The Villains of Valley View

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When teenage supervillain Havoc stands up to the head of the League of Villains, her family is forced to change their identities and relocate to a sleepy Texas suburb. With the help of her effervescent new neighbor Hartley, Havoc � going incognito as Amy � must somehow hide her superpowers and quell her villainous nature in favor of something she and the rest of her family have fought against all their lives: being normal.

Season 2

20 Episodes

Nov 12 2023
Nov 05 2023
TBD 2x18
Oct 29 2023
Oct 22 2023
TBD 2x16
Oct 15 2023
Oct 08 2023
When a haunted jukebox sends Amy and Hartley to an alternate dimension of Valley View, they must figure out how to get home before they are trapped in Monster Town forever.
Sep 29 2023
Amy agrees to go to prom with Milo as friends but finds out she isn�t his first choice. Colby and Eva train Vic to perfect his power.
Sep 24 2023
Jake realizes he can use his power anonymously to help people in need, so he sets out to become an undercover hero. Meanwhile, Vic challenges Celia to a pepper-eating contest.
Sep 17 2023
Amy, Jake and Colby set out to infiltrate Blue Granite's superhero dwelling. But when things go awry, everyone is in danger.
Aug 18 2023
Hartley encourages Amy to learn more about her dad's family. When she does, it becomes clear Vic is hiding something. After some digging, Amy unearths a shocking family secret.
Aug 11 2023
Amy, Hartley and Colby sneak into Gem's house to get rid of a video that will expose Amy's secret. Celia and Jake prank Vic and Eva, so they vow to exact revenge.
Aug 04 2023
Jake is promoted to Eva's boss at the Round-up. Colby gets a fever, and his powers start glitching.
Jul 28 2023
Amy is jealous of the time Eva and Hartley are spending together at their pottery class. Instead of being honest, Amy drags Celia along as her pottery partner to make Eva jealous.
Jul 21 2023
Celia and Amy throw Hartley separate birthday parties, which she tries to attend simultaneously. Vic, Eva and Colby get trapped in the basement lair.
Jul 14 2023
Amy and Hartley compete with Gem to gain more followers for their band. Colby is set up by a new student at school, so Eva helps him get even.
Jul 07 2023
Jake is tired of being the "nice guy," so he joins a karate class to restore his respect at school. Hartley and Colby want limited edition sneakers, but Vic and Eva scam them.
Jun 30 2023
Amy convinces Colby to let Hartley borrow his super-speed but has a hard time getting it back. Jake and Celia solve a true crime podcast cold case for the reward money.
Jun 23 2023
A villain attempts to enact revenge on the Maddens.
Jun 15 2023
The Maddens return to Valley View, but are not alone.
Jun 15 2023

Season 1

20 Episodes

Set in the past, Onyx issues an annual ruin Christmas challenge. The villain family breaks up into two teams to win it all but gets more than they bargained for.
Dec 02 2022
When the family gets shocking news, they embrace their villain side and go to Centropolis on a mission. Colby must get out of a sticky situation, and Hartley tries her best to help.
Nov 18 2022
It�s Declan and Hartley�s anniversary. To surprise Hartley, Declan arranges an escape room event, but when the family arrives, they begin to worry things aren�t what they seem.
Nov 18 2022
When Vic says he needs Flashform�s helmet, Amy and Colby must scramble to get it back from Milo. When the lair causes a big electric bill, the family must cover to Celia.
Nov 11 2022
After Amy and Hartley decide to use a villain song in a Battle of the Bands, Eva forbids them. When a delivery person drops off Celia�s new recliners, Vic gives them an upgrade.
Nov 04 2022
Starling returns to Valley View, revealing the superheroes accused her of helping the Maddens, and now she�s on the run. Bad Jake returns and shrinks Vic and Eva.
Oct 28 2022
When Amy and Hartley get detention, Amy goes to wipe the principal�s memory, but erases Vic�s. Eva gets a job and attempts to keep Celia, a secret shopper, happy.
Oct 21 2022
Amy sets out to prove that Hartley's new crush is a liar but keeps coming up empty. Vic schemes to use the family's powers to start their own pizza delivery business.
Oct 14 2022
When Hartley gets nervous about an audition, Amy decides to use her powers to help. The family is concerned that Celia�s security cameras caught Colby using his new power.
Oct 07 2022
Amy brings her mischievous body-snatching Grandma to a party. Vic and Eva scam kids out of their candy untill they come across a villain even bigger than themselves.
Oct 02 2022
Colby finally shape-shifts back into his 13-year-old self, only to get caught in a shape-shifting loop that toggles between his young and old self.
Jul 29 2022
Amy feels betrayed when she discovers Jake meeting up with Starling; while Vic attempts to fix Colby, an accident causes Colby to shift into an old man.
Jul 22 2022
When Jake starts bonding with Celia�s new boyfriend, Robert, a jealous Vic creates a villainous clone of Jake to recapture their good times together.
Jul 15 2022
When Amy agrees to help Hartley babysit a young neighbor girl, Scarlett, she learns that Scarlett is a huge fan of Havoc, so Amy starts to �mentor� her.
Jul 08 2022
Jake and Hartley head off to confront Starling before she can rally the other superheroes to strike, keeping Amy and the rest of the villain family in the dark.
Jul 01 2022
When Amy finds out that her biggest nemesis, superhero Starling, is making an appearance at the upcoming superhero convention, she sets out to get revenge.
Jun 24 2022
When Eva turns Mother�s Day into a gift-giving challenge with consequences, Amy tries to score her the best gift ever but is forced to resort to more villainous tactics to win.
Jun 17 2022
Feeling bad that Colby has never had a chance to be a villain like they did, Amy and Jake set out to create a villain experience for him.
Jun 10 2022
Fearing Hartley will reveal their true identity, the villainous family decides to blackmail her to keep their secret safe.
Jun 03 2022
As our villain family learns how to blend into their new town, things get complicated with their neighbor, Hartley, when Amy and Jake get their hands on their dad�s evil invention.
Jun 03 2022