The Oval

Continuing Wednesday / 7:00pm BET 42 min.
A new first family attends their inauguration and moves into the White House when a series of events threatens the security and livelihood of the President�s family and the staff.

Season 5

22 Episodes

As Eli and Victoria put their plans in motion, the White House is on high alert, and Hunter has his own schemes in the works.
Mar 12 2024
Eli searches desperately in the hopes of uncovering Victoria�s whereabouts as all hell breaks loose at the White House while the lost are being found.
Mar 05 2024
Jason breaks his silence on his parents, and Priscilla proves her loyalty to Hunter after catching Kyle in a questionable scenario.
Feb 27 2024
Richard and Nancy receive devastating news, Hunter and Victoria face off and trade threats, and Sam presents Lena with a career-changing opportunity to break a huge story.
Feb 20 2024
Donald springs into action when his best ally, Victoria, finds herself helpless, and Hunter uses his power to move against Victoria and Donald.
Feb 13 2024
Sam prepares for an interview that will reveal the first family's misdeeds, Donald must show his devotion to Hunter, and Victoria finds herself in a life-threatening situation.
Feb 06 2024
Priscilla must pick a side as secrets begin to spill out around the White House, and Simone formulates an evil plan to get back at Eli.
Jan 30 2024
Jason exercises a power play involving Nancy attempting to get to the source of his issues, and Hunter, feeling threatened and betrayed, makes plans to shake things up in the district.
Jan 23 2024
Hunter has Victoria right where he wants her, Bobby tells Max he may have damaging evidence against Eli and Victoria, and Kal tries to convince Bobby they're on the same side.
Jan 16 2024
Hunter is ready to go to any length to regain his power, tension inside the White House is at an all-time high, and Donald deals with a domestic issue while his agents search for Jason.
Jan 09 2024
Hunter rethinks his trust in those around him and goes into self- preservation mode after learning the truth from Victoria, and Richard forces Nancy to face a secret from her past.
Jan 02 2024
Donald asks Victoria to use her influence to solve a problem, Kareem and Antonio try to figure their way out of a tight spot, Hunter seeks payback, and Richard brings home a surprise guest.
Dec 26 2023
Sam's loyalty is questioned when he's caught in an unexplainable situation, and Victoria is nervous the truth will surface now that Jason is back in the picture.
Dec 19 2023
Hunter is determined to find the person responsible for his overdose, Simone confides in Priscilla, Sam and Max interrogate a Rakudushi soldier, and Jason reveals his intentions to Victoria.
Dec 12 2023
Sam has a run-in with the Rakudushi, Donald tasks Allan with being his eyes and ears in the White House, Victoria takes pleasure in Simone's apology, and Hunter grills Kareem for answers.
Dec 05 2023
Hunter makes accusations of infidelity that threaten to turn the district upside down, and Alonzo forces an injured Kareem out of the hospital to face Hunter once and for all.
Nov 28 2023
Jason tries to keep his identity hidden from the Rakudushi as he plots his escape, Victoria and Eli strengthen their grip on presidential power, and Hunter turns his wrath on Alonzo.
Nov 21 2023
Hunter finds Victoria in a compromising position, Richard confides in Sam, Max shares his salacious theory with Bobby, and Jason discovers his hiding place isn't so safe after all.
Nov 14 2023
Priscilla makes her demands clear to Sam, Dale gets dragged into the pharmacy's shady dealings, Nancy's brutal honesty rattles Richard, and Eli and Victoria's celebration is short-lived.
Nov 07 2023
Newly sworn-in Eli accelerates his abuse of power, Simone receives upsetting news, Allan is trapped in a deadly situation, Jason bonds with River, and Priscilla takes violent revenge on Sam.
Oct 31 2023
Nancy makes a surprising accusation against Richard, Donald feels the impact of changes in the White House as Eli is sworn in as president, and Simone learns of Victoria's sinister plan.
Oct 24 2023
The White House goes into panic mode after the president overdoses, Jason finds himself in a dangerous place, and Sam grapples with his jealousy over Priscilla and Bobby.
Oct 17 2023

