The Great North

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Follow the Alaskan adventures of the Tobin family as single dad Beef does his best to keep his weird bunch of kids close, especially as the artistic dreams of his only daughter Judy lead her away from the family fishing boat and into the glamorous world of the local mall.

Season 4

15 Episodes

After Carissa�s friends tell Beef he needs to be more romantic, he takes her on a full day of consecutive dates. Honeybee and Judy plan their second annual opening of �The Tobin Family Pool�.
May 19 2024
Out of concern for Beef's health, the kids push him to see a doctor. Meanwhile, a grave marked "Wife" pushes Honeybee, Judy, and Aunt Dirt into researching the corpse's life.
May 12 2024
Wanting a chance at casually making out, Judy suddenly finds herself with three separate dates to handle simultaneously. Meanwhile, Beef goes to meet a friend he met online, only to find out that he�s a cruise ship captain, and therefore a dire enemy.
May 05 2024
When a blizzard snows the Tobin family in, Beef struggles to avoid cabin fever by running the household like the Royal British Navy. But after a box of special candy is found half-eaten, Judy, Wolf, Moon, Ham, Honeybee, Jerry, and Mr. Golovkin turn on Beef, and everyone gets at each other's throats, threatening the sanity of the household.
Apr 28 2024
When Judy and Kima accidentally get high during a school field trip, they are sent on a mission to find treasure by a talking tub of cottage cheese named Beth. Meanwhile, Wolf�s signature sandwich is removed from the menu at Lydia�s sandwich shop.
Apr 21 2024
When Judy and Ham realize that the school thinks they don�t party, they set out with Aunt Dirt, Kima, Moon, and Crispin to find and party with Doug Delfino, a recently emancipated student. Meanwhile, Wolf and Honeybee deal with Beef getting a little too drunk at the Chug n� Tug Tug of War tournament.
Apr 14 2024
When the new librarian gets rid of the vandalized books, Moon and his friends retrieve them and set up a vandalized-book bookstore. Meanwhile, Honeybee�s mother visits, and Wolf struggles to act normal around her. Ham and Judy struggle to bake a special cake with dog- friendly ingredients for Toast, the local dog celebrity.
Apr 14 2024
When Beef is threatened by someone else potentially dating Carissa, he decides to fight a new bear from Fat Bear Week. Meanwhile, Ham takes Aunt Dirt to the gay bars around town, but she struggles to feel comfortable.
Apr 07 2024
After Ham gets into a prestigious cake competition in New York, the family sets off on a bus road trip.
Mar 24 2024
As the Tobin family receives their annual oil dividend checks for living in Alaska, they all have different approaches on how to spend them. Honeybee and Wolf attempt to create a homemade gym in their guest house, and Beef, Moon, and Dirt scavenge junk yards looking for an extravagant object to buy. Meanwhile, Judy coaches the local hockey team in hopes of attracting their audience to her one-woman show protesting the dividends.
Mar 17 2024
When Cheesecake gets evicted from his trailer but finds a dangerous job on a crabbing boat, Wolf and Honeybee struggle to get him a local job and to teach him interview skills. Meanwhile, Beef tries to help bring business to Carissa�s failing coffee hut.
Mar 10 2024
Honeybee wins interim Lone Moose mayor over Wolf who, although upset, starts overstepping during Honeybee's one day term. The rest of the Tobins start capitalizing on their new family member's political power.
Mar 03 2024
When Moon gets rejected by his crush for the Lil' Preppers Practice Prom, he goes off-grid for the night and sees a mysterious figure who is revealed to be the long-lost Aunt Dirt Tobin who has been in hiding in a bunker on the Tobin property since 1964. The Tobin family teaches Aunt Dirt all about modern life while Moon copes with his first bout of romantic rejection.
Feb 25 2024
Beef has a one-night stand after a string of bad dates, but quickly becomes embarrassed when Greta Meatweep exposes their sexcapades in the poem column of the local newspaper. Moon becomes Jerry�s Bigfoot little-brother sidekick, and the local clown duo challenges them to a costume battle over the Lone Moose party turf.
Feb 18 2024
Ham enlists his family for help in finding a speech for his Public Speaking Elective. Judy, Beef, and Honeybee pitch competing stories for Ham to select from and end up secretly drawing from Top Gun, Good Will Hunting, and The Matrix in the process.
Jan 07 2024

