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Welcome aboard the ship of nightmares. Searching for answers about his missing sister, Jamie joins the crew on a mysterious cruise liner. Conspiracy, comedy and a slice of slasher.

Season 2

6 Episodes

As the full horror of the festival becomes clear, there may be no going back for Jamie when he�s faced with a final, nightmarish choice.
Apr 10 2024
As devastating news reaches Jamie and Vivian, their morals are put to the test as they face what it will take to win the battle against Velorum.
Apr 09 2024
After the group decide to go their separate ways, Jamie and Vivian must delve deeper to find the missing festival staff, forging new alliances along the way. Meanwhile, the gang on the road become lost and find themselves caught up in a terrifying siege.
Apr 03 2024
As the past comes back to haunt him, Jamie goes rogue and makes a terrifying, inhuman discovery. Meanwhile, an old adversary makes their presence known.
Apr 02 2024
A bombshell reunion separates Jamie from his friends and puts him in grave danger, while the rest of the gang get to grips with the eccentric festival. Soon, everyone finds themselves drawn into an unwanted encounter with an old foe.
Mar 27 2024
Back on land, Jamie and Vivian are fighting hard to expose Velorum. But the walls are closing in, and they�re forced to take desperate measures. In a deadly gamble, they set their sights on Velorum�s newest venture � an exclusive 'wellness' festival in Slovenia.
Mar 26 2024

Season 1

6 Episodes

Jamie finds himself in a lethal dead end with seemingly no way out. But after a surprise intervention brings some momentary respite, he learns that others are in peril.
Oct 24 2022
While Vivian and Lily�s relationship reaches new heights, Jamie finds himself in a terrifying situation and must use all his courage and strength to escape.
Oct 23 2022
Jamie gains an unexpected ally on board, who promises to investigate from the inside and get the answers he�s desperate for.
Oct 17 2022
Jamie becomes embroiled with an illicit operation on board in exchange for new information on his sister. Meanwhile, Vivian is charmed by a guest as another crew member vanishes.
Oct 16 2022
After shocking news concerning a chief suspect, Jamie and new friend Vivian work together to discover the identity of an officer onboard who was connected to his sister.
Oct 10 2022
Welcome aboard The Sacramentum. New recruit Jamie Walsh gets a crash course on ship life while trying to keep a low profile as he investigates what happened to his missing sister.
Oct 09 2022