The Taste

Ended Thursday / 7:00pm ABC (US) 85 min.
Four culinary masters get down to what really matters, The Taste! Starring Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre & Brian Malarkey.

Season 3

7 Episodes

The mentors give the final five cooks their final challenge: to create dishes with two opposite ideas and culinary concepts. Then, the winner is chosen.
Jan 22 2015
The contestants are challenged to turn up the heat with spicy dishes such as Szechuan pepper and pork. Two cooks are eliminated, identifying which contestants will compete in the season finale. Andy Ricker is the guest chef.
Jan 15 2015
Latin 3x05
A Latin-flavored show has contestants creating ceviche, tacos and more. Javier Plascencia is the guest mentor.
Jan 08 2015
Itís a new year and thereís a new battle brewing in the kitchen when the remaining cooks are tasked with making delicious dishes bursting with decadent and elevated flavors with ingredients like champagne, shellfish and caviar. Chef Michael Symon is guest judge.
Jan 01 2015
The 13 remaining cooks compete in a holiday-theme challenge that features dishes based on fowl and spiced chocolate desserts. Naomi Pomeroy is the guest judge.
Dec 18 2014
Contestants prepare dishes from the sea, including steamed fish, seafood stew and shellfish in miso broth. Eric Ripert is the guest judge.
Dec 11 2014
The home cooks and professional chefs compete in a childhood-inspired challenge; a competitor is sent home; guest judge Stephanie Izard.
Dec 04 2014

Season 2

8 Episodes

The four remaining cooks must create dishes inspired by ingredients that include liver, tripe and scallops; chef Jacques Pepin serves as a guest judge.
Feb 20 2014
The cooks go to restaurants in Los Angeles for beer and food pairings; a challenge determines which cooks move on to the finale.
Feb 13 2014
The cooks create desserts with combinations of fruity, sweet and savory ingredients; guest judge Christina Tosi; six contestants advance.
Feb 06 2014
Everyone is shocked when a cook mysteriously decides to leave the competition; when faced with a vegetarian challenge, the teams prepare dishes that include curry and pasta.
Jan 30 2014
The teams create dishes inspired by street food.
Jan 23 2014
The contestants put their own spin on dishes favored by the mentors; two cooks are sent home; guest judge Aaron Sanchez.
Jan 16 2014
Each mentor shares memories of food that reminds him or her of home, then assigns the team a dish to give a personal spin; two contestants are eliminated.
Jan 09 2014
Cooks compete in the first round of blind taste tests.
Jan 02 2014

Season 1

8 Episodes

The final four contestants each present three dishes to the judges; after an elimination, the remaining contestants must prepare their most decadent dish in hope of wowing the judges and claiming the grand prize.
Mar 12 2013
The seven semi-finalists must seduce the judges with a single, sumptuous spoonful of their latest dish; three cooks are eliminated.
Mar 05 2013
The contestants are pushed out of their culinary comfort zones when asked to not waste any parts of an animal; Greg Morin and David McMillan serve as guest judges.
Feb 26 2013
As the contestants are tasked with creating the perfect sandwich, tensions rise among the judges; chefs Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone serve as guest judges.
Feb 19 2013
Each team must use five unique ingredients as it tries to create the best dish; each contestant has to prepare a dish that pairs best with a selected wine.
Feb 12 2013
The mentors work with teams of four cooks to create comfort food dishes; two contestants are eliminated.
Feb 05 2013
Professional and amateur chefs compete in the first round of blind taste tests.
Jan 29 2013
Professional and amateur chefs compete in the first round of blind taste tests.
Jan 22 2013