Workin' Moms

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Four women juggle love, careers, and parenthood. They support, challenge, and try not to judge each other as life throws them curveballs. Whether it is an identity crisis, a huge job opportunity, postpartum depression, or an unplanned pregnancy � they face both the good and bad with grace and humour.

Season 7

13 Episodes

The End 7x13
Kate searches for the magic, Anne learns to let go, Sloane honors her priorities, Jenny course corrects, and Val makes amends.
Mar 28 2023
A Jenny-organized school fun fair brings everybody together for a day of festivities and life-changing decisions.
Mar 21 2023
Kate puts the business first as things get personal at a high stakes conference. Anne's trust issues take over when Alice wants to go abroad. Sloane finally unbottles her emotions.
Mar 14 2023
The gang's surprise for Val is derailed when she runs into her ex. In the chaos, Sloane sees a new side of Paul, Anne puts Alice in the hot seat, and Kate goes above and beyond for her client.
Mar 07 2023
Kate is torn when she receives conflicting information about her client, as she's also roped into a group project with Jenny. Anne guides Sloane on a mission to rediscover their old selves.
Feb 28 2023
In the aftermath of Alice�s party, Kate does her due diligence to make things right, Sloane urges Paul to heat things up, and Anne calls in the big guns to scare Alice straight.
Feb 21 2023
When they wake up at Kate's office the morning after a night no-one can remember, the ladies must piece together exactly how a celebration for Alice could have gone so horribly wrong.
Feb 14 2023
Kate joins Ram out of office to brainstorm. Sloane catches her new friend in a lie. Jenny joins a surprising self-defense class. Anne resolves to foil Alice's plan.
Feb 07 2023
Kate spins a PR crisis using Nathan's recent guilty pleasure/ Anne and Lionel grow suspicious of Alice's involvement in a club/ Val helps Sloane find community of her own.
Jan 31 2023
Andrew creates a DIY speed bump to protect the community, but it does the opposite. Camille takes on internet trolls.
Jan 24 2023
On her first day away from baby, Sloane's maternal anxieties seep into the workplace. A disastrous commercial shoot brings Kate closer to her new client, as Anne goes on a risky field trip with hers.
Jan 17 2023
Kate struggles to market a game-changing yet controversial pill, as Sloane's strategy puts her at odds with an author. While Jenny meets a dead end, Anne meets a new friend in Anger Management.
Jan 10 2023
Kate is pushed out of her comfort zone by developments at work. Sloane doubles down as the hardest working executive with a baby. Anne bounces back from her attack better than ever.
Jan 03 2023

Season 6

13 Episodes

Kate may never have it all, but she�s finally closer to finding a balance. Elsewhere, Anne has a breakthrough at anger management, and Nathan Jr. makes a big decision.
Apr 12 2022
Kate disappears on a personal day but neglects to tell her family. An invigorated Sloane reasserts herself at Wynston. Jenny faces a difficult but necessary choice.
Apr 05 2022
After a push from Anne, Kate doubles down on micromanaging things at work, but her hands-on approach soon come under fire.
Mar 29 2022
It�s Jenny�s bachelorette party, and Val booked a haunted house. But when a storm and an unwanted visitor pose a real threat, the ladies will have to band together if they want to survive the night.
Mar 22 2022
Buried 6x09
Kate discovers Charlie has an imaginary friend, while her business is under fire. The Carlsons reluctantly host a guest from Cochrane. A stubborn Jenny comes to terms with painful realities.
Mar 15 2022
A surprise move from Goldie sends Kate and Sloane�s joint project into a tailspin. Upon returning from Cochrane, tensions between Lionel and Anne are higher than ever.
Mar 08 2022
Kate helps Nathan build a connection with Nathan Jr. Anne joins Lionel in Cochrane to support his big day in court. Jenny feels edged out of her own wedding planning while Sloane�s love life heats up.
Mar 01 2022
Kate plays detective after finding a mysterious phone number in Nathan�s pocket. Anne�s explosive personality lands her in Anger Management. Sloane�s ultrasound appointment goes a little too well.
Feb 22 2022
Kate urges Nathan Jr. to loosen up and discover his wild side. MCP tries to solve problems the quick way, but Jenny isn�t willing to cut corners. Anne struggles to keep her trademark anger in check.
Feb 01 2022
Val invites the gal pals to her birthday� Well, she invites them to plan her birthday. A conflict between our ladies at the party causes the day to go off the rails until Sloane turns things around.
Jan 25 2022
Jenny and MCP discover the consequences of mixing business with pleasure. Kate makes a tough choice at work after her surprising discovery. Sloane makes room in her schedule for something new. In Cochrane, it�s a bumpy legal road ahead for Lionel, and Anne urges him not to do anything rash� again.
Jan 18 2022
Kate becomes increasingly suspicious Nathan Jr.�s strange behaviour. Meanwhile, a promising book proposal in a pile of make-work from Sloane could be Kate�s ticket out of the doghouse. Kate looks to Anne for some parenting advice, but the answers she needs come from a surprising source.
Jan 11 2022
Kate struggles with a major change in the Foster household. As promised, Sloane makes Kate�s work life a living hell. Luckily, Anne and the Carlsons have moved back from Cochrane.
Jan 04 2022

