True Justice

Ended / 7:00pm Five US US 60 min.
Elijah Kane, an ex-special forces operative and martial arts expert, is part of an undercover police team that carry out an often brutal style of law enforcement on the streets, similar to what Casey Ryback does on a boat.

Season 2

13 Episodes

Sep 26 2012
Fired 2x12
Kane maneuvers to get a shot at his nemesis, The Ghost, but the FBI has taken notice of Kane's activities and they want him stopped.
Sep 19 2012
Kane and his team put the pieces together and figure out things are not exactly how they appear.
Sep 12 2012
Kane knows that his hidden nemesis The Ghost is now closer than ever; Kane continues to track the suitcase nukes, but now suspects that his contact inside the CIA may be working against him; Kane tries to stop the nukes from reaching buyers.
Sep 05 2012
Kane continues to track the suitcase nukes but now suspects that his contact inside the CIA may be working against him. Kane knows he is running out of time and teams up with an old friend to stop the suitcase nukes from reaching the buyers.
Aug 29 2012
As Kane gets ever-closer to The Ghost, he lets Finch go into the field but is unsure if she is willing to do whatever it takes.
Aug 22 2012
Kane and his team track two suitcase nukes that have been smuggled into the country. Kane thinks that the Ghost is working to buy them.
Aug 15 2012
Kane wants to know what The Ghost is buying and knows the answer will get him one step closer to The Ghost.
Aug 08 2012
Bojan, a ghost from Kane's past resurfaces and the CIA believes Bojan is in town to protect The Ghost's personal money launderer - who is also coming to town.
Aug 01 2012
All in 2x04
Jul 25 2012
Jul 18 2012
Kane is asked to take down a human-smuggling gang boss.
Jul 11 2012
Following the attack on his precinct, Kane buries his friend.
Jul 04 2012

Season 1

13 Episodes

Payback 1x13
Elijah Kane is prepping his team for court to convict Nicoli Putin of murder when they’re ambushed by Nicoli’s men, highly trained ex-Soviet soldiers, out to stop Kane’s team from testifying. With Mason off duty, Kane’s team is short a man and the Russians capture Juliet in the chaos.
Sep 28 2011
As Kane is dealing with insurgents of his past, a group of high brow Russians have migrated to Seattle’s port with a new product for the black market, diamonds. It’s the mob communities fighting that reveals two crimes Kane’s team was trying to put a name to.
Sep 21 2011
Kane’s Black Ops past is causing uncertainty in the SIU team’s future. Meanwhile, Kane has to deal with Lt. Humphrey’s (guest star Rachel Luttrel) as a serial rapist is on the loose targeting female community leaders.
Sep 14 2011
The Yakuza are back on the streets but the leaders are divided and Kane looks to see that they fall when his team organizes an ambush on their underground club disguised as a MMA fighting ring. AKA: Brotherhood - Part 2
Sep 07 2011
Elijah Kane’s (Steven Seagal) SIU team tracks down a dangerous Yakuza gang as they attempt to distribute explosives to Afghanistan and saves a bank full of hostages from a mentally broken man. AKA: Brotherhood - Part 1
Aug 31 2011
Kane having dealt with his own post war stress, is called to help his war comrade (Ryan Robbins) as he suffers from P.T.S. and is a terrorist suspect after innocent people are killed by way of sniper rifle.
Aug 24 2011
Kane (Steven Seagal) and his team are up against a new wave of criminals, a society of people trying to organize and revitalize the ways of segregation; a group who call themselves, the “New Hope.” With Radner (Warren Christie) on the case and undercover in the “New Hope” compound, Mason (William “BIGSLEEPS” Stewart) has to keep the volatile Juliet (Meghan Ory) under control after District Attorney, Lisa Clayton (guest star Tia Carrere) fails to convict, Kenneth (Fulvio Cecere), a suspected serial rapist. The escalation continues when the team finds that Kane’s former war veteran and sniper comrade, Bird (Ryan Robbins), who’s suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is suspected of killing innocent people by way of sniper rifle. With the current political elections and the people of Seattle running scared, Kane’s team must keep it’s cool even as the recent crime wave looks to be the bloodiest yet. AKA: Lethal Justice - Part 1
Aug 17 2011
The “E” investigation runs smoothly until Seattle P.D.’s top brass order Kane (Steven Seagal) to act as security for eccentric documentary filmmaker, Savon (Byron Mann) just as things heat up with the deadly “E” investigation.
Aug 10 2011
Kane (Steven Seagal) and his SIU team race to find the distributor of a toxic “E” pill that’s raising the body count around Seattle and causes temporary SIU member Gates (Kyle Cassie) to get himself in a life or death situation.
Aug 03 2011
Seattle's darkest criminals are forcing Elijah Kane and his hard knuckled team to work around the clock tracking down a meticulous 'Black Magic'- practicing killer, in the vagrant strip club underworld. With the killer using very specific and occult techniques, Kane seeks help, which arrives in the form of criminologist and guest star, Tanaka (George Takei), who warns Sarah Montgomery of the dangers that the case could lead to. With a rough and tough new attitude Sarah's acquired from her teammate, Juliet Saunders, she volunteers to work undercover, dancing in a strip joint known to be crawling with the sleazy and the dangerous.
Jul 27 2011
A "Black Magic" killer is on the loose, murdering dancers that eerily fit new cop Sarah's description. Kane puts Sarah and Juliet undercover to lure the murderer out, bringing the girls close to their own ending.
Jul 20 2011
Kane is under pressure from Chief Graves to put an end to a Russian drug ring, while rookie cop Sarah proves herself on the street.
Jul 13 2011
The cops welcome a new member to the ranks as they investigate the complex web of drug suppliers dealing in Seattle. A little bit of pressure on a small-time dealer leads the team to a strip joint and the company of Crystal, who spills the beans on a dangerous gang that is camping out in the forest.
Jul 06 2011