Season 3

22 Episodes

It's a day of reckoning for Lone Moose, as Beef and a group of townspeople attempt to rescue all the prom-goers from a flood of rotten meat waste.
May 21 2023
Judy and Kima worry they won�t find their perfect dates for prom. The rest of the family investigate a weird smell that�s been wafting through town.
May 14 2023
When a hi-tech seafood vending machine shows up in Lone Moose and drives down the price of fish, Beef loses it. Judy and Kima become junior members of an all-women's smokejumper crew.
May 07 2023
The citizens of Lone Moose celebrate the Rear Gifts Festival, an annual celebration of moose turds. Ham attempts to make a new friend his own age.
Apr 30 2023
Beef goes to great lengths to avoid celebrating his birthday.
Apr 23 2023
Beef, Wolf and Honeybee discover a grizzly bear at Maude's diner; Ham and Moon go on a mission to reclaim a treasure.
Apr 16 2023
Wolf and Honeybee's parenting skills are put to the test when an adult show choir crashes outside their home. Beef takes Moon on a surprise trip.
Mar 19 2023
Beef drives Alyson to meet a man she met online. Wolf confronts his greatest fear: not being liked by a local bartender.
Mar 12 2023
All of Lone Moose gets wrapped up in the Little Mr. Ketchikan Canned Sausage Gentleman Pageant competition, a pageant for boys with an unusual history.
Mar 05 2023
Judy and Honeybee encounter a strange group in the woods. The rest of the family has to save Beef from an arranged marriage.
Feb 26 2023
The kids must convince Beef to get a new mattress after his turns into a deadly trap. Honeybee and Wolf set out on a journey.
Feb 19 2023
Moon and the Junior Janitors get involved with a teacher scandal. The rest of the family gets involved with a buncha crabs.
Jan 01 2023
When a long lost family friend shows up at Lone Moose's White Elephant gift exchange, Beef is not pleased. Moon rescues a reindeer.
Dec 11 2022
Kima and her family host a very surprising visitor during Lone Moose's "lower-48" exchange student week. Ham fails to care for a cactus.
Nov 27 2022
Beef is recruited to pilot a super yacht owned by eccentric billionaire Dick Chateau. Wolf and Honeybee become convinced that a mysterious stranger is actually Wolf from the future.
Nov 20 2022
Beef and Judy tell alternate versions of a wild day. The rest of the Tobins try to finish reading a challenging novel.
Nov 13 2022
When Honeybee's plans to fly home to Fresno for her favorite holiday get ruined by a storm, she decides to bring her family traditions to Lone Moose, but faces a series of terrifying surprises.
Oct 30 2022
The entire town of Lone Moose is determined to win the annual Cavalcade of Ships parade. Wolf uncovers a parade secret that could change everything.
Oct 23 2022
When the Tobins and some friends are trapped in the house for days by an ice storm, their cabin fever leads to the Trial of the Century.
Oct 16 2022
All the Tobins fall under the spell of the Fall Frenzy Dance on.
Oct 09 2022
During Lone Moose's Disaster Day event, Wolf and Honeybee have their very first fight.
Oct 02 2022
Honeybee and Wolf discover an outback-themed restaurant they can�t stop going to. Beef confronts his fear of small talk.
Sep 25 2022

