The Forgotten Valley

Ended / 7:00pm HBO Latin America 44 min.
A group of young people venture through a place lost in time and full of mysteries to unravel.

Season 1

10 Episodes

It's time for the ritual. The fog invades the valley and the Guardian manifests.
Nov 27 2022
Outsiders attend a dinner at the Patron's house and find out why they were chosen. Will they be able to escape the fate that awaits them?
Nov 20 2022
The origins of the Patronus, the Guardian and the sect of the Forgotten are revealed.
Nov 13 2022
Dalva 1x07
Bento and Bruna look for Alma. Iasmim is expelled from the mansion. Coyote is possessed by Dalva.
Nov 06 2022
Clara arrives at the village. Bruna realizes that Fred and Father Aleixo have secrets. Coyote and Iasmine connect.
Oct 30 2022
Bento is arrested. Giovana is surprised by something new. Bruna and Father Aleixo have a night of love.
Oct 23 2022
One Day J´┐Żlio is condemned by the Clandestine Council. Fred, increasingly tormented by spirits that others cannot see, decides to take extreme action.
Oct 16 2022
Ana decides to rescue Du; Alma suspects that Ana is involved in Pedro's disappearance.
Oct 09 2022
Concerned about Du's whereabouts, the outsiders go to Irene's house and receive a mysterious tea.
Oct 02 2022
At Ana's invitation, a group of young people venture out on a trail, but are attacked by strangers who emerge from the middle of the forest. One of the young people is seriously injured and kidnapped, and the rest of the group asks for help in a peculiar village.
Sep 25 2022