The Reluctant Traveler with Eugene Levy

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Award-winning actor and nervous explorer Eugene Levy steps out of his comfort zone for a whirlwind tour of the world�s most beautiful and intriguing destinations.

Season 2

7 Episodes

Eugene�s trip ends in Spain, where he meets soccer icon H�ctor Beller�n and enjoys the epic showdown of Real Betis vs. Sevilla FC.
Apr 12 2024
On the tiny island of Milos, Eugene reflects on the value of family when he befriends a father-son duo living their dream.
Apr 05 2024
Eugene dives deeper into his favorite European country to visit. On the agenda: truffle hunting, wine harvesting and jousting.
Mar 29 2024
Off the beaten path in Sylt, Eugene explores a world of wellness, complete with hay baths and fasting at the Lanserhof holistic retreat.
Mar 22 2024
Eugene gets a taste of glamour with Joan Collins, broadens his palate with oysters and attempts the art of beekeeping in Provence.
Mar 15 2024
Past meets present as Eugene explores his emotional family history in Glasgow and lives like a royal at the stunning Candacraig mansion.
Mar 08 2024
Eugene kicks off his epic adventure with a festive celebration, practices moose calling and kayaks down one of the country's longest rivers.
Mar 08 2024

Season 1

8 Episodes

Tokyo 1x08
Inspired by his son, Eugene makes his way to Tokyo for noodle slurping, sumo wrestling, typhoon training, and a stay at HOSHINOYA.
Feb 24 2023
Lisbon 1x07
Things take a spicy turn in Lisbon, where Eugene learns to make peri-peri sauce. Also on the menu? Sailing, tile painting, and a musical collaboration.
Feb 24 2023
Eugene checks into a train hotel suspended above Kruger National Park and explores the wonders of wildlife with animal conservationists.
Feb 24 2023
Hoping to earn his sea legs, Eugene arrives at the ultraluxe Kudadoo�a personalized island resort that provides �anything, anytime, anywhere.�
Feb 24 2023
Utah 1x04
An anxious helicopter tour lands Eugene at Amangiri, where he takes in the desert�s beauty and connects with the surrounding Navajo Nation.
Feb 24 2023
Venice 1x03
In Italy�s most visited city, Eugene checks into the historic Gritti Palace, bonds with a gondolier, and reminisces about working with his son, Daniel.
Feb 24 2023
Eugene journeys into the jungle, where he sleeps among the trees, comes face-to-face with deadly wildlife, and conquers a major fear.
Feb 24 2023
Finland 1x01
A sleigh ride leads Eugene to the Arctic TreeHouse Hotel for ice fishing, husky sledding, vodka sipping, and a deep dive into happiness.
Feb 24 2023