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An ex-cop falsely accused of committing a disturbing crime escapes to hide away in the tropics of Far North Queensland. As he tries to avoid discovery, he's drawn into investigating a wild murder and a missing person, alongside a complicated woman, with dark secrets of her own.

Season 2

8 Episodes

Ted and Amanda save Raph's life and solve Julian's murder, only to be faced with rescuing Ted's family... from a predator who has had Ted in his crosshairs for years.
Aug 23 2024
The case heats up for Ted and Amanda as they find a second crime scene - where Julian was murdered - and land in the middle of Twist's turf war with the duboisia kingpin.
Aug 16 2024
When Brooke is found floating in a swampy river, strangled and barely conscious, Ted and Amanda hunt for her attacker to determine if Julian's murder case is connected.
Aug 09 2024
Ted and Amanda attend Julian's eccentric funeral armed with explosive knowledge about Raph's parentage before preventing a potential tragedy at the local Crimson Lake races.
Aug 02 2024
When a drug-affected croc poacher climbs naked up a flagpole and falls to his death, Ted and Amanda investigate the source of his mystery narcotic while following Julian's money trail and uncovering family secrets.
Jul 26 2024
Amanda and Ted focus on the 'leaded fuel' clue trail, which leads Amanda into danger with a croc-poaching family, while Ted is distracted by the arrival of his daughter and an unexpected Kelly.
Jul 19 2024
Ted and Amanda investigate Julian's neighbours, cane farmers adjoining Family Tree, and discover that they harbour a bitter grudge against Julian over the death of their son but are they capable of murder?
Jul 12 2024
Six months on, Ted and Amanda investigate a bizarre local murder and an exotic drug ring. Amanda tangles with an old enemy and a new love, and Ted's past stalks him and his family.
Jul 05 2024

Season 1

8 Episodes

Uncovering the truth about Park's death brings little comfort for Ted and Amanda; but Ted's digging into Amanda's past finally pays off, and she is able to confront her demons. (Finale)
Apr 17 2022
Amanda takes a huge risk playing Twist and Bryce off against each other, and uncovers the truth about Lars' death.
Apr 10 2022
A major breakthrough in the investigation is threatened when Amanda's past erupts into the present.
Apr 03 2022
Amanda is shocked to discover the attack on Ted, and is determined to find the culprit.
Mar 27 2022
More of Jong Min's remains are recovered, leading Ted and Amanda's investigation down a darker path, just as Ted receives bombshell news from home.
Mar 20 2022
A shocking revelation of an affair leads Amanda and Ted to focus their attention on Yoon Sun and Olivia as prime suspects, while Ted is confronted to discover his past is still very much in the present.
Mar 13 2022
Ted and Amanda's hard work leads to Jong Min's remains being found in the river. Amanda is convinced there's a link between this death, and that of her friend Lars.
Mar 06 2022
Amanda Pharrell, an eccentric private investigator with a disturbing criminal past, recruits disgraced ex-cop Ted Conkaffey, to help solve the disappearance of a Korean tech pioneer.
Feb 27 2022