The Spencer Sisters

Continuing / 7:00pm CTV 43 min.
Mystery novelist Victoria Spencer and her daughter Darby Spencer are mistaken as sisters as they tackle puzzling cases in Alder Bluffs.

Season 1

10 Episodes

When Billy is kidnapped, Victoria and Darby have to set aside their differences to save him and figure out the truth behind his identity.
Apr 14 2023
The actress who played 'Bryn Martell' in the movies based on Victoria's books, calls Victoria after she's accused of the attempted murder.
Apr 07 2023
Darby and Victoria are hired by the director of an elite music academy to recover a priceless stolen violin.
Mar 31 2023
Darby's ex Lucas hires the Spencer sisters to look into a series of escalating threats against his fiancée Lindsay.
Mar 24 2023
Darby and Victoria are hired by a former schoolmate of Darby's to investigate acts of vandalism at his winery.
Mar 17 2023
Darby and Victoria team up with Victoria's excitable friend Rory to investigate what he is sure was an attempt on his life.
Mar 10 2023
When local bistro owner Antonio's professional reputation is targeted, he seeks out Darby and Victoria's investigative services.
Mar 03 2023
Darby and Victoria investigate stolen intellectual property for a trio of Silicon Valley-style tech developers.
Feb 24 2023
When pharmaceutical CEO Marlina comes home to find her fiancé drowned, Victoria and Darby investigate whether he was a victim of corporate espionage or Marlina’s own progeny.
Feb 17 2023
After her life in the city falls apart, former cop Darby is forced to return to her childhood home and her estranged, novelist mother.
Jan 29 2023