True Crime with Aphrodite Jones

Ended Monday / 7:00pm Investigation Discovery US 60 min.
Aphrodite Jones is a New York Times best selling author, specializing in non-fiction true crime stories. A noted national television commentator, her opinions are sought after by news programs such as The Today Show, Dateline NBC, and The O'Reilly Factor. Throughout Jones' 20-year career, her focus has been on shedding light on any crime that reveals the injustices within our society. Her book, "All She Wanted," was made into the major motion picture "Boys Don't Cry. True Crime with Aphrodite Jones is a new series for Investigation Discovery that will feature Jones delving into some of the most heinous murder cases and crimes of our time.

Season 6

10 Episodes

The brutal murder of a 15-year-old girl in Utah is investigated by a dedicated rookie detective, who sifts through false leads and digital forensics to identify her killer.
Jul 18 2016
The charred body of an unidentified man was discovered by a logger in a remote part of northern Florida. The man was burned beyond recognition, and the crime scene required painstaking police work. Police were concerned they would never be able to identify the victim because both of his hands were severely burnt and his facial features were unrecognizable. Who was this man? And why would anyone want him dead?
Jul 11 2016
Examining the murder of a young woman and attack on her live-in boyfriend, who was shot twice in the head.
Jun 19 2016
Tolbert, 63, was shot and killed in 2008 while working a second job, cleaning a coin laundry at night. The case went unsolved for two years.
Jun 13 2016
When 21-year-old Rose Goggins goes missing, leaving her 1-year-old son behind, police have a gut feeling something is terribly wrong. They soon find her car, but not her body. Now, the only thing more shocking than what happens to Rose is who did it.
Jun 27 2016
The close friendship between two frat brothers ends in murder.
May 30 2016
38 year-old Danny Coleman's charred remains are discovered 50 miles from home, and the investigation to hunt down his killers will take almost two decades and involve sex, drugs, and a voice reaching out from the grave.
May 23 2016
A long haul trucker disappears just before New Years'. Thirteen years later a tax fuel auditor goes missing. The investigation into one case expands into another, and police uncover one of the most bizarre and grizzly crime scenes they've ever seen.
May 09 2016
The investigation of the murder of a married woman is stymied due to the main suspect-the husband-seemingly having a solid alibi: He was away sailing. The case is cracked, however, with the help of a fourteen year old girl.
May 02 2016
A young woman with a new job and on the verge of marriage is found dead in her home with her throat slit and "#1" scrawled on the wall in lipstick. Is she the first of many who will fall prey to a serial killer?
May 16 2016

Season 5

10 Episodes

A woman in a small town is the target of a terrifying and insidious stalker. When she goes missing, police must prove she was killed -- without a body. Aphrodite Jones goes inside the investigation to shed light on a case filled with twists and turns.
May 25 2015
In California, a woman disappears without a trace. Police suspect her roommate knows more than he claims, but without any hard evidence they become locked in a vicious game of cat and mouse. Aphrodite Jones uncovers a tale of fatal obsession and murder.
May 18 2015
In the Atlanta area, a man is executed at point blank range in a partially completed housing subdivision. But the Alabama native had only been in town a few hours before he was killed. Was it business or personal? Aphrodite tells the full story.
May 04 2015
A parishioner is shot to death while working in the office of her church in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The murder sends reverberations throughout the church. Was she killed at random, or was it personal? Aphrodite Jones tells the story.
Apr 27 2015
A young man is killed at his father's home in Central New York when the truck he is working on falls off its jack and crushes his chest. What at first appears to be a tragic accident soon reveals itself as something much more sinister.
Apr 20 2015
In New York, a teenage boy vanishes without a trace after sneaking out one night to meet up with friends. Did Joey run away? Or could he have met with a much more tragic end? Aphrodite Jones gets the full story.
Apr 13 2015
A woman's torso is found in a garbage bag and her death remains a mystery for 25 years.
Apr 06 2015
A teenage girl is found brutally stabbed to death the morning after she leaves to go to a Halloween party. Now fifteen years later, her parents are more determined than ever to see all of her killers get justice. Aphrodite Jones gets the full story.
Apr 23 2015
A man survives being shot in the head, and police must figure out who put a hit on his life.
Mar 23 2015
When a driven investigative reporter in Chicago is asked to look into the unsolved murder of a local teacher, she discovers a series of coincidences that point not only to a suspect in this murder, but in two other murders as well.
Mar 16 2015

