X-Men '97

Continuing / 7:00pm Disney+ 32 min.
The X-Men, a band of mutants who use their uncanny gifts to protect a world that hates and fears them, are challenged like never before, forced to face a dangerous and unexpected new future.

Season 1

10 Episodes

The X-Men's dream is put to the test as mutant-human relations reach a tipping point.
May 15 2024
The X-Men work to settle the score before it is too late.
May 08 2024
The X-Men must unite to face a new threat.
May 01 2024
Cyclops focuses the X-Men on finding Bolivar Trask. However, when the team locates the Sentinel inventor, they realize that they all have been played by a mastermind.
Apr 24 2024
Storm is forced to face her worst fears in order to free herself.
Apr 17 2024
Team members hit Genosha as UN honorees while a press event risks exposing the team's dirty laundry.
Apr 10 2024
Jubilee must relive the X-Men's greatest adventures when she's transported into a 16-bit video game.
Apr 03 2024
The team is propelled into a tragic confrontation with an immortal mad scientist.
Mar 27 2024
When Magneto is forced by the UN to stand trial, a group of anti-mutant rioters test his resolve.
Mar 20 2024
Cyclops races to find the source of new anti-mutant technology.
Mar 20 2024