Waterloo Road

Continuing Monday / 7:00pm BBC One UK 59 min.
Waterloo Road Comprehensive isn't doing very well. Many of the teachers feel that their job is pointless, and the pupils couldn't care less about their education. When the Headteacher of the school has a nervous breakdown, Jack Rimmer is promoted to the position, much to his dismay. He knows that if the school doesn't clean up its act soon, it could mean the end. So he decides to hire optimistic teacher Andrew Treneman, who gives up his private school teaching job, in order to improve the situation of Waterloo Road. Andrew is certain that with strict discipline and a house system, things will get better. Together with lively Guidance Head, Kim Campbell, the three teachers begin the process of turning around the failing school, painful step by painful step.

Season 13

8 Episodes

Episode 8 13x08
Donte is rocked by the arrival of a ghost from his past that threatens life as he knows it. Meanwhile, Kim and Nicky are faced with a tricky situation.
Feb 26 2024
Episode 7 13x07
Tonya is forced to take drastic action after a scandalous discovery, and Preston takes the law into his own hands.
Feb 20 2024
Episode 6 13x06
Kelly Jo makes a momentous decision, and whilst most of the teachers are away on an inset day, Libby leads the pack as the teens run riot in school.
Feb 13 2024
Episode 5 13x05
Amy comes head-to-head with Schuey, but her actions cause uproar. Meanwhile, Kelly Jo has some earth-shattering news for Dean.
Feb 07 2024
Episode 4 13x04
It�s a big day for Kelly Jo as she presents her work to the whole school as well as trying to work out who she is and where she is going. Libby proves to be a thorn in her side.
Jan 30 2024
Episode 3 13x03
Shola�s new obsession sends shockwaves through the school, with devastating consequences for Joe and Mike.
Jan 23 2024
Episode 2 13x02
Preston has a disastrous first day back at school, and Amy�s mentoring scheme gets off to a rocky start. As Amy battles to keep the peace, no-one can escape Preston�s line of fire.
Jan 09 2024
Episode 1 13x01
Kim rolls out a fresh initiative that causes fireworks for staff and pupils alike, and two worlds collide when Tonya forms an unlikely bond with new boy Schuey.
Jan 02 2024

Season 12

7 Episodes

Episode 7 12x07
It�s the debut of Radio Waterloo Road, and as Danny uses the launch to rehabilitate himself, Myles has other ideas in mind � with explosive ramifications for the entire school.
Jun 27 2023
Episode 6 12x06
Desperate times force Nicky to consider the unthinkable. Meanwhile, Preston and Myles challenge each other � with devastating consequences.
Jun 20 2023
Episode 5 12x05
Kim rallies the troops when a last-minute Ofsted inspection is sprung on the team. Elsewhere, a knife crime initiative gets underway.
Jun 13 2023
Episode 4 12x04
Shola�s behaviour causes a panic, and Val suspects that she�s hiding something from them. Meanwhile, Kelly Jo�s first day out of the BU doesn�t get off to the best start.
Jun 06 2023
Episode 3 12x03
Preston and Kai give the school something to talk about. Meanwhile, the poetry slam gets off to a rocky start, and Donte is left red-faced.
May 30 2023
Episode 2 12x02
A revelation by Kelly Jo causes huge ructions between Nicky and Debs. Meanwhile, an increasingly infatuated Amy pursues a new crush.
May 23 2023
Episode 1 12x01
Dwayne clashes with a new pupil, whose arrival causes fireworks. As Dwayne continues to rebel, Joe and Mike question their future. Meanwhile, Kim�s rocked by a blast from the past.
May 16 2023

Season 11

7 Episodes

Episode 7 11x07
The past catches up with Danny at the end of term show. Meanwhile, Kim is left feeling hurt and betrayed by an unexpected person.
Feb 14 2023
Episode 6 11x06
Samia�s day is derailed by the discovery of a group chat started by the male students. Meanwhile, Donte�s angry outburst has repercussions across the school.
Feb 07 2023
Episode 5 11x05
As Neil bonds with refugee Norullah, the year nines are busy digging up the truth about his personal life. An inquest triggers an emotional breakdown and confession from Coral.
Jan 31 2023
Episode 4 11x04
It�s Amy�s big day, but a surprise visitor from her past and Kelly Jo�s tumultuous behaviour threaten to ruin everything.
Jan 24 2023
Episode 3 11x03
The Walters family deal with an unexpected crisis, pushing a stressed Preston to the brink, while Tonya and Izzy skip school.
Jan 18 2023
Episode 2 11x02
Waterloo Road is rocked by shocking news, whilst the Charles family struggle to deal with their loss. Meanwhile, Danny lands himself in the Behavioural Unit.
Jan 10 2023
Episode 1 11x01
It�s a new term for William Beswick High, but with pupils rioting, head Kim Campbell is forced into drastic changes. A fugitive found hiding in the school gives everyone a shock.
Jan 03 2023

Season 10

20 Episodes

Waterloo Road pulls every last punch in a desperate bid to halt the merger with Havelock High. Despite the absence of Vaughan, the students rally to uncover the council�s real plans and Lorna�s ex-husband shows his true colours. The day of the consultation has arrived and it�s Waterloo Road�s last chance to halt the merger with Havelock High. The council and its supporters are out in force to convince the community and parents that the merger is the best outcome for everyone. With no headmaster steering the ship, the students take matters into their own hands and they soon discover that the council is not being transparent about its real plans. Can the pupils save the school or is it really the end of Waterloo Road? Marco grows suspicious of Lorna�s ex-husband but his meddling leads to a dangerous situation for him and Kenzie. Who will come to the rescue and who will finally win Kenzie�s heart � Scott or Justin?
Mar 09 2015
Vaughan is torn between campaigning to stop the merger and Justin's exclusion. Things take an unexpected turn when Kenzie gets involved, while Lorna reveals a buried secret when someone from her past turns up. Sonya discovers something about Guy that sets her own lie onto a different course.
Mar 02 2015
Dale's erratic behaviour reaches new heights and it's up to Lenny and Maggie to pick up the pieces. Abdul meets his mum, but it's not as he expected. The school gets a heads-up about a surprise inspection, but will the preparation be enough to save it?
Feb 23 2015
Dale struggles to come to terms with his failure to make the cycling team and looks to find his adrenalin rush elsewhere. Hassan ties himself in knots when Ronnie comes asking questions, leading to a drastic decision. Kenzie finds herself caught between Scott and Justin, but who will win?
Feb 16 2015
Dale�s hopes of becoming a pro-cycler are left up in the air after the pressure of his mock exams take over. Abdul is surprised after a deeply-buried family secret is revealed. Kenzie finds her relationship with her mother falling apart.
Feb 09 2015
Waterloo Road struggles to live up to rival Havelock High when the PTA comes to visit. Leo�s attachment to his computer game raises serious concern over his state of mind and Sonya frets over her impending test results.
Feb 02 2015
A trip to the coast does not go to plan after Kenzie lets slip about Bonnie two-timing Scott and Justin. More secrets are then revealed and one of the group runs off putting themself in serious danger.
Jan 26 2015
Vaughan's newly-qualified teachers Marco and Guy start work, but it's not long before Guy recognises Carrie Norton and the school comes down heavily on their relationship. Christine's plan to keep Audrey's smothering at bay backfires on her, while Sonya is forced to reveal a very private secret.
Jan 19 2015
It's the start of Waterloo Road's new bike bank scheme, which Vaughan hopes will show the school off to the community. But Scott Fairchild has other ideas and it's Kevin who suffers the consequences. Christine and Lorna fight over who should lead the new PTA.
Jan 12 2015
It�s a new term and Waterloo Road is under threat, as the council wants to merge it with Havelock High. But Vaughan is ready for battle, and his plan involves volatile new pupils Kenzie and Scott. Now all he�s got to do is let the staff in on his radical strategy.
Jan 05 2015
Vaughan goes to the police after Justin punches Allie, and Darren arranges a surprise.
Dec 17 2014
A neglected Leo finds solace in new girl Mandy but soon finds there is more to her than meets the eye. Sue finds herself in hot water when Hector threatens to tell Simon about their affair.
Dec 10 2014
Despite their parents� objections, Justin hatches a plan to keep him and Tiffany together. Rhiannon tries her hand at plus size modelling and Hector begs Sue to leave Simon. The Vaughan-Fitzgerald household is in full lockdown following the revelation that Justin and Tiffany have been sleeping together. Justin is furious to find out he�s being sent to boarding school and hatches a plan of his own to keep him and Tiffany together. Rhiannon is horrified to see how thin the models are while visiting Gabriella�s mum on a fashion shoot but wrestles with her own morals when she is invited to join in as a plus size model. Sue is determined to put her affair with Hector behind her and looks forward to a fresh start with Simon in Wales. But when Hector hears of their plans, he makes an impassioned plea for her to stay.
Dec 03 2014
Kevin and Leo�s hacking lands them in serious trouble. Floyd confronts Justin and Tiffany about their relationship and Sonya puts her friendship with Christine at risk. Kevin sparks a serious security risk when it�s revealed he�s hacked into a multinational data organisation. The school is in lockdown but Kevin sees it as a chance to prove his skills and turns the situation to his favour. Justin and Tiffany�s relationship is uncovered by a shocked Floyd. After he and Justin get into a fight, Tiffany fears he will tell Vaughan and Allie and decides to take matters into her own hands. When Sonya�s story � a thinly veiled reference to Christine�s alcoholic past � gets circulated around the school, it�s a race against time to stop it landing in Christine�s hands.
Nov 26 2014
Justin�s attempts to make up for his bad behaviour are thwarted by Vaughan�s lack of trust in him. Kevin shows off his hacking skills and Sonya tries her hand at creative writing, much to the amusement of the rest of the school. Justin�s determined to turn over a new leaf and prove to everyone that he isn�t the bad guy he�s made out to be. Spotting an opportunity to help an impoverished pupil, Justin takes matters into his own hands � but Vaughan�s lack of confidence in his son only leads to more heartache between them. Sonya reveals that she�s planning to enter a writing competition but is devastated to learn the teachers are making fun of her efforts. Kevin is fed up with being mollycoddled and reveals his talent for hacking computers to an impressed Leo.
Nov 19 2014
Lenny crumbles under the pressure of looming exams. Allie is devastated to find out Vaughan�s secret and Sue tries in vain to keep her distance from Hector. Lenny is desperate to do well in his preliminary exams � but all night study sessions and excessive energy drinks throw his nerves into overdrive and give staff serious concern for his emotional wellbeing. Lisa�s attempts to lead him astray only serve to drive a wedge between them. Allie is determined to move forward in her relationship with Vaughan but is furious to find out that he has been keeping a big secret from her and forces him to make a big decision about his arrangement with his ex-wife. Sue has second thoughts about her fling with Hector but he�s not ready to let her go.
Nov 12 2014
The students are shocked by the return of Gabriella Wark, and despite her claims that she has turned over a new leaf, she gets a frosty welcome from Kacey, whose hopes of competing in the Commonwealth Games were ended in the accident caused by the trouble-maker. Taking their friend's lead, Lisa and Shaznay mark the returnee out as an easy target. Allie feels uneasy as Vaughan and the boys prepare to visit Olga on her birthday - and with the couple so wrapped up in their own problems, they don't notice Justin and Tiffany are growing closer. Hector finds an ally in Sue - and it soon becomes clear there's a chemistry between them.
Nov 05 2014
Baby Boom 10x03
Students confront the responsibilities of parenthood, with Rhiannon taking to the project like a duck to water. Carol feels the pinch now her hands are no longer in George's pockets. She sees an opportunity to make some cash, but may leave Maggie without a job in the process. Allie reveals how bad Justin's anger issues are to her father. Vaughan decides it's time for his son to face the consequences of his actions.
Oct 29 2014
Waterloo Road opens its doors to the local community but the message of goodwill falls on deaf ears for some. Rhiannon provides more than a shoulder for Darren to cry on and Justin�s behaviour continues to escalate. Vaughan rolls out his first initiative at the school: the Waterloo Road community hub. The phone is soon ringing off the hook with people who need help and the whole school gets behind the project. All except for Shaznay and Lisa who quickly realise they can use this as an opportunity to help themselves. Darren seeks comfort in Rhiannon�s arms as he mourns the death of his mother but when Maggie gets wind of their night-time antics, she swiftly nips it in the bud. However, she worries that it�s too little too late when Rhiannon grows cagey about how serious they�ve become. Justin�s anger continues to spiral out of control but the person whose attention he craves the most refuses to accept the severity of the situation, leading to the shock resignation of one of the teachers.
Oct 22 2014
t's a fresh new term and dynamic headteacher Vaughan Fitzgerald and his family arrive at Waterloo Road and attempt to fit into their new lives. Darren's world falls apart after a shocking incident at home and George learns never to cross a member of the Barry family. A brand new family arrive at Waterloo Road and immediately shake things up both in and out of the classroom. Dominant and forward-thinking, Vaughan Fitzgerald has all the makings of the dynamic headteacher the school needs, while his confident partner Allie takes the reins of the art department. But their professional veneer just might be tested as their warring children's behaviour threatens to spill out into the classroom. Christine vows to help Darren with his desperate situation at home but neither are prepared for the shocking scene that awaits when they try to confront his mother. George has been bled dry by Carol over the summer and pledges to make a change. He soon finds out why no one messes with a Barry and gets away with it.
Oct 15 2014

