Truth Be Told

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Descend into the world of true-crime podcasts. New evidence compels podcaster Poppy Parnell to reopen the murder case that made her a media sensation. Aaron Paul stars as the man she may have wrongfully put behind bars.

Season 3

10 Episodes

Reeling in the aftermath of the attack, Poppy sets her sights on locating a suspect on the run. Markus seeks help from Shreve.
Mar 24 2023
To find the girl from the blackmail tape, Poppy turns to Eva. Aames shares troubling information about the crime scene surveillance tape.
Mar 17 2023
Poppy finds her relationship with Eva hanging in the balance. Markus and Poppy make a discovery that challenges their theory.
Mar 10 2023
Eva bares her soul to Poppy. Markus spirals out of control. Poppy and Aames uncover more evidence about the suspect in custody.
Mar 03 2023
Markus and Zarina wait for their nightmare to finally end. Poppy weighs having Eva on her podcast to help expose the suspect.
Feb 24 2023
Poppy reveals her suspect to Markus�and risks her career with a bold tactic. Shreve's confrontation with a politician leads to an arrest.
Feb 17 2023
With the clock ticking, Poppy desperately looks for clues to Trini�s whereabouts, leaning on Eva as a resource.
Feb 10 2023
Markus tries getting to the bottom of a shocking discovery. Eva makes a startling confession to Poppy.
Feb 03 2023
Poppy takes the investigation into her own hands and grapples with whether she can trust Eva.
Jan 27 2023
Poppy focuses her next podcast on the neglected issue of missing Black girls in Oakland as she tries to locate a friend�s teen daughter.
Jan 20 2023

Season 2

10 Episodes

Grappling with the aftermath of the attack, Poppy interviews Micah on her podcast and gets to the bottom of the case.
Oct 22 2021
Poppy's pursuit of a suspect leads to a horific confrontation. The truth about Poppy's childhood with Miss Shirley is revealed.
Oct 15 2021
Micah threatens to expose Poppy's dark secret. Markus makes a major decision.
Oct 08 2021
Rose tells Poppy about Micah�s past. A protective Holt goes to extreme measures, with violent consequences.
Oct 01 2021
Poppy and Markus search for a mysterious associate of Holt�s. Memories of Poppy�s childhood with Miss Shirley invade her thoughts.
Sep 24 2021
Coping with personal struggles, Poppy begins to question herself. Holt�s old friend finds him. Poppy and Aames identify a new murder suspect.
Sep 17 2021
The case takes a turn when another person close to Micah is found dead. Poppy and Ingram�s marriage reaches a crossroads.
Sep 10 2021
Poppy learns there�s more than meets the eye with Micah�s assistant, Ramon. Micah grows distrustful of those closest to her.
Sep 03 2021
As she looks into the deaths, Poppy uncovers a massive secret. Shreve reveals a medical diagnosis to his family.
Aug 27 2021
Poppy attends an art exhibit for her friend, successful lifestyle guru Micah Keith�but it ends in a shocking tragedy.
Aug 20 2021

Season 1

8 Episodes

Poppy enlists an unlikely ally in her hunt. The events of Halloween 1999 are revealed.
Jan 10 2020
Poppy zeroes in on her new suspect, and Warren makes a fateful decision.
Jan 03 2020
A devastated Poppy tries to walk away from the case, but it won�t let her go.
Dec 27 2019
Poppy continues building her new case, while Warren faces repercussions for his actions.
Dec 20 2019
Poppy and Markus trace their prime suspect's movements on the night of the murder.
Dec 13 2019
Identifying a new suspect has unintended consequences in Poppy�s personal life.
Dec 06 2019
Markus drops a bombshell about a potential suspect�s motive. Warren gets a visitor.
Dec 06 2019
Monster 1x01
While reviewing an old case, Poppy comes face-to-face with the man she put away.
Dec 06 2019