peanuts� character turns 50, and March For Our Lives activists Emma Gonzalez and Matt Deitsch stop by.
Aug 09 2018
Big Boi 23x139
The Trump administration targets legal immigrants, Lewis Black rails against summer camp programs for adults, and rapper-producer Big Boi discusses his album �Boomiverse.�
Aug 08 2018
Former Trump campaign official Rick Gates testifies against Paul Manafort, Hasan Minhaj explores the history of presidential pardons, and �Dog Days� star Rob Corddry stops by.
Aug 07 2018
President Trump bashes LeBron James on Twitter, Trevor explains why Iran and America aren�t friends, and Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams talks �Minority Leader.�
Aug 06 2018
A$AP Rocky 23x136
Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort goes on trial, Attorney General Jeff Sessions creates a Religious Liberty Task Force, and A$AP Rocky discusses his album �Testing.�
Aug 02 2018
The debate over 3D-printed �ghost guns� heats up, Jim Jordan runs for House Speaker amid a sexual assault scandal, and Michael McFaul discusses �From Cold War to Hot Peace.�
Aug 01 2018
Beyonce takes over a cover issue of Vogue, Michael Kosta weighs in on the GOP�s latest proposed tax cut for the rich, and Skylar Grey chats with Trevor about her music career.
Jul 31 2018
Rudy Giuliani attempts to smear Michael Cohen, Trevor announces the book version of �The Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library,� and MSNBC�s Andrea Mitchell stops by.
Jul 30 2018
President Trump tries to undo the effects of his own policies, a global heat wave alarms scientists, and New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stops by.
Jul 26 2018
Bo Burnham 23x131
Audio of an exchange between Donald Trump and Michael Cohen raises eyebrows, Roy Wood Jr. meets online victims of mistaken identity, and Bo Burnham discusses �Eighth Grade.�
Jul 25 2018
The Trump administration targets environmental protection laws, Desi Lydic investigates Staten Island�s deer problem, and Michael Scott Moore talks �The Desert and the Sea.�
Jul 24 2018
President Trump tweets an all-caps threat to Iran�s president, Roy Wood Jr. and Ronny Chieng react to bizarre baseball news, and Tip �T.I.� Harris talks �The Grand Hustle.�
Jul 23 2018
Michael Kosta reacts to the arrest of alleged Russian agent Maria Butina, Roy Wood Jr. highlights conspiracy theories, and Daveed Diggs and Rafael Casal talk �Blindspotting.�
Jul 19 2018
The FDA mulls a ban on labeling non-dairy products as �milk,� Trevor does a deep dive into the life of Nelson Mandela, and Annie Lowrey discusses her book �Give People Money.�
Jul 18 2018
President Trump walks back his comment supporting Russia over the U.S., Ronny Chieng tackles a chicken coop craze among millionaires, and Wiz Khalifa talks �Rolling Papers 2.�
Jul 17 2018
President Trump cozies up to Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Gina Yashere reacts to Trump�s disastrous visit to the U.K., and Boots Riley discusses his film �Sorry to Bother You.�
Jul 16 2018
Hasan Minhaj reacts to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy�s retirement, Trevor highlights progress for LGBTQ rights, and Darnell L. Moore discusses �No Ashes in the Fire.�
Jun 28 2018
Janet Mock 23x123
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez beats Joe Crowley in New York�s primary election, Michael Kosta examines the political perils of anti-Trump rhetoric, and Janet Mock discusses �Pose.�
Jun 27 2018
Confrontations with Trump officials ignite a civility debate, Michael Kosta attends a Trump rally, and Bill Clinton and James Patterson discuss �The President Is Missing.�
Jun 26 2018
J Prince 23x121
A Virginia restaurant ejects Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a white woman calls the cops on an eight-year-old black girl, and J Prince discusses �The Art & Science of Respect.�
Jun 25 2018
Racists organize a White Civil Rights rally in Washington, D.C., Desi Lydic tackles cable news panels, and Mike Shinoda discusses his album �Post Traumatic.�
Jun 21 2018
President Trump signals an end to his migrant family separation policy, Michael Kosta investigates presidential adviser Stephen Miller, and Dan Reynolds discusses �Believer.�
Jun 20 2018
Trump faces bipartisan scorn for separating migrant families, Roy Wood Jr. meets a refugee-turned-mayor in Montana, and Becca Heller discusses her work on behalf of refugees.
Jun 19 2018
Karen Bass 23x117
The Trump administration takes heat for separating migrant families, Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr. break down the 2018 World Cup, and Rep. Karen Bass sits down with Trevor.
Jun 18 2018
Russia goes on a charm offensive while hosting the World Cup, Roy Wood Jr. learns about how police are targeting immigrants, and Mike Colter discusses �Marvel�s Luke Cage.�
Jun 14 2018
A high-climbing raccoon rocks the internet, Lewis Black looks at how U.S. schools are preparing for potential mass shootings, and Ian Bremmer discusses �Us vs. Them.�
Jun 13 2018
President Trump heaps praise on dictator Kim Jong-un during a historic U.S.-North Korea summit, and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti sits down with Trevor.
Jun 12 2018
A Saudi fashion show finds a novel use for drones, President Trump spars with G7 allies, and Trevor chats with BriGette McCoy, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Don Christensen.
Jun 11 2018
EPA chief Scott Pruitt takes heat for possible ethics violations, the NFL�s Malcolm Jenkins silently fires back at President Trump, and Regina King discusses �Seven Seconds.�
Jun 07 2018
Trevor highlights how Facebook thrives on polarization, Ronny Chieng tackles adventure playgrounds, and feminist author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie discusses �Dear Ijeawele.�
Jun 06 2018
The Miss America pageant ditches its swimsuit contest, Hasan Minhaj wonders if President Trump is converting to Islam, and actor Brian Tyree Henry chats about �Hotel Artemis.�
Jun 05 2018
Awkwafina 23x109
President Trump�s legal team argues that he can�t be charged with a crime, the U.S.-North Korea summit is back on, and Awkwafina talks �Ocean�s 8� and �Crazy Rich Asians.�
Jun 04 2018
Kim Kardashian meets with President Trump at the White House, Ronny Chieng takes aim at a greedy televangelist, and Cynthia Nixon discusses her bid for governor of New York.
May 31 2018
President Trump pushes a wild conspiracy theory to discredit the FBI, Fox News pundits react to Roseanne Barr�s racist tweet, and Tarana Burke discusses the Me Too movement.
May 30 2018
Immigration officials separate families at the U.S.-Mexico border, Roy Wood Jr. contributes to Starbucks�s racial bias training, and Johnny Knoxville discusses �Action Point.�
May 29 2018
Betsy DeVos shutters investigations into for-profit colleges, John Bolton jeopardizes U.S.-North Korea peace talks, and Terry Crews discusses �Brooklyn Nine-Nine.�
May 16 2018
Gayle King 23x104
President Trump ends his nights by chatting with Sean Hannity, Ronny Chieng weighs in on Michigan�s first police cat, and CBS�s Gayle King discusses her book �Note to Self.�
May 15 2018
President Trump opens a controversial U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, John Kelly makes disparaging remarks about Mexican immigrants, and Michael C. Hall chats about �Safe.�
May 14 2018
A black Yale student is interrogated by police for napping, Desi Lydic investigates a refugee flow from the U.S. to Canada, and Rep. Joaquin Castro sits down with Trevor.