Season 9

20 Episodes

A sober Christine deals with the repercussions of her drink driving offence. Kacey is selected for the Commonwealth Games but Gabriella soon puts an end to her happiness. Nikki�s future at Waterloo Road is suddenly thrown into uncertainty.
Mar 12 2014
Christine makes a series of extremely bad decisions leaving her job and her future hanging in the balance. Kacey Barry makes a welcome return to the school but Gabriella is furious to find herself pushed out of the limelight.
Mar 05 2014
Dynasty is faced with a terrible dilemma when she discovers how Barry is making money. Christine is angry to find Darren with inappropriate images again but discovers some shocking truths when she visits his home.
Feb 26 2014
George is left in charge while Christine has a day off but is soon out of his depth when Audrey rouses the school in a mass protest against Lula�s deportation. Barry wants to discuss his future with Gabriella and Dynasty is distressed at Kevin�s condition.
Feb 19 2014
Chalky makes a return to Waterloo Road to lend support to Kevin ahead of his bursary interview, but events take a dire turn when Kevin is suddenly taken ill. Nikki tries in vain to hide her betrayal from Vix and Audrey vows to support Lula when she�s threatened with deportation.
Feb 12 2014
It�s time for the long-awaited Resilience Camp but it seems that some of the students and the staff have ulterior motives for going on the trip. Gabriella ups the ante in her obsessive pursuit of Hector and Christine is forced to confront her feelings about George.
Feb 05 2014
Lenny gets carried away with the Resilience Programme and causes widespread panic when he accuses the local shop of shady dealings. George and Carol�s flush of new love is marred by the arrival of his very opinionated mother. A vindictive Barry Barry visits Waterloo Road.
Jan 29 2014
Gabriella continues to end up having more enemies than friends. Christine finds it hard to deal with her emotions as Connor leaves for London . Nikki is concerned about Eve�s reaction to news of her engagement.
Jan 22 2014
Carol Barry�s money making ventures lead her down some unexpected paths. Connor is offered his dream job but has to convince his mum to let him go. Nikki and Vix take another big step in their relationship.
Jan 15 2014
A beautiful new girl enrols in the school but doesn�t waste any time in causing mayhem amongst both staff and pupils with her outrageous behaviour. Simon launches his new Resilience Education plan to make the pupils tougher and Nikki returns from the holidays with a new love interest.
Jan 08 2014
As Christine and Simon go up for the headship they clash over how to deal with a bullied pupil. Meanwhile, Kacey's boxing fund is stolen, jeopardising her training trip to America.c
Nov 07 2013
A visit from boxing champion Nicola Adams restores Kacey�s confidence in her own abilities. Lenny makes a friend in the new supply teacher, but panic soon ensues when it�s discovered the teacher is not what he seems.
Oct 31 2013
It�s Living History Week at Waterloo Road and the whole school is in high spirits but it�s not long before the day takes a turn for the worse when three pupils take seriously ill. Simon and Sue up the ante in their campaign against Christine and Kevin woos Dynasty back into his arms.
Oct 24 2013
The pupils and staff attempt to come to terms with the loss of Grantly. Nikki has a really difficult decision to make after her estranged daughter shows up at the school. Kacey is excited about going to America and decides to try and take matters into her own hands after Carol refuses to let her go.
Oct 17 2013
Grantly returns to teaching at the school and soon finds the place as chaotic as ever. Kacey prepares for her first boxing match. Barry sees it as an opportunity to make some money. Sue starts to take tranquilisers to help get her through the day.
Oct 10 2013
Audrey has worked out the twin�s plan to try and scam her out of money, and calls in their estranged grandfather for support. George is upset about Princess�s exit and Christine finally realises that he can�t teach Mandarin without her. Connor finds some hidden talents in the Home Economics class.
Oct 03 2013
It is the launch party for Waterloo Junk-tion and Rhiannon�s determined to bag herself a date. George attempts to sort things out with Princess but learns that it might be too late. Audrey finally works out that her new friend Moira isn't what she seems to be.
Sep 26 2013
Princess is feeling increasingly irritated by George, which ends up leading to a temptation with one of his pupils. It is the battle of the sexes as Simon�s Apprentice competition takes over the school. Kevin suffers with itchy feet. Audrey believes that she�s made a new friend.
Sep 19 2013
The day from hell for new science teacher, Sue Spark, leads to a shady alliance with a student. George introduces the school to his new Mandarin teaching assistant, and wife, Princess Windsor, who is immediately popular with some of his class. Elsewhere, the pupils revolt against Christine�s cuts.
Sep 12 2013
The school is still in mourning following Tom Clarkson's death as the new term starts. Audrey finds herself out of her depth after she suspects new pupils, Lenny and Lisa, are being neglected. New teacher, Sue Spark, feels the pressure on her first day. Simon has a secret he is keeping from the rest of his colleagues.
Sep 05 2013