Season 4

22 Episodes

Richard tries to revive Nancy, Sharon receives a disturbing phone call, Hunter's partying reaches dangerous levels, Jason and David attempt a daring escape, and Simone confronts Victoria.
Mar 14 2023
Dale handles a tense situation at the pharmacy, Sharon calls for help, Allan confronts Alonzo about the drugs, Jason and David are cornered, and Richard gets the shock of a lifetime.
Mar 07 2023
Alonzo runs a risky errand for Hunter, Priscilla tends to a dazed Nancy while Richard looks for Barry, Kyle gets a lead on Jason's location, and Sharon tries to escape a dangerous situation.
Feb 28 2023
Sharon learns Kareem's secret, Simone confronts Victoria about her affair with Eli, Dale is unwittingly pulled into a shady transaction, and Sam finds out about Priscilla's date.
Feb 21 2023
David attempts a desperate escape, Hunter balks at attending a sham funeral for Jason, Priscilla and Bobby arrange a rendezvous, and Sharon makes a shocking discovery at Kareem's home.
Feb 14 2023
Allan and Alonzo play dumb as the search for Jason intensifies, Victoria confides in Eli about her son, Nancy's bizarre behavior alarms Sharon, and Lilly receives an unexpected offer.
Feb 07 2023
Richard suspects Nancy has been drugged by the Rakudushi, Kareem keeps Sharon in the dark about Barry, Kyle assists Donald at the hospital, and Sam and Priscilla reach a breaking point.
Jan 31 2023
Alonzo aids Allan, the Hallsens host an unusual dinner party, Officer Heller takes an interest in Lilly, Bobby has second thoughts about Priscilla's offer, and Richard gets disturbing news.
Jan 24 2023
Lilly finds herself trapped, Allan tries to pacify Jason, Max unleashes his rage on Kyle, Priscilla takes a bold step with Bobby, and Richard is surprised by unwelcome guests.
Jan 17 2023
Sam draws the line with Victoria, Priscilla pursues a flirtation, Dale has a strange encounter at the pharmacy, Kareem deals with a grisly task, and Lilly's wound arouses suspicion.
Jan 10 2023
Kareem tries to figure out what happened in his apartment, Victoria grows suspicious of Donald, Simone enlists the help of Bobby, and Priscilla catches Sam in a compromising situation.
Dec 27 2022
Nancy gets captured by the Rakudushi cult, Bobby makes a pass at Priscilla, a drunk Hunter nearly incriminates his wife, Jason threatens Allan, and Kareem makes a horrifying discovery.
Dec 20 2022
Jason takes out David before making a break for it, Hunter and Victoria have a tense meeting with the vice president and second lady, and Nancy puts herself in harm's way.
Dec 13 2022
The president arranges another debauched excursion, Jason confides in David, Donald shows Allan compromising photos, and Max and Bobby doubt the vice president's motives.
Dec 06 2022
Kyle finds Dale and Allan staking out in the woods, Bobby and Max approach Sharon with a proposition for an undercover operation, and Hunter grows suspicious of Victoria and Donald.
Nov 29 2022
Lilly makes a difficult decision, Jason learns about his body double's fate, Max and Bobby devise a plan to take down Hunter, and Victoria presents Donald with a solution to their problems.
Nov 22 2022
Eli pushes Simone to apologize to Hunter and Victoria, Allan and Dale debate their next move while hiding from the president, and Kareem is driven away by Sharon's relationship with Barry.
Nov 15 2022
Victoria and Donald tie up loose ends, Hunter suspects Victoria is working with someone close to home on a plot against him, Eli shares his shocking findings, and Donald threatens Lilly.
Nov 08 2022
Wicked 4x04
Hunter seeks more information about his son's death, Max tries to talk Bobby out of acting rashly, Dale and Allan figure out their next move, and the vice president has a change of heart.
Nov 01 2022
Alonzo helps Hunter out of a jam, Max and Bobby devise a plan to rescue Lilly, Richard searches for Barry, Sam senses danger at the hospital, and Dale, Allan and Kareem go off-grid.
Oct 25 2022
Priscilla, Kareem, Allan and Dale grow tired of waiting for Richard, the president hires a sex worker, Jason tries to figure out what's happening to him, and Donald uses Lilly to lure Bobby.
Oct 18 2022
Priscilla and Grip face off, President Franklin seeks to indulge his vices, Jason's autopsy yields a stunning revelation, and Sam asks Richard to attend an important rendezvous.
Oct 11 2022