Season 5

10 Episodes

Fack 5x10
To protect what matters most, Kate makes a dramatic sacrifice. Settling back into her life in Toronto, Anne learns the fate of her book. Jenny's lies catch up to her.
Apr 13 2021
Kate starts to question Sloane's ethics. Anne enrolls Alice in a new school.
Apr 13 2021
Anne is blind-sided by a controversial viral video starring Lionel. Kate faces collateral damage from her indulgent behavior. Frankie goes on a mission to right her wrongs.
Apr 06 2021
After a wake-up call from Sloane, Kate adjusts her priorities. Frankie realizes she's responsible for a recent workplace tragedy. Needing a break from Kate, Anne hides out at Val's.
Mar 30 2021
Anne's explosive television debut puts Kate's loyalty to the test. Frankie falls into a funk after a disaster at work. Jenny realizes her feelings for MCP might run deeper than she thought.
Mar 23 2021
A quick fix at work leaves Kate in the rat trap. Anne struggles to keep her temper in check as she promotes her book. Val learns her nest isn't as empty as she thought. Frankie realizes her new employees are a mixed bag.
Mar 16 2021
In a high-pressure moment, Kate pitches an idea that isn't hers to give. Anne's publication dreams may finally come true; a new opportunity leads Frankie to expand her business. Jenny confronts her man about what he really wants.
Mar 09 2021
Kate walks further into the lioness' den with Sloane. Anne starts her new job. Alice gets closer with her new boyfriend. Jenny discovers her secret office romance with MCP might not be exactly what she expected.
Mar 02 2021
Kate feels the pressure to land a major new client. Anne is torn between hanging on to her ambition and succumbing to the rhythm of life as a Cochrane mom. With Bianca away, Frankie buys Rhoda a strange new pet.
Feb 23 2021
The Carlsons make the move, but it's not exactly what Lionel promised. Alice meets a cute boy at her new school. Kate and the gang fly out for a visit, and they discover Anne has made some questionable new friends.
Feb 16 2021

Season 4

8 Episodes

Kate desperately searches the brewery for Charlie while Frankie seizes an opportunity for vengeful justice. Jenny's employers see things her way. Anne and Lionel make a life-changing decision.
Apr 07 2020
Kate finds herself in the middle of a PR crisis for her new client Apr�s, while Anne is inspired by a new book idea and Frankie and Bianca discover the truth about Sean.
Mar 31 2020
Lice 4x06
A lice outbreak at camp becomes everyone's worst nightmare. Kate's interview soon proves somewhat uncomfortable. Anne quarantines her house while Frankie tries to sell a home under false pretences.
Mar 24 2020
Kate and Nathan struggle with their new living arrangement. Frankie and Juniper take their investigation of Sean too far. Anne looks at her relationship with Alice in a new light.
Mar 17 2020
Between Mike troubles, a Tru Air PR crisis and a birthday dinner with less-than-delightful in-laws, Kate�s plate is FULL. A misstep from Alice puts Anne�s book in jeopardy, while Jenny goes on the warpath for equal pay.
Mar 10 2020
Kate wonders whether Mike is friend or foe. Anne and Nathan face off at the kids' day camp. Jenny discovers a dark secret at Tech-cellent, and Frankie grows suspicious of Sean.
Mar 03 2020
Alice's new internship at Kate Foster PR drains Kate's resources the day of a client event, while Lionel's attempt at teaching his daughter the meaning of responsibility, backfires. Frankie makes a decision Bianca may not be ready for.
Feb 25 2020
Charade 4x01
Kate faces judgment from her friends over her decision, and clashes with Mike over the Tru Air account. Anne handles a rebellious Alice with creative discipline, and Frankie and Bianca navigate new waters.
Feb 18 2020

