The Twelve (AU)

Continuing / 7:00pm Fox Showcase 59 min.
12 ordinary people who are selected for jury duty in a murder trial as traumatising as it is controversial, in which a woman stands accused of killing a child.

Season 2

3 Episodes

Colby throws suspicion onto two prosecution witnesses. Pressure mounts for Meredith when her husband unexpectedly shows up at court.
Jul 25 2024
The prosecution present the jury with a convincing motivation for murder.
Jul 18 2024
When local landowner and respected town matriarch Bernice Price is found dead at the bottom of her farm�s pump well, two ex-lovers stand accused of her murder. Twelve ordinary citizens from diverse backgrounds have been plucked from the township and its surrounds to decide the fate of the co-accused � was Bernice the victim of a crime of passion, a workplace accident or just misfortune?
Jul 11 2024

Season 1

10 Episodes

As the trial comes to an end, the jurors are sequestered as Kate's involvement in a historic crime could effect the case. As Georgina struggles with a decision to either stay or leave her husband Jamie.
Aug 23 2022
When Nathan lies under oath, an enraged Kate refuses Colby�s advice not to testify but will the secret between Kate and her sister explode under the pressure of the revelations?
Aug 16 2022
When Claire�s boarding school mistress, Fiona, takes the stand, a shock revelation changes the course of the trial. Jury room dynamics are tested as tensions reach boiling point.
Aug 09 2022
Claire's mother, Diane, takes the stand. In support of her sister Kate, she throws suspicion onto Nathan as she further reveals the tumultuous relationship between him and Claire.
Aug 02 2022
The jurors are taken to Kate's house to observe a demonstration of the Crown's case theory, before Kate's brother, Robbie, takes the stand.
Jul 26 2022
Claire's father, Nathan Spears, takes the stand. He paints Kate as a sexual predator who groomed Claire, but reveals his temper when Colby gets under his skin.
Jul 19 2022
Kate Lawson's provocative artwork takes centre stage in the courtroom. The Crown raises questions around her artistic methods, as well as revealing a complicated mental health diagnosis.
Jul 12 2022
The Crown calls Claire's best friend, Amita, to the stand. As the trial gets more complex, so too do the jury room dynamics, as their personal lives become increasingly entangled.
Jul 05 2022
Detective Sam Chedid takes the stand as various pieces of evidence are introduced to the Court, some of which raise questions about Nathan Spears' involvement.
Jun 28 2022
Twelve ordinary Australians are selected for jury duty in a murder trial.
Jun 21 2022