The Lazarus Project

Ended / 7:00pm Sky Max 43 min.
When George wakes up one day and finds himself reliving a day from months ago, he thinks he�s lost his mind. All of his recent milestones have been undone, including his success at work and his marriage to the love of his life. Worst of all, he seems to be the only one who has noticed what�s happened. That is, until he meets Archie, who recruits George for the Lazarus Project - a secret organisation that has harnessed the ability to turn back time every time the world is at threat of extinction. Like George, those who work at Lazarus are the few people on earth with the ability to remember the events that are undone when time goes back.

Season 2

8 Episodes

Things come to a head as missions, agents, and issues from the past and present collide in one epic confrontation. George and the other Lazarus agents have just one chance to try and save their own while fixing the three-week loop once and for all.
Dec 28 2023
When a catastrophic event severely compromises the Lazarus team�s plans, George and Sarah must work together to execute their mission and are forced to go head-to-head with an unyielding Wes.
Dec 28 2023
After successfully arriving in 2012, George and the Lazarus team face their biggest challenge yet as they attempt to rescue Janet and retrieve the time machine.
Dec 20 2023
While the Lazarus team is trying to find its way back to 2012, Janet is already there, hard at work with Dr Gray.
Dec 13 2023
When the time machine doesn�t work in the way they�d planned, George and the other members of the Lazarus mission are left stranded in the wrong year � but could somebody be conspiring against them?
Dec 06 2023
The Lazarus team gets closer to cracking the science behind time travel. However, what they don�t know is that their mission isn�t quite as straightforward as is making it out to be.
Nov 29 2023
The team attempts to track down the time machine that had been used to transport Janet back to 2012, while an unexpected visitor from the past comes looking for George.
Nov 22 2023
The Lazarus Project team sets out to break the cycle, while a guilt-ridden George is desperate to redeem himself as he attempts to win back the lost trust of his colleagues and Sarah.
Nov 15 2023

Season 1

8 Episodes

When The Lazarus Project are trapped by a cataclysmic event, George discovers that the key to helping them is the person he has just shot.
Aug 04 2022
As the past begins to catch up with him, George learns that having the power to turn back time doesn't mean getting everything you want.
Jul 28 2022
As George's plan is about to be executed, he is faced with a decision that will change countless lives and the world as he knows it forever.
Jul 21 2022
As George tries desperately to cover his tracks, his actions force Archie to question her faith in The Lazarus Project.
Jul 14 2022
George puts his plan into motion, unaware that a Lazarus agent is hot on his heels - and is prepared to do anything to stop him.
Jul 07 2022
A grieving George decides to take action. But what if the only person who can help him is The Lazarus Project's mortal enemy?
Jun 30 2022
George is left distraught after a freak accident hurts someone close to him, but soon discovers the perils of turning back time at will.
Jun 23 2022
When George keeps reliving the same few weeks over and over, he is offered an opportunity that will change his life forever.
Jun 16 2022