Season 4

13 Episodes

Just before midnight, Nuzzio Begaren and his wife, corrections officer Elizabeth Begaren, pull off Route 91. The couple is concerned about the menacing men that are following them. In the ensuing confrontation, Elizabeth is gunned down in cold blood.
Jan 16 2014
Matthew Podolak is a young man in his prime. So when he arrives in the emergency room keeled over with abdominal pains, doctors are at a loss as to what's happened. Within hours, he's dead. And the autopsy results only deepen the mystery.
Jan 09 2014
Amanda Ross is gunned down outside her apartment in Lexington, Kentucky. Police only have one suspec, the scion of the politically powerful Nunn family, Steve Nunn.
Jan 02 2014
Rusty Sneiderman and his wife Andrea lead a comfortable life in the Atlanta suburb of Dunwoody. But just after he drops off their youngest at the daycare one day, Rusty is gunned down right there in the parking lot.
Dec 26 2013
When a house fire takes the lives of Wayne and Billi Jo Smallwood's two young children, everyone on the Fort Campbell military base is grief-stricken for them. But when it turns out the fire was intentionally set - grief turns to outrage.
Dec 19 2013
When Florida Detective Donna Velazquez was assigned the case of David Jackson, who'd been missing for years, she knew it was just a way of 'testing' the rookie. But with determination, she winds up solving the case, unveiling a sinister murder plot.
Dec 12 2013
Hollywood stuntman Garrett Warren opens his door one evening only to be confronted by a gunman who fires at point blank range. Miraculously, Garrett survives. But will whoever tried to kill him strike again? Aphrodite Jones explores a case that's stranger-than-Hollywood-fiction.
Dec 05 2013
NFL superstar Steve McNair is found shot to death in his downtown apartment, a beautiful woman also lying dead at his feet. Nashville police are quick to rule his death a murder-suicide. But Aphrodite Jones isn't so sure...
Nov 21 2013
Rosemarie and Dr. Yazeed Essa lead a seemingly happy, family-filled life in the suburbs of Cleveland. Until one day - on her way to the movies - Rosemarie slumps over behind the wheel, apparently the victim of a heart attack. But in a case that spans years and continents - the truth cause of her death is hardly that simple.
Nov 14 2013
The tragic story of Michelle Le, a San Francisco Bay area nursing student who went missing in 2011. Michelle's decomposed body was found months later in a shallow grave. The story explores the circumstance and evidence of the crime. Her former friend and fellow student Giselle Esteban was convicted of murder.
Nov 07 2013
VA college freshman Taylor Behl goes missing after just days on campus, and her mother's worst fears are realized. A relationship based largely on the Internet has proven fatal. Aphrodite Jones gets the full story-interviewing Taylor's killer in prison.
Oct 31 2013
Glendive, Montana is shocked when mother Susan Casey goes missing after a date. Detectives realize that three men are in her life, any one of whom might have done the unthinkable. Aphrodite Jones follows this twisted tale to its shocking conclusion.
Oct 24 2013
In Pennsylvania, Methodist minister AB Schirmer is beloved by his congregation. Which is why it's such a tragedy when he loses his wife in a freak automobile accident. But was it really an accident? Aphrodite Jones gets the full story.
Oct 17 2013

Season 3

10 Episodes

Mar 11 2013
Mar 04 2013
Feb 25 2013
Feb 18 2013
The death of a surgeon's wife is investigated.
Feb 11 2013
Feb 04 2013
Wall Street motivational speaker Jeffrey Locker is found fatally stabbed in his car, parked in the projects of East Harlem, NY. What was he doing there? Aphrodite Jones talks to his killer, and uncovers an unbelievable tale.
Jan 28 2013
In Colorado, Detectives don't take long to identify the main suspect in a young woman's disappearance, but they can't prove it. And when another young woman is nearly killed in a fiery blaze, police have to scramble - or risk a serial killer on the loose.
Jan 21 2013
The murder trial of Casey Anthony is examined.
Jan 14 2013
The 1994 murder of millionaire William McLaughlin is investigated in the third-season opener.
Jan 07 2013

Season 2

10 Episodes

Jun 16 2011
May 26 2011
May 19 2011
May 12 2011
May 05 2011
Apr 28 2011
Apr 21 2011
Apr 14 2011
Apr 07 2011
Mar 31 2011

Season 1

10 Episodes

May 13 2010
May 06 2010
Apr 29 2010
Apr 22 2010
Apr 15 2010
The identity of the most notorious serial kill in California history still remains a mystery.
Apr 08 2010
Music legend Phil Spector is charged with murder when an actress is found dead in his home.
Apr 01 2010
Mar 25 2010
Mar 18 2010
Mar 11 2010