Walker Independence

Continuing / 7:00pm The CW 42 min.
Prequel to the CW series set in the late 1800s which follows Abby Walker, an affluent Bostonian whose husband is murdered before her eyes while on their journey out West; on her quest for revenge, Abby crosses paths with Hoyt Rawlins, a lovable rogue in search of purpose; Abby and Hoyt's journey takes them to Independence, Texas, where they encounter diverse, eclectic residents running from their own troubled pasts and chasing their dreams; our newfound family will struggle with the changing world around them, while becoming agents of change themselves in a town where nothing is what it seems

Season 1

10 Episodes

TBA 1x10
Jan 19 2023
TBA 1x09
Jan 12 2023
TBA 1x08
Jan 05 2023
Abby navigates the unforgiving frontier justice system and her complicated feelings for Tom Davidson as she throws herself into defending a case with life-or-death consequences. Calian confronts painful memories to free himself of guilt, Gus weighs a friendship against his badge, Hoyt and Lucia must come to terms with an immeasurable loss, and Kate is faced with a choice after uncovering corruption in an unexpected place.
Nov 17 2022
With questions continuing to surface, Abby digs deeper into her husbandís past while Gus and Calian follow a hunch which has them questioning a former mentor and Calian accused of a heinous crime. Back in town, Tom puts together a Fight Night in an attempt to impress a railroad executive despite Kateís protests, Hoyt dives into helping the Reyes family, and Kai reveals he knows how to throw a punch.
Nov 10 2022
Davidson must help a former partner in crime while keeping up appearances. Abby and Kateís friendship is put to the test as Abby faces some uncomfortable questions.
Nov 03 2022
Abby and Hoyt agree to run an errand for Davidson that ends up exposing just how far his influence goes. Kate uses an annual festivity to disrupt the townís balance of power.
Oct 27 2022
Presented with a challenge, Abby cleverly uncovers an opportunity to undermine the Sheriff. Hoyt grows tired of playing second fiddle to Calian in the eyes of Luciaís family before the two must work together to fend off a team of bandits. Calianís drive to help, however, may jeopardize his standing within his tribe. Kate is relentless in her pursuit of information on Abby, Kai once again proves himself invaluable, and Gus grapples with the trauma that comes with wearing the badge.
Oct 20 2022
Keep Your Enemies Closer Ė Abby is joined by rough and tumble outlaw Hoyt and Apache scout, Calian, when she revisits the tragic site of her life's demise in search of clues to help uncover the cold-blooded killer hiding in town.
Oct 13 2022
Pilot 1x01
In the late 1800s, Abby Walker, an affluent and tough-minded Bostonian, embarks on a journey out west with her husband Liam, when her husband is murdered before her eyes.
Oct 06 2022