May 10 2018
Don Blankenship loses his Senate primary bid in West Virginia, Trevor highlights gun-happy police officers, and Diane Guerrero discusses her memoir �In the Country We Love.�
May 09 2018
President Trump ditches the Iran nuclear deal, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman faces sexual abuse allegations, and Jon Meacham discusses �The Soul of America.�
May 08 2018
An NHL player goes on a face-licking spree, Michael Kosta breaks down Rudy Giuliani�s defense strategy for President Trump, and Ronan Farrow discusses his book �War on Peace.�
May 07 2018
Rudy Giuliani lights a fire under the Stormy Daniels scandal, Lewis Black sounds off about midterm primary battles, and magician David Blaine chats about �David Blaine Live.�
May 03 2018
Donald Trump is accused of faking his doctor�s note, Kanye West comes under fire for saying slavery was �a choice,� and Michael Hayden discusses �The Assault on Intelligence.�
May 02 2018
Robert Mueller�s questions for President Trump are leaked to the press, Michael Kosta chats with a 27th Amendment hero, and Antoinette Robertson discusses �Dear White People.�
May 01 2018
President Trump takes credit for a summit between the two Koreas, Michelle Wolf sparks outrage at the White House Correspondents� Dinner, and Kevin Young discusses �Brown.�
Apr 30 2018
North Korea�s nuclear testing site collapses, President Trump launches into an unhinged tirade on �Fox & Friends,� and author James Forman Jr. discusses �Locking Up Our Own.�
Apr 26 2018
Controversy swirls around Trump�s pick for VA secretary, Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello discusses post-Maria recovery, and Christina Hendricks talks about �Good Girls.�
Apr 25 2018
President Trump cozies up to French President Emmanuel Macron, strippers compete with bartenders in New York City, and author Jonah Goldberg discusses �Suicide of the West.�
Apr 24 2018
Donald Trump allegedly lied in order to get on the Forbes 400 list in 1982, Kanye West tweets controversial remarks about racism, and Tracy Morgan discusses �The Last O.G.�
Apr 23 2018
Puerto Rico experiences a massive power outage, Trevor highlights misadventures of �good guys with guns,� and Thandie Newton discusses her role on �Westworld.�
Apr 19 2018
A train filled with human waste from New York City riles Alabamians, Desi Lydic examines the �raw water� trend, and Chelsea Clinton discusses �She Persisted Around the World.�
Apr 18 2018
The IRS gives taxpayers an extra day to file, Sean Hannity downplays his relationship with Michael Cohen, and Former Attorney General Eric Holder sits down with Trevor.
Apr 17 2018
NASA scientists send human sperm into space, ex-FBI Director James Comey hurls shade at President Trump on �20/20,� and journalist Alex Wagner discusses her book �Futureface.�
Apr 16 2018
A rumor surfaces that President Trump secretly had a child with a former employee, Roy Wood Jr. examines the Fair Housing Act, and Karlie Kloss discusses Kode With Klossy.
Apr 12 2018
President Trump uses Twitter to threaten Syria, Hasan Minhaj explains the impeachment process, and Martellus Bennett chats about his children�s book �Hey A.J., It�s Bedtime!�
Apr 11 2018
Mark Zuckerberg gets grilled by Congress, Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr. announce the winner of the Bracket of Bulls**t, and Mariska Hargitay discusses �I Am Evidence.�
Apr 10 2018
The FBI raids the office of Trump�s attorney, EPA chief Scott Pruitt comes under fire for a long list of scandals, and Tyra Banks chats about her book �Perfect Is Boring.�
Apr 09 2018
Kim Jong-un comes out of his shell, �Punish a Muslim Day� fliers spark outrage in the U.K., and Rosie Perez discusses arts education and her role in NBC�s �Rise.�
Mar 29 2018
Desi Lydic channels Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a sheriff profits off of inmates� food money, and Chloe x Halle perform songs from their debut album �The Kids Are Alright.�
Mar 28 2018
Sean Penn 23x80
Trevor examines Trump�s incoming National Security Adviser John Bolton, Third Month Mania�s bulls**t heats up, and Sean Penn discusses his novel �Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.�
Mar 27 2018
America�s teens make history at the March For Our Lives, Roy Wood Jr. investigates a pro-gun rally in Montana, and Tyler Perry discusses his film �Acrimony.�
Mar 26 2018
Ronny Chieng weighs in on Facebook�s data-sharing scandal, Trevor talks to survivors of the school shooting in Parkland, FL, and RuPaul Charles discusses �RuPaul�s Drag Race.�
Mar 22 2018
Three women add to President Trump�s legal woes, Trevor breaks down the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, and Matt Damon and Gary White discuss and WaterEquity.
Mar 21 2018
President Trump wages a war against opioids, Third Month Mania�s Bracket of Bulls**t enters round two, and Drew Barrymore discusses her role in �Santa Clarita Diet.�
Mar 20 2018
FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is fired, Vladimir Putin celebrates yet another election victory, and Mitch Landrieu discusses his book �In the Shadow of Statues.�
Mar 19 2018
An astronaut�s DNA is altered by his time in space, Trump taps CNBC�s Larry Kudlow to be his economic adviser, and Christiane Amanpour discusses �Sex & Love Around the World.�
Mar 15 2018
Students protest gun violence on National Walkout Day, Lewis Black examines Donald Trump�s golfing habits, and Krysten Ritter discusses her role on �Marvel�s Jessica Jones.�
Mar 14 2018
President Trump fires Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Vladimir Putin refuses to admit that Russia poisoned a spy in the U.K., and David Byrne discusses �American Utopia.�
Mar 13 2018
President Trump agrees to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr. kick off Third Month Mania, and author Junot Diaz discusses �Islandborn.�
Mar 12 2018
Donald Trump pushes the myth that video games spur gun violence, Dulce Sloan examines tech�s racial blind spot, and Vann R. Newkirk II talks Martin Luther King Jr.�s legacy.
Mar 08 2018
The White House erupts into chaos despite Donald Trump�s denials, Ronny Chieng looks at how A.I. is changing the legal system, and Terese Marie Mailhot talks �Heart Berries.�
Mar 07 2018
Former Trump aide Sam Nunberg lashes out at Robert Mueller�s subpoena, Desi Lydic explores robot sex, and Eagles captain Malcolm Jenkins discusses his off-the-field activism.
Mar 06 2018
President Trump threatens to impose tariffs on aluminum and steel, Trevor weighs the cost of artificial intelligence on everyday life, and David Chang talks �Ugly Delicious.�
Mar 05 2018
President Trump sides with Democrats on gun control, Ronny Chieng asks a pro wrestler how Democrats can reach middle America, and Chadwick Boseman discusses �Black Panther.�
Mar 01 2018
HUD Secretary Ben Carson blows taxpayer money on office furniture, Roy Wood Jr. and Dulce Sloan examine accomplishments of black women, and Jorge Ramos discusses �Stranger.�
Feb 28 2018
Trevor looks at the 2018 midterm congressional candidates, a German village grapples with a Nazi-era town bell, and CNN�s Nima Elbagir talks about Libya�s slave trade.
