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Texas Ranger Cordell Walker, a widower and father of two with his own moral code, returns home to Austin, TX, after being undercover for two years, only to discover there�s harder work to be done at home. As Walker attempts to reconnect with his creative and thoughtful son August and his headstrong, somewhat rebellious teenaged daughter Stella, he finds that he needs to navigate clashes with his family � Liam, Walker�s ADA brother who stepped in during Walker�s absence, his perceptive mother Abeline and his traditional rancher father Bonham. Walker�s former colleague, Larry James, is now his Ranger Captain. And Walker finds unexpected common ground with his new partner Micki Ramirez, one of the first women in Texas Rangers� history while growing increasingly suspicious about the circumstances surrounding his wife�s death.

Season 4

13 Episodes

Walker tries to make up for lost time and wants to be what Geri deserves. Cassie and Trey have their final interviews for the lieutenant position. Stella discusses with Liam what she may want for her future.
Jun 26 2024
Geri is upset with Walker for not opening up to her. Cassie, Trey and James conduct more interviews. Bonham and Abby realize they both need to give a little with their plans for the future.
Jun 19 2024
Cassie, James, Trey and Luna start to put together the pieces of the Jackal case, while no one has heard from Walker.
Jun 12 2024
Walker sets out on a mission. August opens up to Geri and Liam. Bonham notices something is off with Abby. Luna introduces Cassie to an old friend.
Jun 05 2024
James, Cassie and Trey appear to make some headway in their investigation. Stella and August make a startling discovery. Bonham and Abby have differing views about their retirement plans, with Liam serving as a referee.
May 29 2024
Liam express his concerns about Walker to Trey. Walker becomes more invested in the case as Captain James asks him to take a break. Stella continues her search for the necklace and starts putting together the pieces of the mystery. August goes to his dad for help with a school project. Meanwhile, Cassie and Detective Luna take their relationship to the next level.
May 22 2024
Walker, Trey, Cassie and Detective Luna explore more leads as Walker starts to become more and more invested. Captain James notices Casey and Luna growing closer. Stella goes to Bonham for self-defense training and August excels in his boot camp training. Lastly, Bonham and Abby discuss the future with mixed opinions.
May 15 2024
Walker, Trey and Cassie prepare for what Captain James has in store for them at HQ. Meanwhile, Stella and August start to put some pieces together. Lastly, Walker makes plans for his future and Liam questions his brother's motives.
May 08 2024
Walker, Trey, Cassie and Detective Luna are all hands on deck with their case. Geri is presented with an interesting offer, and Liam jumps in to help. Meanwhile, Stella and August help Abby and Bonham and stumble upon some interesting information. Lastly, James tries to make amends
May 01 2024
Walker�s lies about the Jackal case finally catch up to him, testing his friendship with his old partner, Captain James. Cassie works a lead in the Jackal case alongside Detective Luna and learns a hard lesson. Stella makes a shocking realization.
Apr 24 2024
Trey and Liam try to help Walker figure out his next steps with Geri. Liam confides in Walker that he's worried about Stella. Meanwhile, Stella and Sadie look into recent events. August begins his bootcamp training and it is not what he expected. Liam helps Cassie sift through the clutter. Lastly, the family works together on a fundraiser.
Apr 17 2024
When Maybelline, an 80-year-old grandmother and witness, is in crucial need of protective custody, Walker, Cassie and Trey are charged with keeping the acerbic matriarch safe, and though Walker and crew call the plays, the wise elder is the one keeping score. Cassie grapples with a big decision and asks Geri for help to make some changes. Meanwhile, Stella wants to move on but continues to struggle with her grief and Liam tries to help. Lastly, August wants to join an after-school program and asks Bonham to help convince Walker to sign off on the program.
Apr 10 2024
It�s Walker�s birthday and Geri is pulling out all the stops, but her plans are thwarted. Walker, Captain James and Trey tackle a case together and Cassie surprises everyone with her return. Abby asks for Liam�s help to bring Stella out of her cocoon. Meanwhile, August is enjoying his senior year of high school, leaving Walker feeling like an empty nester.
Apr 03 2024

