The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers

Ended / 7:00pm Disney+ 33 min.
In present day Minnesota, the Mighty Ducks have evolved from scrappy underdogs to an ultra-competitive, powerhouse youth hockey team. After 12-year-old Evan is unceremoniously cut from the Ducks, he and his mom Alex set out to build their own ragtag team of misfits to challenge the cutthroat, win-at-all-costs culture of competitive youth sports.

Season 2

10 Episodes

With their heads on straight from their perfect summer day, our combined Ducks team heads to the Summer Showcase - with Alex as their coach and Cole in a new role, so that he won't get in Jace's way. But being there, the scouts, the pressure, and even an unexpected rival team, get to Jace, Evan, and the rest of our gang. Meanwhile, Nick wonders if he'll find a way to shine, on or off the ice. And all of our camp relationships play out... as summer ends, and everyone has to say goodbye.
Nov 30 2022
The Ducks and their rival Dominate get ready to face each other in the Finals - with the champion moving on to the Summer Showcase. Tensions are high - captains Evan and Jace are at each other, Alex and Cole's summer romance has been called off, and both teams are mad at the adults for their misguided trade talk. But a new plan and an inspired day might just open up hearts and change the course of the entire summer for everyone.
Nov 23 2022
Fresh off their visit to the Anaheim Pond, our Ducks have found their "sideways" skills - offbeat ways to succeed on the ice - putting them on a collision course with Coach Cole's juggernaut Team Dominate. Jace and Evan step into new roles as captains, but talk of a major shake-up threatens the chemistry of both the Ducks and Dominate. And while Alex and Cole grow closer, it's hard for them to overcome their nature.
Nov 16 2022
Alex takes the Ducks on an unsanctioned field trip, hoping some legendary hockey magic will turn the team around. Meanwhile, Evan feels the price of the sacrifices he's made at EPIC, and he's determined to become Dominate's captain to make it all worth it. While the excursion doesn't quite go as planned, Jace faces his past with help from Sofi, and Alex digs deep to help her squad. And when they return to EPIC, Jace's turnaround leads to a big moment between Alex and Cole.
Nov 09 2022
Twigs 2x06
The Mighty Ducks face rough tournament play where they wonder if team spirit and heart are enough for them to win. Jace struggles with his glitch and resists becoming part of the group. Over on top-notch Dominate, Evan proves himself to be a grinder, and Coach Cole takes notice. With the Ducks and Dominate set to go head-to-head on the ice, Alex tries an unconventional way to prepare her team - but Cole has his own tactics in mind.
Nov 02 2022
Alex leads our crew of old and new Mighty Ducks through their first week of team training with the spirit of summer fun � but she struggles to bring a disengaged Jace into the fold. Coach Cole, meanwhile, drives Team Dominate through power practices, and Evan pushes himself harder than ever. And Maya tries to help Sofi find her inner rebel. When a conflict forces Evan to choose between his new squad and his best friend, we discover an unexpected side of Cole.
Oct 26 2022
It�s Draft Day, when coaches select their teams for tournament play. Alex has thrown down a gauntlet to Coach Cole, and pressure�s on for her to find players who will deliver. Even her own son would rather be drafted to Cole�s elite team. Nick, the presumptive last pick, can at least spot talent, and offers to help Alex scout. Evan and Sofi try to reconnect, as their summer dreams pull them apart. And the draft plays out in some surprising ways, creating new dilemmas for our Ducks.
Oct 19 2022
It�s the annual Coach Classic, where the coaches take the ice against the kids. It�s real smash-mouth hockey, and everyone�s got an agenda. Evan�s desperate to get picked for the game. Alex is desperate for him not to, while Cole wants Jace to play to get over the glitch in his shot. Meanwhile, Maya, Sam, and Koob see a unique opportunity around this competition. Along the way, Sofi discovers there�s a lot more to Jace�s past, and an unexpected twist changes Alex�s plans at EPIC.
Oct 12 2022
Training kicks into high gear at EPIC, where cutting edge technology meets physical drills and mental conditioning to push campers to the brink. Evan is all in and determined to prove himself to Coach Cole while Sofi may be going in another direction. Alex wants to inject some summer fun into the mix and goes head to head with Cole over his program. An overwhelmed Nick begins to question his future here.
Oct 05 2022
Our Mighty Ducks, along with their coach Alex Morrow, head to an elite summer hockey institute in California, run by charming yet hardcore former NHL player Colin Cole. It�s invitation only, and the talent is next-level great. It�s so great that the Ducks begin to wonder what they are even doing there. But when Coach Cole tells our squad they may not be a good �fit� for his program, they get fired up to prove him wrong � even though a mysterious camper warns them not to stay.
Sep 28 2022

Season 1

10 Episodes

The Don't Bothers are forced to choose what's really important, as they face the Ducks at States.
May 28 2021
Don't Bothers road trip to States! Teen drama unfolds, Alex is left behind, Bombay reveals a secret.
May 21 2021
With the State Tournament on the horizon, Alex realizes she likes winning more than she thought.
May 14 2021
The team gets mad at Evan, and Alex doesn't think she's a good coach. Bombay takes them to a new place.
May 07 2021
With the original Ducks team back, Evan and Bombay consider where their loyalty lies.
Apr 30 2021
Evan's father shows up unexpectedly, complicating things for Evan, Alex, and even Bombay.
Apr 23 2021
Sofi is practicing with both the Ducks and the Don�t Bothers and forges her mother�s signature so she can play for the team. Gordon tries to motivate Alex while helping her prepare to take on Stephanie, her boss, in the Slap Shot Challenge. Meanwhile, Evan and Nick invite Koob to their sleepover.
Apr 16 2021
Alex tries to be a real coach. Evan recruits Sofi, and the team gets unexpected help...from Bombay.
Apr 09 2021
Dusters 1x02
Evan is skeptical of Alex's unique approach to coaching, as the team gets ready for its first game.
Apr 02 2021
Game On 1x01
When 12-year-old Evan is cut from The Ducks, he and his mom try to build a new kind of hockey team.
Mar 26 2021