The Girls on the Bus

Continuing / 7:00pm Max 45 min.
Four female journalists find friendship, love and scandal as they follow a parade of flawed candidates in an unpredictable presidential campaign.

Season 1

10 Episodes

May 09 2024
May 02 2024
Apr 25 2024
Apr 18 2024
When the bus breaks down just hours before the Democratic debate, a disillusioned Lola struggles to fulfill her sponsorships, Grace and Sadie scheme to find a source and Kimberlyn gets existential about her career.
Apr 11 2024
While Sadie must defend herself at work, Kimberlyn prepares for her engagement party and Lola contemplates a new relationship.
Apr 04 2024
At an unexpected memorial service, Lola and Kimberlyn fall out over different expressions of grief. Later, Grace clashes with her daughter Annie, and Sadie gets an anonymous tip before her career is thrown into jeopardy.
Mar 28 2024
In Las Vegas, Sadie schools Lola on the presidential pool, Kimberlyn snags a primetime slot and Grace pursues a candidate�s medical records.
Mar 21 2024
Sadie spirals after spotting a familiar face at a campaign rally, Kimberlyn snags a key interview and Grace and Lola establish a truce.
Mar 14 2024
Pilot 1x01
Needing to prove herself to her bosses, Sadie must favor trade with Liberty Direct News reporter Kimberlyn to secure a critical interview.
Mar 14 2024