Feb 27 2018
Critics slam the sheriff who allegedly ignored warnings about the Parkland shooter, Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta recap the Olympics, and Wayne Brady discusses �Kinky Boots.�
Feb 26 2018
Parkland shooting survivors confront Marco Rubio and President Trump on gun control, Roy Wood Jr. celebrates black innovators, and Lupita Nyong�o discusses �Black Panther.�
Feb 22 2018
Ludacris 23x61
Conservatives accuse the Parkland survivors of being paid actors, Florida sidelines gun control measures for anti-porn legislation, and Ludacris discusses �Fear Factor.�
Feb 21 2018
School shooting survivors in Florida stage rallies for gun control, Roy Wood Jr. explains why black audiences love �Black Panther,� and Taylor Kitsch discusses �Waco.�
Feb 20 2018
Trevor breaks down reports on Russia hacking voter rolls and Rob Porter�s resignation, Roy Wood Jr. honors unsung black politicians, and Steve Aoki discusses �Kolony.�
Feb 08 2018
President Trump orders a military parade, Trevor examines recent archeological findings, and Anthony Sadler, Alek Skarlatos and Spencer Stone discuss �The 15:17 to Paris.�
Feb 07 2018
President Trump accuses Democrats of treason for not applauding him, Hasan Minhaj reacts to the Dow Jones taking a record dip, and Liz Claman weighs in on the stock market.
Feb 06 2018
Republicans react to Devin Nunes�s FBI memo, Michael Kosta and Roy Wood Jr. examine racist sports logos, and Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson discuss �2 Dope Queens.�
Feb 05 2018
The GOP pushes a sketchy memo in hopes of undermining the Trump-Russia probe, Roy Wood Jr. examines the on-screen deaths of black actors, and Rose McGowan discusses �Brave.�
Feb 01 2018
Conservatives praise President Trump�s first State of the Union, Roy Wood Jr. gives an update on black America, and Angela Rye discusses �Angela Rye�s State of the Union.�
Jan 31 2018
In a live episode following the State of the Union, Trevor chats with Michael Kosta and The New Yorker�s David Remnick about President Trump�s first year in office.
Jan 30 2018
Hillary Clinton reportedly shielded a 2008 campaign staffer accused of sexual harassment, President Trump tried to fire Robert Mueller, and Alex Gibney talks �Dirty Money.�
Jan 29 2018
The GOP claims that the FBI is undermining the White House, Desi Lydic gives tips on interviewing President Trump, and Cecile Richards discusses Planned Parenthood�s future.
Jan 25 2018
Trevor breaks down how gerrymandering affects democracy, Dulce Sloan and Michael Kosta examine the Mexico border wall debate, and P.K. Subban discusses the NHL All-Star Game.
Jan 24 2018
Trevor explains why Dreamers had the most to lose in the government shutdown, Roy Wood Jr. reacts to the 2018 Oscar nominations, and Jason Reynolds discusses �Long Way Down.�
Jan 23 2018
A stalemate in Congress leads to a government shutdown, Dulce Sloan and Desi Lydic look back on the 2017 Women�s March, and Michael Wolff discusses his book �Fire and Fury.�
Jan 22 2018
President Trump signals an overhaul of both illegal and legal immigration, Trevor catches up on lesser-known news, and Ricky Gervais discusses the game show �Child Support.�
Jan 18 2018
Senator Cory Booker calls out Kirstjen Nielsen for dismissing racist remarks, a porn star details her affair with Donald Trump, and Anthony Bourdain discusses �Parts Unknown.�
Jan 17 2018
Trevor looks back at Chris Christie�s governorship, Ronny Chieng examines the top gadgets at the Consumer Electronics Show, and Ricky Martin discusses �American Crime Story.�
Jan 16 2018
President Trump faces fallout after calling immigrant nations �s**tholes,� a missile alert is mistakenly issued in Hawaii, and Vashti Harrison discusses �Little Leaders.�
Jan 15 2018
President Trump exempts Florida from an offshore drilling proposal, Hasan Minhaj finds out how to challenge hate speech, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar discusses �Becoming Kareem.�
Jan 11 2018
Dee Rees 23x42
President Trump meets with congressional leaders to negotiate the terms of DACA, Lewis Black gives an update on New York City, and filmmaker Dee Rees discusses �Mudbound.�
Jan 10 2018
President Trump slams the Justice Department for not protecting him in the Russia probe, Trevor runs through lesser-reported headlines, and Jason Mitchell discusses �The Chi.�
Jan 09 2018
President Trump calls himself a �stable genius� on Twitter, Roy Wood Jr. and Michael Kosta break down NFL headlines, and Ashley Graham discusses �America�s Next Top Model.�
Jan 08 2018
Michael Wolff releases a salacious book on President Trump, Michael Kosta learns how California is curbing gun violence, and Jodi Kantor discusses her Harvey Weinstein report.
Jan 04 2018
Steve Bannon calls Team Trump�s contacts with Russia �treasonous,� President Trump taunts North Korea on Twitter, and Dan Harris discusses �Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics.�
Jan 03 2018
The GOP tax plan takes effect, Kim Jong-un hints at North Korea�s nuclear capabilities and possible peace talks with South Korea, and Yara Shahidi discusses �Grown-ish.�
Jan 02 2018
Conservative pundits call on Robert Mueller to end the Trump-Russia probe, Ronny Chieng learns about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and Niecy Nash chats about �Downsizing.�
Dec 14 2017
Roy Wood Jr. reacts to Democrat Doug Jones winning the Alabama Senate race, Dulce Sloan weighs in on black female voters, and Satya Nadella discusses �Hit Refresh.�
Dec 13 2017
Roy Moore�s wife uses questionable logic to claim her husband isn�t racist, Roy Wood Jr. tells the GOP how to rebrand their tax plan, and Bob Odenkirk discusses �The Post.�
Dec 12 2017
Trevor questions the GOP�s response to sexual assault, Ronny Chieng examines crime-fighting technology, and Pete Souza discusses �Obama: An Intimate Portrait.�
Dec 11 2017
The Supreme Court considers whether a baker can deny a gay couple a wedding cake, Trevor looks at lesser-reported news, and Tiffany Haddish discusses �The Last Black Unicorn.�
Dec 07 2017
President Trump seemingly wrestles with his dentures during a presser, Russia is banned from the Winter Games amid a doping scandal, and St. Vincent discusses �Masseduction.�
Dec 06 2017
The RNC resumes funding for Roy Moore�s Senate bid, Desi Lydic profiles a liberal survivalist, and The Atlantic�s Julia Ioffe discusses Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Dec 05 2017
Michael Flynn pleads guilty to lying to the FBI, Senate Republicans pass sweeping tax cuts for the wealthy, and Frankie Shaw discusses her Showtime series �SMILF.�
Dec 04 2017
Libya uses Donald Trump�s tweets to discredit a CNN report, Hasan Minhaj examines the White House�s Islamophobia, and Henry Louis Gates, Jr., discusses �Finding Your Roots.�
Nov 30 2017
Gina Yashere weighs in on the racism aimed at Meghan Markle, President Trump appoints Mick Mulvaney as director of the CFPB, and Talib Kweli discusses �Radio Silence.�
Nov 29 2017
Trevor explains why Donald Trump calls Elizabeth Warren �Pocahontas,� Project Veritas tries to delegitimize The Washington Post, and Greta Gerwig discusses �Lady Bird.�
Nov 28 2017
Congress grapples with a series of high-profile sexual assault accusations, President Trump pushes tax cuts for the wealthy, and Esther Perel discusses �The State of Affairs.�
Nov 27 2017
Senator Al Franken is accused of groping a reporter during a 2006 USO tour, Jon Stewart talks about �Night of Too Many Stars,� and Jordan Peele discusses his film �Get Out.�
Nov 16 2017
Congress debates President Trump�s power to use nuclear arms, Michelle Wolf explains how to not sexually harass coworkers, and Elaine McMillion Sheldon discusses �Heroin(e).�
Nov 15 2017
2 Chainz 23x22
Ronny Chieng explains how President Trump has made China more powerful, a fifth woman accuses Roy Moore of sexual misconduct, and 2 Chainz discusses �Most Expensivest.�
Nov 14 2017
Roy Moore is accused of sexual assault, President Trump mocks Kim Jong-un and defends Vladimir Putin on a trip to Asia, and Hari Kondabolu discusses �The Problem with Apu.�
Nov 13 2017
Van Jones 23x20
President Trump visits China, Lewis Black calls for lawmakers to stop politicizing veterans, and Van Jones discusses his book �Beyond the Messy Truth.�
Nov 09 2017
Democrats sweep the 2017 elections, Trevor tries to imagine a worse president than Donald Trump, and Kenneth Branagh discusses his film �Murder on the Orient Express.�
Nov 08 2017
Jeff Ross 23x18
Sen. Rand Paul gets into a landscaping dispute with his neighbor, Saudi Arabia�s crown prince cracks down on corruption, and Jeff Ross discusses Jeff Ross Roasts the Border.