Season 3

13 Episodes

Kate finds herself at a fork in the road. Anne realizes the truth about Alice. Ian guides Jenny to the light, while Val quantum leaps into love.
Mar 21 2019
Kate heads to New York for a client pitch. Meanwhile in Toronto, Alice makes a desperate choice based on Anne�s recent actions and Frankie finds herself in the middle of an intensifying family conflict.
Mar 21 2019
As Kate is served with an ultimatum, Anne attempts to resolve a conflict with Brenna's parents. Jenny�s gamble at work backfires, resulting in the personal and the professional intertwining. Val has a potential new suitor!
Mar 14 2019
Creamed 3x10
Kate is hit with a lawsuit while Anne and Lionel struggle to keep up with Alice's exploits. Frankie feels the weight of being in love with a religious woman.
Mar 07 2019
Kate shoots from the hip when Steve Malk suggests a new client. While Forrest is filled with heartache, things heat up between Kate and Mike. Meanwhile, Frankie is in heaven, Anne channels Dirty Harry and when trouble occurs at Tech-cellent, Jenny bends the rules like a boss.
Feb 28 2019
When Kate, Anne, Frankie and Val take a memorable �trip� to celebrate Frankie's birthday, secrets are revealed and friendships are tested.
Feb 21 2019
While Kate takes her work to the streets, Jenny lashes out on the job, Anne incites violence, Alice gets revenge and tensions boil over in Val's home.
Feb 14 2019
The Headmaster at Charlie's school asigns Kate with a humiliating task. Lionel presents Anne with an innovative solution to overcome her misplaced aggression. Bad news from Bianca sets Frankie on a path to Juniper, in search of a solution.
Feb 07 2019
Bad press leads to professional trouble for Kate but a new relationship offers her a lifeline. Anne's stress come to a head as she fears for Alice's safety. Jenny finds herself an unlikely hero at Zoe's birthday party.
Jan 31 2019
While pursuing new business, Kate confronts an old foe. When Alice decides she's ready to take the subway alone, Anne takes anti-pervert training into overdrive. Frankie finds out Bianca has big life plans and decides to help.
Jan 24 2019
Kate takes one for the team and represents an unsavoury client with deep pockets. Forrest's thirst for alone time with Kate becomes a family affair. Anne's new job presses buttons she didn't know she had. Frankie plays financier and Jenny makes some new friends.
Jan 17 2019
Kate forges a dubious but profitable new business relationship; disappointed by a court decision, Anne takes matters into her own hands and channels her rage into a good cause. An old friend tracks down newly rich Frankie with a request.
Jan 10 2019
In the wake of Nathan's infidelity, Kate gets her life back on track with a new apartment, a new business and a new baby.
Jan 10 2019