Season 8

30 Episodes

Hero 8x30
Everybody is pleased to have Grantly back now that he is over his illness. Tom gets ready to donate his kidney to his life-long friend. After Kyle Stack shows up at the school though, the day ends in disaster as Tom attempts to help him.
Jul 04 2013
The Barrys family get ready to air their dirty laundry on national television. Kevin ends up under the spotlight though after an unexpected guest shows up. Christine decides to enjoy her new role as the school�s head teacher with gusto. Maggie needs to make a heart-breaking decision.
Jun 27 2013
Michael returns to the school and makes one last ditch effort to stop Lorraine from making the school fee-paying. Lula�s campaign against Nox Pharmaceuticals reaches a shocking conclusion. The rift in the Barry family increases forcing Carol into taking some drastic action.
Jun 20 2013
It is the day of Audrey and Ndale's wedding, but with jealous Sonya as bridesmaid the day may not go so smoothly. Elsewhere, Michael is keeping his plans to save Waterloo Road secret from Christine, Lula steps up her plans against Nox, and Nikki's first day as headteacher does not go to plan.
Jun 13 2013
Revenge 8x26
Desperate to rid themselves of Steve-O, Kevin and Connor enlist the help of Barry with a dramatic, but dangerous, plan; Sonya gets involved in love rival Audrey�s wedding � much to Ndale�s horror; and Michael clashes with Lorraine, forcing him to make a decision which will change Waterloo Road forever.
Jun 06 2013
Steve-O continues his reign of terror over Connor and Kevin, forcing Dynasty into a shock decision; Christine contemplates moving on from Waterloo Road; and Lula makes an unlikely ally in the shape of new science teacher, Esther Fairclough.
May 28 2013
Sonya has a day from hell which sees her dumped by Ndale and hospitalising Rhiannon; Lorraine and Nikki reach a crossroads in their relationship, Steve-O tightens his grip on Connor and Kevin; and an ex-pupil makes a surprise return to Waterloo Road.
May 23 2013
Dynasty�s world is turned upside down with the arrival of her criminal ex-boyfriend, Steve-O Malone, who wants a new start with her � trouble is, she has eyes for someone else; Maggie is forced to return to work after Lorraine lacks compassion; and while Audrey fights to keep her job, Tom makes a life-changing decision of his own.
May 16 2013
Maggie�s patience is put to the test when Rhiannon goes off the rails; Sonya sets about recruiting a school handyman; and Connor is bullied into a dodgy deal by Barry.
May 09 2013
Lula disapproves when new Waterloo Road pupil, Fergal, tempts Harley to behave dangerously out of character; Lorraine makes a surprise announcement; and Grantly struggles to keep his illness under wraps.
May 02 2013
It�s exam day and Scout�s promising future is in jeopardy thanks to mum, Tina; Connor is torn between the two women in his life as his secret wedding to Imogen approaches; and opportunity comes calling for Chalky and Kevin.
Mar 07 2013
Barry's behaviour finally makes Sian snap. With Sian's teaching career on the line, can Michael and the school save her? Elsewhere, Christine discovers Connor and Imogen are engaged, Kevin and Chalky's new phone app causes a stir and Scout's mum makes an unwelcome return.
Feb 28 2013
Tom clashes with Michael over his decision to ban star player Kacey from the boys' football league final, causing Kacey's identity issues to come to a head with shocking results. Meanwhile, Imogen refuses to wear the engagement ring that Connor has bought her - has she got cold feet?
Feb 21 2013
Maggie is horrified to discover Jade is considering having her baby adopted, but how far will she go to change her mind? Meanwhile, Connor is sent into a spin when he discovers a pregnancy test - but he is shocked to discover it does not belong to the person he was expecting...
Feb 14 2013
Former pupil Bolton Smilie causes a stir when he turns up in his army uniform to see Tom, but will Tom discover his real motivation for coming back before it is too late? Meanwhile, the Barrys' treatment of Connor leads Imogen to realise she still has feelings for him.
Feb 07 2013
Kevin is suspicious when he discovers that Chalky is not who is says he is, but what dark secret is he hiding? Sian's plan to keep the Barrys apart backfires, and Connor is forced to face up to his actions when he reveals that he started the fire that burnt Imogen.
Jan 31 2013
Christine's world is turned upside down by the arrival of her estranged husband. As the lies she has been telling for years start to unravel, they threaten to destroy her relationship with Connor. Elsewhere, Nikki is forced to reassess her view of Scout, and Connor wrestles with telling the truth to Imogen.
Jan 24 2013
Imogen challenges Dynasty over her plan to get a boob job, but can Imogen face her own image issues? Elsewhere, Nikki's antagonism with Scout builds when she accuses her of stealing Lorraine's car, and romance is in the air for Christine and Michael.
Jan 17 2013
It�s all about the money this week when Phoenix and Harley win the lottery, but their good fortune is overshadowed by the arrival of their father, Nelson. Nikki is forced to question her actions towards Scout, and Michael finds a friend in Christine when he gets news about his court case.All Phoenix and Harley want to do is spend, spend, spend, but Nelson�s arrival casts a shadow and causes division. Phoenix reckons Nelson�s only interested in their winnings and feels vindicated when their father reveals his business is in financial trouble. Angry at his father�s deception, Phoenix wants nothing to do with Nelson, but Harley, and then Lorraine, suggest it might be a good idea to invest some of their lottery win into the family business. But, Phoenix has one condition � he wants an apprenticeship in the firm. With the blessing of his brother Harley and the school, Phoenix prepares to bid an emotional farewell to Waterloo Road. Elsewhere, Nikki suspects Scout has stolen her car and handbag and sets about punishing the pupil. However, Scout discovers Barry is the real culprit and threatens to expose him, but master manipulator Barry suggests another course of action to wronged Scout.
Jan 10 2013
Bad Boy 8x11
The new school term starts with the opening of Michael's new Pupil Referral Unit and the return of no-nonsense teacher Nikki Boston. But the positive mood changes with the arrival of the Barry family - a hell-raising criminal clan lead by matriarch Carol Barry, lone parent to Waterloo Road's newest pupils - bad boy Barry and daughters Dynasty and Kacey. Carol assures Michael that her brood will behave, but it's not long before sparks fly when Barry goads fellow pupil Jack MacAlister into a fight. Tom intervenes and discovers the reason behind their hostility - Barry is sleeping with Jack's mum Olivia. When challenged, Barry promises Tom that he'll keep his relationship with Olivia discreet for Jack's sake, but the troublemaker has no intention of honouring his word and sets about humiliating Jack in front of the school, screening a steamy video of him with Olivia. Michael gives Barry a stern warning - put an end to his bad behaviour or he'll be excluded from Waterloo Road. And if Barry won't listen to his teacher's words of warning, his mother Carol isn't so easy to ignore, arriving at school to literally slap her son into shape. Meanwhile, Scout raises Nikki's hackles with her disrespectful attitude to being in the PRU. Later, when her car goes missing, Nikki suspects Scout is responsible - an accusation the schoolgirl denies. But Nikki doesn't believe Scout and the battle lines are drawn. Elsewhere, the new term also brings uncertainty for head teacher Michael. On bail awaiting trial, accused of assisting his father's death, opinions in the staffroom are divided, casting doubt on Michael's leadership. Also, scarred in last term's fire, Imogen blames Christine for ruining her life and driving a wedge between her and Connor, little realising the truth. Finally, Chalky learns that he is going to be Kevin's foster parent.
Jan 03 2013
It�s the last day of term but not everyone is in good spirits. Back on the booze, Christine blames work pressures and doesn�t even try to hide her alcoholism from Connor. But unbeknownst to Christine, Connor is secretly plotting with Imogen to run away together. However, Connor and Imogen�s plans to move into the empty schoolhouse during the holidays are threatened after Christine overhears Scout and Pheonix talking. Frustrated by Waterloo Road�s poor academic improvements, Lorraine announces some harsh business decisions for the school. To her, the solution is simple - get rid of poor performers like Phoenix.Michael is horrified and instead urges Lorraine to reconsider. And when he discovers Tariq has been accepted for the national Para-canoe team, it�s proof to Lorraine that Waterloo Road can reverse the fortunes of problematic pupils. Sussing out Kevin is deliberately downplaying his academic abilities, Chalky confronts him. But it�s not long before the unlikely pair realise they�ve got more than just a head for maths in common, leading Kevin to suggest that Chalky fosters him. Later, at Tariq�s leaving party, the celebrations are cut short when danger comes calling. Frustrated by his mother�s interference in his life, Connor takes drastic action, with explosive consequences for the school and girlfriend Imogen. Michael�s own family dramas come to a head when he agrees to help his father, Billy, end his life. But not everyone sympathises with his decision which ultimately puts his future at Waterloo Road in jeopardy.
Oct 25 2012
Waking from a nightmare, Rhiannon heads to the bathroom where she takes out a small tin. But before she can open it, she's disturbed by rival Scout. Later at school, Rhiannon finds a quiet spot and takes out the tin again, revealing her self-harming kit.Rhiannon's disruptive behaviour in school is noted by Audrey, who excludes her from class. Believing she's compensating for her weight issues by acting the class clown, Audrey urges Rhiannon to join the lunchtime power-walking club. However, when Rhiannon lags behind the others, Audrey asks Scout to look after her enemy. The two girls bicker, but soon start to joke around together. The moment is short-lived, though, as Scout notices blood on Rhiannon's t-shirt. Making Scout promise not to tell anyone, Rhiannon confesses that she cuts herself because it makes her feel better. Meanwhile, as Christine and Audrey's bullying case reaches a climax, they agree to mediation. But when Audrey admits some of her actions could be misconstrued, Christine seizes the opportunity to push the case further. Elsewhere, new boy Kevin takes drastic action to gain credibility with Connor, which threatens his future at Waterloo Road, Sian is horrified to discover that Billy has asked Michael to end his life.