Nov 07 2017
President Trump kicks off his tour of Asia in Japan, Sen. Jeff Flake discusses his book �Conscience of a Conservative,� and Tig Notaro talks about her show �One Mississippi.�
Nov 06 2017
Congress grills tech execs on Russian-bought ads meant to influence U.S. voters, Trevor recaps simpler news, and Gabrielle Union discusses �We�re Going to Need More Wine.�
Nov 02 2017
President Trump calls to curb immigration after a terrorist attack in New York City, and Hillary Clinton discusses �What Happened� and weighs in on the Trump-Russia probe.
Nov 01 2017
Michael Kosta reacts to John Kelly�s revisionist Civil War history, Desi Lydic spends Halloween avoiding President Trump�s tweets, and Gretchen Carlson discusses �Be Fierce.�
Oct 31 2017
Paul Manafort is indicted by Robert Mueller, Trevor breaks down the biggest headlines of the weekend, and Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses his book �We Were Eight Years in Power.�
Oct 30 2017
President Trump responds to the opioid epidemic, Roy Wood Jr. warns against racist Halloween costumes, and Miles Teller and Jason Hall discuss �Thank You for Your Service.�
Oct 26 2017
Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake stand against President Trump, Ronny Chieng examines the automation of fast food, and Maggie Gyllenhaal discusses �The Deuce.�
Oct 25 2017
Bill O�Reilly blames God for his sexual harassment cases, Michael Kosta examines the environmental decline of the Great Lakes, and Margo Price discusses �All American Made.�
Oct 24 2017
John Kelly lies about a congresswoman while defending President Trump, Fox News shows selective outrage over sexual harassment, and Khizr Khan discusses �An American Family.�
Oct 23 2017
Vic Mensa 23x08
President Trump feuds with Gold Star families, Hasan Minhaj explains how Chicago could prevent a nuclear attack from North Korea, and Vic Mensa discusses �The Autobiography.�
Oct 19 2017
From Chicago, Michelle Wolf weighs in on Harvey Weinstein�s alleged sexual assaults, Dulce Sloan learns about Young Chicago Authors, and Lena Waithe discusses �The Chi.�
Oct 18 2017
President Trump buddies up to Mitch McConnell at a surprise presser, Ronny Chieng learns about Chicago�s jail pizza program, and Arne Duncan and Curtis Toler discuss CRED.
Oct 17 2017
Common 23x05
From Chicago, Trevor examines the politicization of the Windy City, Roy Wood Jr. finds out how former gang members are reducing crime rates, and Common discusses �Marshall.�
Oct 16 2017
Pro-life Congressman Tim Murphy resigns after pushing his mistress to get an abortion, Trevor remembers the anniversary of Pussygate, and Kenya Barris discusses �Black-ish.�
Oct 05 2017
Michael Kosta explains how Russia spreads fake news across social media in the U.S., Neal Brennan examines the gun control debate, and John Hodgman discusses �Vacationland.�
Oct 04 2017
Jim Himes 23x02
Fox News struggles to process the mass shooting in Las Vegas, O.J. Simpson is released from prison, and Representative Jim Himes weighs in on U.S. gun control.
Oct 03 2017
Las Vegas experiences the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history, Tom Price resigns as secretary of Health and Human Services, and Robin Thede discusses �The Rundown.�
Oct 02 2017

Season 22

163 Episodes

The government struggles to provide aid to Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, President Trump unveils his plan to reform the tax code, and Craig Robinson discusses "Ghosted."
Sep 28 2017
Alabama votes against President Trump's endorsee in the GOP Senate primary, Michelle Wolf examines an NCAA bribery scandal, and America Ferrera discusses "Superstore."
Sep 27 2017
White House officials are accused of using private email accounts, Roy Wood Jr. finds out how a subscription service is ending racism, and Kathryn Miles discusses "Quakeland."
Sep 26 2017
Katy Tur 22x160
NFL players take a knee in solidarity against President Trump, Trevor questions the White House's response to black people who protest, and Katy Tur discusses "Unbelievable."
Sep 25 2017
Bill Gates 22x159
Robert Mueller zones in on Paul Manafort, Roy Wood Jr. addresses Toys "R" Us's bankruptcy, and Bill Gates discusses his foundation's efforts to fight poverty and disease.
Sep 21 2017
Ellen Pao 22x158
Sean Spicer struggles to find a job, Lewis Black weighs in on the latest Republican effort to repeal Obamacare, and tech investor Ellen Pao discusses her memoir "Reset."
Sep 20 2017
President Trump addresses the U.N. General Assembly, Desi Lydic finds out how a U.S. border wall could affect businesses, and Olivia Munn discusses "The LEGO Ninjago Movie."
Sep 19 2017
Gucci Mane 22x156
President Trump attacks Hillary Clinton on Twitter, Trevor profiles Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and Gucci Mane discusses "The Autobiography of Gucci Mane."
Sep 18 2017
President Trump's bipartisan DACA deal leaves supporters sour, Roy Wood Jr. reacts to a controversial tweet from ESPN's Jemele Hill, and Jill Soloway discusses "Transparent."
Sep 14 2017
Michael Kosta polls the public on problematic statues, Muslims in Myanmar face violence from the Buddhist-majority military, and Tom Morello & Chuck D talk "Prophets of Rage."
Sep 13 2017
Ted Cruz gets mired in a Twitter porn scandal, Michelle Wolf compares Miss America contestants to President Trump, and Maria Sharapova discusses her book "Unstoppable."
Sep 12 2017
Idris Elba 22x152
The Best F#@king News Team tries to one-up the reporters covering Hurricane Irma, "60 Minutes" profiles Steve Bannon, and Idris Elba discusses "The Mountain Between Us."
Sep 11 2017
Zac Posen 22x151
President Trump angers the GOP by cutting a budget deal with Democrats, Dulce Sloan examines cultural appropriation at New York Fashion Week, and Zac Posen talks "House of Z."
