The Santa Clauses

Continuing / 7:00pm Disney+ 33 min.
After nearly three decades of being Santa Claus, Scott Calvin�s magic begins to falter. As he struggles to keep up with the demands of the job, he discovers a new clause that forces him to rethink his role as Santa and as a father.

Season 2

6 Episodes

When Mad Santa and Olga finally breach the North Pole, Santa, and the elves must defend their home.
Dec 06 2023
The return of an old friend helps the North Pole prepare for battle against the Mad Santa.
Nov 29 2023
It's Easter at the North Pole! Santa and team step in to salvage the holiday.
Nov 22 2023
Magnus Antas, the Mad Santa, drags another Legendary Figure into his plot against the North Pole.
Nov 15 2023
Floofy 2x02
Cal begins his Santa training, and the elves keep a secret from Scott.
Nov 08 2023
Scott names Cal the next Santa and looks to turn Christmas into a family business.
Nov 08 2023

Season 1

6 Episodes

The Calvins race against the clock to save the North Pole and Christmas.
Dec 14 2022
Scott learns the truth about how he came to be Santa.
Dec 07 2022
The Calvins adjust to their new life in Chicago.
Nov 30 2022
Scott interviews candidates for the role of Santa.
Nov 23 2022
Scott learns of the Secessus clause and contemplates retirement.
Nov 16 2022
Scott Calvin struggles to keep up with the demands of being Santa Claus.
Nov 16 2022