Oct 18 2012
Quiet student,Morag decides to take participate in Lorraine's bench design competition. She confides in her little brother that, if she wins, their estranged mum might find out and get in touch with them. When Tom turns up to collect Morag's bench design, her father Kai can't resist the opportunity to preach about his Freeganist, anti-money beliefs. But his moral high-ground becomes shaky when he learns the competition carries a substantial cash prize for the winner.Enraged at his daughter's deception, Kai forces Morag to destroy her handcrafted bench. Horrified, Tom decides to take matters into his own hands and secretly helps Morag design another bench, resulting in a clash of beliefs between Kai and Lorraine. Meanwhile,Connor attempts to help Christine by marking her late coursework, but this backfires as he gives everyone a top grade. Suspicious, Audrey confronts Christine about the irregular grades, forcing the English teacher to cover her tracks. Now considering Audrey as the enemy within, Christine lodges a false complaint of bullying against her to Michael.Later, when Connor finds his mother is drinking again, he finds a potentially lethal outlet for his frustrations. Elsewhere, new boy Kevin turns up at Waterloo Road and quickly draws attention to himself, not least from Chalky who suspects the schoolboy is more intelligent than he's letting on. Also this week, Madi tries to persuade Sian to let her spread her wings and leave school, while Billy has a surprising request for Michael to consider.
Oct 11 2012
Maggie calls off the wedding to Grantly, saying they're to busy to get hitched. However, when Scout has suspiciouns something is amiss after hearing Maggie making a secret phone call, Along with Phoenix, she tells Grantly that she thinks there's another man. Their suspicions are confirmed when Grantly confronts Trevor - Maggie's estranged husband. Grantly discovers Maggie is being blackmailed by Trevor, who she never divorced. With their wedding day in Jeopardy, Grantly Hatches a plan to make Maggie his bride, with assistance from Scout and Phoenix. Elsewhere, At The School Gates, Sian arrives to be confronted by Madi, who questions of her whereabout's overnight, Keen to keep her love life quiet, Sian steers the conversation away by noting Madi's belongings dumped - her mum has thrown her out. Later, Madi is drawn by Ray, a good looking businessman who is leading Lorraine's work experience classes. She Sets her sights on Ray, Unaware he is dating Sian. Upset by a phone call from Home, Madi turns to Ray for comfort but misreads his intentions and tries to kiss him. When Ray doesn't recipotate, she is humiliated and vengeful, Madi Posts a rumour on a social networking site that he kissed her, but her lies impact on her friends. Meanwhile, Josh faces his future after Waterloo Road but worries of Tom's reaction.
Oct 04 2012
Late for a meeting with Lorraine, Janeece leaves daughter Cheryl home alone. Later, Chalky discovers Cheryl crying, having hurt herself. He rushes her to A&E, but accidentally drops Janeece in it with social services. Janeece's first attempt at being a PA goes well, and Lorraine hints that she's always looking for new people to join her business. Back at school, though, Michael is livid that Janeece was lured away by Lorraine again. As he reprimands her, Janeece dashes off to the hospital without explanation, not realising that social services want to question her. Returning to Waterloo Road, Janeece fumes that Chalky got her into trouble. Fed up with being used - and worried about Cheryl's welfare - Chalky snaps, delivering some much-needed home truths to Janeece. The confrontation is a catalyst for change as Janeece makes some tough decisions about her future at Waterloo Road and her relationship with Chalky.Meanwhile, Rhiannon's bullying of Scout intensifies as she frames her for stealing. Scout feels increasingly isolated as everyone appears to fall for Rhiannon's ruse - including Maggie. Elsewhere, Christine struggles after her doctor reveals that she has alcoholic hepatitis. Fearful another drink could kill her, she immediately stops - but soon suffers overwhelming withdrawal symptoms, witnessed by a full classroom. Also this week, Sian urges Michael to visit his father and make amends, but her pleas fall on deaf ears, forcing Sian to reveal Billy's shocking secret.
Sep 27 2012
Havelock High's Head Girl, Liberty is a rising athletic star and carer to her mum Sandra, who has rheumatoid arthritis. Concerned that Gerard's failing management of the school will ruin her university plans, Liberty secretly blows the lid on her head teacher with a damning story in the local paper. Liberty pleads with Audrey for a place at Waterloo Road before Gerard discovers she was behind the newspaper expos�. While Michael believes it would be wrong to poach Havelock's star pupil, Lorraine strongly disagrees. Under pressure, Gerard's bad press threatens to overshadow Havelock's performance in the first inter-school competition against Waterloo Road. Soon afterwards, when Liberty unwittingly reveals she was responsible for the newspaper article, Gerard snaps. Elsewhere, Janeece is excited after being asked to be Lorraine's PA for a day but fails to spot that Cheryl has chicken-pox. When the child-minder sends Cheryl home sick, Janeece leans on Chalky for help but fails to reveal Cheryl's illness -with far-reaching consequences. Meanwhile,Connor snubs Christine, thinking she's just seeking attention - but after a serious fall, he realises that she may have been telling the truth about being ill. Connor questions whether he can cope with two women in his life and pushes Imogen away.
Sep 20 2012
It's Imogen's birthday, At school, Imogen is horrified to discover that her fitness guru mum is helping with Tariq's rowing fundraiser. Jealousy rears its ugly head when Christine witnesses a closeness between Connor and Imogen. Worried that Connor might be confiding in Imogen about her drinking habit, Christine snaps at her son. But Connor retaliates - he'll make his mother's life a misery if she doesn't back off. Later, at Imogen's party in the school house, a tipsy Sally turns up uninvited. Sensing Imogen's shame, Connor asks Sally to leave. Feeling protected, Imogen reveals her hidden secret to Connor� Also this week, rival headmaster Gerard makes false claims against Michael, while Sian reaches out to Michael's estranged father Billy.
Sep 13 2012
Tariq is struggling to accept his disability, which gives cause for concern. When encouraged to join in a fight against pupils of rival school, Havelock High, Tariq rejects the offer, claiming that life is too short. He is further unsettled when he finds out that his friends will attend his kayaking trials, so tries to get Phoenix and Gus to arrange a fight against the rival pupils. It is then a race against time for Tom and Michael when Tariq's true intentions are revealed. Also, rival headmaster, Gerard Findlay is determined to discredit Michael by posting an old article about Michael's past all over the school, but is caught by Grantly.
Sep 06 2012
Troublemaker Lula�s home life spills into school as Tom attempts to uncover the root of her disruptive behaviour; a desperate Connor tries to out Christine�s drinking; Josh helps Tariq face up to his disabilities; and Grantly deals with a spate of graffiti at the school house.Lula Tsibi�s homelife is far from happy. Distressed following another heated argument with her over-bearing Uncle Lionel, Lulu runs to the sanctuary of her school but her behaviour irks the other pupils and gives the teachers cause for concern. Matters come to a head at Denzil�s commemorative ceremony when Lula lashes out at Imogen and Sian. Far from being apologetic, Lula makes some unsettling comments about death. And later, she has a run in with Tariq, hurtfully suggesting his disability is a punishment from God. Tom speaks to Lula�s uncle Lionel. But when Lula hears this she tells Tom her uncle plans to perform an exorcism on her believing she�s possessed. Terrified, she begs Tom to help her. Elsewhere Connor bugs his mother to lay off the alcohol but is met with Christine�s usual hostility. Playing up in class, Connor attempts to shame Christine but it backfires and he�s humiliated in front of his classmates. Concerned, Imogen tells Connor he can�t look after his mother forever � advice which spurs Connor to take drastic action. Grantly is furious when his car is vandalised by Havelock kids but Michael wants to keep the peace and not involve the police. But while Michael attempts to build bridges with rival headteacher Gerard Findlay, Grantly can�t help but rock the boat. Also this week, Josh tries to convince Tariq life is worth living, but Tariq isn�t interested and Sian receives an unexpected visitor at the gates of Waterloo Road.
Aug 30 2012
As the new Waterloo Road school opens in Scotland headteacher Michael Byrne has his work cut out dealing with a couple of runaway teens and a burgeoning rivalry with a local headmaster. On the run from a foster home, teenager Jade shares a squat with her controlling boyfriend Drew but dreams of a better life. She announces that she�s going to school at Waterloo Road and despite his fear the authorities will find out about them, Drew is persuaded to enroll too. Michael and Sian arrive at the new Waterloo Road. The local press reaction to the school has been largely positive, except one story reporting discontent from Gerard Findlay, headmaster of rival school Havelock High, who claims Waterloo Road are stealing his pupils. The school is buzzing as Jade and Drew arrive. Despite not being registered at Waterloo Road Drew uses his charisma to win Lorraine over � but it�s not long before Tom sees an angry side to the new boy. When Michael offers Jade, but not Drew, accommodation in the school house, Drew reacts angrily, forcing his girlfriend to reveal a secret which will have far-reaching consequences for the pair. In the staffroom, new teachers Christine Mulgrew and Audrey McFall introduce themselves to Waterloo Road�s familiar faces. Not everyone is enthusiastic about the new school and Tom bemoans Michael�s regime. But English teacher Christine doesn�t seem keen to be drawn into any staff discussions, keeping herself to herself. It�s only when Grantly suggests the teaching team go for a drink after school that Christine�s interest is spiked. Elsewhere, Tariq struggles to adjust to his new life as a paraplegic and Rhiannon starts a bullying campaign against Scout.
Aug 23 2012