Season 3

18 Episodes

It�s a big day for the Texas Rangers and the Walker clan as friends and family gather to celebrate a very special event.
May 11 2023
It's an exciting day for Liam, Stella and the horse rescue as opening day is upon them! Then the boys are off for a camping trip while the ladies plan a relaxing day at the spa...but nothing ever goes as planned.
May 04 2023
An old friend returns with a shocking surprise for everyone, and Cordell is forced to come to terms with the decisions he�s made and how it�s affected the ones he loves most. In the aftermath of the devastation caused by Grey Flag, Trey�s left feeling like an outsider, but a new case will force he and Cassie to overcome their issues.
Apr 27 2023
The Texas Rangers and the Walker Family must contend with Grey Flag�s plans and one truth�that everything was a lie.
Mar 30 2023
Stakes are high as Cordell, Cassie, Captain James and Trey all realize Grey Flag�s plans and partnerships extend deeper than they once thought. While the Walkers plan for the Mayor�s Medal Ceremony, Cordell struggles with missing out on time with his kids as he focuses on trying to keep the whole city safe.
Mar 23 2023
After a shocking revelation, Cordell and Cassie set off to find out more about Grey Flag's nefarious plans. Liam's and Stella's plan for the horse rescue appear to finally be coming together when a big-time philanthropist offers her support, and the Walker family joins forces to move the project along quickly. Trey's new assignment lands him in unfamiliar territory and a new partner could compromise his focus.
Mar 02 2023
Cordell and Cassie soon realize they aren't the only ones keeping secrets, leaving Cassie to question who she can trust. The rest of the family focuses on the horse rescue, but they still find themselves facing a few challenges.
Feb 23 2023
As Cordell and Cassie dig deeper into the deaths of his military buddies, he uncovers some inconsistencies that may reveal truths he�s not ready to face. Meanwhile, Trey is presented with a new opportunity, Captain James receives some news from Kelly and Bonham is still at odds with the rest of the family.
Feb 16 2023
Cordell is tipped off that Grey Flag may still have him as their prime target. Meanwhile, Captain James has discovered that Cordell and Cassie weren�t truthful about some top-secret information and Trey�s involvement in the prior week�s case lands him in hot water. Abeline and Bonham disagree on how ready Cordell is to handle his responsibilities, while Liam continues to pursue his new business venture, despite his dad�s displeasure over his son�s new partner.
Jan 26 2023
Cordell and Cassie intervene in a hostage situation at a server farm, but something Trey finds indicates something more sinister is at play. Meanwhile, August tries to smooth things over with his grandparents, Liam attempts to step up his responsibility within the family business, and a luncheon awkwardly reunites Cordell with someone from the past.
Jan 19 2023
In the aftermath of the Walker�s dramatic Thanksgiving dinner with Abeline�s traumatic hospitalization, the family rings in the new year with members of the Walker family resolving to make better choices across the board. While Cordell throws himself into family matters, Cassie pulls Trey into a case tracking down an elusive tech mogul. But Cassie gets the sense she�s in hot water with Captain James.
Jan 12 2023
Walker attempts to make this the most memorable Thanksgiving ever in the hopes of luring Stella to return home, but when the family�s annual �Circle of Thanks� turns into a circle of grievance, tensions bubble over- leaving things worse off than they began, with one member of the Walker family being rushed to the hospital.
Nov 17 2022
Walker makes good on his promise to Liam to finally discuss captivity, and painful details from the past inform the present to help the Rangers eliminate a dangerous threat. Meanwhile, a new case forces Cassie to confront her aversion to dating.
Nov 10 2022
During a would-be simple assignment, a misunderstanding causes Walker and Cassie to examine where they are in life and what lies ahead. Meanwhile, August strives to roll with the cool kids to disastrous results and Trey struggles with what being a Ranger means for his relationship with his mother.
Nov 03 2022
Walker, Cassie and Captain James team up to put Trey through the final stages of his training, a "Rangers hell-week" that will ensure he's ready to join the ranks of the elite organization, but it's not only Trey who is put to the test, Walker hasn't worked with Cassie in weeks and both struggle to get their partnership back in sync.
Oct 27 2022
Time is pushing forward but Cordell is stuck trying to convince everyone, including himself that he has moved on from the hell of captivity. Meanwhile, Stella comes clean to her dad about how she has been feeling and Bonham shares with Liam a way to work through his trauma.
Oct 20 2022
While Cassie and James lead the charge to find Walker, the situation goes from bad to worse when Liam also goes missing. Meanwhile, Stella and August pursue a lead of their own.
Oct 13 2022
It's graduation day and the Walker family is turning a corner into a seemingly hopeful future that is until Cordell goes missing, and his mysterious captors are trying to break him down physically and mentally. Meanwhile, Captain James, Cassie and the rest of the Rangers have all hands on deck to bring Cordell home safely but Stella has ideas of her own on how she can help.
Oct 06 2022