Sep 07 2017
President Trump strikes a deal to fund Hurricane Harvey relief, Christopher Hill examines North Korea's nuclear capabilities, and Lake Bell discusses "I Do... Until I Don't."
Sep 06 2017
President Trump puts the future of DACA into the hands of Congress, North Korea continues testing nuclear missiles, and Xiuhtezcatl Martinez discusses his book "We Rise."
Sep 05 2017
Trevor examines the anti-fascist group "antifa," Ronny Chieng finds out how scientists are fighting medical price hikes, and Reid Hoffman discusses artificial intelligence.
Aug 31 2017
Roy Wood Jr. and Hasan Minhaj talk about the removal of Confederate statues, Michelle Wolf dissects Ivanka Trump's true agenda, and James Blake discusses "Ways of Grace."
Aug 30 2017
Joy Reid 22x146
An email to a Trump business associate reveals a possible Kremlin connection, Roy Wood Jr. discusses NFL head injuries, and Joy Reid explains how Democrats can win elections.
Aug 29 2017
President Trump pardons former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Michael Kosta explains presidential clemency, and Neil deGrasse Tyson discusses "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry."
Aug 28 2017
Trevor examines President Trump's personas, Jordan Klepper introduces his show The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper, and Nnamdi Asomugha and Colin Warner discuss "Crown Heights."
Aug 24 2017
President Trump holds a divisive rally in Phoenix, Roy Wood Jr. profiles "Michael the Black Man," and Andra Day and Bryan Stevenson discuss the Lynching in America project.
Aug 23 2017
Desi Lydic and Ronny Chieng weigh in on President Trump's Afghanistan War strategy, the Secret Service runs low on funds, and Amy Klobuchar discusses her work in the Senate.
Aug 22 2017
President Trump defends a racially charged rally in Virginia, Roy Wood Jr. gives advice to white supremacists, and Joshua Green discusses Steve Bannon in "Devil's Bargain."
Aug 21 2017
Kate Fagan 22x140
Trevor examines systemic racism within law enforcement and looks back at the Trump administration's themed week fails, and Kate Fagan discusses "What Made Maddy Run."
Aug 03 2017
Jordan Klepper and Roy Wood Jr. examine Jeff Sessions's affirmative action crackdown, Hasan Minhaj visits coal country, and Joe Kennedy III discusses the Democratic platform.
Aug 02 2017
Al Gore 22x138
Russia and North Korea put President Trump to the test, Ronny Chieng examines the everyday impact of global warming, and Al Gore discusses "An Inconvenient Sequel."
Aug 01 2017
Anthony Scaramucci and Reince Priebus leave the White House amid staff shake-ups, President Trump calls for more police violence, and Kathryn Bigelow discusses "Detroit."
Jul 31 2017
President Trump continues bashing Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Lewis Black examines America's crumbling infrastructure, and Masha Gessen discusses "The Future Is History."
Jul 27 2017
The GOP makes another push to repeal Obamacare, trans veterans react to President Trump's ban on trans people in the military, and Charlize Theron discusses "Atomic Blonde."
Jul 26 2017
The Senate votes to begin a debate on health care, Democrats unveil a new slogan aimed at working-class voters, and Rola Hallam explains how her company CanDo is aiding Syria.
Jul 25 2017
Anthony Scaramucci joins the Trump administration, Trevor bids farewell to former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, and French Montana discusses "Jungle Rules."
Jul 24 2017
Issa Rae 22x132
President Trump claims he regrets picking Jeff Sessions as attorney general, Roy Wood Jr. examines the alternate history show "Confederate," and Issa Rae discusses "Insecure."
Jul 20 2017
Jordan Klepper unpacks the Trump-Russia scandal with a former KGB agent, Michelle Wolf calls for redhead emojis, and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe chats with Trevor.
Jul 19 2017
The GOP health care bill collapses in the Senate, new details surface about Donald Trump Jr.'s meeting with a Russian lawyer, and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson discusses "Power."
Jul 18 2017
Senate Republicans delay the vote on their health care bill, Roy Wood Jr. examines Ann Coulter's Twitter feud with Delta Air Lines, and Regina Hall discusses "Girls Trip."
Jul 17 2017
Ilhan Omar 22x128
Translators struggle to interpret President Trump, Roy Wood Jr. addresses Nevada's shortage of legal marijuana, and Trevor chats with Minnesota State Representative Ilhan Omar.
Jul 13 2017
Fox News defends Donald Trump Jr.'s Russian meeting, Neal Brennan claims the GOP is leading the resistance, and James Davis discusses his Comedy Central show Hood Adjacent.
Jul 12 2017
Donald Trump Jr. releases emails linking him to a Russian lawyer, Michael Kosta compares liberal and conservative consumers, and David O. Brown discusses "Called to Rise."
Jul 11 2017
President Trump attends a G20 summit in Germany, Donald Trump Jr. defends meeting with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 election, and Kumail Nanjiani discusses "The Big Sick."
Jul 10 2017
Senate Republicans unveil their Affordable Care Act replacement, Hasan Minhaj talks to fired federal prosecutor Preet Bharara, and Jerrod Carmichael discusses "Transformers."
Jun 22 2017
Dashcam footage of the police shooting of Philando Castile is released, DJ Khaled teaches Trevor to be positive, and Jason Isbell chats about his album "The Nashville Sound."
Jun 21 2017
GOP senators draft their health care bill in secret, Ronny Chieng finds out how a band won the right to use a racist name, and John Harris discusses Politico in the Trump era.
Jun 20 2017
Janet Mock 22x121
Beyonce gives birth to twins, Trevor runs through the news, Democrat Jon Ossoff battles for a House district in Georgia, and Janet Mock discusses "Surpassing Certainty."
Jun 19 2017
Robert Mueller investigates Donald Trump for obstruction of justice, Hasan Minhaj examines U.S. military action, and Whoopi Goldberg discusses American political discourse.
Jun 15 2017
Michelle Wolf weighs in on sexism at Uber, congressional Democrats sue President Trump, and hip-hop artist Vince Staples chats about his album "Big Fish Theory."
Jun 14 2017
Attorney General Jeff Sessions gets fired up during his Senate hearing, Roy Wood Jr. weighs in on Russian hackers, and Selenis Leyva discusses "Orange Is the New Black."
Jun 13 2017
Roxane Gay 22x117
President Trump's shills demonstrate their loyalty, Trevor invites viewers to visit the Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library, and author Roxane Gay discusses "Hunger."
Jun 12 2017
James Comey details his meetings with President Trump in a Senate hearing, Jordan Klepper weighs in on gun control, and Salma Hayek Pinault discusses "Beatriz at Dinner."
Jun 08 2017
Attorney General Jeff Sessions offers to resign, Eric Trump reportedly shifted charity funds into Trump firms, and Sebastian Junger and Nick Quested discuss "Hell on Earth."
Jun 07 2017
John Avlon 22x114
Trevor examines President Trump's penchant for touting phony accomplishments, Gina Yashere weighs in on the U.K. election, and John Avlon discusses "Washington's Farewell."
Jun 06 2017
World leaders react to President Trump pulling out of the Paris climate deal, Michelle Wolf recaps Megyn Kelly's NBC debut, and William J. Barber II discusses systemic racism.
Jun 05 2017
Al Franken 22x112
President Trump withdraws the U.S. from the Paris climate accord, Jim Jefferies weighs in on the White House's woes, and Senator Al Franken discusses "Giant of the Senate."
