Time (2021)

Ended / 7:00pm BBC One 61 min.
Mark Cobden is newly-imprisoned, consumed by guilt for his crime, and way out of his depth in the volatile world of prison life. Then he meets Eric McNally, an excellent prison officer doing his best to protect those in his charge.

Season 2

3 Episodes

Abi and Kelsey bond after the birth of Kelsey�s baby, Orla faces the consequences of her actions, and intense pressure builds in the prison.
Nov 12 2023
Six months on, Orla finds herself back in prison. Desperate for her kids, how far will she go to take action? Meanwhile, Abi considers revenge, and Kelsey plans for her future.
Nov 05 2023
Struggling single mother Orla finds herself in a desperate situation after being sent to Carlingford prison. There, she meets Kelsey, a young heroin addict, and Abi, a tough lifer.
Oct 29 2023

Season 1

3 Episodes

Mark suffers a tragic personal loss and is given the chance to leave prison for a day. Eric is forced to take greater risks to protect his family, but where will he draw the line?
Jun 20 2021
Mark is being bullied by fellow inmate Johnno. Does he tell the prison officers and be labelled a grass or risk the attacks becoming more and more violent? Eric�s son is attacked.
Jun 13 2021
Mark Cobden is sent to prison and has to learn quickly how to survive. When an inmate identifies prison officer Eric McNally�s weakness, he faces an impossible choice.
Jun 06 2021