Season 2

22 Episodes

The Tobins spend Father's Day weekend at an RV park and uncover the identity of the Fiend of Family Land. Then, Moon meets a skunk, and Judy thinks she's found a new love.
May 22 2022
A new indoor water park is opening in Lone Moose, and all of the Tobins want to go, except for Wolf, who's convinced that he's cursed to always lose his swim trunks in front of the entire town.
May 15 2022
With Crispin's help, Ham tries to re-create a more theatrical version of his coming out. Meanwhile, hoping to record their first true crime podcast, Wolf and Honeybee investigate a local cold case and are shocked by what they uncover.
May 08 2022
Wolf chaperones Ham and Judy on a school field trip to the abandoned Death Cliff Prison. Meanwhile, Beef accidentally agrees to compose a poem.
May 01 2022
Beef struggles when the boat needs repairs and he can't fish for a whole week. Meanwhile, Wolf and Honeybee meet the best-looking man in Lone Moose.
Apr 24 2022
After seeing something he shouldn't have, Moon incurs Debbie's wrath. Meanwhile, Beef is determined to save his favorite museum from being closed down.
Apr 10 2022
Ham befriends an older woman who loves to party. Meanwhile, Judy takes up pottery and is not great at it.
Mar 27 2022
Honeybee agrees to help Moon with his school problems, only to learn that something else is on his mind. Meanwhile, the rest of the family deals with a moose problem.
Mar 20 2022
The school is putting on a musical based on "The Perfect Storm," and Judy desperately wants to be one of the leads. Meanwhile, Moon tries to convince his family he's ready to stay home alone for the very first time.
Mar 13 2022
Judy relaunches the Saved by the Spells, a legendary secret society. Meanwhile, Honeybee and Wolf have a surprising week, and Moon makes a new friend on his CB radio.
Mar 06 2022
Beef joins a local moms' group, while Moon and his friends build a Dread Sled. Meanwhile, the rest of the family digs into the investigation of Wolf and Honeybee's disappearing potholder.
Feb 27 2022
Moon helps Wolf deal with their parents' divorce. Honeybee encounters Lone Moose's most famous City Councilperson, who happens to be an eagle.
Jan 02 2022
When Jerry's Bigfoot costume gets stolen a few days before Christmas, Beef helps him track it down. The Tobin kids try to build an elaborate gingerbread village.
Dec 19 2021
Former celebrity mountain man, Tusk Johnson, returns to Lone Moose with a big favor to ask of Beef and Wolf. Meanwhile, Honeybee enters a contest to win her own mall kiosk.
Nov 28 2021
During Thanksgiving week, the Tobin kids and Honeybee take part in an old family tradition called The Beef Hunt. Meanwhile, Beef wrestles with his greatest fear.
Nov 21 2021
Ham is assigned an after-school job at a restaurant as part of "Careers Week," and gets an unexpected surprise. Meanwhile, Moon develops a crush on an older woman.
Nov 14 2021
Judy's murder mystery party doesn't go exactly as planned and Alyson invites herself on a date with Beef.
Nov 07 2021
When Wolf discovers that Beef secretly wants a jet ski, he formulates a plan to get it. Then, Ham bonds with a novelty singing fish toy.
Oct 24 2021
After Delmer suffers a concussion while eating soup, the Tobins tell their favorite stories about him in order to keep him awake and alive.
Oct 17 2021
Moon, Judy and Ham try to survive Alaska's darkest and spookiest day of the year. Meanwhile, Wolf and Honeybee attempt to replace Beef's favorite shirt.
Oct 10 2021
A punk band invites Ham to audition after hearing him scream. Meanwhile, Honeybee and Wolf get their first directing gig.
Oct 03 2021
Judy embarks on a journey after getting some unexpected news from the dentist.
Sep 26 2021

Season 1

11 Episodes

While the family prepares for Wolf and Honeybee's wedding, an unexpected guest RSVPs.
May 16 2021
A blizzard threatens the Tobin family game night. Meanwhile, Beef makes a new friend in the woods.
May 09 2021
Beef and Wolf meet their hero, legendary mountain man, Tusk Johnson! Judy and the rest of the Tobin clan become addicted to '80s primetime soap "Dynasty".
Apr 18 2021
When Moon begins to doubt the existence of Bigfoot, Beef enlists the family's help to get him believing again. Meanwhile, Honeybee gets a surprise visitor from Fresno.
Apr 11 2021
Judy asks Alyson to help her with an exciting opportunity to lead an art project at school. Meanwhile, the local paper prints a story involving Beef, and the family investigates to discover the truth.
Mar 21 2021
Judy asks her crush to the most romantic dance of the school year, not realizing he's got eyes for someone else. Meanwhile, Beef's Brother, Brian, comes up for a visit from Anchorage.
Mar 14 2021
Beef enlists Judy to help coach his adult curling team. Meanwhile, Wolf tries to turn the family fishing boat into a sunset cruise for lovers.
Mar 07 2021
Worried that she's inherited Beef's fear of romance, Judy forces her dad to get back out there by attending a meat auction and singles mixer in the hopes of bringing home a new love, and also maybe some sausages.
Feb 28 2021
Wolf tries to find the perfect six-month anniversary gift for Honeybee. Meanwhile, Judy interviews Honeybee for the school newspaper and learns about her thrilling early years in Fresno.
Feb 21 2021
Judy is worried that she and Ham are growing apart when she discovers he's been keeping a secret from her. The rest of the family participates in a town festival.
Jan 17 2021
The Tobin family's plans to celebrate Judy's 16th birthday on the family fishing boat go awry after a moose breaks into the family home.
Jan 03 2021