The Outlaws

Continuing / 7:00pm BBC One 58 min.
Seven bickering lawbreakers forced together on community payback discover a bag of cash. But they're not the only ones after it.

Season 3

5 Episodes

The outlaws must race against time to prove their innocence and keep the Dean behind bars. Will they finally be able to free themselves from a life of crime?
The outlaws unmask a traitor. Whilst reconciling their personal battles, they plan an audacious heist to steal evidence and take down the Dean.
As the police investigate the crime and Rani�s involvement, the other outlaws don�t know who they can trust.
As the police investigate the crime and Rani�s involvement, the other outlaws don�t know who they can trust.
The Outlaws are moving on with their lives, but Rani�s shock return and the discovery of a dead body sends them hurtling back into mortal danger.
May 30 2024

Season 2

6 Episodes

Out of options and time, the outlaws must take extreme measures to pull off the con to end all cons with the eyes of the public and the police on them.
Jul 10 2022
Against the backdrop of a family reunion and a slap-up meal, the outlaws begin to believe their ordeal might be at an end.
Jul 03 2022
The outlaws meet a cook of sorts and an unlikely date takes place at a pub quiz. Two outlaws have a very close call, while a ghost from the past induces an emotional reckoning.
Jun 26 2022
The outlaws� illicit business begins to run like a well-oiled machine. An old dog struggles to learn new tricks, and a protest erupts at the community centre.
Jun 19 2022
In order to stay alive, the outlaws consider an unlikely� and dangerous � way of making money. Two familiar detectives turn their attention to a certain London kingpin.
Jun 12 2022
A few months on, the outlaws still have time to serve on their sentences. But they discover the criminal underworld isn�t done with them yet.
Jun 05 2022

Season 1

6 Episodes

Even with redemption seemingly in reach, the outlaws find their time running out, and the net closing around them. They face a stark choice � die apart, or survive together?
Nov 29 2021
The outlaws must hustle on two fronts � with a captain of industry, and a member of the landed gentry. An audacious break-in is planned, and an imposter is heartbreakingly exposed.
Nov 22 2021
A lifelong scoundrel reflects on his past mistakes, the police recruit a surprising new deputy, and a young woman makes a decision which could endanger the lives of all of the outlaws.
Nov 15 2021
Campaigner Myrna is rejected by the organisation she dedicated her life to. As Christian�s enemies engage in a high-stakes game of cat and mouse, a decision is made about the mysterious bag of cash.
Nov 08 2021
A washed-up solicitor and an insta-celebutante with anger issues discover what they could possibly have in common.
Nov 01 2021
Seven very different strangers begin their community payback sentences, renovating a derelict building in Bristol. But can any of these �outlaws� really reform?
Oct 25 2021