The UnXplained Special Presentation

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These special compilation episodes of "The UnXplained" explore the world�s most fascinating, strange and inexplicable mysteries.

Season 1

9 Episodes

Apr 12 2024
Most disappearances can be explained by either foul play or bad luck. However, there are some cases that defy conventional wisdom. How can a modern jetliner simply drop off radar screens? And why do so many people go missing in the state of Alaska? What really happened to a famous explorer who disappeared deep in the jungles of the Amazon? Could there be strange forces behind these vanishings?
Apr 05 2024
Throughout recorded history, many people have claimed to be able to see the future and can predict, or even influence, events they first witness in their mind's eye. Is it possible that some of us really do possess the gift of foresight? From Renaissance predictors like Nostradamus who wrote of the death of kings and the rise of evil, to 20th century mystics like Rasputin who foresaw the fall of a dynasty, are some predictions more than lucky guesses and actually...real glimpses of the future?
Mar 29 2024
Is it possible that other intelligent species exist in the universe? If so, is there evidence of these extraterrestrials hiding in plain sight? From UFO sigthings by the military, to strange structures on Mars, the evidence is mounting that we may not be alone. But if extraterrestrials exist, what are their views toward humanity? And should we see them as friend...or foe?
Mar 22 2024
Exploring if dark, powerful energies permeate the human world, or if it is all just myth and superstition.
Oct 31 2023
How people develop extraordinary abilities, like remote viewing or enduring extreme temperatures by using one's mind.
Oct 24 2023
From relics like the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail, to a tower that could touch heaven, the crew attempts to uncover the real history of biblical artifacts and the possible powers that they possess.
Oct 17 2023
How do some people live through the impossible? Whether it's surviving a plane crash in a remote jungle, nearly freezing to death in the wheel well of a trans-Atlantic flight, or being struck by lightning not once, but many we have a hidden reserve of inexplicable energy locked away inside us that can be released when the situation calls for it? And what can we learn from these incredible survivors who evade and even defy death itself?
Oct 10 2023
For thousands of years, mankind has erected countless incredible buildings, but there are a select few that appear to be more than just impressive feats of engineering. Some structures may actually be imbued with incredible powers. Do incredible structures like the Men-an-Tol Monolith or the colossal Olmec heads somehow harness mystical powers beyond our comprehension?
Oct 03 2023