We Were the Lucky Ones

Continuing / 7:00pm Hulu 53 min.
The true story of one Jewish family separated at the start of World War II, determined to survive � and to reunite.

Season 1

8 Episodes

TBA 1x08
May 02 2024
Halina and Adam prepare for impending violence in Warsaw. Genek embarks on a dangerous mission. Addy struggles to move on with the unknown fate of his family.
Apr 25 2024
Warsaw 1x06
With Sol and Nechuma in danger, Halina attempts to find refuge for her parents. Mila learns to assimilate in Warsaw. Bella searches for solace at the AVL Factory while Jakob faces life alone in the Radom ghetto.
Apr 18 2024
Halina, Jakob, and Bella search for those missing in Lvov. Addy and Eliska attempt to enter Brazil. Genek faces a Siberian winter and a question of faith. Sol and Nechuma observe Rosh Hashanah.
Apr 11 2024
Mila does everything to protect young Felicia. Halina, Jakob, and Bella face new danger in Lvov. Addy searches for Eliska in Morocco.
Apr 04 2024
Siberia 1x03
Genek and Herta are sent on a grueling train ride. Addy escapes Europe by sea. Halina starts a new job in Soviet-occupied Lvov.
Mar 28 2024
Lvov 1x02
Halina and Bella start their passage to Lvov. Sol, Nechuma, and Mila must find a new home in German-occupied Radom. Addy is conscripted into a Polish unit in the French army.
Mar 28 2024
Radom 1x01
The Kurc family celebrates Passover in Radom, Poland. One year later, the onset of World War II forces a devastating separation.
Mar 28 2024