Season 3

22 Episodes

Nancy is on edge and suspects the worst when Barry leaves home and cuts all communication; when Kyle gets a gun inside of the White House bunker, a life and death situation occurs.
Mar 22 2022
The first family deals with a tragedy, Richard gets tough on Barry, Sam and Kyle play a waiting game, Priscilla lets Allan in on the vice president's plan, and Donald issues a deadly order.
Mar 15 2022
Sam and Kyle wind up in a tense standoff, Victoria and Donald don't see eye to eye about how to handle Jason, Priscilla tries to gain Allan's trust, and Hunter's vigil is interrupted.
Mar 08 2022
Kareem refuses to answer questions about his disappearance, the vice president seeks to compile all the evidence against Hunter in one place, and Donald hatches an escape plan for Kyle.
Mar 01 2022
Allan's behavior draws suspicion, Jason's improving health unsettles Victoria, Max and Bobby meet with the vice president, Grip searches for Kyle, and Sharon asks Richard for help.
Feb 22 2022
Hunter strongly urges Sharon to reconsider his offer, Victoria and the second lady lay their cards on the table, Sam tries to impede Donald's search for Kyle, and Allan makes a bold move.
Feb 15 2022
Kareem finds himself in a dangerous position, Victoria lures the second lady to lunch, Allan angles to work closer with Hunter, and Dale and Sharon get an unexpected visitor at the pharmacy.
Feb 08 2022
Wicked 3x15
Hunter concocts a plan to take out all his enemies in one fell swoop, Barry grows impatient with the FBI's investigation into the Rakudushi, and Allan sneaks a gun into the West Wing.
Feb 01 2022
Victoria revels in the aftermath of her press conference, Barry accuses his father of withholding information, the vice president's confidence is shaken, and Kareem goes to the authorities.
Jan 25 2022
Hunter tries to scare the vice president into silence, Victoria struggles to react appropriately to Jason's act of self-harm, and Max seeks vengeance against Kyle.
Jan 18 2022
Bobby and Max come to Lilly's aid, Victoria has a tense lunch with the second lady, Nancy tries to stop Barry from making a big mistake, and the vice president calls a press conference.
Jan 11 2022
Hunter and Victoria exercise control over Jason by any means necessary, Lilly is close to breaking as she's held captive, and Sam comes forward with concerning news about the vice president.
Dec 21 2021
Kyle takes extreme measures to get information from Lilly, Allan has suspicions about Ellie's death, Jason makes a troubling confession, and the vice president demands a meeting with Hunter.
Dec 14 2021
Allan balks at Victoria's demands, Sharon goes to Richard for help, Barry gets a shock, the vice president reveals his plan to Max and Bobby, and Donald and Kyle press Lilly for answers.
Dec 07 2021
The President makes Sharon a salacious offer, Donald discovers a major security breach, and Bobby and Max discover a powerful new ally.
Nov 30 2021
When Sharon's back is against the wall, she is left with no choice but to protect herself; Hunter is adamant about finding out who made an attempt on his life.
Nov 23 2021
Victoria and Hunter respond to a family emergency, Dale fears for his life, Richard and Barry confide in Sam, Alonzo bears a difficult assignment, and Kyle goes on a mission for Hunter.
Nov 16 2021
Bobby devises a plan to rescue Max, Kyle is assigned to watch over Jason, Ellie ends things with Hunter, Donald visits Dale in the hospital, and Hunter invites Sharon to the White House.
Nov 09 2021
Victoria follows through on her threat to Allan, Sam suspects Priscilla is in the intelligence community, Dale is wary when Kyle pays him a visit, and Donald resist the president's orders.
Nov 02 2021
Priscilla calls on a powerful, secret ally when Victoria attempts to fire her, Blakely grows increasingly paranoid, Jason feels betrayed by Allan, and Barry reaches out to Sharon.
Oct 26 2021
Bobby, Max and Blakely attempt to access the White House computer system, Hunter demands Ellie ignore her official duties, and Victoria tries to coerce Allan into an act of violence.
Oct 19 2021
Hunter seeks retribution against someone close to him after the attempt on his life, Jason harasses a Secret Service agent, and Sharon tries to figure out what happened to Dale.
Oct 12 2021

