The Patient

Ended / 7:00pm Hulu 29 min.
Therapist Alan Strauss is held prisoner by a patient, Sam Fortner, who reveals himself to be a serial killer. Sam has an unusual therapeutic demand for Alan: curb his homicidal urges. In order to survive, Alan must unwind Sam's disturbed mind and stop him from killing again... but Sam refuses to address critical topics, like his mother Candace. Alone in captivity, Alan excavates his own past through memories of his old therapist and grapples with waves of his own repressed troubles – the recent death of his wife and the painful estrangement from his religious son Ezra. Over the course of his imprisonment, Alan uncovers not only how deep Sam's compulsion runs, but also how much work he has to do to repair the rift in his own family. With time running out, Alan fights desperately to stop Sam before Alan becomes complicit in Sam's murders or worse – becomes a target himself.

Season 1

10 Episodes

For Sam, an unexpected decision shows progress towards his goals, but Dr. Strauss demands even more.
Oct 25 2022
Dr. Strauss leaves nothing unsaid. Sam gives it another shot with Mary. An idea sparks for Sam, and everything seems to click together.
Oct 18 2022
Ezra 1x08
Dr. Strauss is honest with himself about his failures, past and present. A revelation about his relationship with Ezra leads him back to the urgency of escape. Sam loses faith in his doctor.
Oct 11 2022
Kaddish 1x07
Both Dr. Strauss and Sam try to make new connections in their pursuit of an elusive peace.
Oct 04 2022
Charlie 1x06
Dr. Strauss struggles with the reality he finds himself in. Sam is consumed with practical necessities, but agrees to his therapist’s advice to make different choices.
Sep 27 2022
Sam reaches out to a woman from his past. Trials loom for Dr. Strauss, Sam, and Elias.
Sep 20 2022
Company 1x04
On the threshold of crisis, Sam honors the promise Dr. Strauss made him make as a condition for continuing their work together; the trust built between patient and doctor is tested, with a life in the balance.
Sep 13 2022
Issues 1x03
Sam’s desire to find a therapeutic solution grows as his inner struggle intensifies; Dr. Strauss brings a new variable into their sessions.
Sep 06 2022
Sam delves more deeply into the reason he entered therapy, but he encounters resistance from Dr. Strauss as he attempts to continue their sessions; a gathering sense of not being alone leads to a revelation about the house.
Aug 30 2022
Intake 1x01
Dr. Alan Strauss, a therapist mourning the death of his wife, takes on an enigmatic new client; as the two men wrestle with very different, individual problems, their professional relationship is transformed by a choice that binds them together.
Aug 30 2022