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All Nikki and Jason want is a baby � the one thing they can�t have. So they decide to adopt. With their dysfunctional friends, screwball families, and chaotic lives, will the adoption panel agree that they�re ready to be parents?

Season 4

8 Episodes

Jul 03 2024
Jun 26 2024
Jun 19 2024
Jun 12 2024
On a mission to help Tyler fit in, Jason starts a junior soccer team. Nikki, Karen, and Princess travel to Brighton�and one of them has a secret.
Jun 05 2024
A family party leads to a life-changing decision for the birthday boy.
May 29 2024
Nikki�s impulsiveness sparks an unexpected night out with Jason and a mystery man.
May 22 2024
A loss brings the family together�and also threatens to tear it apart.
May 22 2024

Season 3

8 Episodes

As Nikki and Jason prepare to find out if they can keep the kids forever, they make an impulsive decision that requires their family�s help.
Sep 02 2022
Scott�s book launch doesn�t go according to plan. Jason struggles with his new job. Nikki finally masters tough love.
Aug 26 2022
Jason and Nikki�s future with the kids appears to be in jeopardy after a mistake. Tyler says goodbye to a friend. Scott lands a book deal.
Aug 19 2022
Jason makes a huge sacrifice for Tyler. Nikki attempts some tough love with Princess. Freddy tries a different sort of group therapy.
Aug 12 2022
Planning Tyler�s birthday party proves trickier than Nikki and Jason expected�especially when Karen shares some difficult news.
Aug 05 2022
On a camping weekend, Nikki and Jason try to bond with the kids. At home, Karen faces an existential crisis and Freddy realizes he�s lonely.
Jul 29 2022
Jason worries that Tyler will be bullied at school. Nikki has to fire someone at work. Bad news from the landlord forces Jason to take a big gamble.
Jul 22 2022
Home 3x01
Jason and Nikki wake up as the new parents of two kids they�ve barely met. But will they be able to keep both?
Jul 22 2022

Season 2

8 Episodes

Nikki and Jason must make a huge decision in a small amount of time.
Jul 02 2021
Planning Scott�s stag night is a headache for Jason. Karen shares a secret with Nikki. Erica and Freddy�s relationship begins to blur.
Jun 25 2021
Jason plays detective after a problem is revealed at Ben and Denise�s party. Freddy struggles in his relationship.
Jun 18 2021
Nikki and Jason search for a bigger, child-friendly flat. Nikki fights for a promotion at work. Karen is tempted to cheat.
Jun 11 2021
Nikki and Jason make a hopeful visit on their adoption journey. Nikki sets Erica up with Jason�s friend. Karen is drawn to Deven, a single dad.
Jun 04 2021
Jason�s ex threatens to come between him and Nikki at a family funeral. Karen struggles to get Scott involved in their wedding planning.
May 28 2021
Penny sends Nikki and Jason to a fancy-dress party that could change their lives. Nikki helps her sister Karen choose a wedding dress.
May 21 2021
Nikki and Jason have been approved to adopt, but they�re finding the matching process a challenge. Social worker Penny has a plan.
May 21 2021

Season 1

8 Episodes

Season finale. Despite the added irritation of a new roommate, it�s time for Nikki and Jason to face the adoption panel.
May 01 2020
Nikki grows paranoid about Jason after reading a suspicious text on his phone. A family gathering takes a turn for the worse.
May 01 2020
Jason starts getting cold feet about the whole process after a mandatory training session. Karen tells Nikki some bad news.
May 01 2020
Deciding that they need more hands-on experience looking after kids, Nikki and Jason agree to babysit their friends� children for a day.
May 01 2020
After a wild night out with Erica and Freddy, Nikki and Jason are faced with potentially disastrous consequences the next morning.
May 01 2020
Nikki and Jason go to a picnic with other potential adopters�and get intimidated by the quality of their competition.
May 01 2020
Jason gets in touch with an ex before social services interviews her. Nikki goes out with her sister, Karen, and her unpleasant boyfriend.
May 01 2020
When they learn that another round of IVF would be too expensive and unlikely to succeed, Nikki and Jason start exploring adoption.
May 01 2020