The Vanishing Triangle

Ended / 7:00pm AMC+ 42 min.
In The Vanishing Triangle, investigative journalist Lisa Wallace publishes an article about her mother�s murder, which sparks the disappearance of Amy Reynolds. Alongside Detective David Burkely, the two work together to find Amy. Their investigation takes them around Ireland, as more girls go missing. As they follow every lead, some end up dead ends, but all the while, the killer plays psychological torture games with Lisa, putting her in compromising situations. As they get closer to finding the killer, David and Lisa learn more about the long-rooted corruption in the Garda� system. To cover their tracks, high-ranking Garda� members blackmail David with his own secrets. The investigative trail finally leads Lisa to the killer, where they face off again after all these years. In the end, she must confront her childhood trauma in order to save the missing girls.

Season 1

6 Episodes

The investigation is halted. David confronts Garda�s top officials to expose Gill and Gough but finds no support. He reveals a long-hidden secret to his family. Lisa and Brennan follow a lead on the killer, investigating an abandoned slaughterhouse.
Nov 23 2023
David and Brennan target Gough as the potential killer while Lisa tries to connect him to the kidnappings. Gill threatens to blackmail David if he continues his investigation of Gough. Lisa faces her worst fear with a hospital call about her father.
Nov 16 2023
Lisa has to choose who to save: Susan or Mandy? Chris learns new information that takes Lisa to a strange address, where she discovers incriminating information that someone tries to cover up. The killer calls later that evening for Lisa�s decision.
Nov 09 2023
David tries to get a statement from Teresa and a confession from Bulger, while Lisa investigates if Bulger could be the killer. Susan pleas for information from the Garda� when an anonymous caller claims to have information on Amy.
Nov 02 2023
Lisa�s article is leaked, criticizing the Garda� for not acting on Amy�s disappearance. David and Detective Brennan chase a lead, Mark Bulger, in Castlemoy. Impatient with the police�s pace, Lisa risks her life to uncover what Bulger is hiding.
Oct 26 2023
After reporter Lisa Wallace publishes an article on her mother�s murder, the killer resurfaces hinting at a kidnapping. Lisa and Detective David Burkely start investigating, connecting the killer to the disappearance of a women named Amy Reynolds.
Oct 26 2023