Season 2

20 Episodes

Gale coming clean to Geri about the past forces Cordell to relive a part of his he�d buried long ago, and Trey considers Captain James� latest offer.
Jun 23 2022
Stella and Colton plan a Walker/Davidson family dinner. Meanwhile, Liam gets an unlikely ally when trying to prove that the Davidson�s were up to no good on the day Cordell raced for the ranch and Cassie vows to learn the truth about the last case her previous partner was working on.
Jun 16 2022
Cordell and James make a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Stella and August have a traumatic afternoon and Liam takes a concern to the Davidson�s door.
Jun 09 2022
Torn 2x17
Twyla is tapped to assist the Rangers on a case as she and Cordell are beginning to grow closer. Meanwhile, Stella re-evaluates her feelings for Todd and Colton while Geri extends an olive branch to Denise.
Jun 02 2022
The Walkers pull out all the stops to celebrate Abeline and Bonham�s anniversary. Cassie finds a piece of her past and Cordell needs a favor from Geri.
May 05 2022
Bygones 2x15
Cordell needs the help of someone from his past, but can they be trusted? Meanwhile, Trey shows James and August a new way to deal with some of life's frustrations.
Apr 28 2022
Cordell and the Walker family carry on with a day at the Rangers fair, but it�s not all fun and games when Cassie runs into familiar faces from her past. Meanwhile, Abeline attempts to clear the air with Geri and Colton tries a new approach with Stella.
Apr 14 2022
While Geri does her best to keep the Walker family�s collective chins up, Walker and Cassie look for any clues to help Bonham in his hour of need.
Apr 07 2022
Cordell reaches a breaking point with Denise who sets her sights on revenge and the tensions between the Walker and Davidson families finally hit a fever pitch.
Mar 31 2022
When confronted by the Davidsons, Liam shares an old land survey which could spell trouble for the Walker family, and Bonham reveals one truth from the past while covering up another. Meanwhile, Cordell has news of his own he would like to share with the family if he can get the chance.
Mar 10 2022
Nudge 2x10
A feisty officer Perez mistakes Cordell for a suspect. Trey offers to help Liam with a project. Meanwhile, Colton is struggling with his feelings for Stella.
Mar 03 2022
When he hears that Serano is out on bail, Dan panics and asks Liam for help. Liam doesn't trust Dan but Dan makes him a tempting offer that would put Serano behind bars for good. There is just a small catch - Liam can't tell Walker what's going on. Meanwhile, Geri decides to have an open mic night at the Side Step and encourages August to hit the stage.
Jan 27 2022
While setting up protective detail on Trey, Captain James is shot and left in critical condition. Walker takes on the role of interim Captain and turns to an unlikely source for help.
Jan 20 2022
Things are still tense between Walker and Liam after Liam called in a false warrant on Dan Miller. However, things take a turn for the worse when Captain James informs the brothers that Serano's lawyers are using Liam's mistake as a way to set the criminal free, putting the entire Walker family in danger.
Jan 13 2022
Micki comes clean to Trey about her past and they question what it means for them in the future. After a heartbreaking talk, Micki realizes it might be time to start a new chapter. Meanwhile, Walker and Liam put their differences aside and agree to trust each other when Denise asks them to investigate a case. Bonham dresses up as Santa Claus for the annual holiday party.
Dec 09 2021
Tensions run high when Walker and Liam investigate a cold case together. Micki, still on desk duty, is working through her grief while slowly easing her way back into the field. Trey tags along for a fishing trip and gets a lesson on love. August makes a discovery that could lead to answers about the feud between The Walkers and The Davidsons.
Dec 02 2021
Walker tells his family about the surveillance cameras in their home and partners with Denise to lure out whoever is watching them. Liam doesn't trust Denise, or her husband Dan, which frustrates Walker who is trying to mend the rift between the families. Micki continues to deal with the ramifications of her time undercover.
Nov 18 2021
Walker invites Gale Davidson to participate in the chili cookoff at the Side Step to try and make amends after years of their families feuding, however Abby isn't too pleased with the gesture. Micki and Trey work on reconciling their relationship when she comes home after her deep undercover operation.
Nov 11 2021
Walker has concerns over Micki going too deep undercover and wants to keep a close eye on her and the possible new informant. Captain James and the new District Attorney work together trying to close the case to bring Micki home. Stella and Colton Davidson team up to solve a mystery while under the watchful eye of Trey and come across an interesting obstacle on their way home.
Nov 04 2021
Walker realizes his life is at risk and confronts Captain James who confesses to him the real reason Micki went undercover. Meanwhile, the Davidsons return home which sets Abeline on edge as there is dark history between the two families. Trey almost blows Micki's cover.
Oct 28 2021