Season 7

30 Episodes

On the final day at Waterloo Road, Josh is dragged into the gang fighting and ends up on the receiving end. Meanwhile, Waterloo Road in Rochdale may be closing, but Michael has plans to keep the school alive.
Apr 25 2012
On the day of Scout's wedding to asylum-seeking pupil Danilo, doubts begin to emerge as she discovers not everyone's motives are as innocent as hers. Elsewhere, the gang violence increases, leading Michael to install extra security measures. Grantly and Maggie take their relationship to the next level.
Apr 18 2012
On the day of her art exam, Shelby struggles to keep her alcohol problem under control, whilst Kyle is caught running an illegal vodka scam. Jez makes a life-changing decision, and the school comes under investigation from the LA.
Apr 11 2012
It is the start of exam season and Josh is struggling to cope with the workload and without his medication his mental health is beginning to spiral out of control. Meanwhile, it is the day of Janeece's wedding and nothing seems to be going right.
Apr 04 2012
On the day of the fun run Jez's life starts to unravel as his star athlete, Mercedes, makes a huge error of judgement and Sian admits her true feelings about their relationship. Elsewhere, relationships are tense as Trudi makes a decision about Finn, and Grantly returns to work barely a week after the loss of his wife.
Mar 28 2012
Grantly proves he will do anything for Fleur when her health deteriorates, and Trudi's world is plunged into crisis by the shock discovery that she is pregnant. Elsewhere, Nicki encourages Tom to be honest with Josh about his mental health issues.
Mar 21 2012
Zack, convinced that Jez is not his dad, undertakes a DNA test to confirm his suspicions. Josh's increasingly erratic behaviour forces Tom to seek professional help. Elsewhere, Matt goes on the warpath when he fears he could lose Martha.
Mar 14 2012
While Tom is overseeing the selection process for a new head of English, his relationship with Josh is plunged into crisis by Josh's spiralling drug problem. Elsewhere, Grantly is at a loss when he mislays a large sum of money meant for Fleur's nursing home fees, and it is touch and go for Matt's baby daughter, Martha.
Mar 07 2012
Lauren is convinced that her only route into a modelling career is by going under the surgeon's knife, and Trudi clashes with Michael over his anti-gang measures. Elsewhere, Josh's drug-smoking lands him in deep trouble with Tom, and Matt is shocked when Rosie goes into premature labour.
Feb 29 2012
It is the first day back at school and Michael's recuperation is cut short when the school is infiltrated by a local gang. Tariq's efforts to turn over a new leaf are challenged by the arrival of new year 13 pupil Mason. Elsewhere, the net closes in on Linda when Chalky exposes her lies.
Feb 22 2012
The last day of term starts badly for Michael when he finds a threatening note on the dashboard of his car. Meanwhile, Jez's unexpected arrival during the staff briefing scuppers any hope that the prize-giving will be the focus of the day. Grantly informs a rattled Michael that Jez will be making a formal complaint to the governors about his affair with Sian and matters come to a head when Jez pulls Madi and Zack out of class to take them to Ireland. As they drive off, Wayne slips in to school with revenge on his mind and Michael finally gets a chance to confront his stalker. Elsewhere, Em tries desperately to prevent Scout from moving away with her foster parents and Ronan and Vicki say goodbye to Waterloo Road and each other.
Nov 16 2011
Waterloo Road welcomes Viv O'Donnell, local radio DJ superstar, who has arrived to host her live radio show at the school. Everyone's excited about having a masterclass in radio journalism from a chat show supremo; everyone, that is, except her daughter Andi, a loner in Scout and Emily's class, who shies away from her mum's limelight. Sian and Michael wake up late, having spent the night together in a hotel. Jez, meanwhile, is trying to move past his suspicions but he steals Sian's car keys to check her GPS, only to discover that she has lied about her whereabouts and had really been at a hotel. He confronts Sian, who breaks down with guilt and confesses to the affair. Trudi gets a raw deal from Finn when it accidentally comes out that her dad has marriage plans for her with a family friend. And Tariq comes to Chalky's aid when he burns his surprise dinner for Linda.
Nov 09 2011
Michael's paranoia spirals when he discovers the identity of his secret tormentor, and new year 12 pupil Freddie Jackson's life is endangered when Michael fails to read his admission file. A jealous Linda stirs trouble by letting slip that she knows of Sian and Michael's affair, and Emily's rebellious streak threatens to land Scout back in foster care.
Nov 02 2011
Tom is put under pressure by Linda's new teaching assistant, Greg, only to discover that Greg has his own secret agenda. Jez's romantic endeavours force Sian to question her affair with Michael, and Vicki's jealousy over Madi pushes her relationship with Ronan to the brink. Elsewhere, Michael is convinced that he has a stalker when his office is broken into.
Oct 26 2011
Bad boy Tariq Siddiqui's efforts to turn over a new leaf are short-lived when he discovers that his sister is secretly dating Finn Sharkey. Elsewhere, Michael desperately tries to cover his tracks over the Wayne Johnson incident, and Phoenix's secretive behaviour makes Scout question their relationship.
Oct 19 2011
Scout is pleased after Mia, a mid-twenties MS sufferer, offers her the position as a live-in carer. Matt organises a special orchestra project but is not pleased after Michael insists that Tariq is included. Michael attempts to keep his distance from Linda. He is concerned though when Sian accepts Linda's help to input the grades. Linda ends up confessing to Sian about their tryst. Michael finds his world being rocked even further by the sudden arrival of Wayne.
Oct 12 2011
Vicki suffers a black eye in an accident, prompting Sian to suspect Ronan of hitting his girlfriend. Jez enlists ex-pro Ken Watling to prepare for the school's first rugby match - only for the new coach to insist on dropping Zack from the team - and Phoenix is over the moon when Nelson buys him a moped for his birthday. Michael and Linda's relationship takes an interesting turn after she makes him an indecent proposal
Oct 05 2011
Michael continues his mission to shake up the school by appointing his old student friend Linda Radleigh as Head of English. However, the newcomer soon has her hands full keeping an eye on Emily, who sneaks out of school to see her sister on the day she is released from prison. Meanwhile, Chalky's crush on Janeece prompts him to join Jez's lunchtime fitness club and Michael tries to get closer to Sian over a late-night drink. Sarah Hadland (Miranda) joins the cast
Sep 28 2011
Jez and Sian Diamond plan a dinner party so that they can try to get to know their colleagues better but the unexpected arrival of Jez's estranged children, Madi and Zack throws everything up into the air. Michael's A-level recruitment drive sees him at loggerheads with Grantly. Scout's enthusiasm for the guitar touches Matt. Vicki ends up being inspired to retake her A-level sciences, but after Ronan throws a surprise house-warming party it highlights the differences between them.
Sep 21 2011
New 'super head' Michael Byrne faces a baptism of fire when he discovers that pupils Phoenix and Harley Taylor have been concealing a dead body. Meanwhile, Grantly spearheads the staff's resistance to Michael's reforms, while Tom finds himself the underdog in his bid for deputy head. Elsewhere, new girl Trudi Saddiqui makes a memorable first impression on Finn Sharkey.
Sep 14 2011
The school faces an independent inspection and it is revealed Chris allowed a pupil to spend the night at his house. Both Karen's job and the school's future are on the line, and as the staff rally round, Jess tells Eleanor if she wants to save Waterloo Road she needs to take action. Meanwhile, the prospect of being taken into care causes Scout to run away - with Chris, the police and a drug dealer in pursuit. Last in the series.
Jul 06 2011
You do wonder what it takes for a teacher to be sacked from Waterloo Road. Having drugs in your pocket doesn't do it (step forward Chris Mead); neither does sleeping with a pupil (Chris again); and an inability to keep order in class doesn't count - every teacher is guilty of that. But now it seems you're safe even if, like Eleanor Chaudry, you've been feeding confidential information to the Director of Education, who's keen to shut the place down. While Karen Fisher (Amanda Burton) battles to save the school, her deputy forgets his promise to be "professional from now on", Vicki has a distressing experience and - gasp - Chalky stands up to Eleanor.
Jun 29 2011
Chris confiscates drugs from scruffy pupil Scout Allen, and is shocked to discover she is a drugs courier. A mock student election brings Vicki and Jess together - and the staff are shocked to learn that Waterloo Road could face closure.
Jun 22 2011
It is the day of Sambuca's memorial service, and everyone struggles with their grief. Vicki discovers she is pregnant with Aiden's child, and leaves Aiden reeling - just as Jess drops a bombshell of her own. Karen realises that her attempts to impress Richard Whitman are futile; his desire to close Waterloo Road has become a personal crusade.
Jun 15 2011
Sam is keen to find the father she's never known before she dies, and secretly enlists the help of Lauren and Finn on a quest to Blackpool, as the popular school drama continues. But when she most needs someone to rely on, will Sam be disappointed? After a run of bad publicity, Karen is keen to promote a positive image of Waterloo Road and hires PR woman Linda Wickes to put a positive spin on things. Will Karen recognise her school after Linda's given it a makeover? And when Richard Whitman, the Director of Education, arrives unannounced, he makes no secret of his disapproval of both the PR launch and Karen's professionalism. Meanwhile, Aiden and Vicki are left out in the cold and Ronan and Jess aren't in the mood to forgive. A fight between Aiden and Ronan is the final straw for Rob, as the rift between father and son deepens
Jun 08 2011
It's launch day for Karen's new community caf� and she's invited the Director of Education along, as the popular school drama continues. But with Daniel Chalk in charge, will the caf� be ready in time? Twins Shona and Rhona are acting up in class, because they're caught in the middle of a bitter custody battle between their mum and gran. As the court makes its decision, the twins' gran takes matters into her own hands, with a stunt that could jeopardise the caf� launch. Meanwhile, Rob's estranged wife, Naomi, wants to play happy families and warns Karen off her man in a bid to keep him to herself. And Vicki finally sees Aiden's true colours, and is forced to reveal their infidelity to Jess and Ronan.
Jun 01 2011
New girl Evie Prior shows up at the school but something about her story doesn't quite add up. She is soon upsetting the rest of her classmates and causing problems for Karen. Evie attempts to empathise with Finn, who's devastated by girlfriend Sam's terminal illness. The school ends up being forced to deal with the fallout when the truth about Evie is revealed. Eleanor and Daniel have their appraisals as Karen sits in on their classes and finds room for improvement for both teachers.
May 25 2011
Amy Porter has a stalker, which draws battle lines between Karen and Eleanor. Rose and Tom try to protect Sambuca from the truth about her life-threatening tumour. Ronan proposes to Vicki - but can she resist Aiden's advances?
May 18 2011
A shy and effeminate year 12 pupil is branded a 'perv' when he is caught poring over a lingerie magazine - but the truth is far more complicated than Chris imagines. Rose and Sambuca learn that her seizures are being caused by a brain tumour, and Vicki is disappointed that Jess and Aiden appear to be growing even closer.
May 11 2011
It is the first day back at school, and returning head teacher Karen Fisher has plenty to contend with when the new site manager, Rob Scotcher, discovers an abandoned baby on the premises. New staff members Eleanor Chaudry and Daniel Chalk adapt differently to life at Waterloo Road. Elsewhere, Rob's son Aiden makes a memorable first impression on Jess and Vicki.
May 04 2011