Jun 01 2017
The White House praises President Trump's trip abroad, Michelle Wolf unpacks the expectations surrounding "Wonder Woman," and Logan Browning discusses "Dear White People."
May 31 2017
President Trump goes on his first international trip, Jordan Klepper breaks down the Brussels NATO summit, and Elizabeth Ford discusses "Sometimes Amazing Things Happen."
May 30 2017
Trevor reviews the ongoing turmoil within the Trump administration, Desi Lydic interviews an excessively honest politician, and Kerry Washington chats about "Scandal."
May 18 2017
President Trump allegedly asked James Comey to end the Russia investigation, Vladimir Putin comes to the White House's aid, and Susan Burton discusses "Becoming Ms. Burton."
May 17 2017
Jordan Klepper explains why President Trump gave classified intel to Russian officials, Ronny Chieng talks flying cars, and Gabourey Sidibe discusses "This Is Just My Face."
May 16 2017
President Trump allegedly shares classified information with Russian officials, Confederate monuments get dismantled in the South, and Timothy Snyder discusses "On Tyranny."
May 15 2017
President Trump's rationale for firing FBI Director James Comey begins to unravel, Russian officials visit the White House, and D.L. Hughley discusses "The D.L. Hughley Show."
May 11 2017
Trevor examines the fallout from the firing of FBI Director James Comey, and former presidential adviser Valerie Jarrett discusses the Obamas' post-White House activism.
May 10 2017
Sally Yates testifies about Michael Flynn in an open Senate hearing, Hasan Minhaj gives the media advice for the Trump era, and Djimon Hounsou discusses "King Arthur."
May 09 2017
Michelle Wolf weighs in on women's health care under the GOP, Roy Wood Jr. reacts to France electing Emmanuel Macron president, and Wanda Sykes chats about "Snatched."
May 08 2017
House Republicans pass an Obamacare replacement bill, Roy Wood Jr. uses an airline scandal to make Congress care about black people, and Robert Sapolsky discusses "Behave."
May 04 2017
Protesters march against President Trump's anti-environmentalist agenda, Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope discuss "Climate of Hope," and Sanaa Lathan talks about "Shots Fired."
May 03 2017
Hillary Clinton gives a post-election interview, Ronny Chieng examines the horrors of air travel, and W. Kamau Bell discusses "The Awkward Thoughts of W. Kamau Bell."
May 02 2017
The Fyre Festival implodes, Hasan Minhaj celebrates his gig at the White House Correspondents' Dinner, and Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett and Tommy Vietor discuss "Pod Save America."
May 01 2017
Katy Tur 22x97
Trevor recaps the day's top headlines, Roy Wood Jr. finds out how Bigfoot could save Alabama's forests, and Katy Tur talks about covering Donald Trump's presidential campaign.
Apr 27 2017
Trevor finds out how Southerners honor Confederate Memorial Day, Jordan Klepper examines Alabama's history, and Kevin Coval discusses his book "A People's History of Chicago."
Apr 26 2017
Trevor gets a surprise visit from "Donald Trump", Hasan Minhaj takes a look at Alabama prison reform, and Charlamagne Tha God talks about his book, Black Privilege.
Apr 25 2017
President Trump approaches the end of his first 100 days in office, Desi Lydic learns about Christian culture in Alabama, and Ohio Governor John Kasich discusses "Two Paths."
Apr 24 2017
Trevor examines the Trump administration's stance on marijuana, Roy Wood Jr. investigates internet privacy issues, and Rashida Jones discusses "Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On."
Apr 20 2017
Fox News fires Bill O'Reilly, Hasan Minhaj investigates a Texas town's contaminated water supply, and Professor Marc Edwards talks about the ongoing lead crisis in Flint, MI.
Apr 19 2017
Infowars host Alex Jones claims to be a performance artist, Roy Wood Jr. predicts the future of the Trump presidency, and Rep. Adam Schiff discusses Russian election hacking.
Apr 18 2017
Trevor wonders where World War III will begin, the White House fumbles through the Easter Egg Roll, and economist Austan Goolsbee discusses President Trump's budget.
Apr 17 2017
Pepsi pulls its tone-deaf ad featuring Kendall Jenner, Roy Wood Jr. and Hasan Minhaj reveal Donald Trump's best tweet, and Michelle Rodriguez talks "The Fate of the Furious."
Apr 05 2017
Trevor examines Jared Kushner's extensive White House responsibilities, Turkey votes on whether to become a dictatorship, and Chelsea Handler discusses "Chelsea."
Apr 04 2017
Accused sexual predator President Trump honors Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Roy Wood Jr. explains Black Twitter, and Dr. Willie Parker discusses his book "Life's Work."
Apr 03 2017
Paul Ryan laughs off an attack from Donald Trump, Michelle Wolf explains why Rachel Dolezal shouldn't try to pass as black, and Chris Hayes discusses "A Colony in a Nation."
Mar 30 2017
Residente 22x85
President Trump rolls back coal industry regulations, Hasan Minhaj and Roy Wood Jr. update their Third Month Mania brackets, and Residente discusses his eponymous documentary.
Mar 29 2017
Roy Wood Jr. militarizes Meals on Wheels, Devin Nunes shares classified information in an investigation on President Trump, and Helene Cooper discusses "Madame President."
Mar 28 2017
The Best F#@king News Team figures out who's to blame for the GOP's failed health care bill, President Trump lies about going golfing, and John Singleton discusses "Rebel."
Mar 27 2017
The GOP halts the vote on its Obamacare replacement bill, Ronny Chieng researches the dangers of dating in Australia, and Zara Larsson discusses her album "So Good."
Mar 23 2017
SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch faces his Senate confirmation hearing, Hasan Minhaj and Roy Wood Jr. enter another round of Third Month Mania, and Michael Pe�a discusses "CHIPS."
Mar 22 2017
Trevor runs through the busy news day, Jordan Klepper looks into President Trump's 2020 bid, and Dahlia Lithwick discusses Neil Gorsuch's SCOTUS confirmation hearing.
Mar 21 2017
Trevor looks at Fox News's influence in the White House, the FBI and NSA dispute President Trump's wiretapping claims, and Bassem Youssef discusses "Revolution for Dummies."
Mar 20 2017
Dutch voters reject far-right prime minister candidate Geert Wilders, Gina Yashere examines how the U.K. is faring post-Brexit, and Donna Brazile discusses Democratic policy.
Mar 16 2017
Trevor breaks down Paul Ryan and President Trump's health care bill, Ronny Chieng looks at the downside of smart technology, and Jesse Williams discusses "Grey's Anatomy."
Mar 15 2017
President Trump fails to provide evidence that Barack Obama wiretapped him, Hasan Minhaj and Roy Wood Jr. announce Third Month Mania, and Lee Daniels discusses "Star."
Mar 13 2017
Trevor and Jordan Klepper sing to "forgotten" Americans, Team Trump threatens to erase climate data, and Alynda Segarra discusses Hurray for the Riff Raff's "The Navigator."
Mar 09 2017
The GOP unveils a disastrous replacement for Obamacare, Michelle Wolf details Ivanka Trump's problematic brand of feminism, and Tressie McMillan Cottom discusses "Lower Ed."
Mar 08 2017
HUD Secretary Ben Carson refers to slaves as "immigrants," Lewis Black breaks down Uber's many scandals, and Judd Apatow discusses his Netflix series "Love."