Season 1

18 Episodes

Drive 1x18
Walker�s world is shattered after receiving shocking news that changes everything.
Aug 12 2021
Dig 1x17
Walker and Micki investigate a bomb threat at the school that targeted Liam and Stan. Abeline and Bonham plan a vow renewal, and Trey's mother comes for a visit.
Jul 22 2021
Captain James leads Micki and the team into a drug bust with a dirty cop, Officer Campbell at the center. However, after Campbell is inexplicably set free, he targets the Captain's son, DJ, in retaliation. Walker gives Trey advice on his future.
Jul 15 2021
Micki's real mother, Mercedes, tries to make amends with her daughter but Micki doesn't want anything to do with her. Walker steps in to help and lands in a heap of trouble. Meanwhile, August suffers from PTSD after what happened at the Ranch.
Jun 24 2021
Walker takes Stella and August on a road trip to discuss some devastating news. Meanwhile, Captain James enlists the help of Micki and Trey to find a missing military veteran.
Jun 17 2021
Walker�s past comes back with a vengeance and it threatens the very thing he loves the most � his family.
Jun 10 2021
The show flashes back to the days right before and after Emily's death and how the entire Walker family dealt with the sudden tragic loss.
May 20 2021
Freedom 1x11
Walker and Geri are both unsure of their feelings for each other after their kiss and things get very complicated when Hoyt comes home from prison. However, the welcome home party is interrupted when Micki and Walker get word that Clint West is on the run.
May 13 2021
Encore 1x10
With the Sidestep now in their name, Walker, Stella and August put their stamp on the place. Liam turns to Bonham for advice on a career move, while Micki and Trey work through the aftermath of his injuries after the hurricane. Stella confronts Clint about Trevor and his response prompts Stella to make a dangerous decision that will leave a permanent mark on the Walker family.
May 06 2021
Walker and Captain James investigate a high stakes poker game where one of the players may have information on Emily's killer. However, the night takes a turn when Geri shows up to join the game. Meanwhile, Micki takes August and Stella on an unusual adventure.
Apr 15 2021
A tornado touches down in Austin and it's all hands on deck to keep the kids and community safe. Walker, Micki and Trey rush to the school where Stella, August and Ruby are at a school dance. Bonham and Abeline stop at a store for supplies where old memories resurface and the two are forced to discuss their marriage. Meanwhile, Liam and Bret get trapped in an elevator and everything Liam has been carrying on his shoulders gets the best of him and he makes a rash decision.
Apr 08 2021
Tracks 1x07
Captain James and Liam follow up on a tip regarding Emily's murder. The duo head to Mexico for more answers but decide to keep their trip a secret from Walker. Meanwhile, Trey escorts Stella, August and the girls soccer team to an away game but when things take a dangerous turn Trey, Walker and Micki have to team up to save the kids. Micki learns some shocking news.
Mar 18 2021
When Geri decides to sell the bar, it throws Walker for a loop. With so many memories attached to the bar, he asks Geri to reconsider and reminds her of all the good times they've had there with Emily and Hoyt. Meanwhile, Micki is shocked when her mother drops in unexpectedly.
Mar 11 2021
Duke 1x05
When his past unexpectedly collides with his present life, Walker is forced to resume his undercover identity to keep his family safe. Micki gets caught up in Walker's old case while August threatens to blow his father's cover. Trey starts his new job.
Feb 18 2021
Micki is uncomfortable with the spotlight Captain James puts on her during a current investigation. Walker talks to Liam about their parents and learns there was trouble while he was away. Trey applies for a new job in town while Stella starts community service and August stumbles upon some secrets from his father's time away undercover.
Feb 11 2021
Walker's life gets more complicated when his childhood best friend, Hoyt Rawlins, returns to town. Abeline is thrilled to have Hoyt home but Geri has conflicted feelings for her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile, Micki has her suspicions about the real reason Hoyt returned to town.
Feb 04 2021
Walker continues to try to reconnect with his family but finds that his kids have developed new routines with Liam. Back at work, Captain James tells Walker he needs to get recertified to be a Ranger, but old memories of Emily hinder his progress. Micki investigates a suspicious fire.
Jan 28 2021
Pilot 1x01
Texas Ranger Cordell Walker, a widower and father of two with his own moral code, returns home to Austin, TX, after being undercover for two years, only to discover there�s harder work to be done at home. As Walker attempts to reconnect with his creative and thoughtful son August and his headstrong, somewhat rebellious teenaged daughter Stella, he finds that he needs to navigate clashes with his family � Liam, Walker�s ADA brother who stepped in during Walker�s absence, his perceptive mother Abeline and his traditional rancher father Bonham. Walker�s former colleague, Larry James, is now his Ranger Captain. And Walker finds unexpected common ground with his new partner Micki Ramirez, one of the first women in Texas Rangers� history while growing increasingly suspicious about the circumstances surrounding his wife�s death.
Jan 21 2021