This England

Ended / 7:00pm Sky Atlantic (UK) 58 min.
This England charts the events surrounding British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his government in the face of the first wave of the global pandemic.

Season 1

6 Episodes

Boris returns to Downing Street as Carrie gives birth and the Cummings Durham story breaks.
Nov 02 2022
The Government discusses contingency plans as Boris' health deteriorates. Dominic Cummings is spotted in Durham.
Oct 26 2022
As Lockdown kicks off in the UK, Dom journeys to Durham and Boris tests positive...
Oct 19 2022
Carrie and Boris host a baby shower as COVID-19 cases rise, care homes call for guidance and the Department of Health tackles testing.
Oct 12 2022
As the situation worsens in Italy, Boris attends a tense COBRA meeting and prepares for the pandemic to reach the UK's shores.
Oct 05 2022
Boris Johnson grapples with COVID-19, Brexit and a controversial personal and political life. Season premiere of the eagerly anticipated drama.
Sep 28 2022