Mar 07 2017
President Trump makes a baseless claim that former President Obama wiretapped him, Neal Brennan examines the GOP's hypocrisy, and Jennifer Lopez discusses "Shades of Blue."
Mar 06 2017
Jordan Klepper looks at Jeff Sessions's scandalous talks with Russia, Adam Lowitt examines recent anti-Semitic attacks, and Evan Osnos discusses his New Yorker cover story.
Mar 02 2017
Trevor calls out the media for praising President Trump's first congressional address, and "The Lead" host Jake Tapper talks about upholding freedom of the press.
Mar 01 2017
Twitter slams Kellyanne Conway for kneeling on a White House sofa, Desi Lydic finds out if paid protesters are invading town halls, and Run the Jewels talk "Run the Jewels 3."
Feb 28 2017
The Trump administration tries to crack down on news leaks, Roy Wood Jr. celebrates black excellence at the Oscars, and John Oliver discusses "Last Week Tonight."
Feb 27 2017
President Trump holds a turbulent press conference, Jordan Klepper talks to New Jersey residents living on Dick Street, and Ezra Edelman discusses "O.J.: Made in America."
Feb 16 2017
Trevor reflects on having a president with grandpa tendencies, Donald Trump weighs in on the Israel-Palestine conflict, and Mark Mazzetti discusses Russia's election hacking.
Feb 15 2017
National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigns and Republicans don't know how to handle questions about it, and Laverne Cox discusses the TV show "Doubt."
Feb 14 2017
President Trump meets with Japan's Shinzo Abe, Trevor profiles Trump's senior adviser Stephen Miller, and Elaine Welteroth and Phillip Picardi discuss Teen Vogue.
Feb 13 2017
The Trump family is accused of using the White House for financial gain, Roy Wood Jr. prepares for Fashion Week and the Grammys, and Laura Jane Grace discusses "Tranny."
Feb 09 2017
Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders debate health care on CNN, Elizabeth Warren reacts to being silenced on the Senate floor, and actress Tracee Ellis Ross discusses "Black-ish."
Feb 08 2017
President Trump accuses the media of underreporting terrorism, Michelle Wolf lauds Kellyanne Conway's duplicity, and Marty Walsh discusses Boston's sanctuary city status.
Feb 07 2017
President Trump lashes out at a federal judge on Twitter, Trevor examines Steve Bannon's role in the White House, and Keith Ellison discusses the Democratic Party's future.
Feb 06 2017
President Trump picks fights with Mexico and Australia, Roy Wood Jr. attends a football convention to get his mind off of politics, and Blair Underwood discusses "Quantico."
Feb 02 2017
President Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court and hosts a Black History Month gathering, and David Miliband discusses the International Rescue Committee.
Feb 01 2017
President Trump fires the acting U.S. attorney general, Hasan Minhaj puts the Muslim-targeted travel ban into historical perspective, and Anthony D. Romero discusses the ACLU.
Jan 31 2017
Hasan Minhaj examines a Muslim-targeted travel ban, Neal Brennan accuses President Trump of being too sensitive, and Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin discuss "Rest in Power."
Jan 30 2017
Donald Trump gives his first interview as president, Trevor examines the actual inaugural cake, and Laurence Fishburne talks about playing Nelson Mandela in "Madiba."
Jan 26 2017
President Trump signs a series of controversial executive orders, author Heather Ann Thompson discusses "Blood in the Water," and actress Bellamy Young chats about "Scandal."
Jan 25 2017
Big Sean 22x53
Trevor profiles White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, The Best F#@king News Team auditions to read President Trump's tweets, and Big Sean discusses his album "I Decided."
Jan 24 2017
Millions gather worldwide to march for women�s rights, Desi Lydic examines the Trump administration�s �alternative facts,� and Matt Taibbi discusses �Insane Clown President.�
Jan 23 2017
Joy Reid 22x51
Donald Trump is sworn in as president, Roy Wood Jr. salutes Barack Obama, Desi Lydic tackles parenthood in a new America, and Joy Reid discusses "We Are the Change We Seek."
Jan 20 2017
Tensions over President-elect Trump's relationship with Russia rise ahead of his inauguration, Scott Conroy discusses "Embeds," and James McAvoy chats about his movie "Split."
Jan 19 2017
Secretary of education nominee Betsy DeVos undergoes a harsh Senate hearing, Michelle Wolf examines Donald Trump's approval rating, and Samantha Power discusses her U.N. role.
Jan 18 2017
President Obama makes last-ditch efforts to protect his legacy, Lewis Black reflects on the lack of star power at Donald Trump's inauguration, and John Zimmer discusses Lyft.
Jan 17 2017
Donald Trump lashes out at John Lewis, Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold talks about covering the 2016 election, and Bryshere Gray discusses "The New Edition Story."
Jan 16 2017
The U.S. Ethics Office blasts Donald Trump's divestment plan, Ben Carson begins his confirmation hearing for HUD secretary, and Cecile Richards discusses Planned Parenthood.
Jan 12 2017
President Obama gives his farewell address, Donald Trump dismisses CNN as "fake news" at his first post-election press conference, and Jonathan Chait discusses "Audacity."
Jan 11 2017
Donald Trump prepares for a pre-inauguration news conference, Roy Wood Jr. examines Apple's gun emoji redesign, and Aasif Mandvi discusses "A Series of Unfortunate Events."
Jan 10 2017
Trevor recaps the 2017 Golden Globes, Donald Trump lies about an intelligence report on Russian election hacking, and Susan Goldberg discusses National Geographic magazine.
Jan 09 2017
The GOP prepares to repeal Obamacare, Jordan Klepper and Desi Lydic examine congressional gridlock, and Keegan-Michael Key gives his final address as Obama's anger translator.
Jan 05 2017
Republicans defend a vote to gut an ethics panel, Michelle Wolf examines a congressional swearing-in ceremony, and Omar Saif Ghobash discusses "Letters to a Young Muslim."
Jan 04 2017
Republicans vote to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics, Vladimir Putin reacts to President Obama's sanctions on Russia, and Michael Che discusses "Michael Che Matters."
Jan 03 2017
The Best F#@king News Team recaps the biggest stories of 2016, Jordan Klepper celebrates Donald Trump supporters, and Rob Corddry discusses "Office Christmas Party."
Dec 15 2016
Donald Trump admits to campaigning on falsehoods, Desi Lydic and Michelle Wolf examine the future of reproductive rights, and Michael K. Williams discusses "Assassin's Creed."
Dec 14 2016
Donald Trump picks Rex Tillerson for secretary of state, The Best F#@king News Team designs poop-friendly NASA suits, and Ta-Nehisi Coates discusses "My President Was Black."
Dec 13 2016
Trevor sits down with President Obama at the White House to discuss Russia's impact on the 2016 election, the incoming Trump administration and responses to modern racism.
Dec 12 2016
President-elect Trump strikes a problematic deal with Carrier to keep jobs in the U.S., Evan McMullin talks about uniting Americans, and DJ Khaled discusses "The Keys."
Dec 08 2016
Thomas Jefferson (Jordan Klepper) explains the Electoral College, Hasan Minhaj looks at criminals who go viral online, and Brian Tyree Henry discusses his role in "Atlanta."
Dec 07 2016
President-elect Trump raises eyebrows after talking to the president of Taiwan, Hasan Minhaj learns how the Navy is going green, and John Legend discusses "La La Land."
