The Really Loud House

Continuing / 7:00pm Nickelodeon 25 min.
The series follows 12-year-old Lincoln Loud as he goes on new adventures in the town of Royal Woods with his best friend Clyde McBride, while also navigating the chaos of living in a family with ten sisters.

Season 1

20 Episodes

The Royal Woods talent show provides the ultimate stage for all of the Loud family to show off their talents, and beat the Torkelson family once and for all.
Jun 29 2023
Mom and Dad attempt to enjoy a day to themselves by pairing up all of the Loud siblings with each other for the day.
Jun 29 2023
Lincoln brings Charlie along for a fun filled sleepover via technology and Lori�s boyfriend Bobby tries to get in on the fun too.
Jun 22 2023
When Lucy and the Mortician�s Club bring a cursed wheel of cheese into the house Lincoln and Clyde must race to save everyone from their worst nightmares!
Jun 22 2023
Lincoln and Clyde find themselves outmatched in the ultimate prank war, meanwhile Lisa takes on a new �sport� with some help from Lynn Jr.
Jun 15 2023
Lincoln and Clyde set out to win a Rip Hardcore contest, excited at a chance to hang with their hero, only to learn that Lincoln�s real hero has been by his side all along.
Jun 15 2023
When Clyde finds himself in the BEST program at school Lincoln has to find a way to reconnect before the epic spitball battle they�ve been preparing for and Dad tries every trick in the book to get an annoying song out of his head.
Jun 08 2023
After an epic Mother�s Day fail, the Loud family attempts to redeem themselves with a Mother�s Day re-do.
Jun 01 2023
Still on the quest to give Charlie the perfect gift to remember him by Lincoln and his family put all of their talents on the line for the first ever Loud-a-palooza to save Flip's food and fuel.
Feb 09 2023
On the quest to give Charlie the perfect gift to remember him by Lincoln and his family put all of their talents on the line for the first ever Loud-a-palooza to save Flip's food and fuel.
Feb 02 2023
Tired of having his space intruded upon, Lincoln and Clyde create an exclusive club only to find Lincoln's sisters have all done the same.
Jan 26 2023
Lincoln and Clyde are determined to make a name for themselves but learn that sacrificing someone else's dreams to get there isn't worth it in the end.
Jan 19 2023
Lincoln encourages Clyde to showcase his amazing skills as a drummer, but pushes him too far. Luan meets her comedy idol while performing a comedy gig at Sunset Canyon. And Luna helps Leni ace her history test by utilizing her love of fashion.
Jan 12 2023
Lincoln decides to tap out of his brotherly duties and go on a vacation. Clyde steps in to take on Lincoln's role in the family, at first everything goes great, until tides turn and Clyde has to call on Lincoln for help.
Jan 05 2023
Lincoln and his friends get ready for the school dance! Clyde's dad's are particularly excited that this might be the night Clyde has the ultimate meet-cute they've been waiting for, meanwhile Lincoln keeps striking out with his crush, Charlie.
Dec 08 2022
Ro-Bro 1x05
Lincoln dreams of having a cool older brother, and Lisa invents "Ro-Bro", for him. Ro-Bro is a blast until he bullies Clyde, and Lincoln realizes he has everything he needs in his "brother from two other fathers," Clyde McBride.
Dec 01 2022
It's parent teacher conference night and the Loud parents find themselves endlessly running around from class to class. Lincoln has his heart set on the Banana Split that their parents have promised if the Loud kids get more good reviews than bad.
Nov 24 2022
We meet the Action News Team as Lincoln finds himself taken aback by a new crush. Mom and Dad attempt to befriend a doctor to avoid the astronomical medical expenses that come with having 11 children.
Nov 17 2022
When Lincoln tries to get out of his chores on Chore Day, he and Clyde end up on a police ride-a-long, drawing unwanted attention from the notorious Custard Gang leader. Meanwhile, Dad loses all of the other kids throughout the afternoon.
Nov 10 2022
Lincoln is excited to stay up late with his best friend Clyde to watch the RIP Hardcore Midnight Marathon, but his plans are ruined when his dad institutes an early curfew. They come up with the idea to use the Loud sisters to get Dad out of the house to celebrate his half-birthday, but just as they think their plan worked, Lisa�s robot Todd malfunctions and Lincoln must decide what being a good man is really about.
Nov 03 2022