Season 2

22 Episodes

Priscilla finally speaks her mind, Kyle gets an unpleasant assignment, Barry devises a desperate plan to get Callie back, and Hunter and Victoria are summoned to her father's deathbed.
Sep 14 2021
Priscilla struggles to control her emotions, Bobby plots to use Lilly's shopping excursion with Victoria to make a bold play, and Hunter and Ellie's relationship takes an unexpected turn.
Sep 07 2021
Allan and Ellie figure out what to do with their intruder, Sam's affair pushes Priscilla to the edge, Ruth makes a secret plea to Barry's parents, and Hunter offers Sharon a private tour.
Aug 31 2021
Nancy and Richard try to figure out what happened to Barry, Sharon receives devastating news, Jason secretly follows a White House employee home, and Lilly confronts Bobby about the photos.
Aug 24 2021
Sharon is rushed to the hospital, Victoria's dad requests a meeting with her and Hunter, Lilly learns the truth about Bobby, Sam faces down Kyle, and Priscilla confides in a trusted friend.
Aug 17 2021
Hunter feels more powerful than ever after visiting the drone strike site, Dale leads Richard and Sharon to the Rakadushi compound, and Priscilla seeks relationship advice from Nancy.
Aug 10 2021
Victoria scolds Priscilla after catching her giving Jason a midnight snack. Victoria sarcastically hints around to Priscilla, that Priscilla's marriage may be in trouble. Hunter tries to set an insidious secret meeting.
Aug 03 2021
Barry's temper gets him in trouble with the Rakudushis, Dale receives unwanted attention from Kyle, Richard asks for Sharon's help in tracking down Barry, and Priscilla confronts Jason.
Jul 27 2021
Ruth takes Barry to the Rakudushis, Ellie reveals her ambitions to Allan, Hunter authorizes a risky military operation, Lilly lays down ground rules for Donald, and Priscilla confronts Sam.
Jul 20 2021
Donald comes home to a surprise that makes him rethink his approach to Lilly; Sam acts out of character and regrets his decisions; Hunter holds his first cabinet meeting, but it doesn't go as Donald planned.
May 11 2021
Detective Jake puts his job on the line to help Sam in a covert operation; Barry is left reeling after hearing about Sharon's condition; Hunter has a plan for Diane.
May 04 2021
Allan catches Ellie in a terrible betrayal; after the encounter, Victoria discovers that Hunter is being set up; Donald sends Kyle on a mission to silence an informant.
Apr 27 2021
Nancy surprises Richard and finds him in a compromising position; Kyle gets Dale tangled up in his shenanigans following a chance meeting; Bobby tries to convince Max that slow and steady wins the race.
Apr 20 2021
Priscilla pays Ms. Laura a visit in an attempt to get answers about a high crime cover up; Jason befriends Allan with an ulterior motive; Donald and Lilly come to a mutual understanding about their marriage.
Apr 13 2021
Kyle informs Lilly that he's willing to do anything to show his love for Donald. Ironically, Bobby is outside willing to put his life on the line for Lilly. Jason takes a stand against his mother.
Apr 06 2021
The President and First Lady team up to deal with their son's behavior; Barry and Sharon's relationship crumbles; Donald and Lilly's love triangle takes a turn.
Mar 30 2021
Jason catches Priscilla in his room snooping around. Victoria tells Sam she wants him in a new role. Nancy shares a discovery with Barry that sends him into a tailspin over Sharon.
Mar 23 2021
Hunter and Victoria confront Jason about his strange behaviors. Lilly makes a decision about how she should proceed with Donald and Bobby. Kareem provides Sharon with unexpected information that could help her family.
Mar 16 2021
Bobby confesses his feelings for Lilly; Nancy unexpectedly moves back home hoping to give her marriage with Richard another chance while Sam and Priscilla's marriage ends in turmoil; Diane develops a plan; and Hunter and Victoria confront Jason about Jean's murder.
Mar 09 2021
Victoria can�t believe what she finds hidden in The White House. The spark in Ellie and Allan�s relationship is completely gone. A tragedy occurs at 35,000 feet.
Mar 02 2021
Jason carries out another fatal plan, Richard tries to piece together a timeline, Bobby sets out to protect Max, Nancy turns to Priscilla for help, and Victoria makes a gruesome discovery.
Feb 23 2021
Laura�s grisly discovery scares her almost to death. Maude gives Gayle a reality check on how things will progress going forward. Richard presses Nancy for answers she�s not be ready to give.
Feb 16 2021