Season 6

20 Episodes

The day of the Waterloo Road pantomime has finally arrived, but when Finn gets Kyle purposefully kicked off the cast, Sam begins to doubt their relationship - he is not the boy she thought he was. Meanwhile, Denzil learns his lesson when his latest stunt ends in tragedy. Elsewhere, Jonah sneaks out of school to meet Cesca and they rush to Gretna Green, but will the police catch the couple before they reach the church?
Apr 06 2011
Cesca hands in her resignation to Karen. Adanna reveals her latest plan to unite the sexes at the school. Denzil takes part in a life-threatening stunt. Ruby and Grantly's writing partnership is under threat from creative differences.
Mar 30 2011
The school is gripped in fashion show fever and Ronan's good-looking mentor, Dan, is brought in to judge the competition - much to Adanna's dismay. Ronan's attempts to bolster Vicki's flagging self-confidence through the fashion show take an unexpected turn. Elsewhere Cesca and Jonah make a decision that will change their lives forever.
Mar 23 2011
Finn and Ronan's party in an abandoned mill is the talk of the school, but the boys' bragging ends up alienating the only two girls they want to show up: Vicki MacDonald and Sambuca Kelly. Jonah considers leaving school if it means he can be with Cesca earlier, not realising that Cesca has discovered she is pregnant. Later, at the party, events escalate out of control, and it is up to Tom to save the day.
Mar 16 2011
The truth about why Bex ran away is finally revealed when year 11 pupil Wayne Bodley stumbles upon compromising footage of her on the internet. Tom's recovery is tested as he is forced to deal with the fallout and try to correct Wayne's attitude towards women. Elsewhere, Sam and Finn's mutual antagonism develops in an unexpected way.
Mar 09 2011
Harry's cry for attention veers out of control when he steals Karen's mobile phone and uses it to send the staff incendiary emails. Karen and Chris have their hands full with the boy-only business initiative, especially when Sambuca Kelly returns to Waterloo Road and leads the girls in gate-crashing the event. Elsewhere, Tom struggles to readjust during his first day back.
Mar 02 2011
When Ruby witnesses Martin Dowling and Kyle Stack taunting new Polish caretaker Lukas Wisniewski about his right to work in the country, she controversially takes the side of the pupils. Keen to clamp down on this behaviour, Chris discovers that the normally intelligent Martin is emulating his father's right-ring views to gain approval. Lukas is pushed to the brink when Martin and Kyle step up their hate campaign, leaving Ruby condemned by the school and questioning her own views. Meanwhile, Ronan's scheme to sell exam papers to the other pupils looks set to be a success, especially since Janeece can't prove that he has stolen the original copy from her office. However, Janeece proves to be more resourceful than first thought and hatches a clever plan to thwart him. Elsewhere, Cesca's relationship with Jonah spirals further out of control as she desperately uses Tom as a decoy to cover up her feelings. And Bex's attempt to forget about her problems with a shopping trip is short-lived when an ever-determined Hodge arrives on the scene, leading to a dramatic showdown.
Feb 23 2011
Nate and Josh's burgeoning romance hits a rough spot when Nate's homophobic dad finds out about their relationship, and Tom is forced to bear the brunt of his anger. Elsewhere, Hodge continues to hound Bex and Karen tries to discover what her oldest daughter is hiding. Cesca continues to blur the professional and personal boundaries between her and Jonah.
Feb 16 2011
Year ten pupil Billie Taylor is convinced that her own mother is trying to steal her newborn daughter from her, so Janeece offers to help. The staff are shocked by Grantly's dishevelled appearance, and decide he needs more assistance at home. Cesca begins tutoring Jonah in one-on-one Spanish lessons.
Feb 09 2011
In response to the boys' poor exam grades, Karen and Chris introduce a new single sex teaching initiative, much to the disdain of staff and pupils. Especially unimpressed is the formidable new Head of Pastoral Care, Adanna Lawal, who rallies the rest of the staffroom into action against the segregation. However, the scheme gets off to a bad start as the boys� lessons quickly descend into chaos, a situation that is made even worse by the arrival of disruptive new student Kyle Stack, who wreaks havoc the moment he steps in the door. Elsewhere, Bex Fisher�s first day back at Waterloo Road gets off to a rocky start when she is beset with anxiety following an unexpected phone call - leading Jess to suspect her sister is hiding something. Finally arriving at school, Bex becomes embroiled in an allegation of sexual assault involving Kyle, leaving Karen and her staff in a muddled attempt to unravel the truth before Kyle exacts a vicious revenge.
Feb 02 2011
Grantly's home life unravels when he finally puts Fleur in a home, but he has to take drastic measures when he learns the economic cost of care. His situation at school also reaches breaking point as Ruth discovers that he has been teaching the wrong syllabus to his A-level class. Elsewhere, a mysterious figure appears in the school and begins to spy on Karen. Drama, starring Philip Martin Brown and Anna Jobarteh
Oct 27 2010
Chris's plan to install CCTV in the school backfires when Jonah discovers compromising footage. Ruby gets in touch with Steph to see if she can persuade Grantly to sort out his domestic problems, and Janeece takes drastic action when Ruby refuses to give her back baby Poppy. Drama, starring William Ash and Lucien Laviscount
Oct 20 2010
Vicki cannot balance living in a hostel and visiting her sick father at hospital with her schoolwork, and resorts to blackmailing Chris to improve her grades. Grantly struggles to cope with his wife's illness but refuses to take her into care, and Janeece has doubts about her decision to give her baby to Ruby and John. Drama, starring Rebecca Ryan, William Ash and Philip Martin Brown
Oct 13 2010
Harry�s bulimia condition gets worse with the stress of being bullying and his parent�s separation. The tension Jneece and Ruby increases. The school stages the Interschool Debating Contest.
Oct 06 2010
Francesca's honest approach in her drugs-awareness class backfires when Sam asks her for money to buy some, but the pupil's dealings leave her facing exclusion from the school. Harry's suffering increases, but he strikes up a friendship with Ruth, who encourages him to fight back against his tormentor, while Grantly's personal problems come to the surface and Ruby wonders what has gone wrong with her marriage. Drama, starring Karen David and Holly Kenny
Sep 29 2010
Marcus interferes in Ronan's private life after catching him selling DVDs at school, but his well-meant efforts only complicate things further for the boy and his father. Tom is worried that Josh cannot defend himself when he sees Finn picking on him and urges him to take up self-defence lessons, while Ruby and Janeece call a truce. Drama, starring Wil Johnson and Ben-Ryan Davies
Sep 22 2010
Josh vents his own frustrations on a new gay student, and gets involved in a fight with Finn following the spread of malicious gossip around the school. A celebration at the Fisher household divides the family as Charlie reveals his true feelings, and Vicki blackmails Chris to improve her grades. Drama, starring William Rush, Jack McMullen and Amanda Burton
Sep 15 2010
A new sexual health initiative causes uproar among parents, pupils and staff. Ronan and his girlfriend Sarah argue over whether she should take the morning-after pill, Jess and Vicki fall out, and Lauren shifts her romantic attention to Josh. Elsewhere, Charlie confesses his affair to Karen and hopes she will give their marriage another chance. Drama, starring Ian Puleston Davies and Amanda Burton
Sep 08 2010
Karen's husband Charlie joins the team as a supply teacher, but finds himself in hot water when his son Harry discovers a suspicious text message on his phone. Ruby talks to John about their parenting options after learning about her infertility, and a jealous Jess sabotages Chris's friendship with the head teacher by publishing a scathing article in the school magazine. Drama, starring Ian Puleston-Davies and Linzey Cocker
Sep 02 2010
New headmistress Karen Fisher sets out to revolutionise the school but faces tough challenges, beginning with two home-schooled pupils who are struggling to adapt to the mainstream education system. Elsewhere, Chris discovers that the girl he slept with is one of his pupils - and Karen's daughter. Starring Amanda Burton, William Ash, Linzey Cocker and Wil Johnson
Sep 01 2010

Season 5

20 Episodes

Amy's relationship with Finn takes a terrifying turn when he suggests a radical proposal to ensure they stay together. Meanwhile, as Rachel and Adam prepare to walk down the aisle, trouble at the school puts the bride's attendance at the ceremony in jeopardy. Starring Jack McMullen and Eva Pope. Last in the series
Jul 15 2010
Amy and Finn are kept apart following the ill-fated trip to the art gallery, causing Amy to play up in Ruby's class. The teacher's emotional state finally catches up with her when Rachel and Adam announce their engagement, and she locks herself in her office, only for the truth about her drug addiction to come out
Jul 14 2010
A trip to an art gallery takes Kim to the edge when the pupils deface a valuable painting and she is rushed to hospital suffering from what she thinks are practice contractions. Elsewhere, Philip's efforts to inspire Ros end up in a row about sexism and Steph's relationship with Ollie hits the rocks. Drama, starring Angela Griffin
Jun 09 2010
Jo learns Ros, one of her brightest students, has developed a crush on her, and informs Rachel about it. However, when the pupil publicly retaliates, Rachel is forced to suspend her colleague. Elsewhere, Adam is allowed to set up a new takeaway scheme to promote healthy eating, but has to pick up the pieces when Ruby is evicted from her place by Steph. Drama, starring Sarah Jane Potts
Jun 02 2010
New boy Finn's disruptive behaviour continues at Waterloo Road and he persuades Josh and Amy to join him in smoking a legal high. For Amy, it's a far-from-pleasant experience and Josh has further side-effects when he starts hallucinating in class. Tom, worried about his son's behaviour, questions Josh who "fesses" up � believing that his dad would be cool about it as they are more like friends than father and son. However, Josh is stunned and humiliated by Tom's angry reaction and, in retaliation, he spikes Tom's lunch with the drug.
May 26 2010
Chris is pushed to breaking point when he ends up with Finn as a teaching assistant on work experience day. Meanwhile, Rachel is not impressed with Adam when she learns he has been to a gig with the sixth formers, and Sam and Bolton become closer when they end up in trouble. Drama, starring Jack McMullen and William Ash
May 05 2010
Lauren's birthmark is revealed to the whole school, so she takes drastic action to get rid of it, and Ruby wins a few Brownie points with Rachel by organising a clothes-swapping event - only to abuse her trust by stealing some of the best goods to sell for herself online. Adam makes changes at the canteen, much to the annoyance of Rose, and Grantly feigns depression in a bid to get out of supervising a school trip. With a guest appearance by one-time Brookside star John McArdle
Apr 28 2010
An overweight pupil causes problems with his bad attitude, while Kim and Chris argue over Michaela when he refuses to accept her on his advanced university preparation scheme. Ruby feels snubbed when Rachel hires a new chef to lead the school's healthy eating campaign - and the successful applicant turns out to be a welcome face from the headteacher's past. Drama, starring Angela Griffin, William Ash and Eva Pope, with Steven Waddingham
Apr 21 2010
Ruby struggles with her personal problems but refuses to take medication to help her cope. To make matters worse, she must take the Year 10 class on a trip to a farm, where Josh suffers a serious accident, and she finally confesses to Rachel how her worries are affecting her work. Elsewhere, Chris and Kim's mentoring scheme causes trouble for everyone. Starring Elizabeth Berrington and Eva Pope
Apr 14 2010
Rachel's determined to put last term behind her but an incident with a young pupil makes her realise it's not enough to just educate the kids; the school needs to attend to their emotional health too. Rachel finds herself in danger when one of the students is abducted by their estranged father.
Apr 07 2010
The governors arrive, keen to gauge the merger's impact, but Rachel does not realise that Max is planning to do what he can to get them to fire her. The children excitedly prepare for the Waterloo Road Has Talent contest, while Grantly is disappointed to discover no one has planned to celebrate his 25th anniversary as a teacher. Classroom drama, starring Tom Chambers and Eva Pope
Dec 30 2009
Drama. Lindsay nervously takes the stand during her mother's trial, and Jo is nominated for an Outstanding Teacher Award.
Dec 23 2009
It's the day of Helen's first official inspection and she is desperate to impress, as the drama about a comprehensive school continues. Having just spent the night with Max, she now believes their romance might be reignited.
Dec 16 2009
Drama. Quiet Year 10 pupil Cassie Turner claims she is being bullied, and Kim fears the girl gangs are back in full force. However, the truth is something altogether different.
Dec 09 2009
Christopher's relationship with a Year 12 girl is called into question.
Dec 02 2009
Ruby's luxurious lifestyle crashes around her ears, and Max comes under scrutiny.
Nov 25 2009
Luke has a day from hell when the pupils find out about his family life and Max's tough discipline pushes him to breaking point.
Nov 18 2009
After a night of passion, Kim and Max are acting like a pair of lovesick puppies, while keeping their burgeoning romance a secret from the rest of the staff, however, there�s a close call when Rachel arrives for that morning�s senior management team meeting.
Nov 11 2009
Ex John Fosters pupil Amy accuses Bolton of attempted rape, and the James sisters face the funeral of their murdered father.
Nov 04 2009
It's all change at Waterloo Road. The school has been merged with local private school John Fosters after it was forced to close when wealthy parents could no longer afford the fees. As a result around a hundred new pupils are enrolled at Waterloo Road and neither the "posh" John Fosters pupils nor the "scuzzy" Waterloo Road kids are happy about it.
Oct 25 2009