Dec 06 2016
Van Jones 22x32
Ben Carson is nominated for secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Jordan Klepper attends Donald Trump's post-election tour, and Van Jones discusses "The Messy Truth."
Dec 05 2016
Trevor examines the initial route of the Dakota Access Pipeline, President-elect Trump names Michael Flynn national security adviser, and Chelsea Handler discusses �Chelsea.�
Dec 01 2016
Jordan Klepper and Roy Wood Jr. examine Trump administration nominees Jeff Sessions and Steven Mnuchin, and "Tomi" host Tomi Lahren talks about being a voice for conservatism.
Nov 30 2016
The media grapples with President-elect Trump's lying, Adam Lowitt weighs in on a Holocaust-themed ice skating performance in Russia, and Mahershala Ali discusses "Moonlight."
Nov 29 2016
Donald Trump is accused of exploiting his president-elect status for personal gain, Cuban leader Fidel Castro dies, and Ryan Speedo Green discusses "Sing for Your Life."
Nov 28 2016
President-elect Trump's transition team calls for a Muslim registry, George Packer discusses the working class, and Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest talks "We Got It From Here."
Nov 17 2016
Alt-right leader Steve Bannon joins the Trump administration, The Best F#@king News Team mourns the death of facts, and Wesley Lowery discusses "They Can't Kill Us All."
Nov 16 2016
Trevor compares Donald Trump to South African President Jacob Zuma, developing countries learn about U.S. democracy, and Desus Nice and The Kid Mero discuss "Desus & Mero."
Nov 15 2016
President-elect Donald Trump backs down on key campaign promises, Nate Silver discusses FiveThirtyEight, and Adrian Grenier talks about the Lonely Whale Foundation.
Nov 14 2016
Barack Obama meets President-elect Trump, Ronny Chieng finds new ways to poll the electorate, and Deborah Lee James and Eric Fanning discuss the transition of military power.
Nov 10 2016
After Donald Trump is elected president, Michelle Wolf and Hasan Minhaj break down how women and Muslims are reacting, and John Stanton discusses BuzzFeed's election coverage.
Nov 09 2016
The Best F#@king News Team, Ana Marie Cox, Douglas Brinkley and Keegan-Michael Key join Trevor for live coverage of the 2016 presidential election.
Nov 08 2016
The FBI concludes its probe into Hillary Clinton's emails just ahead of the 2016 election, Trevor urges viewers to vote, and Jonathan Capehart discusses the electoral map.
Nov 07 2016
Common 22x19
Key Senate races in Illinois and North Carolina heat up, Trevor imagines life at Donald Trump's campaign headquarters, and Common discusses his album "Black America Again."
Nov 03 2016
Kal Penn 22x18
Trevor describes how Hillary Clinton is living the black experience, Desi Lydic meets the founder of the Trumpettes, and Kal Penn discusses his role on "Designated Survivor."
Nov 02 2016
The FBI begins another probe into Hillary Clinton's emails, Michelle Wolf discusses male birth control, and Susan Rice reflects on her time as U.S. national security adviser.
Nov 01 2016
Jeff Ross 22x16
In this Halloween episode, Jeff Ross and The Best F#@king News Team join Trevor for a look into the post-apocalyptic world of a Donald Trump presidency.
Oct 31 2016
Jeezy 22x15
The Obama administration announces major price hikes for Obamacare, Desi Lydic and Eliza Cossio conduct a rigged election poll, and rapper Jeezy discusses "Trap or Die 3."
Oct 27 2016
Trevor examines the online media's partisan divide, John Della Volpe talks about polling millennial voters, and Phil Collins chats about his memoir "Not Dead Yet."
Oct 26 2016
Dana Bash 22x13
Roy Wood Jr. examines the closing of a French refugee camp, Donald Trump pledges to sue his sexual assault accusers, and Dana Bash talks about reporting on the 2016 election.
Oct 25 2016
Donald Trump threatens to challenge the results of the 2016 election, Roy Wood Jr. examines the struggles black journalists face, and Mike Colter discusses "Luke Cage."
Oct 20 2016
In this live episode, Trevor and Matt Taibbi unpack Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's final presidential debate, and Roy Wood Jr. grills apathetic black voters.
Oct 19 2016
Uzo Aduba 22x10
Melania Trump addresses Donald Trump's Pussygate scandal, WikiLeaks publishes Hillary Clinton's emails and Wall Street speeches, and Uzo Aduba discusses "American Pastoral."
Oct 18 2016
The U.S. bombs Yemen, Donald Trump claims that the 2016 presidential election will be rigged, and Russell Simmons discusses the Muslims Are Speaking Out campaign.
Oct 17 2016
Multiple women accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault, Ana Navarro discusses growing tensions within the GOP, and Jidenna performs songs from his album "Long Live the Chief."
Oct 13 2016
Conservative Christians defend Donald Trump's Pussygate comments, The Best F#@king News Team debates trigger warnings, and Bryan Christy discusses the rhino horn trade.
Oct 12 2016
Desi Lydic fact-checks 2016's second presidential debate, Michelle Wolf examines Donald Trump's sexual assault scandal, and Charlamagne Tha God discusses "The Breakfast Club."
Oct 11 2016
Donald Trump brags about groping women in a 2005 video, Trevor likens Trump to an African dictator, and Xavier Becerra discusses Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.
Oct 10 2016
Ronny Chieng unpacks a racist segment from "The O'Reilly Factor," Desi Lydic investigates political sexism, and Carmelo Anthony discusses the Carmelo Anthony Foundation.
Oct 06 2016
The media creates scandals by taking remarks by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump out of context, Lewis Black urges millennials to vote, and Mark Duplass discusses "Blue Jay."
Oct 05 2016
In this live episode, Trevor recaps the vice presidential debate between Mike Pence and Tim Kaine, Hasan Minhaj honors Joe Biden, and Ezra Klein discusses the 2016 election.
Oct 04 2016
Donald Trump's tax history comes into question, Roy Wood Jr. weighs in on Congress allowing Americans to sue Saudi Arabia for 9/11, and James Marsden discusses "Westworld."
Oct 03 2016

Season 21

161 Episodes

Trevor examines the legacy of stop-and-frisk, Roy Wood Jr. and Jordan Klepper test North Carolina's anti-LGBT HB2 law, and Blood Orange performs songs from "Freetown Sound."
Sep 29 2016
Donald Trump defends attacks he made on a former Miss Universe's weight, Trevor looks back at Trump's history of sexism, and Reid Hoffman discusses the presidential election.
Sep 28 2016
Donald Trump blames his poor debate performance on his microphone, Desi Lydic fact-checks the first presidential debate, and Sara Goldrick-Rab discusses "Paying the Price."
Sep 27 2016
Trevor covers the first debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, Jordan Klepper learns about political fact-checking, and Alicia Menendez discusses debate moderation.
Sep 26 2016
Lisa Ling 21x157
Mark Zuckerberg announces a plan to cure all diseases, Trevor marvels at Tomi Lahren's inexplicable anger, and CNN's Lisa Ling discusses "This Is Life with Lisa Ling."
Sep 22 2016
Trevor examines the police shooting of Terence Crutcher, Wells Fargo scams millions of customers, and Wendy Williams talks about hosting "The Wendy Williams Show."
Sep 21 2016
Donald Trump Jr. likens Syrian refugees to deadly Skittles, Jordan K