Season 1

25 Episodes

Victoria's mom vows to get Gayle and Jason in line, Barry makes a desperate decision, Sam is tested, and a revealing press conference has the White House doing damage control.
Jul 22 2020
Victoria makes plans for Gayle and Jason, Donald tries to prevent a dangerous discovery, and Hunter's latest staffing decision catches the White House staff by surprise.
Jul 22 2020
Nancy's confession jeopardizes her marriage, Sharon and Barry have a change of heart, Victoria issues a warning to Gayle, and Hunter has a steamy encounter.
Jul 15 2020
Kyle ties up loose ends, a mutual interest unifies Victoria and Hunter, Lilly asks for Bobby's help, Hunter gets an unexpected tip, and Nancy reveals a shocking family secret.
Jul 08 2020
Word of Gayle's emancipation efforts reaches the Oval Office, Sam attempts to clear Barry's name, Kyle tries to gain Max's trust, and Hunter has plans for a White House aide.
Jul 01 2020
Max and Yuma discover a smoking gun in the form of a blood-soaked mattress, Victoria propositions a White House staffer, and Gayle seeks a legal remedy to her unhappiness.
Jun 24 2020
Victoria comes to an arrangement with Donald, Kareem gives Sharon the dirt on Barry, Jake offers Barry an out, and a security breach at the White House leads to a discovery.
Jun 17 2020
Victoria learns Hunter's secret and devises a plan to cover it up, Lilly tries to figure out who she can trust, and Nancy worries about Barry.
Jun 10 2020
Donald tells Lilly who really runs the Franklin administration, Gayle enlists Jean to find out what happened to her boyfriend, and Hunter suspects Jason is spying on him.
Jun 03 2020
Kyle is concerned Lilly knows too much, Nancy learns the cause of Richard's injury, Victoria makes a startling discovery, and Donald tries to keep Lilly from leaving him.
May 27 2020
Barry and Kareem's fight yields collateral damage, Kyle makes veiled threats toward Jean, Sam and Max go on a fact-finding mission, and Donald and Kyle rehash the past.
May 20 2020
Jean and Donald are drawn into the President's scandal, Barry is released from police custody, things heat up between Kareem and Sharon, and Lilly stands up to Victoria.
May 13 2020
The evidence mounts against Barry, Kyle jumps into action to help out a dazed Hunter, Richard and Nancy are questioned, Lilly confronts Donald, and Sam calls in a favor.
May 06 2020
Bobby gives Lilly an urgent warning, Hunter tasks Kyle with a personal assignment, Victoria's mother pays a surprise visit, and Barry makes an incriminating discovery.
Jan 22 2020
After their explosive fight, Victoria and Hunter try to calm concerns among the White House staff, Gayle receives appalling news, and Richard and Nancy search for answers.
Jan 15 2020
Richard wrestles with guilt over his deadly mistake, Hunter and Denise are interrupted during a late-night rendezvous, and the staff carefully navigate first family drama.
Jan 08 2020
Richard comes to the rescue, Bobby pays Lilly a visit, Hunter gives Denise lucrative information, and Victoria's tumultuous relationship with Gayle takes a darker turn.
Dec 18 2019
Barry blows Gayle's cover, Kyle makes a power grab, the secret service searches for Gayle, Sharon and Nancy learn new information, and Lilly has an unexpected guest.
Dec 11 2019
Max gets caught in the middle of Hunter and Victoria's marital drama, Barry continues the search for his daughter, and Lilly is confronted with compromising photos.
Dec 04 2019
The hostility between President Franklin and Victoria reaches new heights, Barry forces Sharon to make a choice, and Jason helps Gayle devise a plan.
Nov 27 2019
Allies 1x05
Barry learns disturbing news about Ruth, Victoria invites Lilly along for an unusual shopping trip, Jason's behavior raises eyebrows, and Nancy makes a startling discovery.
Nov 20 2019
Jean deals with uncomfortable advances from Jason, the president confronts Richard about Gayle's accusation, and Agent Flint seeks info from the Winthrops' intruder.
Nov 13 2019
Heat 1x03
Donald seeks answers from the man who followed his wife home, President Franklin greets a late-night visitor, and the first children irk the White House staff.
Nov 06 2019
Barry defends his character, Lilly's decision puts her in a precarious situation, Victoria demands to know the truth, and Nancy and Sharon deal with an emergency.
Oct 30 2019
Pilot 1x01
Chaos ensues as the Franklin family prepares for the inauguration ball, Nancy's kind gesture backfires, Barry is caught off guard, and Lilly makes a risky choice.
Oct 23 2019