Season 4

20 Episodes

Waterloo Road is in the final of North West Schools Choir of the Year competition, but things take a bad turn when it becomes apparent that Flick stole the lyrics for the song. Rachel decides to save the reputation of the school and withdraws them from the competition. Matt�s gutted and can�t bear for all their hard work and effort to go to waste. Can he and Steph pull out the stops and re-write another song in time to still take part? Back at the school, a loved-up Eddie is totally gob smacked to find Melissa waiting for him. He�s in for a further shock when she reveals that she�s pregnant.
May 20 2009
Still reeling from losing Grace, Kim struggles to hold it together as organiser of a fundraising day at the school. But will a surprise visit from her ex, Andrew Treneman bring the support she needs or just raise more questions about Kim�s conduct in Rwanda? Meanwhile Rose Kelly and Candice Smilie prepare a menu for the relief day using their knock-off meat. It�s past its sell-by-date but they�ve given it a once-over and taken off the labels so that no-one is any the wiser. However, when a mystery illness strikes the school, the dodgy dealings in the canteen come under suspicion.
May 13 2009
Bitter battle lines are drawn between Chlo and Donte as they wrangle over their baby�s future, but when Chlo goes into a complicated premature labour, Donte finds himself at risk of losing his baby and his wife. Meanwhile, a Home Office official turns up at the school to tell a shocked Eddie and Rachel that Kim has taken Grace from Rwanda against her father's wishes. The officials paint her as little more than a criminal who paid another woman for her baby. What follows sees Kim�s world come crashing down around her.
May 06 2009
Steph�s return to Waterloo Road starts badly when a pupil leads a class revolt and Rachel blames the problem on her poor teaching skills. The day takes a dramatic turn when Steph discovers the same pupil in a life-threatening situation, but can her actions redeem herself in Rachel�s eyes? Meanwhile Donte is struggling with Chlo�s decision to put their baby up for adoption so that she can pursue her dream of going to university. A concerned Kim mediates. She urges Chlo to involve Donte and ask Tom for advice, but Chlo seems determined to proceed no matter what.
Apr 29 2009
Waterloo Road�s latest supply teacher, Jem Allen is proving popular with staff and students alike but her upbeat attitude and glamorous lifestyle are enough to get right up Grantly�s nose. Forced together on a school trip, their antagonism builds to a life-threatening climax. Back at school with the exams in full swing, Chlo realises how much the future she wants will be restricted by motherhood. She is forced to make the hardest decision of her life, with devastating consequences for Donte.
Apr 22 2009
Determined to reunite the girl�s football team, Tom persuades his old friend Captain Andy Rigby to run an army day at the school, using team building techniques to whip the girls into shape. However, the day descends into a shambolic mess when one pupil sees the opportunity for a personal act of revenge. Elsewhere, Davina is delighted to finally qualify as a teacher, and things seem perfect when Rachel offers her a job at Waterloo Road, but her day starts to unravel when she discovers that money has gone missing from her and Tom's joint account.
Apr 15 2009
Matt's choir are practicing hard, now that Rachel wants a performance that evening. Matt is left deflated when it transpires most of the members were blackmailed to attend and the race is on to re-group and recruit willing members in time for their showcase. Meanwhile, a stack of STI leaflets that Kim has been distributing to her sex education class fall into the wrong hands. Kim is dragged before Rachel and Eddie to explain but she�s too consumed with worry as she�s found out the Home Office has hired a private investigator to track her and Grace
Apr 08 2009
With Rachel on a course, Eddie's at the helm but soon finds out it's not going to be an easy ride - a community of travellers have pitched up next to the school and the kids are to be enrolled at Waterloo Road. Tensions soon mount between the pupils and the travellers. Eddie thinks he has the answer and arranges a football match, but things soon get dirty on the pitch and the simmering tensions of the day bubble over. Before he knows it, Eddie has a riot on his hands.
Apr 01 2009
Kim�s day starts badly when the uncle of her baby, Grace, shows up at the school threatening to expose a secret about his niece. Kim struggles to keep her personal life from impacting on her job as she tries to get rid of him. Desperate, she turns to Steph, who is immediately suspicious. With Kim�s eye off the ball, Karla Bentham becomes the victim of Michaela White�s scheme to make money, and another type of bullying. It�s a race against time for Kim to recover Karla before her own situation is exposed.
Mar 25 2009
It's the start of a new term at Waterloo Road, and the school welcomes back Kim Campbell as the new 'Head of Pastoral Care' however, when Kim arrives with a new baby but no Andrew the rumour mill stats to roll. First on her agenda is to organise a careers day but, things go into turmoil when a Jordan-esque glamour model, named Sarah-Leanne arrives and causes a whole load of trouble. Also, Rachel, Eddie and Philip are all trying to get back to normal after Melissa's departure but when Kim wrongly accuses Phillip of sexual assault on a visitor it's clear it's not going to be easy. And the career's day inspires both Janeece and Chlo on their goals for the future and, when Chlo reveals he wish to go to university to better herself Tom's thrilled but Donte is not as enthusiastic.
Mar 18 2009
It's the last day of term at Waterloo road and there's revelations all round, for students and teachers alike. After a string of bad luck and upset the Kelly's find themselves in further turmoil when they're evicted from their house, and Denzil tarts a nervous day back at school and with the help of Rachel and Jasmine is diagnosed with possible having dyslexia. Chlo and Donte finally face up to the fact that they can't afford their new lifestyle and decide to ask Tom if they can move back in. Also, Ralph Mellor makes Marley an offer of �5000 with a catch he has to finish with Flick initially, he refuses point blank to accept Ralph's offer however, when he learns of his family's latest predicament he decides to follow through. It's the day of the big fight and Bolton having trouble concentrating and staying focussed so, Rob gives him some supplementary pills and tells Bolton, that's properly means more to him if h wins this fight. Although, things take a wrong turn when Davina discovers the pills and alerts Jasmine, and hen things take a turns for the worse at the match she lets the official know of the pills. Later, after talking to Rachel Rob's suspended pending further enquiry into his teaching and training methods. Philip is also having a hard day with he pending wedding of Melissa and Eddie dawning he can no longer keep her secret and reveals all to Rachel, not only is Melissa still married to his dad but she was never divorced from her first marriage. Hearing the news Rachel feels hurt and betrayed and confronts Melissa and gets her to reveal all of the details of the sordid affair to Eddie, upset at the revelation Melissa say's that she'll turn herself in but, Eddie has to make a choice over who he really wants her or Rachel.
Mar 11 2009
Everyone at Waterloo Road is still reeling with grief over to shocking death of Maxine Barlow, especially Rachel who feel's that it's her fault for allowing Earl to attend the school and feels that she should resign with immediate effect. Steph and Janeece are still in shock over losing Maxine, with Steph refusing to reveal her true feelings and Janeece blaming herself. The recent shooting brings forth some new evidence of the school shooting and Rachel set's about getting Denzel released. On a more positive not, seeing how valuable life is Donte's surprises Chlo to a surprise proposition to renew their marriage vows. and he's not the only one full of surprises as Eddie tells Mellissa that he's organised a beach wedding but, can she solve her marital issues before it's too late.
Mar 04 2009
Rachel and Eddie are left glowing when Waterloo Road receives an encouraging report.
Feb 25 2009
Rachel is shocked when Eddie and Melissa's relationship takes an unexpected leap forward.
Feb 18 2009
Matt bites off more than he can chew when he becomes Sam Kelly's emergency foster carer.
Feb 11 2009
Drugs awareness day dawns on Waterloo Road, and Governor Ralph Mellor has a plan.
Feb 04 2009
The ongoing feud between Tom and the Kelly family takes new heights as he starts receiving dead birds on his doorstep, and as Eddie takes the initiative to treat everyone to a falconry demonstration. However when two of the birds go missing Tom knows that there is only one person it could have been. Also, Fleur and Grantly are still struggling to overcome the obstacles in their marriage, and it looks as though Steph may be softening up to Dave's charms. Rachel questions Melissa over whether she feels as though she's moving too fast with Eddie. Meanwhile, Rose and Marley Kelly seek to better themselves and overcome to image that comes with their family name, with the help of Rachel and Flick.
Jan 28 2009
Davina's reputation is at stake when she is accused of racism by Maaka Lacey, a Maori supply teacher with an alternative approach to education. With just her word against an experienced teacher's, will she be able to clear her name? Meanwhile, Earl Kelly's behaviour pushes Tom to breaking point, leading him to question his future as Head of Pastoral Care. Also, Rachel struggles to hide her true feelings when she discovers Melissa and Eddie are a couple. And, an ill-thought out lie from Steph looks like it might just spell the end for Grantly's marriage.
Jan 21 2009
Eddie is angry when he finds out Rachel has been lying about her sister, Melissa. However, the pair seem to get along well. Elsewhere, the school's new security guard, Dave Miller, instantly falls in love with Steph.
Jan 14 2009
Another term at Waterloo Road begins, and Rachel's ready to start again after her accident in the fire. But soon she's in the deep end when a group of new pupils start causing havoc.
Jan 07 2009