Season 2

13 Episodes

Everyone gathers together to celebrate Anne and Lionel's commitment ceremony and one guest makes a discovery.
Apr 10 2018
While trying to hide her health problems, Kate hires help to launch her new endeavour; Anne tries to make things right with Lionel, permanently; Frankie hosts a family dinner in her new home; an emergency interrupts Ian's meeting.
Apr 03 2018
Kate's new career and family plans become jeopardized when she has a health scare; Anne and Lionel uncover truths about their marriage; Frankie gets back to work.
Mar 27 2018
Cuck 2x10
Kate considers starting a business; Anne becomes friends with an overzealous fan; Sonia and Ian have a discussion; Frankie finds new roommates.
Mar 20 2018
Kate helps Alice through an important milestone; Brad pressures Anne to face her fear; Sonia's discomfort with Zoe upsets Ian; Frankie makes some romantic decisions.
Mar 13 2018
Kate struggles with working for two different firms; Anne deals with Alice's first boyfriend; Ian confronts Jenny; Frankie tries to juggle two different women.
Mar 06 2018
Retreat 2x07
The members of Val's Toddler Time go on a weekend retreat and learn surprising truths about love, friendship and the one mother everyone thought was perfect.
Feb 27 2018
Kate's irresponsible actions have unexpected consequences at work. Stressed about problems at home, Anne's frustration with Kate comes to a head. Frankie has another encounter with Juniper.
Feb 06 2018
Consent 2x05
Kate steps outside her comfort zone in an attempt to keep up at Baseline, and receives a surprise phone call from Gaze. Anne agrees to hypnotherapy with Brad.
Jan 30 2018
Kate tries to balance two jobs; Anne moves into a new office space; Frankie meets two different women in the same day.
Jan 23 2018
Kate mourns a family member; Anne and Lionel explore their newfound sex life; Frankie realizes she must leave the Wellness Center; Ian has a positive meeting.
Jan 16 2018
Kate is fed up and sets out to get her job back; Lionel is convinced to get a vasectomy; Frankie thrives at the center.
Jan 09 2018
2005 2x01
The year is 2005 and a young ambitious Kate attends her best friend Anne's wedding, but encounters situations that could change the course of their lives forever.
Dec 19 2017

Season 1

13 Episodes

Kate faces a new challenge as a working mom. Jenny faces reality. Alice surprises Anne in a positive way. Frankie gives her best shot to resolve things.
Apr 04 2017
Merde 1x12
Kate is unhappy with her happiness. Anne deals with a tough choice. Jenny wants her old life back. Frankie faces a new crisis.
Mar 28 2017
Kate helps Anne on a reconnaissance mission. Jenny reaches the limits of her self-exploration, and Frankie enters a new work/home reality.
Mar 21 2017
Kate overcompensates for her upcoming time away from her family. Anne tries to bond with Alice on Alice's level, and Frankie's crosses a boundary with a homebuyer.
Mar 14 2017
Nathan is less than thrilled to hear about Kate's Montreal promotion. Anne makes some profound realizations after a stress-related injury. Jenny faces the aftermath of her night of debauchery.
Mar 07 2017
Eleanor is tasked with helping Kate find a new Nanny, with surprising results. Jenny organizes a last-minute bachelorette party for a coworker she barely knows. And Frankie and Giselle crack their intimacy issue... with a little help from a friend.
Feb 28 2017
Kate makes a surprising discovery at work over the weekend, while her family dinner plans hang in the balance. Anne attempts to bond with her troublemaker daughter. Jenny begrudgingly helps Ian.
Feb 21 2017
Kate is shamed for her choice of porn. Jenny makes a bold move with Marvin. Frankie digs for the root of her intimacy issues.
Feb 14 2017
After a few close calls, Kate's mother puts the pressure on Kate to "cut the leash" on her old dog Olly. Meanwhile, Frankie misreads Anne's therapeutic advice.
Feb 07 2017
Kate learns a valuable lesson about childcare: Never hire your mother. Anne hires a "mean nanny" to get her daughter in line, and Jenny continues to favour work life over home.
Jan 31 2017
Kate learns a lesson about being vulnerable when Frankie needs her help. Anne tries tough love with her daughter, and Jenny plays dumb at work in an attempt to get what she wants.
Jan 24 2017
Rules 1x02
Determined to have it all, Kate tries to do it all and ends up leaving her husband in the lurch. Anne is fed up with her provocative daughter.
Jan 17 2017
Bare 1x01
Kate enthusiastically returns to work following her maternity leave and is faced with the ultimate challenge: Can she "have it all?" Anne gets shocking news.
Jan 10 2017