The Responder

Continuing / 7:00pm BBC One 57 min.
Under pressure, fraying at the edges. In relentless night-time Liverpool, copper Chris is paired with a rookie. Will they save or destroy each other?

Season 2

5 Episodes

In accepting a new flat from Franny, Chris becomes fully corrupt. His first job � to deliver Casey. But will Chris cross the line and hand Casey over to impress his new boss?
Jun 02 2024
Chris has Franny�s encro phone, but can�t decide whether to hand it over to the drug squad, or return it to Franny. As he wavers, Franny hunts him throughout the city.
May 26 2024
Chris needs Franny to get him a day job, so he agrees to pick up a guy Franny is looking for called Vernon Hartley. But can he convince Vernon�s mother and grandmother to give him up?
May 19 2024
Chris and Rachel are on the hook to Franny, and the only way to fix it is to pay him. Chris�s solution? Get money from Jodie for picking up a bag of drugs from the docks.
May 12 2024
Chris is trying to get better and go straight, but when DCI Barnes tricks him into doing a dodgy car stop, he is drawn into a drug war between two of Liverpool�s top dealers.
May 05 2024

Season 1

5 Episodes

Chris is forced to work for a major drug dealer to return the drugs stolen by Casey. When Rachel needs his help urgently, Chris must decide where his loyalties truly lie.
Feb 02 2022
Chris reaches rock bottom. Rachel begins to suspect Mullen may not be all he appears, and Casey teams up with Marco to find a buyer.
Feb 01 2022
Chris plans to hand the drugs in, until Carl makes him an offer he can�t refuse. Rachel strikes a deal with Mullen, but Chris' behaviour makes her feel conflicted.
Jan 31 2022
Chris must juggle rookie Rachel while tracking down Casey. Casey puts her trust in a friend to hide her from Carl.
Jan 25 2022
Police response officer Chris is struggling to keep a grip on his mental health and marriage when he is offered a path to redemption in the form of a young heroin addict.
Jan 24 2022