Season 3

20 Episodes

t's the last day of term; Stuart Hordley discards a cigarette butt carelessly at the school causing a widespread fire. Who will live and who will die?
Mar 13 2008
Jack Rimmer turns up to speak Davina - he wants to know if she'll come to Dubai with him. But will she abandon her life in Rochdale to live with her old flame?
Mar 06 2008
Sameen is terrified when two immigration officers come to the school looking for her, but Rachel is only concerned with protecting her. Meanwhile, Chlo's desperate for her hairdressing to suceed.
Feb 28 2008
Chlo says she wants Donte back, whilst Mika and Brett take their environmental plans to the next level.
Feb 21 2008
Wilson Bignham, a supply teacher for Jasmine's temporary departure, is leaving, and lots of the school is sad to see him go. However, something strange is happening between him and Janeece...
Feb 14 2008
Matt panics when he finds out his mother is coming to visit, who is unaware he has a boyfriend. Brett and Mika, elsewhere, are convincing Eddie and the school to be more environmentally friendly.
Feb 07 2008
Jasmine is in shock when she is accused of assulting Michaela, a troublesome student, and faces prosecution.
Jan 31 2008
A group of students are volunteering at local work places, and Janeece ends up at a museum. But after an unsuccessful start, she goes to work with Maxine at a resting home, with serious consequences. Meanwhile, Tom and Davina take their relationship to the next level.
Jan 24 2008
Davina is shocked when Darren Briggs Senior, whose son is being tutored by her, is following her around. He seems to want to date her, but she's still with Tom. Elsewhere, Rachel is being blackmailed with a dark secret from her past.
Jan 17 2008
It's the start of the spring term, and Eddie's annoyed with the teachers for not focussing on the children's exam enough. The kids aren't interested either, so Eddie prepares them by giving them a practice exam afterschool. Meanwhile, Brett tries to restore his relationship with Mika.
Jan 10 2008
Rachel decides to bring the school musical forward, but this creates problems with the staff and pupils involved, as they're not sure whether they can do it in time. Chlo and Mika are still single, but Donte tries to encourage a reunion between the group.
Dec 13 2007
Mika has some surprising news for Brett, she might be pregnant. There is an archaeological dig and some bones are discovered - it turns out to be a baby that was buried there a long time ago. Meanwhile, Davina and Tom grow closer.
Dec 06 2007
Some of the school's most difficult boys are going on an adventure trip with Eddie, Tom, Davina, and Grantly. However, after Grantly insults Bolton's mum, Candice, it ends in havoc. Meanwhile, tensions between Chlo, Brett, Donte, and Mika run high.
Nov 29 2007
After Jack's surprise departure, the search is on for a new headteacher. Eddie seems destined to take the role for the meanwhile, however he's shocked when Rachel Mason walks in and takes the job. Elsewhere, the search is still on for Chlo, who seems to be having some difficulties of her own...
Nov 22 2007
Waterloo Road and Jack are in the spotlight once more when it breaks to the reporters that Chlo is missing, and Donte steals Lewis' moped in order to look for her. Jack's day worsens with the discovery he's manipulated the school's budget, and he's still trying to win Davina back. It seems nothing can go right for him...
Nov 15 2007
News of Chlo and Brett sleeping together travels round the school fast, and Donte is outraged. He tracks down Brett and beats him up. Elsewhere, Jack is struggling to confess his one-night stand with Steph to Davina.
Nov 08 2007
Jack decides to pop the question to Davina, and she agrees. But when the announcement is made, is Steph able to keep her mouth shut about her and Jack's recent fling. Meanwhile, Chlo finds it hard to accept what happened between her and her sister's boyfriend, Brett.
Nov 01 2007
The school has its first girls' football match, with Tom as the coach. However, Jasmine has a terrible day, and end up putting half of the team in detention. After being yelled at by Tom, she runs out of the school. Meanwhile, Chlo and Brett are growing closer.
Oct 25 2007
Matt Wilding begins work on the school musical, with Steph helping. However, she soon becomes so involved, she has little time for pastoral care duties. Tom believes that Chlo is so busy thinking about being a wife to care about her mock exams, so Mika asks Brett to give Chlo French tuition.
Oct 18 2007
As a new term begins, Jack finds himself very depressed over the death of Izzie Redpath, and feels it may be his fault. Elsewhere, a series of new teachers join the school, including Eddie Lawson, the new deputy head.
Oct 11 2007

Season 2

12 Episodes

Jed Seddon's burger van is still peddling junk food and drugs to the students and the situation gets worse when pupil Siobhan is rushed to hospital after an overdose. Chlo's sixteenth birthday celebrations turn sour thanks to Lewis who bring drugs to the party and things get even worse when Chlo and Donte announce their engagement which cause Izzie to issue them with an ultimatum. Later Andrew gets annoyed when Jerry uses Lorna's memorial service to preach to the students, and challenges Jerry's beliefs in front of the packed hall.
Apr 26 2007
In a bid to get the kids eating their five-a-day, Jack launches a healthy eating initiative but when a burger van arrives at the school it threatens to undo all of Jack's good work. Jerry, a wealthy American, has bought Roger Aspinall's business and, therefore, his investment in the new state-of-the-art City Academy. While Jack's just glad they still have a backer Jerry has strong religious beliefs that he's keen to feed into the school. Meanwhile, Andrew Treneman gets offered a permanent job in Rwanda and turns to Kim for advice on whether he should accept the offer or stay at Waterloo Road.
Apr 19 2007
Lorna's struggling to deal with her MS, and when a year group present her with some handmade cards, she gets very emotional and walks out on her class, the school, and her job. Davina, steps in to help in Lorna's absence but Steph doesn't think Davina should be working with kids after her affair with a pupil and tells Jack all about it. Lorna returns and tells everyone that she's leaving Waterloo Road, but wants a weekend away with Izzie first.
Apr 12 2007
The interviews for the headmaster�s position at Waterloo Road are taking place, and an ambitious interviewee has Jack going in as the underdog. Meanwhile, Kim tries to find out why Dale is playing truant.
Apr 05 2007
Jack and Kim are mortified when a work placement goes wrong, and Steph speaks up for Maxine with serious consequences. Davina finally lets Jack know how she feels about him.
Mar 29 2007
Russell Millen, a student teacher, joins the school. Andrew isn't so sure of him after seeing him explode with rage at the pupils, but Kim, as usual, doubts Andrew's views on Russell. Meanwhile, Steph is looking for a home for Maxine. It's seems unlikely that she'll find a place for her to stay, so welcomes Maxine back to her house.
Mar 01 2007
Izzie is trying to recover from the loss of her baby and Tom hasn't come clean about what happened with his pupil, Stacey. Izzie returns to work but after there's another attack in the area she gets very protective of her daughters Chlo and Mika.
Feb 22 2007
Outside of Waterloo Road, a pupil is attacked, and this prompts the school to set up a self-defence class. Elesewhere, Lorna goes to the hospital to receive the results of MRI scan, only for her to discover she has multiple sclerosis.
Feb 15 2007
Jack and Andrew learn some interesting secrets about Roger, courtesy of Davina, whilst Brett also confronts his father. Also, Lewis and his girlfriend, Maxine, are still staying at Donte's house.
Feb 08 2007
Izzie finally finds out about Leigh-Ann's hate site about Mika, and is annoyed that she told Kim and Steph before her own mother. Meanwhile, Chlo and Donte have to lie to spend a night together, and Andrew and Lorna share a kiss.
Feb 01 2007
Jack is mad with Andrew for accepting the acting headteacher role, and lets him do his worst. Back at the Clarkson-Redpath house, Lorna is still staying, and still causing problems. But worse things are to come. Meanwhile, Kim gets a surprise at the school, when an old enemy returns. One with the name of Lewis Seddon...
Jan 25 2007
At Waterloo Road, a new term is beginning, and things are looking up. The school is launching its first sixth form, and is receiving some promised money from ex-pupil, Roger Aspinall. Izzie and Tom, who are expecting their first child together, get a shock when Lorna returns, who they thought was in Australia.
Jan 18 2007

Season 1

8 Episodes

Tensions run high as the inspectors make their decision about the future of Waterloo Road, while Chlo's nerves are in pieces as she faces her day in court. Kim speaks to the committee about the terrible incident with Lewis Seddon, but they are less than sympathetic to her which causes her to consider quitting her job, much to Andrew's dismay. Lorna continues to remain heartbroken over Tom and Izzie.
Apr 27 2006
The staff organise an open day in a bid to impress the inspectors, but events take a turn for the worse, courtesy of Lewis Seddon, when gay pupil Rory starts a petition against homophobic bullying. Holly wakes from her coma and Chlo rushes to her bedside in the hope of finding out what she remembers from the crash. Andrew asks Jack why Steph hasn't been sacked, while Lorna catches Tom and Izzie snogging together.
Apr 20 2006
An education inspector pays a visit to Waterloo Road, and brings bad news regarding the future of the school. Jack decides the time has come to finally let Steph go, but his task doesn't quite go to plan when she threatens a dire act of vengence, unless he rethinks his actions. Meanwhile, Tom and Izzie struggle to fight their feelings for each other and things come to a head when they find themselves alone.
Apr 13 2006
Lorna tries out a sexy new image in a bid to catch Tom's attention, while the Head of the English department, Grantly Budgen, suspects one of his students may be taking drugs and approaches Andrew for help. Chlo takes drastic action to convince everyone, including Donte, she was driving on the night of the crash, and Steph stages a break-in to get rid of the suspicious coursework and avoid losing her job, but doesn't do a very good job of it.
Apr 06 2006
Izzie's ex-husband, Jimmy, causes chaos at the school when he demands access to their children, and Tom confronts Lorna about her apparent miscarriage. Meanwhile, the pupils set up a scam to gain more points in the new house system, but it isn't long before their scheming plot is uncovered. Jack wonders about the sudden improvement in the grades gained by Steph's French class.
Mar 30 2006
A pupil gives birth at the school, but who is the father? Could it be one of the teachers? Lorna terminates her pregnancy behind her husband's back, against Izzie's advice, but Tom changes his mind, and decides he wants the now-aborted baby. Andrew implements a house system with disastrous consequences.
Mar 23 2006
The aftermath of the car crash affects the entire school. Lorna announces her pregnancy to her new husband, but he isn't so sure he wants a child. And things begin to heat up between Steph and Jack.
Mar 16 2006
Headteacher of Waterloo Road Comprehensive, Jack Rimmer, hires Oxbridge graduate Andrew Treneman, hoping he can improve the school's failing status and bring them back from the bottom of the league tables. Meanwhile, colleagues Tom and Lorna tie the knot - but the groom ends up kissing someone who isn't his new wife.
Mar 09 2006