The Sinner

Continuing Thursday / 7:00pm USA Network 45 min.
In a small New York town, a haunted detective hunts for answers about perplexing crimes while wrestling with his own demons.

Season 4

8 Episodes

Dec 01 2021
Nov 24 2021
Part VI 4x06
Nov 17 2021
Part V 4x05
Nov 10 2021
Part IV 4x04
Nov 03 2021
Ambrose heads to the mainland to learn more about Percy's past and uncovers dark family secrets.
Oct 27 2021
Part II 4x02
A new suspect leads the investigation into an ongoing feud between the Lams and the Muldoons.
Oct 20 2021
Part I 4x01
Ambrose visits the town of Clark Harbor for a getaway and finds himself at the center of a tragedy.
Oct 13 2021

Season 3

8 Episodes

Jamie seeks vengeance, putting him on a collision course with Ambrose.
Mar 26 2020
After a major turn in the case, Ambrose's tactics are scrutinized.
Mar 19 2020
Part VI 3x06
Jamie pays Sonya a surprise visit; Ambrose goes to extreme lengths to get a confession.
Mar 12 2020
Part V 3x05
Ambrose urges the NYPD to investigate Jamie for a new crime; Jamie struggles to salvage his life.
Mar 05 2020
Part IV 3x04
Ambrose pursues Jamie through New York City and tries to prevent another homicide.
Feb 27 2020
Ambrose investigates Jamie's past; Leela gives birth as Jamie's anxiety reaches a breaking point.
Feb 20 2020
Part II 3x02
Ambrose looks into Jamie and Nick's relationship before the crash. Jamie begins to unravel.
Feb 13 2020
Part I 3x01
Detective Ambrose investigates a tragic yet suspicious car accident on the outskirts of Dorchester.
Feb 06 2020

Season 2

8 Episodes

Heather and Ambrose continue their search for Julian as Marin's past is unraveled.
Sep 19 2018
Heather and Ambrose search for Julian.
Sep 12 2018
Part VI 2x06
Vera reveals Mosswood's past to Ambrose, leading to a turn in Julian's case.
Sep 05 2018
Part V 2x05
As Ambrose zeroes in on a new suspect, a rift develops between him and Heather.
Aug 29 2018
Part IV 2x04
Ambrose returns to Mosswood to confront Vera about the commune's work.
Aug 22 2018
Heather makes a startling realization about Marin. Vera and Julian are dealt a hard blow.
Aug 15 2018
Part II 2x02
Ambrose and Heather begin to unravel where Julian is from. Julian is thrust into a new world.
Aug 08 2018
Part I 2x01
After a startling double murder, Heather Novack, a young detective, calls on Ambrose for guidance.
Aug 01 2018

Season 1

8 Episodes

Cora's fate is determined.
Sep 20 2017
Cora journeys into the past, finally remembering the night in question.
Sep 13 2017
Part VI 1x06
When Ambrose begins to waver, Cora convinces him to take a risk for the case.
Sep 06 2017
Part V 1x05
The discovery of a body in the woods leads to more questions for everyone.
Aug 30 2017
Part IV 1x04
With Ambrose's help, Cora struggles to recover missing memories, which lead Ambrose to a new suspect.
Aug 23 2017
Ambrose unearths a startling secret about Cora that changes the course of the investigation. Mason takes matters into his own hands.
Aug 16 2017
Part II 1x02
Cora tries to block Ambrose's continuing investigation. Mason struggles to come to terms with secrets from Cora's past.
Aug 09 2017
Part I 1x01
An unassuming housewife stabs a beachgoer to death, which sparks an investigation and creates confusion in a small town.
Aug 02 2017